Poll: will it be Cork or Tipp?

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If you told me a few weeks ago that I’d be here putting together a poll on a Munster football final between Cork and Tipperary, you’d have got the raised eyebrow treatment. But here I am doing just that – what a quare bloody year this is.

This year’s Munster football final takes place on Sunday at Páirc Uí Chaoimh where throw-in is 1.30pm. Our old buddy Maurice Deegan is the ref for it and the match is being broadcast live on RTÉ2.

It’s the first year since 2012 that Kerry – the provincial champions for seven straight years up until this year – won’t feature in the Munster decider. 2012 was also the most recent time Cork won out in the South, beating Clare in that year’s final.

Tipperary’s most recent Munster final appearance was in 2016. Although they were well beaten by Kerry in that decider, that proved a Championship to remember for the Premier County as they made it through Round 4 of the qualifiers before catching Galway cold in the All-Ireland quarter-final. They gave us plenty to think about in the semis too before we eventually got the better of them by five points.

While they often cross swords on Munster’s big day in hurling, Tipp don’t get to play Cork all that often in the provincial football final. The most recent time they did so was in 2002, a match that ended in a draw before the Rebels won by 19 points in the replay, while seven points separated them when they met in the 1994 decider.

You have to go back then to 1943 to find the most recent time before that in which they met in a Munster final – Cork won that one by three points – while the meeting prior to that one was the one in which Tipp last won Munster. That was in 1935 and they beat Cork that day by 2-8 to 1-2.

The two counties know each other better from National League meetings in recent years. The photo at the top is from their Division Three clash in Thurles in February this year, a match in which Cork prevailed by a single point on a scoreline of 3-13 to 0-21.

Cork, of course, won the Division Three title this year – with seven wins from seven starts – and so we’ll be making their acquaintance in Division Two next year. Tipp finished fifth, meanwhile, in the Division Three table on five points.

Sunday’s opponents also met in the League last year and the year before as well. In 2019 they were both in Division Two and the pair of them ended up getting relegated. Cork won when they played each other, again at Thurles, where the scoreline finished 1-12 to 0-12. In 2018 at the old Páirc Uí Chaoimh they also met in Division Two. That day the Premier lads triumphed by 3-16 to 1-16.

In the Munster Championship this year – this month in fact – Tipp have already played twice while Cork have only played once. But, boy, did they play well when they did.

Tipp had a goal to spare over Clare in their quarter-final meeting. After that 2-11 to 1-11 win over the Banner, Tipp then got the better of Limerick by 1-15 to 2-11.

Cork, meanwhile, faced Kerry in their opening Munster outing on an evening when the rain fell at Páirc Uí Chaoimh by the truckload and Kerry spent most of the match messing around with a defensive set-up they wanted to road-test before their inevitable pre-Christmas All-Ireland final meeting with Dublin.

Mark Keane made them pay in spectacular fashion that evening, his late, late strike ensuring that a dreaded penalty shoot-out wouldn’t be needed. That goal also meant that, for the first time since 1999, Kerry wouldn’t be making an appearance in the All-Ireland Series this year.

Instead, Munster will – in a Championship that, due to Covid-19, has this year reverted back to an old-style straight knockout format – be represented in the All-Ireland semi-final, where they’ll face our lads, by either Cork or Tipperary. But which one of them do you think it’ll be? Let’s finish with a vote on that.

Who will we be playing in the All-Ireland semi-final?

  • Cork (69%, 722 Votes)
  • Tipperary (31%, 324 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,046

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169 thoughts on “Poll: will it be Cork or Tipp?

  1. Tipp have gone backwards, Cork look to be on an upward journey. Cork to win.
    Also Tipp just about beat Limerick who Kerry and probably Cork would hammer.

  2. Would love to see Tipp win. With it being the centenary of Bloody Sunday and wearing the replica green and white Jersey as worn 100 years ago they will bring huge emotion and motivation. However I think Cork are a serious team with a good management and some seriously athletic players so I expect they will prevail with a bit to spare.

  3. Hope it’s Tipperary, … Tipperary 100 years after the Bloody Sunday massacre in Croke Park will wear Green and White, the colors wore on that fateful day, versus Cork in the Munster Final…We met them twice in recent years in the Championship, when Tipperary were considerable underdogs versus Mayo,…In the All Ireland semifinal of 2016, they brought huge support for their football team, to Croke Park for a match that not many gave them a chance in.. Something that Cork would not able to bring such support even though Cork are always rightly considered a force in Gaelic Football, something Tipperary definitely aren’t considered..If someone asked you a question in a pub (if you can remember far enough back in time, to when pubs were actually open?) .Who has won the most All Ireland football finals…Mayo or Tipperary?… You might be surprised with the answer….. Indeed it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that Dublin could play Tipperary in this years All Ireland football final, a repeat of the Bloody Sunday game 100 years ago… And for the All Ireland football final of 1920, Tipperary eventually defeated Dublin to be the All Ireland football champions of 1920, a game that was played in 1922 actually, strange time’s back then as well… There was no Sam Maguire Cup back then, that didn’t come into existence until 1928 named after a Dunmanay Co Cork man… either way I’ll still be shouting at the TV for Mayo, it worked well last Sunday and I see no reason to change for the upcoming All Ireland semifinal…I think that it will be Tipperary, they have a number of outstanding footballers, Quinlivean and Sweeney worth the entrance fee alone… unfortunately no one will be paying the entrance fee either, hopefully next year!

  4. My heart wants Tipp to win. Some great footballers, but mostly it would be a fitting tribute to mark the anniversary of that awful day in our history, in Corke Park 100 years ago.

    Tipp with the heart anyway.

    I think we could see a Donegal – Mayo All Ireland final.
    Donegal are begining to fire on all cylinders. I know they have another hurdle to cross to even reach the semi final, but assuming they do go on to meet the Dubs I think that they have an ace in the pack in Steven Rochford. He will be invaluable to Donegal if these 2 teams meet. He knows Dublin as well as they know themselves.

    From our own side I would much rather Mayo facing Tipp in the semi. Cork are an unknown quantity which kind of scares me a bit. A big strong athletic side capable of big things.

    Donegal v Mayo final will do just fine.

  5. I think Cork will win. To be honest we will struggle with them. Historically they always beat us and when we played them in 2014 and 2017 we were lucky to win.
    Particularly 2014.
    Our lack of power in MF will start to tell now.

  6. Completely agree with Pat, I think Cork will struggle a bit with Tipp coz that’s their mindset but they be absolutely buzzing against it giving it all the big underdog talk.
    We always struggle against them even when they were complete shite, and they are not now. Don’t know what it is about us, comes down to a lack of respect if you ask me, but they fundamentally believe they can beat us any day of the week and that’s a powerful thing.
    I would absolutely love if we put them back on their arses, they have had an exceptional year so far but that belief does not go deep. We need to tear into them from the beginning and start reminding some of the lads longer in that team of the recent trauma they’ve had with the hammerings they’ve received and getting relegated to Div 3. We don’t want them hanging around on the day thinking they can win.
    And them having that spoofer with them on the sideline should gee us up as well. Remember how he sloped away from us when it got tough citing the drive and his back, only to pick up straight away with Kerry with an even longer drive

  7. East Cork exile I think that’s a bit harsh calling Cian O’Neill a spoofer. He’s works in Cork IT and I’m fairly sure he lives in Cork so the drive to Kerry was certainly shorter.

    The rest of your post I agree with all the same.

  8. 2020 is a mad year you never know what happens next…..
    Maybe Mayo win the all ireland in a penalty shootout……Ciaran McDonald takes the winning penalty….I reckon that would cap it for the year….

  9. It’s cork for me. They began to turn the corner last year. Scored 3-10 v kerry in munster but lost. Put in a very good performance v the dubs in super 8s before conceding 3 late goals to lose despite scoring 1-17. Had Tyrone in all sorts of bother in Rd 2 before a late Tyrone rally eventually saw them off. Then beaten by roscommon in the final dead rubber game by a goal. Lots of defeats yes but major progress in 2019, that continued this year with the easy winning of div 3. 7 wins from 7 games. I suppose you could say they sort of caught/mugged kerry on the day, so the game v tipp will show just how much of that corner they’ve turned. I think they’ll be very dangerous opposition for anyone should they progress.

  10. The Cork cockiness is something I’d love to see rattled back on its hole, but confidence – whether real or faked – is a powerful tool in knockout football and Cork have an innate confidence in their sporting teams. They have been very successful at underage in recent years and certainly seem to be on an upward curve. They have 2 or 3 big units in and around the middle third that have the potential to cause us trouble, but let’s not turn them into Cork circa 1987 to 1990. They were in division 3 for a reason and they’ve been hammered in Munster by Kerry for years, for the same reason. They beat Kerry with the very last kick of the game with Kerry putting up their worst performance for years. Good enough for the Yerras, they were trying to be cute trialing a defensive, negative system for use against Dublin, on the assumption that they’d comfortably take Tipp and whatever came out of Connaught. I think all 31 counties rejoiced when that ball hit the back of the net. Cork will have it all on to beat Tipp because Tipp have been competitive in recent games v Cork, and Corks arrogance will already have them viewing a semi-final v us. For me, Fox on the Tipp team is the man that makes them tick. He never stops running and linking play, he’s not the biggest but his willingness to work and continuously show for ball makes him a danger man. He was brilliant v us in Thurles a few years ago and he played a crucial part of Tipp getting to the Munster final.
    Cork should progress, just about. But then their cockiness will be tested by the big boys in the white heat of championship battle. We won’t sit back off them, playing a negative, defensive style of play like the Yerras did. We will run them into the ground and hit them from all angles. Yes we will leave the door open at times, take a chance at midfield too, but, when they meet the power, intensity and pace of our lads they will know they are not in division 3 now! We are always a different animal when we hit Croker and I expect us to be so again.

  11. Without any doubt it will be Cork.
    Cork will be a very tough proposition in the semi final, ran Mayo very close a few years ago in the playoffs and I was impressed with them v the Dubs in Croker maybe two years ago.
    I persume both semis will be in Croker.
    With Covid19 showing little signs of going away, I am baffled as to why a neutral/ smaller ground is not being used for the semis and finals.
    Imagine Cork or Mayo or Donegal in the All Ireland final, those players will travel to Croker on the day of the final by bus or in cars individually them play in the final and them go home.
    If and when the Dubs are in the final they have no such travelling hardship.
    A former Mayo player is already making noise about the choice of match venues.
    I have tried before to get peoples views on this blog but all is very quiet so far, is it the case that this may have been part of the Croke Park funding deal to County Boards as a result of loss of Revenue in 2020 ?.
    Should Donegal or Cavan agree to taking on the Dubs in the upcoming semi final in Croke Park ?.
    These are real questions that will determine the winners this year.
    Am I correct in stating, the one time the Dubs lost in the league of 2020 was away to Tyrone?

  12. Interesting there Pebbles about Cork cockiness. Anthony Daly has a story of Clare playing Cork, when Clare were in their pomp. Dónal Óg and himself met coming out on to the field. Cusack glared at him, thumped his own chest and snarled: ‘we’re Cork boy’.

    He said it really rattled him. Clare won that match, but the fact that he remembered and retold it several years later demonstrates the power it had.

  13. Wouldnt surprise me one bit if Tipp win this one (Quinlivan, Sweeney, O’Riordan would improve any county team in the country) and i think cork are going to struggle to repeat the intensity level they got to for kerry, i imagine they had the kerry match targeted all year and poured everything into it as if it were a final.

    Lets be honest, we are going to be raging hot favourites in a semi final whoever wins, will be interesting to see how we deal with that tag.

    Anybody know what the semi final running order is yet? ie do we know yet if we are in 1st semi or the 2nd semi?

  14. I think Tipp have a good chance of making the semifinal. Cork on a dry night would have lost heavily to Kerry, did anyone actually see Clifford and Sean o Shea missing scores they would normally score with their eyes closed. Cork were poxed lucky and even then it took a Hail Mary goal at the death to win the damn thing. Tipp did struggle against limerick but limerick have really upped their approach this year in relation to training and fitness. Tipp have o riordan playing for them too, a real quality athlete and footballer, so Tipp to win by a couple of points.

  15. Supermac – According to the GAA website our semi-final is 15:30 on Sunday 6th. The other semi is 17:30 on Saturday 5th.

  16. Thanks wide ball

    So we are up first. I will either be scowling or content for the 2nd semi final so.

    Both games are late enough kicking off, I wonder why that is.

    I think it’s going to be a donegal mayo ai final this year. Just imagine the loss that would be to the bars and restaurants of Dublin if those 2 sets of supporters were to stay at home

  17. I expect the cork/tipp game to be a real open high scoring affair with nothing between them at the finish. Like Dave above I think on any other day Kerry would have beaten Cork comfortable. think of the chances they missed and their tactics the whole of Kerry must be looking at their manager and wondering what the hell he was doing.

  18. Ay when you look back on it coldly kerry must be pulling their hair out, as bad as they were and as good as Cork were kerry should still have won that game pulling up. Missed loads and loads of handy chances, they probably just spent the whole game waiting to kick on and it never happened. Clifford could easily have kicked 1-8.

    So really Cork aren’t on kerry’s level at all, it was a brilliant ambush but kerry will annihilate them next time they meet.

    Suits us though, don’t think we would beat kerry this year though I am confident we will dispatch Cork or tipp

  19. The most likely outcome is a comfortable enough Cork victory. Cork are on route back and as right pointed out they kinda slipped under the radar over the past 12 months. They have had some very impressive championship performances – were much better against the dubs last year than we were.

    In short – if we play like we did in the Connacht Final then we won’t beat Cork and we’d struggle against Tipp. Watch it back if you haven’t – our forward play was below what it needs to be by quite a bit and we lost the midfield battle. Both roscommon and galway played more poorly than we anticipated. We are in an All Ireland semi final without having played all that well – in patches versus the rossies. Some say it’s a good thing getting to a last 4 game with lots of areas to improve on – but we really have LOTS of things to fix.

  20. I wouldn’t be too pessimistic mayonaze, tiredness was catching up with the players in the 2nd half of the Galway game. 5 games in 5 weeks. All had to be played at full tilt because of their importance. A 3 week break should have us back in good nick for the semi final.

  21. Great interest in the Cork Tipp game. For me it will be of significance how both teams perform on kickouts. Long or short, will they maintain possession from their own kickouts. How are they at turning over opponents kickouts. Will they push up on opponents kickouts?

    Cork are no extraordinary team, I do give Tipp a chance and the year that’s in it, I’m sure the GAA will have invested in making resources available.

  22. There will be very little talk about Mayo in the media over next few weeks- which is a great thing.
    This weekend the 3 provincial finals are on, the following weekend are the hurling semi finals and all the talk on the football weekend will be Dublin and Donegal as most people think this is the final. This is the way to have it.

  23. Cork will win even though I want tip to.My fear for the semi is the very big and mobile centre field.that cork possess will win a lot of ball against our boys.i would consider playing aido there to make us more competitive I like loftus but he might not have the physicality required on the day .We have got to win or I will have to leave the county lockdown or no lockdown.

  24. The semis and the final should be played nowhere but Croker. Cannot for the life of me understand why people would want to see them played in smaller, neutral venues. I even heard Enda Kenny on about it a week or two ago on midwest.

    These matches deserve the best venue and the best pitch. Our national arena, covid or no covid, crowds or no crowds. End of.

  25. Nothing against Cork but I’d like to see Tipp win the Munster final fair play to them they are competitive in both codes and they haven’t a huge population something like 160K I think. Cork will win Munster and they will give us enough to do in Croke park. In fact I’d go as far to say as we will have a job to beat them they will relish Croke Park too and are never short on confidence and deep down Cork people don’t rate Mayo football and they certainly won’t fear us so I hope it’s Tipp we get to play.

  26. @Liberal role in the tie, but this is unlike any other year, Covid19 cases are on the way up this week.
    If Mayo, Cork or are to be in the final v the Dubs, what will the travel arrangements be like, are most Hotels not closed at the moment ? Will the teams travel on the morning of the final ?
    Let’s say its Mayo or Cork v Donegal in the final, surely there is no point in them going to Croke Park to an empty stadium, would a midway point say Sligo be the best option.
    Simply why should the Dubs have all the advantages, there are no crowds going to games, alot of people on this blog are thinking that without the Hill support the Dubs will be weakened. I don’t believe this to be the case.
    Are there regulations as to the size of the football pitch for a final, Health and Safety won’t be an issue as no supporters will be there.
    Have at the other Counties just given in already as there seems to be a consensus that the Dubs have this one in the bag already.
    Where possible v the Dubs, I would have a smaller pitch, surface well watered, travelling times the same for both teams, install Hawk Eye at the venue.
    Remember “Newbridge or Nowhere”.

  27. @Mayo88 I understand the points you are making (all sensible) but have you ever played or stood on the turf at Croke Park? The quality of the pitch is unmatched anywhere in the country. Also I believe the surface would be an advantage to Mayo – this team is the paciest Mayo team we have seen in over a decade. Lastly the size of the pitch lends itself to Horan’s tactics of playing the width to suck in the opposition before changing the angle with runners off the shoulder

  28. I was on the Croker surface twice, after the 1996 semi final win v Kerry and at a Cuman na bunscoil final in 2017.
    Taking the Dubs out of there for a final is something new, but the Gaa doesn’t do new very often.
    Croke Park is nothing without the atmosphere that is the full house on a final day.

  29. Sure you could argue the atmosphere point about any ground in the county including club grounds! Croke Park is Mayo’s second home and a surface that they are most familiar with – including James Horan & co. Taking Dublin out of Croker hasn’t hindered their performance in the recent past – league & champ.

  30. With strong connections to Cork all the cork ppl are talking about is Tipp. They are not looking beyond that. No mention of Mayo or All Ireland finals in the rebel county. Cork are back in Div 2 and thats where we find ourselves also. Its not a Div1 v Div3 clash if cork do prevail.

    Cork beating Kerry will not be an achievement if they do not beat Tipp though. I think Cork are on the up but if we do meet Cork in the semi we should win. We have enough quality.

    Also just to be clear from the comments here (and from the likes of Sean Cavanagh) Cavan have no chance in Ulster??

  31. Mayo 88. Playing the all ireland final in Marciecicz Park. I think I’ve heard it all now. Goodnight.

  32. In Munster Cork I feel will have the upper hand of Tipperary. Tipperary will give a good account of themselves but Cork I feel will win by 6 points.In Ulster Donegal will be too strong for Cavan and i give them a 8 points winning margin. Same in Leinster Dublin will be too strong for Meath Dublin will not concede goals like Kildare did and I feel the Dubs will come out on top with a 7 points margin. Mayo v Cork semi finals will be a close game I feel Mayo will sneak through with a 3 to 4 point margin. Donegal v Dublin I feel this is the match that will end the dubs run for 6 in a row I give Donegal my vote for a 5 points winning margin. So prediction Mayo v Donegal final and hopefully Sam will come back to the west .By the way I am not from Mayo but I really do hope my predictions are right because it would be so popular if Mayo wins Sam and no team deserves it more

  33. I can’t see anything but a Cork win.
    They’re definitely on the up, with a host of young lads that will have gained a huge amount from beating Kerry.
    Much like ourselves, they are in transition, so it’s hard to know what to expect from them. But they’re a big side in the middle and we need to adapt to that, much more than we have so far in terms of kickouts and how we set up our midfield area.
    Tipp have some top players (in attack particularly), but they were very fortunate to beat Limerick and struggled for large parts against Clare.
    Liam Kearns did some job with Tipp and was a hard act to follow, but they seem to have regressed over the past few years
    Cork by 6.

  34. RTE wetting themselves about the possibility of a repeat of the line up that was played on the original Bloody Sunday. As me ould lad would say, “these bucks have no turf to cut!”
    Cork by at least 6

  35. Its a nice thought Daves lad. If you have 2.5k to spare and back it you will be a
    millionaire Monday morning – IF it comes to pass!

  36. I fancy Tipp in a squeaker. For all the talk of Cork fearing nobody, Tipp aren’t exactly renowned for a lack of self-confidence either, and Powter is a big loss to Cork.

    Semi-finals should be in a neutral venue roughly equidistant from the competing counties given the unique circumstances of 2020.

  37. Would it not be more beneficial to our young lads to have a game in Croke Park , rather than meet the Dubs in the final there , in what would be a new experience for some of them, were we to get that far.

  38. I think the semi finals should be in Croke Park and I’m looking forward to Eoghan McLoughlin Oisin Mullin and even the “veteran” Paddy Durcan tearing up the pitch and Ryan O D and Tommy Conroy and Moran having acres of space to run in. They’ll be like young calves that were housed for the winter mad road

  39. The Semis and final need be in Croke Park, its ridiculous to suggest otherwise. It’s no advantage to Mayo to play elsewhere, in fact it’s a disadvantage. These games need to be played on the best possible surface especially at this time of year. This Mayo team will thrive in Croke Park with the pace in it.

  40. Of all the teams left, probably Cork and Donegal players will have to travel the farthest. Pretty much the same for Mayo players from Belmullet (if they’re residing at home and not elsewhere).

    The morning journey is unfortunate. Its yet another unavoidable disadvantage of covid, and nothing more. But in all honesty, would players rather a crappy neutral venue rather than the few hours drive to the field of dreams?! I’d be utterly shocked if they chose the former. I’m sorry, but I’ve zero sympathy for players who’ve to travel a few hours before a match of a lifetime. Pity about them. Stay at home if you like. Big strong lads. Plenty time for stretching and chilling out in Dublin prior to the match. Traffic won’t be as bad as other years. One advantage of covid.

  41. If they’re using the journey as an excuse (especially this year) then they’re bet before the whistle is even blown. They should be delighted to get the chance to grace Croke Park at all in 2020.

    Who knows, maybe the hotels will be open in December.

  42. Croke Park hasn’t been good to Mayo in finals since 1989.
    It’s more of getting the Dubs out of their home pitch. It all nicely set for the Dubs this year, Meath could possibly be their strongest test this year, let’s wait and see.
    Travelling, when one is driving for 2.5 ir 3 hrs takes it toll.

  43. Cork to win by 12-15 points. I can’t understand how one third of voters give it to Tipp. A silly poll to have

  44. All Ireland semi finals and finals are played in Croke Park. Even with all the advantages the location affords Dublin. I don’t think anyone would want the games played anywhere else!

  45. If Mayo get to the final we should get it moved to Ennis….now that’s a happy hunting ground.

  46. Everyone, me included, gave out for years about being sent to Limerick in 14 v Kerry. What has changed so much since. Play the game in CP where it’s supposed to be played and let the boys do their stuff. It’s what James Horan has been planning for since his return. Why do people think he has chosen such a fast mobile team. I’d be disappointed if we didn’t get a chance to show what we can do , in a big fast pitch .

  47. It’s wishful thinking to be honest Michaelincork.

    Emotions aside Cork will clearly win this – similar to Dublin will obviously hammer Meath but the romantic nature in us often leads us towards giddier predictions on online polls – I saw tipp against limerick and they were woeful

    Come to think of it have they actually really done anything of note in championship bar an ambush on Galway in 2016?

    We played them in 2018 but my longing memory from that day is they were gassed after 50 minutes and have notoriously little strength in reserve

    Considering they limped over the line against limerick it would be hard to see how things have changed much tbh

    Would expect 3 very straightforward football provincial finals this weekend but two extremely tight hurling quarters tomorrow!

  48. I’d love to see the science that says an intercounty athlete is significantly fatigued after a one-off three hour car/bus journey to a match!!!! I’ve heard it all.

    Its a totally different thing if a player has to travel once or twice a week for that distance every week during a training season.

    Yeah, prep might not be as easy as it would be for the Dubs, but teams must factor that in. If anything, its all in the head. If a team is in the zone, a relatively short one-off journey is utterly insignificant.

  49. @michaelincork.
    You would probably have said the same if people had picked cork to beat Kerry. Not many if any gave cork a chance and yet here we are.

  50. Dublin — R O’Hanlon 6; G Hannigan 6, R McDaid (Capt) 7, R Real 8; E Lowndes 6, J Small 7, J McCaffrey 7; P O’Higgins 8, E O’Conghaile 6; C Costello 6, C Kilkenny 9, G Ivory 7; S Fulham 6, P Mannion 7, C Meaney 7. Subs: D Campbell 8 for Meaney (39), D Byrne 7 for Hannigan (inj, 53), N Scully for Fulham (59). The Dublin minor team of 2011, runnersup to…Tipp!

  51. I expect to be back on this blog on Sunday evening saying “I told you so”. And….. I did fancy Cork to put it up to Kerry last week but honestly didn’t expect them to win. There is plenty of football talent in Cork right now but not all the best players are on the team Up Mayo

  52. Focusing on the venue is a fallacy in my humble opinion. If a team is going to win and is maniacally focused on that goal (whether it’s a junior b in moygownagh or a final in croker) the venue probably matters <2%. A big field of grass or a muddy bog shouldn't define a player or a collective mentality. Like wind it's a factor so include it in the plan (or don't). 2% does not equate to a 1 point loss in my view as I've been proud of how we've played in finals whilst losing to a better team (marginally to probably the best team ever imo)

  53. A lot of that Tipp team were underage the year after too Mattied… And we went out and bet them ourselves in the quarter! Although I recall we blew it v Meath in the semi 🙁 we’d a funny team that year, Lavin was the real deal from kiltimagh while diarmuid was in his first year minor. The Durcan twins were on that age group but not surefire starters from what I remember, paddy only really got going with castlebar in 2013

    All the stars in that Dublin team (they won the minor and under 21 the year after by the way so weren’t lamenting that upset too long 😀 ) and mcdaid as the captain completely slipped me by!! Mad that it’s 9 years later he’s now fully getting his chance – good on him and a nice lesson in persistence

  54. It’s nice to be able to sit down tomorrow and relax to watch the football. Playing 5 important games in 5 weeks is mentally very tiring – it must have been hard for players and management as well!!

  55. Yep I think it must be a great relief to come out of that pressure cooker of five games on the bounce , massive games too aside from leitrim where there probably was a bit of comfort in knowing you had a much better team . Break will definitely suit us at this time .

    Tipp made hard work of beating limerick but every game will take on a life of it’s own this year ,In betting terms no near certainties but Dublin well ahead of the rest imo

  56. Whether it’s Mayo, Cork or Tipp who make the final it should be played in Croke Park. But let noone tell me that playing in CP is not a big advantage for the Dubs if they are involved.

  57. Ciaran I remember Paddy standing out on that minor team I remember him playing particularly well against Tipperary

  58. Meath will push the Dubs tonight but will fall away late on, Cork are the dark horses this year and could well go the full way.

  59. They’ll be lucky if they can push them up the hogan steps to collect the cup. It seems at this stage of the championship various teams are hyped up and the talk of the gap closing because we’re all so desperate for a semblance of a championship. I can’t see anyone getting within 6 points of them to be honest.

  60. On second thoughts, poor Meath beaten after 25 minutes, can Mayo or Cork make a battle in the final.

  61. I kind of feel sorry for Dublin fans watching their team them shred a division. 1 Meath team and knowing that there is no Milan or Barcelona or Bayern Munich Gaelic football teams to play against in the champions league after they win in Ireland. Training and busting your ass training to play for Dublin for what? A whale in a goldfish bowl.

  62. I think in years to come people will appreciate just how good this Mayo team were to push Dublin all the way on so many occasions. Theyre a machine.

  63. At least there’ll be no hype now with any of the remaining ‘contenders’. Scary stuff from Dubs.

  64. No is the simple answer to that mayo88

    As ever the media will try and paint the championship as an actual contest but in reality Dublin will win again pulling up

    Probably 10 in a row coming

  65. Guys and Gals, can he all see now why I want to see the Dubs out of Croker on a smaller, muckier pitch.

  66. They’ll butcher Donegal, absolutely butcher them. In a cold, emotionless and measured way.

    One of Cork, Tipp or Mayo will have to hope for a Christmas miracle in the final.

  67. The Dubs are a different class Imagine what they’d do to our midfield and the way they’d push up and pressure our kick outs we’d be lucky to get within 6 points of them

  68. Mayo 88. You sound like a nice guy, and don’t take this as an insult but you don’t have a clue if you think taking Dublin out of croke park will change the result. Dublin played Laois in championship 34 times , none of those 34 games played a game in Laois. You are watching a division 1 Meath team being ripped to pieces by a professional team. That’s the reality of it is that nobody can defend what the gaa have done here. The excitement dub fans had on the morning of a Leinster championship game vs Meath in the 80s or 90s, it’s gone. And that is very sad whatever jersey you wear.

  69. The media really needs to start calling this out for what it is and stop dressing it up every year.

  70. Daragh Moloney ( rte commentator) thinks that Meath should really go for it and try to win the last quarter of the game. Wouldn’t it be great if they could win the last quarter, you know, really score a point or 2 just to show that you are a serious threat in 2021 to Dublin.

  71. This is desperate stuff. A hammering. With this total Dublin dominance in Leinster, its beyond boring. All the money the GAA has pumped into the Dubs – sickening. They are ‘professionals’ playing amateurs. Its not fair. Do croke park even care??

  72. May as well hand the cup to the Dubs.
    Pat Spillane very pro Dublin.

    I hope Donegal win tomorrow.
    At least they might give the Dubs a game.
    Maybe keep the ball kicked out to them.

  73. Pro’s with a ridiculously unfair population advantage and before anyone points out that for decades they’ve had that edge, it’s only in the last 10 years that the GAA have really tapped into that. I said on this blog in 2016 that Dublin would win 8 of the next 10. The GAA are killing the game at intercounty level, but have made so much money on the back of the success of project Dublin that they dont care.

  74. This Dublin team will be around for years to come!!!!!! A bit depressing from a Mayo perspective.

  75. That being said, I really fancy Donegal to go very close with Dublin and could beat them because physically they are a different animal to Meath who were being talked up all week in the media after their 5 goals. Rochford will have a plan for dublin (I still think he should be with Mayo in some capacity; and his fellow club man Moffatt might be able to get him back on board).

  76. You’d feel sorry for Meath. At least at the beginning of every year we can aim to win Connacht and have the bragging rights over Galway and the Rossies. That’s never the case in Leinster.

  77. Donegal will have quite a bit too much for Cavan tomorrow imo…but anyone getting to within 10 points of the Dubs this year will be considered as giving them a game. I hope to be proved wrong of course.

  78. Donegal won’t come within an asses roar of beating Dublin, we’ve never seen the likes , they are 100% unbeatable.

  79. I actually turned it off at half time. Better craic watching paint dry. Theirs no one coming anywhere near them this year, I hoped the 5 in a row would retire a few a them, but not to be. Donegal might get a moral victory, as in come within 5 points. But really and truly they’ll probably be bet out the gate. No point us even thinking about them yet, Cork will be a MASSIVE test for this team. I hope to God we’ll be ready.

  80. While the Dubs have been a professional outfit in all but name for at least 5 or 6 years now, this for me really hit home this evening. Not one flaw in the team which is truly incredible. You could see in the second half that they intentionally took the foot off the gas, and even then Meath struggled to lay a glove on them. Cluxtons save to maintain a clean sheet was the only occasion any of their players broke a half sweat.

    The remaining teams can slobber around with tactics and game plans all they want in attempt to thwart them, but on the evidence of tonight truly no other team has a prayer. Not a hope in hell. Its deeply depressing and disconcerting.

  81. Ridiculous the amount of people on here losing their shit just because Dublin did what they’ve been doing in Leinster for 10+ years. Meath were shite and had no bottle and no game plan. They were a beaten docket from the fifth minute. Hopefully you won’t be giving any team talks anytime soon Sean Burke!

    Donegal will give dublin plenty of bother and could well beat them. They are a very big, physical, athletic side with a savage work ethic and a good goalie with a great kick out. They’ll be delighted Dublin weren’t even made to sweat tonight. And yes they will beat Cavan easily.

    As for us, we have a lot of room for improvement but I expect us to be like savages in the semi final and I expect us to win. And if we do we’ll be well prepared for a final and have a game plan for our opponent (unlike Meath). How dare anyone on here doubt our lads after all the resilience and fight they have shown this past decade. Fuck the Dubs, their run will end. We’re still in it lads. They’re might be no crowds this year but judging by the comments maybe our lads are better off not having some of yee there like the crowd in the last 10 mins of the 2013 final.

  82. Our time has come, Ease up there a biteen, don’t think anyone on this blog has ever questioned the heart or resilience off the Mayo football team over the last decade. Some of us are just realistic, and can view things without the green and red glasses on. Dublin are unbeatable at present (and have bedn the last 5 years). Nobody is getting near them this year.

  83. I never criticised our bucks nor questioned our resilience.

    Personally very content with our progress this year and consider anything else bonus territory . are you telling me gun to your head who wins this years all Ireland you don’t reply with Dublin as your answer ?

    Since 2011 , the guts of ten years Dublin have lost two fookin championship games , seven out of nine all Irelands and 5air to boot , yes Meath were poor tonight but what other team would make them look that poor ? Mannion and Costello coming in off the bench , jesus , I really don’t think some people realise what we have here , its disgustingly magnificent.

  84. You call it realistic MayoDunphy, I call it pessimistic but each to their own, I’d much rather be an optimist myself. As for the Dubs being unbeatable the past 5 years, 2 own goals in 2016 got them over the line so that’s not true. In my opinion part of Leinsters problem is that most counties have given up so that top club players opt out because sure what chance have they of beating the Dubs. I’d hate to see us going the same way feeling sorry for ourselves. Like I said we’re still in it

  85. Dublin are class when they are let play but we have to believe there are a couple of teams out there who won’t let them have it all their own way. I think Donegal will really push them and wouldn’t be surprised if they beat them though Dublin would still be favourites to get to the final. With mayo experience I’d hope they’d also push the dubs to the limit. Remember 13, 16 and 17 finals the dubs were beatable after blowing teams away earlier.. Time enough labelling them unbeatable when the season is over.

  86. We’re just being honest. Most people on here love football, love Mayo football, and have a keen sense of the sport in general. In Dublin we’re seeing something that’s not natural in Gaa, thats indisputable, and right now its hard to see where it will end, if ever. There’s nothing but respect (vast majority of posters at least) for Mayo football on this blog. What we saw this evening, though, concerns all counties. A ‘machine’ is the best way to describe Dublin, cliché and all that this description of them has now become.

    All remaining teams will rightly go out and give it their best shot. But it would take something extraordinary to beat Dublin on this evenings form. Even an extraordinary performance would likely fall short. I think that’s just the way most people feel after this evening. I truly hope we’re all proven wrong of course. They’re a million miles ahead of everyone else.

    The key point is that they have zero flaws. That coupled with their calmness. Meath couldn’t breath with the pressure they put on them. Winning now is all they know. Its easy for them. There’s not even the slightest danger of them losing, not this year anyway.

  87. Did not watch the Dubs much, the lack of competition is boring. Great first goal, I do think that Donegal will rattle them but hard to see the Dubs being beaten.
    Regarding Cork and Tipp, I can see Cork winning comfortably enough, they are a coming team and will be a real test for us in 2 weeks.
    The lack of competitiveness overall will start to impact the audience numbers which is ultimately bad for the gaa, hopefully teams can get to within 5 points or less to give any hope for 2021…

  88. With mannion coming off the bench you’d have to laugh – he’d be absolutely carrying most other forward lines in Ireland (including our own)!!

    That said he’ll start the semi ahead of Small (who is also a phenomenal player)

    Donegal were talked up last year and where did that get them.

    The media will clutch at any straws they can find but if Donegal kept to within 7 points they’d be doing extremely well

    Look away now but I’d expect the margin in the final could be north of 10

    To think people thought Jack McCaffrey would be a loss. Mcdaid has been fantastic

  89. Croke Park is where we want to be, our hurlers are delighted to be playing there tomorrow and Good Luck to them. Can’t wait to see our footballers enjoying the expanse of Croker on hopefully a dry day and if we do reach the Final I hope is against Dublin Wouldn’t be expecting to beat them but it would be interesting to see where we are in the scale of things and a wonderful experience for our younger players.As for the Dubs they are a joy to watch, a lot of them are from poorer areas of the city and are great role models for young people.I don’t subscribe to the idea they were ‘created’ and that money guarantees success They hold down full-time jobs just like other teams, more to do with a group of skillful players,hard work and excellent management but they are not unbeatable,we proved we are equally as good as them but for some awful bad luck could have beaten them Anyway to finish I’m delighted with the job James Horan is doing and proud of the young players he’s introduced and if at the end of a miserable year we up second best team on the island I’ll be a happy man

  90. @mayojoe.
    It wasn’t just awful bad luck that beat us in a couple of those games.
    One sided and biased refereeing had a huge bearing on a couple of our duals with Dublin.
    But sure when your playing at home and suffocated with Gaa funding, isn’t it as well to provide a favourable referee on top of that just in case the home advantage and buckets of gold don’t get you over the line.

  91. As good as the Dubs looked tonight I am always of the opinion that no team is unbeatable, sure what is the point in the next few matches going ahead if those teams are believing that the Dubs cannot be beaten.
    Have a good crack and do ones best.
    We just need that something mad this year, and it’s been a mad year so far.
    I’m going for broke, Donegal to beat the great Dubs by 1 point,
    Mayo to scrape a win v Cork and a repeat of the 2012 final,
    PS, I have had only 2 drinks tonight.
    One has got to believe otherwise what is the point.

  92. Mayojoe.
    The “ winning” is cheapened when daddy is buying it for you instead of you earning it yourself.

  93. Anyone who thinks that pointing of the issues that have developed in terms of the competitiveness of the competition in the last 10 years isn’t supporting your team would really want to take their head out of the ground. The reality of “professional” sports is the best resourced team wins most of the time. A young lad or lady from Dublin isn’t born a better footballer than their counterpart form Meath or Donegal or wherever. But if that player has access to better coaching, facilities etc they have more chance to reach their potential. When a governing body of a sport funds 1 county to a tune to 20 times the rest as well as all the other huge natural advantages well then there’s a massive problem. This isn’t going to get better. Dublin GAA just spent 9 or 10 mil on a patch of ground to develop for a training facility. I’ll always support mayo but I’m not going to ignore the giant blue elephant in the room.

  94. The only team that have put it up to the Dubs over the last 10 years has been Mayo. They were extremely lucky to win a number of All Ireland’s against us and had to use all their advantages including their influence over the media, referring decisions, home advantage, financial advantages etc. to squeeze over the line. Mayo have had the better team and performance in a number of All Ireland’s, we just had too many factors stacked against us and then just bad luck to squeeze over the line. In a number of these finals we were not given a chance a lost after a replay or by a point. Are the Dubs beatable, of course they are. This team does not have the key players they needed to get them over the line in the last couple of years, Jack McCaffrey and Diarmuid Connolly. Also they do not have the key to their success Jim Gavin. I don’t think Mayo are in prime position to dethrone Dublin but I do see them being beaten this year despite all the advantages they enjoy which make for a very distorted playing field when it comes to the Dubs versus everyone else!

  95. @Mayojoe – sorry but the bulk of the Dublin team and wider panel are not from disadvantaged areas. Quite the opposite in fact. There a good few in the panel that were privately educated. From the first 15 this evening you could only arguably say the two Smalls are in that disadvantaged bracket

  96. Roscommon are the second best funded team in the country yet they’re not world beaters and ‘home advantage’ in McHale Park doesn’t do much for us

  97. Thanks First Gen Dub but two from 15 is significant and is Dean Rock not from Ballymun? Surprised to see he’s 31

  98. Look the first half versus Galway in the league match in Tuam…Mayo looked nearly unbeatable as well…An early goal great move superbly finished by Dean Rock on the 8th minute, after that I don’t believe that Meath could summon the nessary conviction to put any worthwhile challenge to the Dubs…Two early Meath attacks easily could have led to goals for Meath the slightest hesitancy and the speed of the retreating Dublin defenders snubbed out both Goal chances, and Meath came away with only one point from two goal chances….Meath had actually scored 12 goals in their two previous championship match’s, and I feel that they were set up to score an early goal or two…Two missed goal chances by Meath, and Dublin take their first in clinical manner..I feel like the rest of the teams in what used to be called the Leinster Championship similarly Meath collectively abandoned all real hope of not even victory, but even avoiding another humiliation .. That’s where the bar is folks, good luck to any and every team who tries to slay the giant.

  99. Where are we going in this class distinction, tis one aspect to GAA I dislike tbh . Our best footballer was a pipe layer.

  100. Meath looked a beaten docket before throw-in even happened, but that aside, until a team figures out how to deal with Brian Fenton, this Dublin team will not be beat. He is the engine of the team. Controls the tempo of everything. One of the best fielders of the ball I’ve ever seen, if not the best. Is instrumental in almost every Dublin move and can score himself when he wants to. Has never lost a championship game since breaking onto the team. There are a lot of great footballers on that Dublin team, but he is an exceptional talent and I’ve yet to see any team come up with a plan for him that has really worked. I really don’t know what any opposition can do about him. We certainly do not have the ingredients in the middle of the park to blunt his influence and I would genuinely fear for our young players if we were to end up playing Dublin down the line.

  101. Justoutsideballagh…
    “the only team that put it up to Dublin in the past 10 years is mayo…”. You seem to have forgotten about donegal who actually thumped them in 2014. As much as we like to tell ourselves it’s a rivalry we haven’t beaten them in league or championship since 2012

  102. This bullshit about “putting it up to the Dubs” makes me sick to my teeth. We didn’t win All Irelands because we simply weren’t good enough, end of. The best team usually always wins. We won 1 game out of 7 over the last 8 years, its obvious we were good, but just not good enough.

    Im absolutely delighted with the Team Horan is building, with the new age profile and the team, and the likes of Jason Doherty and Brendan Harrison to return next season, I beileve we are about to hit our peak of Horan 2.0 in 21/22. We are in absolute bonus territory now, and the young lads are about to gain once in a lifetime experience in semi and possible AI final. We are building again, but are not a patch on the 2016/2017 Mayo team, everthing from now on is bonus stuff.Dublin will humilate whoever they play in the final…fact.

  103. To be fair we are being very disrespectful to Dublin to say their success is all down to money and home advantage it’s not. Money will only get you so far but it won’t buy you skill or strength and conditioning or a tap class kick out all these things have to be worked on and tremendous effort put in. They looked very professional last night and that’s down to serious effort they put in. Mayo are a young team and James has them going in the right direction he knows well what’s required, if it was all down to money we could tap in to the Mayo diaspora and raise loads. The only things that will stop Dublin this year is an outbreak of the coronavirus in the squad but Donegal/(Cavan would be wiped out if they played them) Mayo/Cork will put up a better show than Meath did.

  104. @MayoDunphy.

    We didn’t win All Ireland’s because we simply weren’t good enough ?? Really.

    How about the media hunt against the countries finest footballer at the time. Ex Dubs took it in turn and for weeks blackened Lee in the press. Lee was black carded for what must have been the softest black card since the black card was introduced. Our best player gone. And early in the contest too.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch Dublin were swinging players by the jersey to the ground, foot tripping by hand and even upper cuts going unpunished.

    Of course there was no forensics carried out post match on the shenanigans that occured. Sure how could anyone call in to question this mighty Dublin team.

    They were given lisence to win regardless of what it took to win and they used that lisence too.

    You may say Dublin deserved to win all these games, but even some of the old Dublin stalwart fans coming from a few of these games conceded that Mayo were done out of these contests.

    I recall two Dublin players colliding in front of the Mayo goal approaching half time in one of these matches and Dublin were under severe pressure. Dublin were awarded a free in. A gimmee for two of their own players colliding.

    Play as well as you might, when you see the decisions that are been awarded it dawn’s. No matter how well you play you are not going to be given a chance to win.

    Some of these matches and the unfairness of the refereeing have had to be demoralising for what was for a few years anyway, the best team in the country.

  105. I think the crowdless Croke Park suits the Dubs. The lack of emotion is right up their ally now. They’re silent killers. There are far less variables this year to knock them off their stride and they’ll perform to a very high standard in the semis and final, make no mistake about it.

    We were devastatingly unlucky not to beat them at least once over the past 7 years. I’ll be eternally proud of our team for the way they performed and there’s no doubt Dublin were given the rub of the green. Absolutely no doubt.

    We’ve no right to even dream about beating them this year as we’ve Cork or Tipp to overcome. The scary thing is Dublin have taken it to yet another level again. Are we any better now than we were a few years ago, when the likes of Lee, Aido, Boyler, Andy, Cillian were at their very best? I don’t think we are. Are Cork or Donegal? No they are not, in my view. So I cannot logically see how Dublin can be dethroned this year, but I’m all ears!

    All the remaining teams have flaws, unlike the Dubs, and they’ll ruthlessly exploit this over 70+ minutes. I could just about forsee a team playing out of their skins and living with them for the first half, like us in the semis last year, but they’ll go on to brutalise any upstarts in the second half.

  106. Guys, in Dublin the players usually play for the club that their parents played for even though they don’t live in the area. No real defined Gaa club boundaries in Dublin.
    The Smalls don’t live in Ballymun but on a very plush Avenue in Dublin.
    I think Mayo are at a better place now in 2016 and 2017, the new lads brought in are great, are they ready to carry the ball up the pitch in Croker, without getting clattered fairly or otherwise by the Dubs, I mean Mullin at corner back, Mc Laughlin at wing back and the speed train himself, ie Durcan.
    It cannot be all doom and gloom.
    After the Donegal v Dubs semi final, we will know much more as to where the Dubs are really at. I would like to see the head to head of the Dubs v Donegal since 2011.
    Meath didn’t get the start they wanted last night, had a few goal chances and fluffed them all, to compete against the Dubs you need to be well ahead from the start.

  107. Ultimately great teams make their own luck, while we have been very good, in many cases poor decision making or execution let us down in the big games.

    This Dublin team is phenomenal in the way that they maintain the highest of standards and are so well prepared for most eventualities. There are a few key players though, Cluxton, Fenton and Kilkenny who drive the standards, get at these and teams have a chance but as we know that is easier said than done.

  108. What is the context of bringing up what area of Dublin or class background their players have ? If it’s some sort of snobbery thing , you’d need to know a little more about the humble upbringing of a lot of mayo players past & present .

    Anyway back to the football , Dublin were extremely good last night ,tackling was ferocious , kickouts sublime, catching , kicking , energy and ruthless till the final whistle . I fear this year could be a very one sided final , everything about them is like a machine . Even their poignant gesture for bloody sunday at the end , classy stuff . I do worry for the county game though in general because of Dublins dominance , if it ends like all natural cycles and a team to go through a transition period ,great, then it’s just a Kerry like era, kilkenny etc but this has a different feel to it , really hope I’m wrong cause I love the county game .

  109. You know I didn’t see Dublin being any better than previous years. Their dominances and tally is inline with previous Leinster finals. Tactical it’s more or less the same. All it proves is that they’ve managed to look after themselves. Assuming no shocks Donegal will give them one hell of test!!! I see Dublin are there for the taking. Without the crowd will they get the rub of the green they sometimes do?? Would Costello be sent off of Hill we’re in full voice? Officials may grow a set of ***** 🙂 I’m being emotive but I do honestly think the crowds being away will make the game more like being played at neutral venue.

  110. Noticed yesterday that Dublin have now become like Tyrone were a few years ago, when the opposition have the ball they are immediately surrounded by about three Dublin players and are unable to play the ball, at present they look unbeatable.

  111. Observation of the Dubs.
    I was at the Cork v Dubs game in Croker last year, similar pattern to Mayo v Dubs in semi final last year and also a bit similar in first 20 minutes v Meath last night.
    The Dubs sit back early on, invite the opposition onto them but if the opposition dont score enough in this period they are in trouble, they make the opposition work very hard while they are warming up, this leads the opposition into a false sense where they push forward and Cluxton spots unmarked players on the field, similar to the first Dublin goal last night, a kickout straight to a totally unmarked Callaghan, a few passes and a goal, Meath were clueless last night, a shadow of the team I saw in Navan in early February.
    I would love to see how the Dubs would react if 6 points down after 20 minutes.

  112. Looking forward to the couple of matches today.

    If Sean Powter is in fact out today and doesn’t make a lazarus-like appearance like we often see in Gaa he’ll be a huge loss to Cork. He was awesome against Kerry and seems a real leader.

    Tipp I hear have Colin O’Riordan available. I know nothing about him but read that he’s back from 5 years playing ozzie rules so he’s a potential weapon for them.

    I’ll still give the nod to Cork. Fascinating to see more of Cork today and if they up it again from their semi performance. I suspect they will and are a team with lots more in the tank and will continue to improve.

  113. I love watching Dublin in full flight though not against mayo but no team is unbeatable. There never has been and never will be an unbeatable team in gaa. Someone posted earlier our near misses well I’ll add to that by mentioning Bastic picking ball off the ground at the end in 16 final should have been a free in to win the game and also Dublin total collapse in last 10 minutes of the 15 draw semi they were stunned and but for Andy not making another pass to cillian we would have taken that game (small dived and tapped andys effort against the post). My point is they were beatable on those days plus 16 final 2 own goals saved them

  114. Dublin did look amazing yesterday, but they always do in provincal finals. Amazing achievements in their recent history but for a team that’s an unstoppable juggernaut there have been a lot of replies and one point wins to get them over the line. I wouldn’t have the tactical insight that others on here have, but it looked like Meath put a lot of pressure onto themselves by dropping so many back. If Dublin are allowed to play their own game they are near perfect, but they can be taken away from their game. Donegal are going to provide far more challenge and intensity than Meath, and it seems pretty clear that Horan’s vision for Mayo of pressure and intensity right through the pitch is designed to challenge the like of Dublin.

  115. Dublin have one of the best teams to ever to have played the game but this is knock out championship they have ran through lenster without a glove laid on them there’s a lot of short fuses in that team make know mistake donegal will light a few them and could beat them if not hopefully they’ll be softened up for the final if we get through keep the faith ?

  116. Reading through the comments above and looks like it will take a Christmas miracle to stop.the Dubs ..
    Still think Donegal will give them a rattle..They will not be wanting when it comes to tackling and turnovers..Will it be enough??Probably not , but I’ve seen so much crap that beggars belief this year that nothing surprises me anymore.
    To give them their due the hunger and intensity levels of the Dublin team are exceptional..

  117. If I was to clutch at straws, its that Meath were utterly void of all belief from the start. That’s no shame, especially given they’ve to face them in Leinster most years. But their challenge was so limp. The problem for me is that even if a team brings fire, they simply won’t be able to sustain it for 80 minutes.

    People wonder how Dubs would react ot they went 6 points down. I’d still fancy them to come back from 15 down!! Seriously.

  118. A few points. Kerry were unbeatable in Munster. Dublin don’t do that… they impose their game on everyone and so far so good for them. We almost blew the top off that but not yet.
    If Dublin GAA is such a huge juggernaut why aren’t their hurlers winning year after year?
    Their first big fallacy, the football team, is that they are unbeatable. Bit like the All-Blacks in rugby. Any team can be beaten and we gotta believe that. Tiocfaidh lá Mhuigh To.

  119. Enough of the “Dubs are professional” shtick lads, they all have day jobs. That said, they have a lot of natural advantages that no other county has, and are facilitated to an obscene degree by HQ. However, I have yet to see an outfit in team sport that is unbeatable and the Dubs are no different. Each great side will fall eventually because we are all human.

    That said, we need to do away with this farce that is the Leinster Championship, because it’s doing nobody any good. Stick the Dubs in the other provincial championships on a rotating basis and allow their fans a chance to see civilization for once 😉

  120. If Costello did verbally abuse the linesman I hope Dublin do the decent thing and don’t appeal the red. Let him take his punishment. If its true, its a real nasty act, especially given he was disputing something as silly as a sideline call in a non-dangerous area of the field, and in light of the Dubs winning margin.

    I suspect Dublin won’t in fact appeal it. They won’t want that type of controversy, as image and a perception of integrity is massive for them.

  121. People need to stop losing their shit over Dublin last night, nothing happened that hasn’t been happening for the past 10 years. The only thing Dublin proved last night was that they can do without McCaffrey and Connolly.
    Dublin are the best team out their and are rightly hot favourites but no team is unbeatable, every team has weaknesses, it’s just that there are very few teams able to expose them, Mayo have been one of those teams.
    Sean Burke, you are correct, this isn’t a natural cycle of a GAA team, how many players on the Dublin team ladt night played in the 2011 or 2013 final, very few. We are probably seeing a third Dublin team dominating football at this stage. Dublin will be dominating from years to come, that doesn’t mean they will win every year, they will be beaten but not very often.
    Mo-direach, you are incorrect on your Dublin Hurling reference, look at where Dublin Hurling was when the Croke Park began the financial doping of Dublin GAA, they were absolutely no where at that time. Dublin hurling have made huge gains since then. The Hurlers have gone from no hopers to Leinster & league winners and AI semi finalists in a very short period of time. The same can be said for the Ladies footballers, gone from no where to All Ireland champions. Dublin GAA is a juggernaut at all levels it’s just that some codes where starting from a lower base so have gone unnoticed by some.

  122. Very well said Mayomad, this is what I was saying last night and I agree with your point re hurling etc

  123. I am livid with all this negativity .MAYO should have won in 2013, 2016, and 2017 but found new ways to lose each time which are well documented.we will win it this year.james horan is a very experienced manager now and has ciaran mcdonald by his side.i am totally convinced 2020 is MAYO’S year.i would not be one bit surprised if donegal beat dublin in the semi-final and set up a repeat of the 2012 final.

  124. There is some amount of moaning online and in print today about the Dubs, financial doping, unfair etc etc.

    Now I’m no Lieutenant Columbo but a lot of its seems to be coming from the Kerry direction, now hmmmm, why would they have an issue with this, maybe because they are out, Dublin did the 5 in a row which they couldn’t do, Dublin are closing in on their record, Stephen Cluxton is likely to overtake Spillane, Ogie Moran, Paidis record of 8 medals.

    Where is the outcry about the lopsided Munster Championship, where was the outcry when they won 7 out of 8 in the 80’s. The more whinging I hear the more I might even shout for the Dubs!!!

  125. The secret to Dublin’s success, besides having great players, is their willingness to work incredibly hard for 70+ minutes. I watched them last night and I was amazed yet again at their willingness to run and run in order to create space when they are attacking and to pressure the player in possession when they are defending. They are incredibly fit.
    The only way to beat them is to more than match them at this facet of the game. Easier said than done. But the team who is willing to make the necessary sacrifices has a chance. A tall order!

  126. Agree with mayodunphy, some of the victim complex and paranoia from mayo fans is maddening at times, lads still talking about the Lee keegan media campaign seem to conveniently overlook the fact that it was a black card tackle (hennelly was the cause of it, not the media). The best Team is always the one holding Sam over their head. End of.

    On last night, I will say this. My overriding view watching it was anger at meath, for such a limp pathetic defeatist performance. No attempt whatsoever to make life difficult for dubs nobody Jersey tight, missing handy frees, double hopping ball, zero intensity In tackle.
    I’ll say this for us, no mayo team, even one in transition would ever show such gutlessness or meekness as that meath team last night. At the very least 50/50 ball will b fought hard for.
    Donegal will be relishing playing Dublin too, aim high.

  127. Having a long range free taker is such a huge advantage. You could be completely out of the game but be kept in touch by dead balls outside the scoring zones as teams are far more likely to foul in this area.

  128. Supermac & Mayo Dunphy I have to agree. We were absolutely brilliant in those years, but we just weren’t quite good enough to win the all Ireland. In another era we would have been, but Dublin were a different animal..

    The OGs were unfortunate in 2016, but they were caused by poor defending (the 1st OG for example came from the second time Fenton ghosted in behind our defence unmarked & only for Clarke making great saves, Fenton would have had 2 goals). As for the replay, well I think our change of goalie was the big one. Jonny Cooper got a ridiculous black card that day too, people seem to forget that. Lee’s was probably harsh, but caused by a poor kickout.

    2017, Vaughan’s deserved red card was the losing of that one.

  129. Basticks pick off the ground late in the drawn 2016 game which wasn’t given. Keegan was denied a stone wall penalty very late on in the 17 final. As a previous poster said Dublin got a ridiculous free (which they pointed) just before half time in the same final when 2 Dublin players ran into eachother. Dublin do get the rub of the green from referees whether or not some people like to admit it. It’s an advantage which is hard to comprehend given everything else the Dubs have going for them and one which is slowly ruining the GAA. A new winner is badly needed soon before players all over start to lose interest

  130. I called that win for Tipp early in the week and nobody gave them a hope. Expecting MichaelinCork to come on this blog after the game as he promised he would and eat a big slice of humble pie

  131. Well Michaelincork that’s why 31 percent of us voted for Tip it wasn’t such a silly poll after all

  132. Haha very happy to be completely proven wrong!

    How toothless were Cork?

    I’d doubt Tipp will have enough for us, but they have two of the best forwards in Ireland so anything is possible

  133. Fair dues to Tipp, they have some fine players and have nothing to lose in the semi final, but Cork were very poor. I think that they started with the wrong attitude and did not have the leaders to turn the game around.
    Great for Tipp, they had a longer famine than us so who knows what will happen…

  134. Hello !

    Come in michaelincork.

    This is the sea search and rescue.

    Just joking you. Come back on here. We won’t make fun.

    Brilliant brilliant win for Tipp. Has really made my weekend. Above any year to win it.

    Michaelincork. Come in.

  135. Congrats Tipperary. Better footballers than Cork and too many people read into Corks smash and grab win over a Kerry team that thought they were already in the All Ireland final.

  136. Wow. Brilliant scenes there. Delighted for tipp. Knew Cork weren’t all that

    The immediate question for me is will Colin o riordan be around for a semi? Him and Liam Casey lorded it in midfield

  137. Tipp. Wow. Didnt expect them to win. They are seriously athletic. I knew they were decent but they have the potential to hurt us because their key strengths coincide against our weaker areas. Their middle third are much bigger and a tall rangy full forward.

    Hmmm…I hope Mayo are tuned in. That semi final a few years ago was very uncomfortable and didnt they lose their best defender early on?

    This will be Horan’s first go against Tippersry too.

  138. Have to hand it to the dubs they are a phenomenal team. We can argue all we want about this advantage and that advantage but that is to take nothing away from how good they were and still obviously are on the field. Unbeatable tho?, my idea of a team being unbeatable is a team that is vastly superior to it’s nearest rivals. Is that how people on here feel having witnessed our finals against them? Dublin could have lost any of those games, granted they didn’t and to the victor goes the spoils but considering all were one point wins and one after a replay, to state they were unbeatable is just plain nonsense.

    I don’t think a lot can be read into from the Meath game, Meath offered nothing and were duly dispatched. As one poster here noted, Was it that different to any other recent year in Leinster? Do I think Dublin will win the All Ireland? Yes I do. Do I think they are unbeatable? No I don’t. There have been far bigger upsets in the history of sport than Dublin not winning an A I.

  139. Oh my God. What a day for Tipp, and all the history thats with it! Massive congrats to them. WOW.

  140. Watching C O Riordan coming back from Aussie rules,it is a shame that we can’t get C Hanley up to speed,we could do with his speed and power around the middle of the field

  141. I was one of the 31%. Weird voodoo stuff happens in our game, and Tipp were obviously going to be seriously psyched for this one. 1920 semis Mayo v Tipperary, Dublin v Cavan. What price the Breifne now???

    Obviously delighted for Tipp, but from our perspective I would have preferred Cork in every way. As it is Tipp will be playing us with Michael Hogan wearing number 16, and a serious professional athlete in midfield. I reckon we’ll still do it, but it’s a tougher ask than 2016.

  142. Tipp will be no pushovers in the semi-final. In particular I was impressed with their pace and use of the forward mark (something we have made very limited use of with Aidan so far).

    If we’re not tuned in from the beginning, this could be a desperate struggle.

  143. Thought Tipps fitness or lack of showed towards the end. Confident we’ll have too much for them with our extra week of recovery and them likely on the beer for a couple of days

  144. Well done to Tipp. The score line flattered cork, they were 6 points better than them. Tipp played some lovely football especially in the first half. There was a mile of space in front of their full forward line and cork defenders stood off. Still tho, a fantastic goalkeeper, solid midfield and a couple of very good forwards. Cork were atrocious. All the talk of them being back was very premature, they looked like a division 3 side today.

  145. Cork were appaling, I thought they were a lot better than that, albeit injuries played a part. Kerry will be kicking themselves.

    Huge congrats to Tipp on a historic day. Their forwards will need watching. You’d imagine we’ll have too much for this but in this year who knows.

  146. Well I certainly called that one wrong!
    Brilliant for Tipp, well deserved. Great to see those scenes there after the game.
    Cork were beyond brutal. What a spineless performance.

    Tipp will be tough beat in the semi, depends if the limit of their ambition was to win the Munster title. Just like it seemed the limit of Cork’s ambition was just to beat Kerry.

  147. Cavan sowing it into donegal here. They have pattons kickouts sussed out completely. Ref has shafted them with the black card

  148. Have to say it’s spooky how as it stands we could still have a Dublin/ Cavan and Mayo/ Tipp semi..

  149. Some day of football, two great performances by the winners. Lovely to see the celebrations. 3 of the 4 provincial finals have delivered some drama

  150. It looks like we will need an amalgamation of the three teams left to bother the Dubs,well said Sean Burke,Donegal won’t come within a mile of Dublin,we might sneak through to the final but I can’t see us been competitive

  151. Mayojoe – Dean Rock attended private school at Belvedere College. Most of the Dublin team like Kilkenny, Mannion, o’Callaghan, Cian O’Sullivan, Fenton, etc are from well off backgrounds. Dublin GAA is as middle class as it gets.
    Also – no idea where you are getting the theory that Roscommon are the second best funded team in Ireland? You are having a laugh, right?!
    Read Kevin mc stays book – at one stage he was using his own money to fund the training sessions while Ros manager!

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