Poll: would you go to a GAA match this year?

With the country starting to open up and people once again beginning to move around more freely as the Covid-19 restrictions are slowly unwound, the notion of being able to see some live sporting action no longer appears all that fanciful.

If things continue on as schedule, then within the GAA there should be club matches played in August and September, with inter-county games mooted to start in mid-October. Before too long, by the looks of it, there’ll be the opportunity to get out and watch a game.

For most of us, the return to live action in the GAA is a hugely welcome development, heralding as it does the return to something approaching normality. Despite the first wave of the coronavirus having been quelled by the work and travel restrictions, however, concerns remain about a second spike in infections and all that this would entail.

With the restrictions coming off, it’ll be up to all of us to make our own decisions about how much we go out and with whom we come into contact. In this regard, some will be itching to see a match at the first possible opportunity but, for others, the notion of going into an environment where a large number of other people are congregated is one they can’t yet contemplate.

I thought – partly in light of GAA President John Horan’s comments the other evening about the size of crowds that might be allowed into Croke Park for matches later this year – that this would be an interesting question on which to test the temperature. So here goes.

The matches I’m including in this question are adult games of all kinds, both local club ones as well as inter-county fixtures. Let’s discount juvenile matches because, as parents, many of us will end up at these in any event in our various roles as drivers, supporters, mentors etc. So let’s concentrate on club and county adult fixtures and get your opinion on this question:

Would you attend a GAA match this year?

  • Yes (69%, 744 Votes)
  • No (31%, 333 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,077

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17 thoughts on “Poll: would you go to a GAA match this year?

  1. No problem at all going to club games with the kids. Can’t wait for these. Don’t think I would fancy croker or McHale park on busy match days where you might have 50+ percent occupancy.

  2. Things are changing so rapidly.Two weeks ago the results of this poll would have been very different.
    Things are opening up at a very quick pace,I’d like to believe at a safe pace too as Ireland has been so conservative (and rightly so) over the course of this.
    At this point in time id happily attend club or inter county when it is scheduled to return.

  3. Personally I’d have no problem attending. Nobody from my house is in an at risk group.

    Others would be in a different situation I’m sure.

  4. If Mayo should play Croke park, mchale or fuckin Mandalay I’ll be there .

  5. Delighted club action going ahead but not so much county. Because you just know the stunt the footballing gods will play on us. It’d be the year we win the blinking thing, in a half – empty (at least) Croke Park, on a cold, wet, miserable November/December day. With rivals saying, “but sure, its not really a proper All Ireland is it” ?
    Oh, and quaranted, them glitter tape machine thingys, that go off, when Sam is lifted, will either be out of order, or ruled a breach of health and safety.

    Mayo4sam 2021 !

  6. Sean you seem confident of getting tickets for the games. If capacity is 20000 and sponsors etc have to get allocation then I don’t think any supporter would be guaranteed tickets. You may have to watch on tv.

  7. Not only will I attend, I will put on my mask and get on a plane and fly across the Atlantic to do so. I will bring my brother — maybe a daughter too — and we will spend time and money in Mayo reviving the tourism industry. See you in October!

  8. Can’t wait to see a bit of blood and guts, and whatever your having yourself, up the field and face the ball. At this stage, I would do linesman, umpire, water boy, referee, 4th official, programme seller, anyone for last few chockices? I would do them all at the same time if I could just be at a game. Where is the nearest psychiatrist, all I want is a bit of sport.

  9. Ill be attending any and all games i can to make up for lost time…

    For what its worth i think the GAA as a whole handled themsleves brilliantly throughout the covid crisis,
    Made me proud as a gael to see the GAA stadiums throw their doors open for testing as early as March, seems to be a favourite national pastime whinging about ‘the gah’, indeed i see there are still people pissing and moaning about the return to pplay plan, i was a proud gael the last few months – my club every club around me doing help the elderly campaigns or charity events was great to see too

  10. The Gaa haven’t made a final decision on the league yet but they are considering re starting the league on October 17. So I’d say if there is an all Ireland championship it will run well into the new year. Not a great time for parents bringing kids all over the country to matches and trying to save for Christmas etc. I know there is a demand for matches and people would like to get out and see a game but I think they would wait until the new year. Obviously if there is a Dreaded second wave they’ll be no football

  11. Pat Spillane has announced his All Star selection for 2020, based on the League I presume. There are two Mayo players on it – Padraic O’Hora and Oisín Mullin. He says Padraic O’Hora is the new Johnny Cooper!

  12. Just spotted Fr Charlie Mc Donnell with his Mayo face mask on Facebook..Looks great tbf..Could be a serious money spinner this year!!

  13. The mayo club fixtures are out. The football leagues to begin 31st July. Championships to run with the usual format from the following weekend. Finals on the weekend of 19th/20th September, 4 weeks before intercounty resumes. Hopefully crowds are allowed attend!

  14. Absolutely would go and looking forward to it. Let’s be honest we are more likely to catch this virus in a supermarket than outside in the open air watching a GAA game.

  15. Keep an eye on Countries like Germany, Austria, Denmark countries who are ahead of us in reopening all types of activity… Check out the Infection and death rates from Covid 19..in those Countries, if they don’t open their Sports Stadia to the public, at smaller numbers, it’s pointless thinking that we will be able to do it in Ireland either…Bear in mind that Supporter’s must come through the same turn styles,use the same toilets and so on. The tickets could be contactless without too much activity… Families or people living together might be OK sitting together, other’s wouldn’t as things are at the moment.. How could it be policed or enforced?…Hughly challenging, personally I can’t see it been feasable if it’s not safe to sit down beside the next person, how it can be safe to be sitting one seat apart?… New Zealand who haven’t had a confirmed case of a new infection in over two weeks, it’s a very different story… Mind you the entire Cabinet in New Zealand took a 15% pay cut months ago to help pay for the cost of the Covid Crisis, (I think they should get a bonus) so not much point in comparing to Ireland…If anyone wants to take a look at the post’s on this Blog around early March, some were very determined to attend the scheduled Galway/Mayo league Match, how wrong they were…. The Science around the Virus and how well we do in Ireland to eliminate it will determine everything, …No point in anyone being too Gung Ho… Hopefully it might be possible!


  16. Regina.. the face masks are fantastic, Fr Charlie’s one is courtesy of a Tuam man who is producing them ..

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