Poll: who would you like us to draw on Monday morning?

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The four Round 1B qualifier matches were played earlier on today and so the identities of the four counties who will be drawn against four of the beaten provincial semi-finalists (ourselves included) are now known. As a result, it’s certain that our Round 2B qualifier match on 9th July will be against one of Fermanagh, Longford, Limerick or Offaly.

We met, and beat, Limerick once previously in the championship. That was in a Round 3 qualifier tie at played at Hyde Park in 2002.  We last met them in the League in 2007 and the only other competitive non-NFL game we ever played against them was in the short-lived Open Draw Cup, back in 1985. We met in Round 2 of the competition that year and we suffered a ten-point loss in that match played at Askeaton.

If we pull the Shannonsiders and they get home advantage, they’ll hardly drag us there this time. It would, instead, mean a return to the Gaelic Grounds for the first time since the high emotion and crushing disappointment of that All-Ireland semi-final replay against Kerry two years ago.

If we draw Longford it’ll be a reprise of another painful championship evening for us. That one was in June 2010 and it ended in our most mortifying ever championship defeat when they dumped us out in the first round of the qualifiers. At least Pearse Park is out of commission now so even if we do get paired with them it won’t be another outing for us there.

The last times we met Fermanagh and Offaly in the championship was in the more salubrious surroundings of Croke Park, both at the All-Ireland semi-final stage. We beat the Faithful County in the 1997 semi, which was the only championship meeting we’ve ever had with them, while it took us two attempts to get past Fermanagh in the penultimate round in 2004. The Ernesiders did, of course, lower our colours in Round 4 of the qualifiers the previous year.

All that’s in the past, though, and on Monday morning, just after the 8.30 news bulletin on RTÉ Radio 1, the draw will be held for this year’s Round 2B fixtures. Who we’ll draw then is in the lap of the gods but which of the four would you like us to be paired with?

Who would you like us to draw?

  • Longford (31%, 90 Votes)
  • Offaly (24%, 70 Votes)
  • Fermanagh (23%, 65 Votes)
  • Limerick (22%, 62 Votes)

Total Voters: 286

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74 thoughts on “Poll: who would you like us to draw on Monday morning?

  1. I’d like to see us get Longford. Give us a chance to exercise a few demons! Any idea what time of the day the game will be on?

  2. WJ we beat Limerick in the qualifiers in 2002. I was at it, but also just used your brilliant archive to double check

  3. Willie Joe, I don’t mean to be pedantic, but did we not play Limerick in 2002? In the Hyde? Think it was a round of the Qualifiers.

  4. Mayo would beet any of them but who ever we get hope they give us a hard games last time out was a bad day at the office like Monaghan in the second half of the match against Donegal this evening Monahan very poor i still think the back door will bring out the best of this mayo team give me limerick or Fermanagh a nice hard game to get back on the road a win by a point or two then on to the next game one game at at time

  5. Fermanagh can be a tough enough opponent and we need the tough games a lot more than easy passes. We did play tipp in the qualifiers in early 2000s , maybe you guys are mixing them with limerick. I don’t recall playing limerick.
    As of today I think Fermanagh would be the right draw

  6. Ah lads come on my

    We played Limerick in the Hyde after beating Ros and drew Tipp in the following game. Mort was subbed by Holmes and threw his jersey away.

    John Quane and John Galvin were exceptional for the treaty men

  7. Thanks Trevor! That one completely passed me by, glad you were able to use the archive to snare me on it. I’m off to the pub at the minute so I won’t be able to correct the post till the morning.

  8. Personally would like to see us draw Offaly away.
    More for the fact that I like the venue in Tullamore.

    Maybe an away trip will help focus the minds more, and I’d like to think our support would be a bit more vociferous in a small venue like that.
    We generally shouldn’t have too much bother beating this Offaly team, home or away. And were we unable to beat a team like Offaly, then to we deserve to be sent packing from this years Championship with our arses handed to us.

  9. Id like us to get Fermanagh away would be a toughish sort of game we don’t need easy games at this stage

  10. Easy games dos nothing for teams only thinking there better than they are no easy teams in Ulster so give me Fermanagh there not a good team but not a walkover it would be good for us and away match please

  11. Fermanagh. As the previous comments said we need tough games to know where we are at. Also to keep the future in laws quiet!!!

  12. We had just been defeated in the League Final having finished on top of that year’s league table. We had a bad day out against Sligo, but everything was going to be ok because we had a handy draw with Longford away. Conventional wisdom was we were heading for a good year. There was a lot of that sort of wisdom around a week ago, and it looks like we have not run out of it yet.

  13. Exactly PJ, I was just thinking the same thing.

    A lot of people were saying before the Galway game that they wanted a tough game and to get a test from Galway, we all know how that ended up!

    Based on league positions the four teams would be ranked as follows:

    1. Fermanagh – 4th Div 2
    2. Offaly – 3rd Div 3
    3. Longford – 4th Div 3
    4. Limerick – 8th Div 3

    In the next game for us a win is all that matters. We don’t really know what our state of minds will be like. Fermanagh away would be the toughest game. Their form in the league was close to what Galway’s was. Fermanagh are at the stage of their development where they would love to take out a big team. For our next game I would not like to be playing them.

    Offaly are a team who are looking to make improvements and move onto the next level. Limerick and Longford are also Division 3 teams like Offaly, so any of those teams I would prefer. An away game against a team like Fermanagh I would not like as if we don’t improve a lot from the Galway game they could easily turn us over.

  14. What a difference a week makes. From plotting how to beat Dublin in Croke Park in September to dreading a trip Fermanagh. Hope the confidence levels haven’t dropped this much within the team camp.

  15. We seen where the arrogant approach got us last week, predictions of a landslide win etc. so at this stage we can’t take any team for granted. It was like talking to a brick wall last week, trying to make this point and it looks like it could be the same thing for future games but what can you do.

  16. Any of them for me . A home draw would be nice from a travel point of view . Not that we are that good of late in McHale Park. Park beat Kilmaine this evening in the intermediate Young Shane Corley scored a late well taken goal to seal victory for Park in a game in which Kilmaine lead from the Throw In

  17. Fermanagh away is what we dont want. I m not interested in this bullshit that we need a tough game or the arrogance that we are better than all four. Thats the type of crap we heard last week before Galway. Fermanagh did just as well as Galway in Div 2. When confidence is low any team could take us out just as Longford did in 2010. So less of the superiority complex and less of the desire for a tough game. All I want is progress to the next round where we will have every chance of getting the tough game some of us desire. All that matters is that we go through

  18. Yes I remember being in the Hyde for Mayo v I thought Limerick in qualifiers, pat Holmes was manager, was there not a jersey throw that day

  19. Does anyway know where I could play back the Galway game? Sky Go don’t seem to have any proper catch-up service

  20. As been said already there’ll be plenty of tough games if we get through and in quick succession too! Won’t be much time to get over injuries and knocks so going away to play a very physical northern team is not the best place to start!

  21. Doesn’t make a whole lot of difference but I’d like Fermanagh. They look to be better than the other 3.

  22. Exactly right, to win just once, it was like as if last week that nearly the whole county of Mayo was riling up Galway, past managers, past players, some arrogant supporters etc. Now again you see Mayo people on social media going on about saying they’d love an away game in Fermanagh. You’d actually wonder sometimes!

    Do they want to rile up the whole county of Fermanagh this week. Imagine if you were a Fermanagh player or supporter and you were hearing that Mayo would love to be playing against Fermanagh and in their own back yard too, you’d be saying lets go out and kick the shit of them for been so arrogant, hoping that Fermanagh can give them a tough game for future reference.

    We seen in our last game that we had no fully fit midfielder, we had no back-up full-back, only one of our forwards scored from play, our midfield was well beaten for a lot of the game, our keeper made a crucial error for their goal, our sweeper who was meant to cover for errors like that, didn’t, we had a no. of players who are still not match fit, like our most important player Cillian O’Connor and a no. of players still coming back from injuries, like Diarmuid O’Connor who is now one of our other most important players.

    I reckon if we start solving some of those problems in our next game that would be a good start anyway.

  23. Year out would do no harm, something wrong when we playing best back in forward (Higgins)and playing forwards in back (Mclaughlin ) blood u21s now, get ready for 17

  24. Longford for me… They had good win away to Down . They are still blowing about the last time they beat us and would fancy their chances again ,, . Time to put that one right and maybe give lads carrying injuries time to recover and give lads a chance to put in a performance they can be proud of ,,,

  25. On last weeks disjointed and heartless performance we would struggle to get past any of these teams and would most likely be turned over by Fermanagh given their proximity to where Galway have been at year to date. Therefore, anyone bar Fermanagh for me to try to get some semblance of shape to our play and give us the best chance of a win / path through to round 3b

  26. It is our attitude that will be all important.Have we the will to win? will this team be organised and motivated properly?Will we replace our injured players on the panel wisely?.will we play to our strengths? Will our sideline be outwitted again? Will the same 15 start? This team has to earn back respect. To loose now would be a terrible legacy for a fine bunch of players—who we draw or where we play should not matter

  27. JR, I agree completely with you. This is not about who we play it’s about how we play. Our lads need to concentrate on improving our own game and the level of energy and commitment they bring to the contest. We need to get properly organised and get the simple stuff right on the field and on the line and all will be well. We need a reaction big time.

  28. I’ve been mostly reading posts since the Galway game and kept my powder dry as they say. Yes I was one of the many who felt Mayo should beat Galway and yes I wanted a tough game. Lets be clear on this Mayo didn’t loose to Galway because they got a tough game (I think Galway were average at best).. Mayo were just piss poor on the day for whatever reasons you want to pick.. and there are many reasons which have been flogged to death at this stage (poor game plan, poor team performance, key players missing like Diarmuid on the wing, fitness, individuals willing to take the game on and lead by example.. etc, etc.). The thing I can never understand, and this blog is no exception, is the view that we are only as good as our last game.. we are much better than our last game and anyone who has followed this team for the past few years knows this.. or they should know.. form is temporary, talent is permanent. If we don’t have the stomach to beat Galway, or Fermanagh for that matter, then we might as well park up now because SAM requires a certain level of performance to start off with and the sooner we know that we have or have not what is needed going forward the better. Again, I don’t want a handy game, to just scrape by and build for the next game, to have a nice seat in a nice stand far away from the maddening crowd.. We should beat any of those teams on the list out the gate and send a message to the next round of qualifiers.. if you get us your season is over. If we fall on any hurdle along the way then we’re simply not good enough for the later challenges and we’re as well to know this now. Here’s some food for thought as a finish.. there’s as many posters on here, if not more, than the so called ‘arrogant’ supporters who felt we should beat Galway pulling up.. who now believe we need as easy a game as possible. The opposite to arrogance is no faith at all and I personally believe we all needed a little semblance of balance.. so let’s get out there and support this team like we never supported them before.. C’mon Mayo.. we’re not dead yet.

  29. It’s not clear to me why people are saying we need a hard game. If we are to reach an AL semifinal then we will have 4 games in 5 weeks and we need to pace ourselves. Additionally all the presume will be on Mayo none of the other teams will be expected to do anything against us. Longford and Offaly seem to be able to put up scores which might give them a chance given our inability to do so. But fermanagh would be the only one who might be realistically be able to beat us but it would still be a shock. There running game could cause us problems. We will have a tough game in the next round no matter what possibly a monaghan or donegal. There is a pattern in my mind since the beginning of league of poor Mayo performances on the field and on the line by management basically we are out of form and I find it difficult to see a long run in the championship this year without a big improvement .

  30. Christ lads, we can’t even comment now on who we’d prefer or like to meet in the qualifiers? Suppose we get drawn against Fermanagh, away, as I’ve said would be my preference, we get beaten, then its my fault? Well, sorry in advance for being the cause of us loosing (IF we do)

  31. For me, Fermanagh are the best team of the 4 possible options and for this reason I would like us to be drawn against them. Let us see what stage we are really at. Let’s set our sights higher than simply getting into the next round.

  32. Some people would love us two play easy games teams going no were like Longford limerick Fermanagh Offaly if we could not beet any of them we should be there what’s going to happen when we meet Donegal Tyrone Dublin Kerry that is why Ulster teams are good if we were in Ulster we would be out by now anyway Fermanagh away for me I seen them play Donegal we need this game

  33. Lookit if Mayo are to lose to Fermanagh,Offaly,Longford or limerick then those that say Mayo are in decline will be correct. I expect a big response for Mayo a wounded animal is very dangerous!

  34. We need Fermanagh away like a hole in the head. After a totally disjointed, headless and heartless performance against Galway the last thing we need is a trip to play a team on a similar level to Galway in their own backyard. What are we wishing for, possibly another wet evening and a dogfight with a team who probably feel they could take us if we perform below par.

    And there’s every possibility that we will play below par. this team hasn’t played well since last year’s semi-final matches and most people seem to be basing things on the notion that we can play like we did in the past.

    The performance against Galway which is the most recent evidence we have, showed us a team out of sorts, a sweeper system that didn’t work, a misfiring midfield, a half-back line that didn’t know whether it should attack or defend – I never saw Durcan so hesitant, he didn’t use his pace at all, a FF strategy that didn’t work, a forward line that got 2 scores from play, a level of fitness that wasn’t good enough, injuries to some key players and a lack of hunger when the chips were down – an inability to respond when Galway struck for the goal which points to a leadership question.

    We need a game to decide how we are going to play, to try and figure out what we’re about and I think we should go back to what we’re good at – unleash that halfback line, bring Higgins back and put Mcloughlin forward, forget the two man FF line. Our best bet is a tweak of last year’s system and go from there. A game to settle the team is what’s needed not a major test. We’re vulnerable right now and there will be plenty of tests to come.

    For all those who think Fermanagh away is what’s needed – be careful what you wish for !!

  35. I dont want to bore anyone but i had great craic with the Longford lads on the way out

    from that game in 2010. They were just so jovial ! It felt to them like they had just won

    all-Ireland. I could`nt help but be happy for them. Had a few pints with them in the town.

    Lovely people.Think they might have been beaten by Down in the next round. All I`m

    saying is take whatever enjoyment you can wherever you find it.

  36. Agree with you Mayo Mick. On another note Andy Moran hasn’t gone away you know some scoring today

  37. A lot to be said for Connacht watching this garbage in Croker with the stewards out numbering the fans till the dubs leave the pub for the second game.
    Be under no illusions, if Mayo played Galway for the next 5 weeks in a row, we’d beat them. Looking forward to a trip up the country in two weeks and righting the wrongs. I expect a ferocious response…..

  38. Will readily admit I don’t care who we get drawn against tomorrow..I cannot believe that a team who brought dublin to a replay last year will not be in the mix come August Bank holiday wend..

  39. In school we often pinned a “kick me” on each other’s back. Mayo are walking around with that on their back now. A big fish just waiting to be hooked. Each of the potentials on a given day could best this Mayo outfit.

    Issues around the keeper, Boyle is a good wing back but not a 6, mid field static, no 11 and no 14. Never were we more vulnerable. The bottom 4 teams in Div 1 have done poorly. Down out, Cork and Mayo dumped provincially. Don’t expect any significant future for us this year.

  40. If what Bernard Flynn said is true (players are calling the shots) we are in serious trouble.
    Players should have no say in who is selected and if some players are not carrying out management instructions on the field ,they should be left on the bench.Stephen Rochford has to stamp his authority We as supporters should not look past the next qualifier game, talk about August is daft, it has to be one game at a time, have we not learned any thing from the Galway game.

  41. Dublin getting a nice workout from Meath so far who could have a nice run in the qualifiers themselves.

  42. Gerard -its the self tanning fukn Bernard Flynn yer talkin about…I’d leave that kinda shite talk to hogan stand

  43. If we lived in a utopia of transparency, mayo cb could sue bernard flynn unless he named his source.

    Anyway i dont care who we get, we will win the next game.

  44. All the way, you didn’t see Durcan use his pace! well that’s true to a point . he didn’t carry the ball with pace. I imagine under management instructions. But when the Mayo ship was talking water, Durcan kept making intelligent runs into opposition territory. Not his fault his comrades did not find him with the ball. He gave them the opportunity many times. Instead I think I think Mayo looked for our ‘marquee’ forwards. Can’t remember any ‘Marquee forward ,’ doing anything for most of the game from play. That’s an area where we missed the creativity of Kevin McLoughlin. In a fraction of a second he seems to move the ball to the man in best position. We had two ‘marquee forwards’ that have won All Stars, one seemed to be trying too hard to and the other didn’t seem to be trying at all,. As for those of ye that don’t think Fermanagh can beat us, if we draw Fermanagh I’d be a very relieved man, if we scrape through by a point. I have to say if I let my head rule my heart, I’d expect Fermanagh to win!

  45. Took 48 minutes and a 7 point lead to get the Dubin supporters vocal, despite being in the pub since 1:30pm.
    If the over confidence seeped into team before the Galway game as many here think, I pray the self loathing navel gazing being displayed lately doesn’t ooze out.
    The most fickle of the fickle…..

  46. Would really appreciate if anybody at Club games over weekend could give us a lowdown of how the county stars did.

    I think it’s good to get some football into their legs. Put last week behind them and hopefully get back a little confidence

  47. Has to be Longford for me. On another note has there been any interview or feedback from the team other than the one from O’Se? I would like to know what the captain for instance thought of the performance and result against Galway. Think the fans are entitled to some feedback.

  48. Sean,

    On what basis would the CB sue Flynn.

    I’d check with the ‘Dogs on the street’ first, before you think about suing.

  49. . Ahh forget the sueing part so. Let me ask you this let say the dogs on the street were right, COS gets named to start and then gets dropped match day, his brothere lets rip “wtf is that all about stephen ya bollix” if ya dont stfu aido youll be on the bench too, im runnin the show here” or whatever…….

    What about it , big deal a bit of raw emotion. Move on

  50. I see dublins multiple trophy winners running around their home stadium like spring lambs today. fresh as daisies, does nobody wonder how it’s done?

    Here we are bitchin about drawing Fermanagh or long ford and which would give us a ” hard” game, while they do open meath up at will. God help Westmeath in the final.

  51. My wish would be Limerick away. Down to the Gaelic grounds and get a win. Start from there and right a wrong. Steel the team with a good win and develop some confidence In our new system. Ok it’s not Kerry but I think it would give us a huge phycological boost.

  52. Sean

    I don’t remember Flynn giving all those details in his article. Are you ‘In The Know’ Sean, or are you spreading rumours?

  53. We don’t necessarily need a tough match. We need a win and we need more time.

  54. Yeah TR_Mayo, I’d agree with you there. Limerick away might be one to exorcise the demons! As you said a win is what we need at the moment and some time to get the injured lads back and get some match fitness into them as well.

    I see that Liam Irwin scored 1-8, 1-2 from play for Breaffy as well at the weekend.

  55. JPM, the only feedback or comment I want from the captain or the team is next weekend on the field of play against whoever. I dont want to hear or read anything from any of them until after their next match. As regards the comments by Bernard Flynn and others about the internal team dynamics – the only answer to that (whether there is any basis in fact or not) is also on the field in the next game. Go out and bate the brown stuff out of whoever is drawn against us.
    Any over-inflated egos or notions of grandeur should have been well and truly put in their place after that insipid display in Castlebar. The players wont need reminding that a display like that is well below what they are truly capable of. That should hurt their pride more than anything else. If these lads are made of the right stuff (and I think they are) they will want to answer their critics in style very soon. I hope they still have enough in the tank to go again.

  56. I just want to see confidence levels rising again, more than anything. A tough match might be good for injecting a bit of steel, but really they just need to get back to winning in whatever way possible.

  57. Thats twice youve taken me out of context. I am not in the know i was playing devils advocate to. Your dogs on the street scenario

  58. Sean,

    Ok, sorry, I thought you really might know something.

    I see from a previous post, by Ger Bohan, that he had direct information that the three people involved denied there was any issue on that front, so I was curious to see your insight.

    No worries.

  59. Sean/Mike – it might be as well to leave that particular debate there. Aside from anything else, what Bernard Flynn says about us doesn’t warrant any level of serious discussion!

  60. The qualifiers could work to our advantage or disadvantage. The big unknown is whether the extra games (if we progress) will drain a team on the road for 6 years who’ve suffered massive losses, or allow us to really bed-in a coherent tactical approach that we can sustain for the rest of the season.
    There are so many factors at play, but the most important one is the feeling within the camp and where their heads are at. I firmly believe the ingredients for success are still there. I also feel that the qualifiers will benefit us. We need to play matches!! We need to hone a system, and we now have a potentially concentrated period of hell for leather knock-out football to play. It’s the ultimate challenge for this group and will make or break them, of that I am certain.
    Key questions for Rochford include whether to use some of the U21’s more – Coen, Hall, Reape, Loftus. I’d be happy to see any of them bucks lining out for us and starting. Rochford could not be criticised for going with them. I think he needs to gauge this on how the more senior players have reacted to the Galway loss, both in terms of the work they will be putting in for these few weeks ’til July 9th and also he’ll need to assess their attitude. There is still a team there that he can make his own, even at this stage of the season. Put down a marker Rochy.
    The Kevin McLoughlin as sweeper experiment is actually something that I think can and will work. When I saw the analysis over, I agree that it wasn’t fully functioning. However, the team weren’t functioning that day. He was getting on plenty ball early on but our movement and support play was shocking. Non-existent actually. He is a very smart player and will be able to play that position as good as anyone. People are on about bringing him back to the half-forwards, however, by his standards and given his talent, we could have got more out of him in last couple of seasons. He’s a crucial Mayo player and I wouldn’t bin the sweeper thing after one match.

  61. We can take it as pretty certain that none of those four will be involved in the shake up in Aug/Sept so it should not make any difference who we get, if we have ambitions to get into the shake up ourselves. The only issue is convenience and for that reason I would not want to see Limerick. Memories of the 2014 visit will last me long enough. Incidentally if we get Longford away and Pearse Park is out of commission is it likely to be in Carrick on Shannon or Mullingar? They seem to be the most likely options.

  62. AndyD, We (whoever we are) can’t take anything for granted,,! ‘Life is Life’ as ‘Opus’ used to sing 1985, Things happen as David Cameron found this out only a few days ago, and ‘sport is sport’ “and in this the year of the year of the underdog I for one would be very surprised if Fermanagh don’t make it to the 8. ,I hope we don’t draw them. Some Mayo players are playing and doing their best to be seen as ‘Stars’ on reputation,! maybe one or two at a push, I’m worried about that. Not much different to 1985, God I wish I was that age again, they were really great days. But Mayo got to get together and play as a team of don’t be depending on the Stars, I’m less forgiving than I was in 85,. A united Team will beat an a less than United team depending on a few star’s whether real or imaginary. Fermanagh have their house in order!

  63. Fermanagh away and mayo by 6 points I seen Fermanagh play Donegal and Donegal poor that day

  64. Good draw Fermanagh on home. We’re going to get similar game to Galway. This is exactly what we need .. and bed in our new system.

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