Poll: will Galway bate Mayo?

Connacht final 2014 pre-match parade

Right, less than a week to go now until our Connacht semi-final meeting against Galway at Pearse Stadium, which throws in next Sunday at 4pm. It’ll be our eighth championship clash with the neighbours in the last decade, a stretch where we’ve had the better of things.

Since 2006, we’ve recorded five Connacht victories over the Tribesmen (in 2006, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2014) while they’ve got the better of us just twice, in 2007 and 2008. We didn’t meet in 2010 or 2012, both times due to defeats to Sligo, us in 2010 and them in 2012 ( incidentally, both those wins by the Years County were when current Galway boss Kevin Walsh was in charge there).

That Connacht final win over us by Galway at MacHale Park in 2008 was the most recent time we’ve been beaten by them in the championship. From a quick perusal of the results archive, this current unbeaten run is one of our best ever winning streaks against the Tribesmen. While we were unbeaten by them between 1946 and 1953, we only met them twice in the championship in this period (in ’48 and ’51) and you have to go back all the way to 1920-1925 for the last time that we enjoyed a six-year unbeaten run against them.

If we win on Sunday, it’ll be the first time since 1905-1911 that we’ll have remained unbeaten by them for a seven-year stretch. A win then and it’ll also be the first occasion since that distant era that we’ll have beaten them five times in succession (i.e. without any of these ties ending in draws) in the championship. Let’s not be tempting fate, though.

The bookies are getting warmer on us by the day – we’re now priced at 1/2 to prevail on Sunday. No wonder, then, that a few lads commenting on here are confident about our chances in this one, though – despite our great recent record against them – our history against Galway also teaches us that we’d be well advised to be wary heading into battle against them.

So, what do you reckon – will we do the business against them on Sunday or, as the song goes, will Galway bate Mayo?

Will Galway bate Mayo on Sunday?

  • No (62%, 377 Votes)
  • Yes (38%, 232 Votes)

Total Voters: 609

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42 thoughts on “Poll: will Galway bate Mayo?

  1. The way that poll is setup might confuse some people WJ – it caught me out anyway!

    The last line of the post asks “will we do the business against them on Sunday?”
    but the poll question (and article title in fairness) is the other way around “Will Galway bate Mayo”!

  2. That’s true, Tubberman – it was a test to see if everyone was alert! On reflection, though, I think you’re right so I’ll align the messages.

  3. Not if they have willie Joe nah I don’t think they will not without Shane Walsh whom I wish a speedy recovery

  4. Wj I’m calling for a re-poll!???????? No way 53% think Galway will beat Mayo!

  5. Think the poll will have to be changed. Either a lot of people aren’t confident about the next the day or their misclicking like I did…

  6. Lave it alone WJ, a good negative vibe going to the seaside and we’ll enjoy the shock and awe show all the more!!

  7. Mayo really should be winning this game well, with all the strenght and conditioning work they’ve done and the fierce battles they’ve been in with teams that would bury Galway in the last few years. Complacency might be a problem against a perceived weak county like Leitrim or even Sligo but not against Galway. Mayo by 5 or more scores if they play to their strengths and keep the pressure on the Galway backs for kick outs. And let’s hope we have a full panel to pick from before long, any word on regan or conroy?

  8. As the politican said after defeat in an election, the people have voted… The cunts.

  9. Now i see how Qatar got the world cup in the FIFA vote. The question on the ballot papers must have been confusing like the question here.

    Yes Liam, having an owl mass would be a great idea.

  10. Jaysus lads,either ye cannot read or a hell of a lot of ye think we’re fucked

  11. I think the next poll should have the options, will it be

    A) a twistin turnin windin road sort of victory

    B) a stone walls and the grass is green sort of victory

  12. People either clicked the wrong answer like me (Only read it properly after I clicked!) by accident, or we are one hell of a pessimistic lot

    Mayo by 10

  13. We complain bitterly about underage coaching structures but maybe we need to look a little deeper at the standard of education across the county – seems to be a deficiency in basic reading skills!

  14. I also clicked the wrong button. Its like not reading the exam paper properly before starting the exam.

  15. Galway unfortunately missing Shane Walah I think is a bridge too far. Hope he recovers well, was looking forward to watching him.
    Sunday is all about how many lads in 2015 will push on closer to Higgins/Boyle/AOS/Cillian levels of performance. Those four really have been performers last season and this year so far. We need that bit more from three or four others. If Keegan can get back to form would be huge for us.

  16. Its great to have the championship start proper for us…

    I think they are a bit behind us yet, so I’d expect us to bate them alright..in a rough aul match.

  17. Also voted wrong hope our managers read the game better on Sunday . Mayo to pull ahead and win by 5 or 6 points in the end

  18. A bit like our forwards on many occasions over the years dare I write – picking the wrong shot option.

  19. Ouch just made the same mistake myself….For the record i think mayo will bate galway

  20. Lets hope that its a very interesting week-end of championship football ahead. You probably have four of the top five teams in action. Kerry, Donegal, ourselves and Cork. We should have a much better idea after the week-end if the championship will be going along predictable lines or if there might be some changing of the guard. It actually could be a defining week-end for the future of the provincial championships. Will Tipp and Clare give Kerry and Cork good games. Podge Collins is a big loss for Clare. Can Armagh mix it with Donegal. Are Galway ready to really put it up to Mayo. Kildare and Laois meet again too. Its a strange one there, the winners are away to Dublin, the losers are at home to Antrim. Only in the GAA could this happen!

    I thought it was interesting to watch the Kildare and Laois game last Saturday evening. Kildare were playing their first game while Laois already had a game under their belts. Kildare looked very rusty early on and despite playing with the wind were 4 points to 1 down early in the game. It took them a while to get going, that should be a lesson for us. Galway have a couple of games under their belt so the first 15 to 20 minutes will be vital in our game. If we concede an early goal that would give Galway confidence. Not conceding an early goal will be vital for us. Also in the Dublin and Galway Hurling match, the Dubs corner-back was not fully fit and the Galway corner forward went to town on him, scoring 3 early goals. Again that should be a lesson to us, not to play players who are not fully fit, especially at the back. If we legislate for this, we should get the win, with our experienced players been vital to us as the game unfolds.

  21. This is the best bit of craic I’ve had in ages. Willie Joe, you need the Syrup of Figs to sort this out. 😉

  22. I’m glad most of ye are not sitting the leaving cert this week, ye would all answer a question that wasn’t asked!

  23. De missus and kids are always telling me I get my predictions wrong!

    (It’s Galway for Me)

  24. Galway last 3 Connacht championship exits beaten by 5 by Sligo, beaten by 17 by Mayo, beaten by 7 by Mayo.

    Mayo need to lay down a marker on Sunday. Dominate the middle and try to beat these guys out the gate and the Rossies after that.

    There are probably only 3-4 players on the Galway team who would get in the Mayo 15.

  25. With almost a full panel to pick from we really won’t have any excuses should we lose.

    Mayo to win by 4-6 points and at 3/1 with Boyles I expect to have the day out paid for!

  26. Half afraid to type I think we will beat them well . I just can’t see where Galway have improved 1-9 . There is still a guess factor as to where we are at compared to last season , 13 and 12 but my guess is we will pick up where we left off and Galway will remain where they were until they find some better players 1-9 .

    Have heard people saying they’ve heard Kevin Walsh has being working on a defensive system for a while just for Mayo . If true maybe they will attempt a Tyrone ala league game this year , whether they would have the experience to make it work is another thing.

    Mayo by 19 points .

  27. Ahh the start of the summer at last turf cut last week now Galway & Mayo. Anyone else disappointed with season ticket allocations this year no indication of where the seat is actually allocated with no printed tickets.Had a grand seat last year next to mayo team bench next to subs good view of our victory!

  28. In this poll like some recent polls I voted no! :p anyways mayo to win by two points. Galway to get a consolation goal in the last couple of minutes after playing defensive throughout the game making the score:
    Mayo 0-14 Galway 1-9.

  29. The long wait is finally coming 2 an end and thanks b to jaysus for that.. There’s only so much regurgitation of old ground that can be done, the what ifs and the “should I say we’ll win because if I do sure won’t I put the come hither on them”. What we will have on Sunday is a clean slate.. 15 against 15 at any one time on the field 2 start with at least and there will b no last year, next year.. just the here and now in the white heat of battle and I hope we beat the salt out them. So take out the flag, buy in an extra loaf ham and cheese, make sure the car is in good working order and let’s hit the road.. game no.1 is nearly here.. C’mon Mayo

  30. That time of year again when we try to figure out the best way of avoiding the tailbacks at Claregalway and other points nearer to Salthill. Thinking of trying to approach via the Aran Islands this year myself. Just trying to figure out how to get to the Aran Islands in the first place. Any ideas out there?
    Regards the result, if Mayo don’t win it will bean even bigger biggest surprise than Salthill in ’67. Then we had run them damn close in ’66 and only the margin in ’67 was a real surprise.

  31. Master stroke of a poll by WJ. Really caught everyone off guard, exactly what we need to do on Sunday afternoon. Be smarter, quicker and economical. Mayo to win by 6 points with AOS for man of the match.

  32. Ha the poll just proves that people don’t read anything on the web but “scan” through.

    Weather looking good for the weekend too. Lets get in early too to support our Hurlers bid to stay in the Christy Ring.

  33. Beware of the Poll – it’s a Psychological trick!

    Lads on reflection everyone knows the song in context:
    “Will Galway beat Mayo – not if they have Wille Joe”

    The line of the song is burned into the brain as a positive for Mayo. So you are psychologically inclined to fully agree with the statement – even if only half of it is quoted.

    “Will Galway beat Mayo” – Yes Mayo

    Where Mayo people could run into problems is if some cunning door to door salesman cottoned on to this:

    “Will Galway beat Mayo – Want to buy my Encyclopaedias?” – Yes Mayo

    “Will Galway beat Mayo – Can I sell you welly insurance?” – Yes Mayo

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