Poll: who’ll win this weekend’s quarter-final matches?


Okay, maybe it’s time to shift the focus away a bit from last Sunday and onto this coming Saturday where another Croke Park double-header is in prospect and where this year’s two semi-finalists on the other side of the draw should be revealed. Because these matches take place on Saturday the throw-in times are later than you’d get on a Sunday, with the Donegal-Armagh game throwing in at 4pm followed by Dublin and Monaghan at 6pm.

In past years when the quarter-finals used to be played on successive days over the Bank Holiday weekend, I’d generally have made it my business to get there both days to see for myself all the leading contenders for Sam. In many ways it was my favourite weekend’s football action but now, with the rejigged championship format, the quarters are spaced over two weekends so that two-day football fiesta is no more.

We’re away for the coming weekend and so, with the two matches live and exclusive on Sky (I’ve said very little about the Sky deal, quite possibly as I’ve been rendered speechless with indignation at the sheer awfulness and stupidity of it), I suppose I’ll have to find a licensed premises to follow some or all of the action.

The bookies are fairly clear about how these two matches are going to pan out, with Donegal priced at 1/4 to prevail over Armagh and the Dubs only on offer at 1/20 to account for Monaghan (Paddy Power odds here). But what do you think – who’ll come through from these two games? (For this poll, two answers are allowed).

Who'll come through this weekend's quarter-finals?

  • Dublin (44%, 207 Votes)
  • Donegal (38%, 180 Votes)
  • Armagh (11%, 52 Votes)
  • Monaghan (6%, 30 Votes)

Total Voters: 237

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19 thoughts on “Poll: who’ll win this weekend’s quarter-final matches?

  1. As straightforward as they come imo. Donegal and Dublin, with the only question being the margin

    Think Dublin will win by 10+, Donegal by 6/7

    Both uneventful one-sided games anyhow.

  2. I think the Armagh v Donegal game will be close. I can see Armagh beating them

  3. Armagh have beaten nothing yet. It may sound harsh but Roscommon, Meath and Tyrone may be decent teams on paper but all were atrocious against them. Donegal have a similar style to Armagh but just do everything a lot better! They’re ticking along nicely too

    I’d be honestly amazed if they didn’t win this. As I say I think they’ll be two handy wins which from a Mayo perspective is no harm at all!! (though you’d imagine Donegal will give Dublin their “test”). Armagh are far too over-rated coming into this, they’ve adapted an admirable game style yes, but against division 1 (yes we all know Donegal are really a div 1 team) opposition it’s no use really, you’d need a few star forwards (like Donegal) to see you through. They’ve only one really to be honest

    I’ll be screaming on Donegal too, they may well give Dublin a rattle and I’d sure as hell rather Donegal than Dublin in a final to be honest (not that I’d be all that confident against them either!)

  4. I can’t see any surprises this weekend. Monaghan will do well to keep Dublin to a single figure winning margin while Donegal will have enough nous to put down the Armagh renaissance.

    Donegal will offer a very different challenge to the Dublin but I simply can’t see the defensive set-up causing them the same problems again.

  5. Me either Rock! I reckon the Dubs will be well fired up too!! If the players are still half as pissed off with how Donegal approached the 2011 game as a lot of the fans I was talking to last Sept then Donegal could be in for a rough day

    If it transpires of course 😉

  6. Here in Donegal they are expecting a win and owe Armagh for a few Ulster Final beatings in the past. You can expect a big show from Donegal and there is a strain of opinion here that they would love a crack at the Dubs with some going as far as suggesting another Donegal v Mayo final . Word is that Donegal are in good shape and certainly Michael Murphy is keeping busy as he works on opening his new sports shop venture beside us here in Letterkenny. Expect more of Donegal 2012 rather than 13 as they have put in winter training plus a week in Portugal in perpetration for this years championship. They are saying the work was not done last year and physically they were not at the races against Mon and Mayo.
    Looking forward to seeing how Monaghan do against the Dubs which should tell us a lot more about where the Dubs really are this year.
    finally well done to Mayo senior and minor teams last Sunday. looking forward to Kerry. I’m very firmly in the Mayo building with each game camp. It’s the only logical way to try to peak for end August and on to Sept. here’s hoping Maigheo Abu

  7. I have a friend in Donegal who believes not alone will Ye beat Monahan but that Ye will beat the dubs too. Would ya go along with that Gerry G?

  8. Ya there are a few saying that Donegal can beat the Dubs but who knows.? Mayo man in Galway you know what it’s like when you live away from Mayo it’s always interesting to see how things look from another county perspective . Brendan Devenney has been bigging up Donegals chances in the examiner this week. for my own part I still think it will be the Dubs in AIF in September .Hopefully we are good enough to pass Kerry and peak for the AIF if that’s the plan. With Donie Buckley on board He should be well able to gear us up Kerry style to peak in a final.
    Ps in 1951 we beat Galway in Conn Final and drew with Kerry in semi. Won replay and it was Leinster opposition in the final. Just a thought

  9. Dublin by a long way against monaghan and no harm, let them devour Monaghan and keep reading the papers about how they only have to show up to claim Sam. Donegal will win their game and meet the dubs in the semi. Who theheck knows, maybe diarmuid Connolly gets a red card and Bernard brogan is having an off day? Maybe one of these donegal lads hits a goal in a tight game and dublin collapse like brazil?

    So much can happen if we distill the remaining teams down to the likely 4. Mayo, Kerry, Dublin, donegal, it’s really there for any of them to win if they get the breaks and set the gameplay up for the day. Here we are, early August, 7 weeks of waiting if we are lucky and either party or agony for winter.

  10. Dublin to win is a no brainer. The margin of victory will be decided by the Dubs. It seems that after Monaghans heroics last weekend, they are being handed to the Dubs on a platter and the Dubs will feast at their leisure. Here’s hoping anyways.

    Donegal v Armagh is a tough one to call. I feel that Donegal are over rated and may be found out on Saturday. There was alot of disent in the Armagh camp all year. It seemed that most people I bantered to had completley lost hope in team and management. Armagh have momentum and that win over Tyrone was huge and should not be underestimated. Dyas, Mckeever, Forker and Jamie Clarke are not too shabby and The Kernans are going good, to name a few. An upset could be on the cards.

    Let’s hope that The Dubs keep winning because if Mayo get by Kerry, (I’m firmly in the yes camp here) Mayo need to beat an on fire Dubs in the final.

  11. Sorry ………… just getting back for a minute to the thorny question of substitutions etc. it seems to me that most successful teams have three people keeping an eye on things.
    – two on the line and one in the stands ( but all in cahoots.)
    I remember that in USA `94 when Jack Charlton was banished to the stands for a game he said afterwards that he got a different insight from there. Saw movement that was`nt obvious at eye level but kept in touch the whole time. They say two heads are better than one. And a spare who can read things quickly on the ground as they arise.
    Just a thought!

  12. Armagh have dished out a few hammering’s to Donegal in the not to distant past and up until recent times Donegal would almost have had an inferiority complex when playing the orchard men. This weekend however, the men from the hills will relish the opportunity to reinforce their recent ascendancy in Ulster. God help the ref is all I have to say, me thinks he’s going to be a busy man.. who are the men in black this weekend by the way? Donegal to shade it but only just

  13. Armagh have no fear of Donegal and never had I believe. They will do well to stay with them on this occasion As regards paying to watch this one, thanks but no thanks.. Either of these teams are going no where. Dublin should win the other game I think. Monaghan have the rough end of the stick. in this quarter final. Dublin should make it to the AI again.

  14. Dead right PJ , keep your money.
    My German neighbour normally washes his car on Sunday afternoon’s and after watching the Ulster final , I might offer him a fiver to change to Saturday evening. Just this once, so I can sit and watch.

  15. First timer on here.
    Armagh V Donegal: Probably not the draw that donegal want as Armagh’s defensive set up is working quite well and they are very physically strong up the middle with plenty of speed on the wings. Will be an interesting tussle between Charlie Vernon and Micheal Murphy if he stays in the Full forward line.
    This i reckon will a step too far for Armagh and a 3-4 point win after a real physical and defensive game from “both” sides.

    DUblin V Monaghan: Dublin by 6 or 10 points once they wrap up Conor McManus.

  16. Very welcome Mr T .Some interesting points on Donegal v Armagh. I reckon this will be a fascinating tactical battle and anyone washing cars may miss out on a tense battle of wills. Ultimately Donegals greater firepower should see them through.
    On Monaghan v Dubs the farney have nothing to lose here so I would be expecting them to give it a lash. We will know more about the real Dubs on Saturday night.

  17. PJ and Nephin, I have such a soft spot for Mayo having lived there for many years (hence my reading of this blog from time to time) however it’s comments like yours about Ulster football that would make me relish the prospect of another AI final win over ye! You can say what you like about the style of football up here but you won’t find too many in the packed terraces complaining. In fairness, the connaught final wasn’t exactly edge of the seat stuff. Anyway, apologies for the mini rant and I sincerely hope you can get safely past Kerry and hopefully one step further this year (unless it’s us of course, which I wouldn’t be putting my life savings on by any stretch of the imagination).

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