Poll: who’ll win the final?

25 September 1955; A general view of action between Dublin and Kerry. All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, Dublin. Picture credit; Connolly Collection / SPORTSFILE

Photo: GAA (Connolly Collection/Sportsfile)

Right, time to face facts – the All-Ireland final is on this Sunday and sadly we’re not in it. For the thirteenth time, it’s a Kerry/Dublin final, with the Kingdom aiming to seal back-to-back titles for the first time since they last did so in 2007 and their 38th title overall while the Metropolitans are chasing their 25th All-Ireland and their first since beating us in the decider two years ago.

The first final they met in happened just down the road from here in Clonturk, Drumcondra, in March 1893 which (in the 1892 final) Dublin prevailed in by 1-4 to 0-3. Kerry got their revenge in the 1904 final, which was played in Cork, when they won out by 0-5 to 0-2. The final had moved to its permanent residence of Croke Park by the time the 1923 decider was played (in September 1924) with Dublin winning by 1-5 to 1-3 but the Yerras weren’t long settling the score for that one, winning the 1924 decider (played in April 1925) on an 0-4 to 0-3 scoreline.

There was a long gap to the next final, the 1955 one, which Weeshie Fogarty spoke about on Off The Ball the other night (audio here). If you haven’t heard this piece yet, then please do listen to it – it’s pure radio gold and a wonderful slice of social history, documenting an Ireland long since gone from us. Dublin may have brought the revolutionary thinking and tactics to that ’55 final but it was Kerry who prevailed in it, by 0-12 to 1-6. The picture above was taken that day – note what the premium seats at HQ looked like then.

Another twenty years passed until their next final meeting. The 1975 decider was the first of four final clashes between the counties in five years during the decade, with a young Kerry team toppling the champions by 2-12 to 0-11 in that first instalment. Dublin got their revenge twelve months later – winning by 3-8 to 0-10 – and beat Kerry in the following year’s semi-final too but when they next faced off in the final they met their doom thanks to Mikey Sheehy’s famous chipped free and Bomber’s three-goal fusillade as Kerry cantered in the rain to a 5-11 to 0-9 victory. The 1979 final was only marginally closer with Kerry triumphing over a waning Dublin by 3-13 to 0-8.

The rivalry resumed briefly in the Eighties but the Kingdom maintained their supremacy over their city rivals, winning the 1984 decider by 0-14 to 1-6 and the ’85 one by 2-12 to 2-8. It wasn’t until 2011 that they met again in a final when Dublin at last turned the tables on their country cousins, Stephen Cluxton’s late, late free securing a 1-12 to 1-11 win.


Photo: Independent.ie

So, twelve finals over a period of 122 years, with Kerry enjoying an 8-4 lead in the head-to-head stakes. (All-Ireland stats, by the way, courtesy of Wikipedia). The bookies have Dublin as the very slight (10/11) favourites to prevail this time but if they do so it’ll be the first time ever they’ll have beaten the Kingdom three times in succession in the championship.

I’m really looking forward to being there at Sunday’s final, with thanks to Chill Insurance for making this possible by kindly sorting out a pair of tickets for me. I’m also finding it tough to call a winner from this one – though I plan to call it in a separate post later on – but what about the rest of you? Yerras or Jacks: who’ll do it on Sunday?

Who'll win the final?

  • Dublin (53%, 132 Votes)
  • Kerry (47%, 118 Votes)

Total Voters: 250

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51 thoughts on “Poll: who’ll win the final?

  1. Ah the dream final, the Derby of all derbies , well if we heed the press and Des and media the purveyors of elite are on display this Sunday. However facts suggest that only one of the attendees are regulars at the Lord Mayors Ball. A look back at the finalists for the last 20 years since 1996 makes interesting reading. This is Kerry’s 13 final, with so far, 7 wins. This is Dublins 3rd final, yes 3rd. Three in twenty years.

    Kerry -13

    Eleven counties, that’s all. Twenty one that never rose beyond varying degrees of hope and hype. It pains me to see where we are , behind Kerry and yet no nearer to final redemption. Jesus but it shouldn’t take a lot to unravel that knot. Could be wrong but I see Dublin giving Kerry a beating here.

  2. It definitely is a tough one to call and as much as we’d like to claim otherwise, these 2 are marginally the 2 best teams in the land at this moment in time. For that reason I can’t wait for it

    When Dublin bate an aging Kerry in 2013 I thought it would be a long, long time before Kerry would even come close to beating Dublin again in Championship. Such credit to Fitzmaurice though who has found the perfect mix between experience and youth in the meantime.

    That said how good really are Kerry? They should have surrendered their Munster crown in July and from there got past a disgracefully pathetic Kildare effort and a game but limited Tyrone. They’re All Ireland Champions but between a holy show of a referee, an untimely concussion and the bizarre decision by James Horan to pretty much leave a confidence-lacking, out of form full back on Kieran Donaghy for the majority of the replay, they could very easily have been dumped out in the semi. They also had a lucky break when they avoided the season’s real juggernaut Dublin in the final

    However, they still got through Mayo and Donegal and showed a wonderful ‘match play’ ability, where they have perfected the art of grinding out wins and being able to adapt and beat all opposition that comes into their path, regardless of playing style. They’re a shadow of the noughties side, but arguably are more impressive in being able to grind out dirty wins. It’s a very different Kerry team, with their own strengths

    Dublin are a different animal to anything they’ve faced in the past 2 years though and 2 semi-finals will really stand to them (given a lot of their issues arise from being untested through to August). If those forwards are on song they could cut through Kerry and I think there’s goals for the taking for that forward line. McAuley looked back to his best in the semi replay and he is a huge addition in that regard. Fenton has been a revelation, and Jack McCaffrey and Ciaran Kilkenny have grown to become 2 of the best players in the country.

    I don’t, however, expect Kerry to show any respect to the Cluxton kickout and Id give the Kingdom the overall edge in the middle. Kerry’s forwards are a level ahead of Mayo’s as a collective and the bench, including Tommy Walsh, Kieran Donaghy, BJK, Darran and Bryan Sheehan is riddled with potential match winners.

    To me it looks like two top-heavy sides of sorts, which could result in a real shootout, which will only suit Dublin. Kerry are going to need to keep it tight and will have to drag back men in numbers to disrupt any Dublin rhythm. I can’t see Kerry letting Dublin back in the game if they get a lead similar to Mayo in the replay, and on the flip side of that I can’t see Dublin coming close to surrendering a 5-7 point lead themselves

    Very tough to call, but I’ll go for Dublin. Just

  3. Great Article by John Casey in Mayo Advertiser, worth the read.

    I heard that the oxegen chambers that the Dublin team went to on Monday cost €600 per player (that would be €12000 for 20 players) were considered too expensive for our boys. Makes you wonder what the player welfare lotto is used for.

    Also well done to Tom Parsons for playing with a broken thumb, one of our best players this year if not the best.

  4. Re oxygen chambers etc..Does the gaa have any handle or control on what is being spent on county teams in what is supposed to be an amateur organisation? Dublin clearly are operating above everyone else with endless resources and finance available to them

  5. Here’s my pick of the two teams; Based on a combination of form and class

    Shane Enright Rory O’Carrol Philly McMahon

    Peter Crowley Cian O’Sullivan Jack McCaffrey

    Anthony Maher David Moran

    Diramuid Connolly Ciaran Kilkenny Donnacha Walsh

    James O’Donoghue Paddy Andrews Bernard Brogan

    So I’d pick 9 from Dublin and 8 from Kerry. I do think Dublin have a better forward line and a better back line. Kerry strong at midfield, so again it’s down to Cluxtons kickouts.

    Id be surprised if Dublin don’t win to be honest.

  6. Off topic..sorry… but will someone put dummies in some of the mayo players mouths!….why is there an article in the Examiner from Aidan rehashing the game and questioning Management & fellow players. Tyrone lost the other semi and also were involved in contentious issues but there wasn’t a word from their players post the defeat. ..We are all over the press pre the Final – say a lot really about us.
    At the end of the day we lost…people question management but IMO applying the same critical analysis to all involved there isn’t too many players would rate their performances better than management on the day. The players IMO have developed a bit of an attitude from been giving too much creedance. After all have they given/delivered anymore really than Maughans 96/7 squad. End of we have no All Ireland. Finally too can we stop this ‘oh their lives are on hold etc’…They are I a privileged position to be wearing the jersey. There is many would love to give the commitment.
    Time to get REAL.

  7. Think Dublin will win it. I see an interesting fact that if Marc doesn’t start on Sunday, it will be the first time in 43 years one of the O’Shea family hasn’t appeared in a final. Amazing when you think of it. More depressing is John Cuffes stats.

  8. Willie Joe, i think Dublin scored more than 1-5 in the 1984 final if memory serves me.

    Ya might have done them out of an owl pint there.

    The owl dog for the long road on Sunday. Kerry again for me.

  9. Amazing that averaging it out over 20 years we have been in a final every 3/4 years. If you add in minor/u-21/club/ladies we have probably been in a final for every year. Pity our return is not better.
    Makes you wonder if things are as bad as regards county board, coaching, training etc in the county. How can we keep getting to so many finals if things are ran than badly in the county?

  10. Me too Roger

    I actually like what Dublin bring to the GAA and this particular team is very likeable in my view, for the most part. Philly Mac is definitely an exception though :p

    Never ever warmed to Kerry I have to say and I know it sounds childish but watching that prick Donaghy lifting Sam is a nauseating prospect for me, he really annoys me more than any other player ever!

  11. To be honest I’m not too gone on either of them.

    Kerry though I think are smarter and won’t let Dublin settle in to that passing running game they so desire. I think there could be a couple of flashpoints and big hits in this game as well and wouldn’t bet against at least one black card for either team.

  12. Despite my rather bad attitude on the other thread re Sunday, it’s hard not to start feeling excited about the prospect of what’s in store. Particularly after reading that post WJ. And while I would give anything to be donning the red and green, and feeling sick with nerves right now as is typical of the days before a final, as a “neutral” it’s not a bad thing to be going in there with a bit less emotional involvement.

    I feel Kerry will win, and I agree with Livenhope; I think Gooch will come alive on Sunday. A player I will never get tired of watching. While Dublin have serious firepower up front, so do Kerry and both teams are well able to execute a strong defensive game, particularly Kerry. Kerry too I feel have stronger midfield and won’t be shy about challenging on the kickouts a bit moe than we did. I also expect David Moran to really shine as he did last year. I will admit. I will however (despite the events of three weeks ago) be hoping for a Dublin win; if nothing else but to even things up a bit.

    John Cuffe, that’d make you think, surely. Such a small group, and how close we have come relative to others and still no cigar. Yet.

    Ciaran, I can understand your feelings towards Donaghy and the mention of him is enough to give any of us the cold sweats, but (the ‘pantomime villain’ aspect of last year aside) I can’t bring myself to begrudge him too much; for all his trash talking he worked hard to fight his way back into the setup last year against all the odds, played a big role in his club’s success and is probably one of the more unselfish footballers I’ve seen. I reckon he’d give a lively speech too 😉

  13. It’s definitely not football related Anne Marie, as a player I actually respect him hugely!

    It’s this off the ball nonsense, and constant mouthing off to opponents that really annoys me. He seems to always be involved in handbags of some sort. The “brolly incident” after last year’s final was the real icing on the cake.

    But it’s def not a Mayo bitter thing, it’s certainly not his fault we regrettably didn’t appear to have a coherent plan to deal with him in last year’s replay!

    I’d go as far as saying he’s one of the players I most respect from the last decade, given he’s big and awkward yet really maximises his ability and in a way re-invented the FF position. It looks easy, but not one player has had his overall impact on the edge of the square under the high ball. Although I think Michael Murphy could be a real dinger there if left inside full time

  14. Re Aiden’s piece on the examiner. Surely any citizen of Ireland the h absolute right to talk to anyone he or she wants to. Now whether it’s wise or not is another thing. No player or bigger the the Team, no manager (s) bigger or county board. We see on John Cuffes contribution here only Kerry have been in more finals than us. It’s imperative we get over that line. This our present yeah is by far the best we ever had, the most committed, the bravest being doubt. Aiden has since 2009 been a senior player, others have been even longer, he has a good idea of what’s needed. I’m sure he knows any critism of management puts pressure on the current incumbations. But look change is definnately needed, the county board need to seriously look at thenselves its ridiculous to think that a panel of players as dedicated,. as professional will continue to give their very best for anything less than that, in terms of management, tatics & morale. Now a part of the game where Mayo are most definnately not as good as Dublin or Kerry is out ability to kick long good ball into our forwards. We’re brilliant at the running game but w need to seriously improve on this front. I would suggest that whoever managed Mayo on 2016 concentrate on improving that aspect of our game. Alan Freeman is one of our best forwards with ball in hand, it’s been a problem for him to get his hand on the ball very often. It’s never been a problem for Aiden O Shea to get possession of the ball, but it certainly was for him V Dublin both days, he actually didn’t get that much bash V Donegal, I know he used the ball he got V Donegal very well, but it disguised the fact the av awful lot of ball was wasted. So of we are play Aiden as a big ball winning full forward that an area we need to improve. I would say the same of we were r to play Alan Freeman in there. We need to give these boys a decent chance. A fit who’ll win on Sunday, I hate to say it but I think Kerry will win ugly!

  15. have to shout for the Dubs on this one. Kerry might be the aristocrats but it gets a bit tiresome with so many appearances and wins as John Cuffe reminds us and the attitude of some of their supporters who almost a right to be there and win. Almost as if it isn’t a proper All Ireland Final if their beloved Kingdom isn’t in it. Was talking to a Kerry man last night and he was so pompous about the superiority of Kerry for Sunday and how they could handle the Dubs and so on …- it was hard to take!
    Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti-Kerry but for the good of the game domination isn’t what it needs. The only downside is Dublin winning isn’t exactly sharing the spoils fairly but it’s better than the alternative.

    And Dublin for a few more reasons
    1) they tend to play the game like it should – a brand of football that the Dubs and Mayo have persisted with against some trends
    2) feel better about Mayo losing if it is to the eventual winners (an unlikely big defeat for Dublin will domino back to how good Mayo are) and
    3) as Ciaran says watching smug Donaghy lifting Sam would stick in my craw!!

    On a seperate rant….
    the GAA should be saying thank god for Mayo and Donegal over the last few years. The only teams who have consistently competed with Kerry and Dublin. It could so easy be a scenario dominated by the top 2 and not a top 4. Kerry with their tradition and Dublin with sheer numbers (and money) could easily have pulled ahead of everyone else. And think how bad the championship would be if it was such a predictable two horse race. As Sundays final shows it is already close to predictable but at least Mayo (and to a lesser extent Donegal or Tyrone) are keeping it from being totally predictable. Mayo are doing the GAA a great service !!

    So message to GAA – wake up and put some support and resources into counties like Mayo or it will end up with a top 2. There are lots of media calls for GAA to come up with a plan to help counties who are struggling in the middle and lower tiers but championship is even more doomed if the top tier is just Kerry and Dubs every year.

    And to all us Mayo fans it is disappointing we alone of that group haven’t managed a medal but have nothing but admiration and respect for the efforts and commitment of players who keep coming back and keep us in the top tier.

  16. My vote goes to Dublin.
    Firstly, are people forgetting Dublin have only been beaten in the last few years when caught cold at semi fanal stage? Secondly the winner in each of the last few years has been the team that survived the toughest test in the QF/SF stage:
    2014 Kerry (v Mayo SF)
    2013 Dublin (v Kerry SF)
    2012 Donegal (v Kerry QF)
    2011 Dublin (v Donegal SF)

  17. This is laughably premature so forgive me!

    But another reason my support would be swaying towards the Boys in blue in this one is for ourselves next year. I’d much rather we play a Dublin team potentially in sleepwalk mode after winning Sam than a wounded one looking to reclaim their title from 2013. Even if Kerry lose Sunday I still think their level has a ceiling, which isn’t all that far ahead of ourselves. I think Dublin can potentially reach devastating levels which is too good for anyone, and their chances of reaching this would be greatly increased if they’re out for blood

    Yes, there’s a long, long way to go for all that, but if we are seriously considering ourselves as a “top 3” side and if the gap is as narrow between all 3 teams then as it is now, such small things could well make a huge difference in our quest for Sam.

    If you can’t look forward, what can you do!!

  18. Kerry to win by 1 to 3 points I reckon. Kerry are the only county that can match Dublin for strength in depth their midfield is the best around IMO and their forwards/scoring power is as good as Dublins.

  19. I’m going to be most interested in how Kerry set up on Cluxton’s kickouts and how Dublin respond.
    Contrary to much of the commentary Mayo DID push up, but because they retained the Sweeper, Cluxton was able to kick to a corner back and receive the return pass if said CB could not find an alternate route. People also forget that the 2013 semi final turned on the fact that Kerry pressed forward without a sweeper – all it took was one favourable breaking ball from a long kickout & suddenly there was nothing but empty space between McManamon and goal.
    I am sure Dublin are practicing routines with such a “Full” press in mind – e.g. midfield and half forwards go on diagonal runs towards goal to overload one side for breaking ball on long kickout. If Kerry follow them in numbers then kick long to the open space on the other side. I have a funny feeling that Mayo’s strategy on kickouts won’t look quite as bad after the final as it does to some people now.

  20. I can’t look beyond Kerry at the moment. They’ve had the luxury of a few weeks extra rest and have also been able to take a good look at Dublin’s options – first 15 and their bench. I actually believe we had Dublin in our sights but injuries/cards/tiredness caught up with us. They were extremely vulnerable but we simply didn’t have the nous or the depth to carry it through. And as such the better team came through.

    I don’t think Kerry will be found wanting in the same areas. They’re fully rested, have a full pick and have excellent options from the bench. I doubt their named side will start either. Their midfield is peerless at the moment so they must be tempted to push right up. There’s no doubting their scoring power so I think they hold the trump cards. O’Sullivan is carrying a hammer injury and that’s a huge worry for Dublin.

    I can see them coming through by three or four points.

  21. i cant believe how so many people here are anti donaghy,why.because he has destroyed mayo so many times,some of ye would want to grow up a bit

  22. @emeraldisle
    I think Donaghy is an acquired taste. He’s a good footballer and yes he’s broken mayo’s heart a few times, however, I think the universal view is that he’s a prized arsehole, one that’s widely shared in Kerry I may add.

  23. I think the Dubs might shade it. They are going well and have the benifit of a couple of extra games. Kerry are good in finals and it would not suprise me if they win it. Their disadvantage might be the easier path they had. I enjoy watching both teams and I expect it to be a cracker. I gave up my ticket earlier to the Dublin contingent. Watch out for quick accurate foot passing and lots of scores from both sides. This should be a shootout.

  24. Think Kerrry will win by 4 or 5 points, better midfield, better forwards and better bench, and on top of that Fitzmaurice is the best in the business. I would love to see Dublin win it but if Kerry get the double/double we have to hold our hands up. Roll on 2016, we have to give our management another go at it

  25. Kerry to win because
    – They will do whatever they need to do in order to slow the pace of the game so expect lots of tactical fouling but of the tick rather than card variety. There is no way they will let Dublin play at the pace they played against us in the first half of the replay which was simply blistering.
    – They will force Cluxton to kick to mid-field so expect their sweeper to move up to mark the Dublin sweeper so that Cluxton has no free man to give a short kick out to.
    – They have a better bench, for all of the talk about Dublin’s huge population it is two of their elder statesmen namely Kevin Mc and Alan B that are coming to the rescue. Kerry have proven forward talent on their bench if you take Twin Tower, BJK, Darren O.
    – Expect a tight tactical but interesting game, hope H&C are there to pick up tips for next year !.
    – Come on the boys in blue, I have passed up offer of a ticket as well to let a Dub attend.

  26. Clonee Man – I’ve only now seen those two gratuitously insulting comments you’ve posted, both of which I’ve deleted. You’ll have to find some other place for that kind of stuff, I’m afraid, here isn’t the place for it.

  27. Liam as an Austin Stacks man I can unreservedly state that Donaghy is cherished by the people of Kerry. Your post is inaccurate and to say the least misleading, I travel all over Kerry and I know what I am talking about. Aidan o Shea is loved in Mayo yet on this site there are good few Mayo folk that are firing artows at him. It is my experience that there are those that will always find a nettle in a bouquet of flowers. Donaghy is a larger than life figure in physique and in character and I can assure you that an hour in his company ( outside the white lines of course ) will leave you in a better place for that company.
    On that field he is an absolute warrior but always a team player, off it he is as laid back and easygoing a man as you will ever meet.
    Liam he is cherished in the Kingdom so stop your waffle and don’t listen to the nettle finders, they are bad for body and mind.
    Ps Kerry will push hard on the Dublin kick outs and our forwards are by far the best that this team will have played against, watch this space. This will be a cracker and the Dubs have never seen the likes if Fitzys army ?

  28. Willie Joe on a point of interest on Donaghys lineage, on his grandmothers side his great grandfather Eugene Moriarty won a junior medal one hundred years ago this year and he won a Senior medal in the 1924 final which was not played until April 1925 which is ninety years ago. His club was Kilcummin and he was the first player to win a Senior medal from that Club, Mike McCarthy and the Kerry keeper Brendan Kealy are also from that club,

    His great grand uncle the famous Dee O Connor also won medals on the four in a row team in the late twenties. His grandfather was good enough and was sought by the then selectors but never played for Kerry as he was a school teacher and due to his posting and the obvious travel difficulties he was unable to commit to the collective training but his first cousin the Bruiser Fitz played and his on Seamus MacGearailt also won Senior All Ireland medals with Kerry. Just a little bit of trivia that might interest those that think he is a one off type of player, he is steeped in the blood of he game,

  29. John Cuffe,

    I don’t know where you are getting 13 final appearances for Kerry since 1996 unless you are counting replays. Whereas if you are counting replays Mayo’s total should be seven [1996 x 2, 1997, 2004, 2006, 2012 & 2013],
    Kerry won in 1997, 2000 [replay], 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009 [replay] and 2014 losing only four, 2002, 2005, 2008 and 2011.
    Counting replays in my opinion only distorts figures. There is only one Senior Football final each year regardless how many games it takes to decide it.

  30. A few minutes in Donaghy’s company will win you over but you would want to stay for the hour. Very charismatic and his unselfish nature shines through. Regarding sports, GAA or basketball he is the ultimate teammate, on the bench on Sunday but no matter what, the team not him comes first. Hatefulness, distain and bitterness has no place in sport. Long gone are the days of total respect, social media has a lot to answer for.

  31. The voting says it all with 47vs53 in favour of Kerry so far.. I think this game will start off a cagey nigly affair but expect the referee to be told to dish out plenty cards early on and take no shite.. probably a lot of lateral football with neither team wanting to play catch up to an early goal. If Dublin can get a goal early on against the run play with Kerry pushing up too far then they could edge it.. no more than our game it be in the last 15 mins that this game will be won and lost.. could be simple as a mis-timed tackle and black card that will swing this game in the favour of one or the other. Really looking forward to it.. for me its meeting up with the family, putting away the dinner, the cup of tea in the hand.. all sitting around usually shouting on the underdog.. the odd kick out from the chair to help an imaginary ball go over the bar.. the running analysis.. could we bate them.. more tea.. It’s what GAA is all about

  32. Despite the fact we are not in it, I am looking forward to kicking back and enjoying this, as a neutral.
    Don’t particularly care for either team but my head says Kerry, with maybe 4 to spare.

  33. Kerry should not even be here a bit like last year , Cork were robbed and Mayo the year before.

    I expect Dublin to win with a bit to spare , only concern for that outcome would be midfield ,Dublin are wasting their time if they try to compete with Moran and maher in the traditional midfield sense , so kick outs and tactics will play a vital part as per when it comes to the best sides in the modern era. Dublin by seven for me.

    Oxygen tents ! Wow will you ever get off the stage Mayo windy brigade . We lost an all Ireland semi final to a better managed team , the excuses and protection afforded by the same WANs who believe in never offending anyone or anything in life is getting to the point where you just want to tell them to foff .

  34. Apologies wj. I agree. I should keep those views to myself. Hees probably not a bad lad. Still hope the dubs win tho

  35. I can’t understand why Fitzmaurice is regarded as some sort of tactical genius. People pointing to how he sprang donaghy from the bench last year like a masterstroke against Mayo. It was the last throw of the dice – a desperation gamble which was very lucky to come up. For me it begged the question from a kerry point of view – why wasn’t he brought on much sooner? Because it sure as hell wasn’t in the plan for kerry to be five points down in the 66th minute. You’d also have to question why paul geaney is not a more established player for kerry? Finally a lot of talk about tommy walsh. This is a guy who has achieved noting in 6 years in either AFL or gaa. The idea he’s hidden on the bench waiting to save the day for Kerry is a bit far fetched in my view. He didn’t make it at st kilda or sydney because he wasn’t good enough, and it appears he’s not good enough to make the current kerry team either. Perhaps he will come on and play a stormer tomorrow and if do I will be the first to hold my hands up but I doubt it.
    I think fitzys mates in the media like the o Se brothers and bomber Liston – strategically placed in all of Irelands highest profile media outlets, have been talking up this guys managerial ability far more than is warranted.

  36. I agree, Mac’s left boot. I think there is the deepest need in Kerry to have ‘genius’ such as Fitzmaurice. Although they have won so much relative to other counties, they have lost a significant number of big matches over the past 15 years or so. This is not acceptable in Kerry. I agree he is no fool, but it remains to be seen whether the genius tag is true or not. In any event, it still suits these pundits to build him up.

    It’s clear to me that Kerry took great notice in the way Mickey Harte, and more recently, Jim McGuinness, operated – and the energy they created and mystique that surrounded them. Kerry know full well the power of this, and Fitz’s profile-building is an ongoing process and is directly borne out of this. Team Kerry are reacting to the hard lessons they have learned along the way and time will tell if Fitz is the answer.

  37. @Teamsheet
    Your point is well made. Time for players to start acting like adults and stop trowing the toys out of the pram following every defeat. Just watched the Japan rugby team vs South Africa, the players made critical decisions in the dying minutes of the game because they BELIEVED in themselves, stepped up to the plate and took responsibility.

  38. Patrick You speak for many of us Mayo supporters with those sentiments. A cross we must bear with a good team times is that not all who follow are of a sporting disposition

  39. @Toto totally agree. Japan had two penalty chances to draw at the death today but spurned them and went for the win instead. In our drawn semi final injury time, a Dublin team desperately hanging on were allowed to play the game out by passing across the FB line. That was not a decision consciously made on the sideline, but unconsciously made on the pitch.

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