Portwest event in New York on Saturday

Right, I’m nearly there with the packing for New York and I’ll be good to go in the morning.

There’s plenty happening from a Mayo perspective in the city that never sleeps over the next few days and Portwest have asked me to flag their event in Times Square, which I’m happy to do.

The plan is for there to be a large Mayo supporters’ gathering and group photo in Times Square at 6pm on Saturday. Fans will also have an opportunity to get their hands on free Mayo match merchandising beforehand, courtesy of Portwest, at Connolly’s Pub on Times Square (45th Street) from 2pm to 5.30pm.

There will, one assumes, be a pint or two to be had in Connolly’s afterwards once the gathering is done. And why not? We’ll be in New York, after all.

One thought on “Portwest event in New York on Saturday

  1. Enjoy the few days WJ. Done it three times and it’s always been a brilliant experience. Really enjoyed it.

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