Pre-final beers at Bowe’s

A few people have been asking me about it so I may as well confirm that yet another pre-match gathering is being planned for Bowe’s pub in Fleet Street this night week ahead of the All-Ireland final.

I doubt we’ll ever top 2013 when, the night before the final, Bowe’s was absolutely jammers all evening. There was a small enough crowd in the night prior to the drawn semi-final this year but on the eve of a final town is usually humming so no doubt a few will make it to Fleet Street.

I’m not sure at what stage I’ll get there myself on the night – and when I do I want to keep the alcohol intake down to the very minimum – but I’ll pop in at some point. It is a tradition, after all, at this stage.

There’s another event on the same night, by the way, which might also be of interest to some of you. Cairde Mhaigheo and the Mayo Association Dublin are hosting a pre-match fundraiser that night at the Harcourt Hotel, at which ten tickets for the final will be raffled. Full details here.

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  1. Does anyone know if the county board release details on how the 16500 tickets are distributed. I think it would releave a lot of tension romours and accusations. What sort of numbers are clubs getting. My own club is a senior club and got approx 120 tickets according to club officials. If you take that as an avereage based on that, even up it a bit to 140 per club, taking 50 clubs thats only 7000 tickets. I was told season tickets account for around 5000. Thats about 12000 estimate. So how is the balance of 4000 odd accounted for. So you can see why people get frustrated. Im an basing these figures on info I have being given from “people in the know”. So I am totally open to correction.

  2. If your club is senior, then I’m afraid you can even that number out a good bit lower. Intermediate clubs and Junior clubs usually get less than senior clubs. This year there’s no confirmation from anywhere where the tickets have gone.

  3. 45 tickets on the lotto draw .

    18 in the new york draw.

    Midwest draw had 4 I think .

    Dublin association have 10 in their draw.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. Stfu already telling me about fundraising needs, this is beyond excessive this year . The ticket distribution for finals is farcical . Its so upsetting and I mean that genuinely . Yes I understand its nauseating listening to the ive been to all the games stories and tbh its mostly lies people are telling anyway , cause I dont remember seeing these people years ago at all at games “where were you when we were shit ” comes to mind.

    Ive accepted my fate this year but really thought there would be a big screen in mchale park , the one in the mall has been cancelled . So come on mayo cb just throw up a big screen at least.

  4. @ Casual Observer

    According to the Mayo News last week

    “Mayo GAA administrator Michael Cummins told clubs by email that the Board are ‘working off the same figures for initial allocations’ as clubs received in 2016, which amounted to 108 for senior clubs, 88 for intermediate and 68 for junior.”

    Then they often drip feed more down in this last week before the final as fundraising.

  5. Dublin Dressing Room – Half Time

    Gavin massages his forehead with his hand.

    Paddy Andrews sits on the bench in the corner. He’s got Con O’Callaghan on his knee. He’s rocking him back and forth.
    “W.T.F. is goin on there Gavin roars” ?
    “Are you crying O’Callaghan” ?
    “Ye ye ye ye yes Jim”, O’Callaghan sobs.
    “And W.T.F. are you crying about” ?
    “Th th th th the Mayo lads hit me with their shoulders. It was very sore and they took the ball off me”.
    “Its a football match you overgrown baby, they are supposed to hit you with their shoulders”.
    “ye ye ye ye yea, well how come in all the other matches nobody hit me with their shoulders”.
    “Oh shut up you overgrown child” Gavin roars.

    “Whats that on your mouth McMahon”.
    No reply.
    “I said whats that on your mouth” ?
    “Its mustard Sir” Brogan informs his manager.
    “What were you eating McMahon” ?
    “I had a ham sandwich Jim”
    “How many” ?
    “I said how many” ?
    “Jesus Christ” Gavin bellows, “half time in an All Ireland final and McMahon has eaten eleven ham sandwiches”.
    “You donkey Mcmahon”.

    “Where is Mcauley” ?
    “Yes Brogan”.
    “He’s in the bathroom Sir”.
    “Doing what” ?
    “He’s putting Gel in his hair Sir”.

    “Has anyone seen Kilkenny” ?
    “Yes Brogan”.
    “Well Sir, he cannot see too well without his glasses. He didn’t see the teams leaving the pitch at half time. He’s still running over and back across the pitch soloing the ball Sir. I think he’s waiting for a runner to hand pass the ball to”.

    Just then the referee pokes his head in the door.

    “McQuillan” Gavin screams.
    “Yes Jim”.
    “Your not doing your job McQuillan”.
    “I’ve given yea all the decisions Jim”. “I even used the coin with the 2 heads on it for the toss”.
    “Well how are we 12 points behind McQuillan”.
    “I don’t know Jim”. “The Mayo team look like they mean business Jim”.
    “I got you this job McQuillan, I’m sorry now I did”. “I guarantee you, you’ll never referee another All Ireland Final.
    Now get out you fool”.

    “Jim” ?
    “Whats wrong with you now O’Callaghan” ?
    “I don’t want to go back out on the pitch”.
    “Oh F.F.S.

    Gavin phones upstairs.

    “Whelan” ?
    “Yes Jim”
    “I want you to say there was a vomiting bug in the team hotel last night”.
    “No problem Jim”.
    “Jim” ?
    “Yes Whelan”
    “Brolly is jumping around the studio, rubbing his hands and laughing. He’s loving this”.
    “Oh f**k Brolly”
    Gavin slams down the phone.

    “Yes Brogan”
    “Kilkenny is after running in to the wire on the far side of the pitch. The medics are trying to remove him from the fencing now”.
    “That f*****g bat”.

    “F**k you Gavin”.
    “Who said that” ?
    “Yes Brogan”
    “it was O’Gara Sir”
    “O’Gara, what did you just say” ?
    “I said f**k you Jim, you never start me”.
    “O’Gara, you can wait here in the dressing room with O’Callaghan for the second half”.

    McMahon stands to his feet, rubs his swollen belly, lets out a massive burp and say’s “I’m ready for the 2nd half”.
    Gavin doesn’t say anything, there is no point in it now.

    The Dublin team waddle back out towards the pitch. Gavin notices McMahons shorts have ripped down the back. They meet the stretcher carrying Kilkeeny in the tunnel. The imprint of the fencing has cut in to his flesh. He reminds McMahon of a Belgian waffle. McMahon rubs his belly and mutters that he is feeling a bit hungry.
    “Oh shut your dosey hole” Gavin roars. Your a lard ass”.

    “Yes Brogan”
    “I don’t think you’ll get the Lord Mayor of Dublin job now Sir after this fiasco”.
    Gavin slumps on the bench, buries his face in his hands and thinks,
    Well f**k this Mayo team.
    They have completely destroyed my life.

  6. Martoi

    Obviously you missed the ” Big 3″ talk in the media this summer. Yeah, Dublin, Tyrone and kerry are the Blessed Trinity of Football.
    Then aos goes and shuts down the direct kerry goal threat, and kerry were all of a sudden,” not a great team” according to the experts. maybe dublin/aig will be deemed to have “not performed” again next Sunday! I don’t need an expert like Brolly or o rourke or o se to tell me what I’m looking at and what Mayo are capable of. I take what they say with a grain of salt, Brolly is all over the place, he doesn’t know what to say next to get a reaction, football wise my cat knows more about the game but at least she kills the odd mouse.

  7. Not one word about Mayo is exactly what we want.

    From the 18th September onwards we will be reading about Cillains speech delivered from the steps of the Hogan. A speech delivered to a delirious mass of people who trampled over stewards and a blue mesh fence and marched onto the famous Crow Park grass. The speech will be talked about for years to come. It will be learned off by heart and become compulsory education on the school curriculum from the following September in every school in Mayo.

    For the next 7 days the only thing we want to read about is a Dublin v Kerry traditional final that we were robbed of by a freak result (okay 2 freak results on 20th and 26th August) and how the 3 in a row was won long before a ball was kicked in September.

  8. Not a word in the Indo today about MAYO, it’s all about the two best Gaelic football teams EVER! That’s the great Kerry team of the 70+80s. Versus The great present Dublin team. That’s a real load of Bull Sh**e but it’s ideal for MAYO, just slip in under the radar, do the Business, collect SAM. & head West.

  9. There’s a four act play in that Revellino. You’ll be famous for it. Especially with the exquisite final act ending with Cillian lifting Sam. It would run for years in one of the big Dublin theatres not to mention Broadway, London, Sydney etc.

  10. That’s so funny revellino – if only it could be true!!! As for the SIndo coverage I wouldn’t let it bother me. I do see what Dermot Crowe is doing – trying to subtly motivate Dublin by telling them that they aren’t as great as the 80s Kerry team. It won’t matter come full time because we will be champions.

  11. Revellino, that Kilkenny bit is quality, theirs even a Dub here beside me laughing!!!. Brilliant.

    Ah lads this build up is perfect, the Sindo above anyone doing us favours now. This is f***ing on big time, they won’t know what hits them.

  12. I was away fri &SAT so catching up now.Podcast was very good. REVELLINO ,you have great was very
    humourous. my season tickets for son and me are in 307. I think SOME people are losing focus by complaining about their seats in the does not matter where in croke park you are sitting. YOU ARE THERE TO ROAR AND CHEER ON THE TEAM FROM THE FIRST MINUTE UNTIL THE FINAL matter where you are sitting mayo supporters will be around you cheering the team on.I think anybody not happy with tickets should give their tickets to other mayo people who will have positive energy and will be delighted to roar the team on.I urge all mayo supporters to keep searching for tickets to secure as many as possible.WEneed croke park to be a sea of red and green.ONLY 7 more days to wait, we are nearly there.

  13. They don’t, James – from memory, that option was available only for the 2012 and 2013 finals. Numbers involved precluded continuing it, as far as I know.

  14. Lovely Revellino, but I want the view in the Mayo room when they are 6 points up at half time or the tactics when they are up that amount ten minutes into the second half

  15. The biggest tactical decisions will revolve around how to play AOS and more important how to counter Dublins tactics to neutralize him. If Rochy gets it right we will win.

  16. I hope SR moves in time with subs the next day. If Diarmuid was not injured in the replay- at what stage would CL have come on? He certainly would not have been on at half time and would not have been on to set up that goal so early in the second half.

  17. Agree ch-icago, personally I think he has to stay in a forward role, prefferably ff. His presence will keep McMahon and O’Sullivan back there. Andy and Cillian have to stay either side of him, in 2015 he won loads of ball in, just had no option to give the ball to. If Aido runs left, kick it right to Andy/Cillian, keep them moving.

    Also, if we put in decent diagonal high ball from the wings, and Aidan is running attacking it an angle, he could possibly make hay. Like the way Diarmuid timed his run against kerry. If he stays out the middle we’re goosed, the game will pass him by, and he won’t have the gas to track his man….like the 2013 final. Hopefully Rochy will do this.

  18. I wonder will Mayo Management invite Galway hurling manager Michael ODonaghue to have a chat with squad i think it would be a good idea as Galway lost 6 finals before landing the Liam Mcarthy this year….I think their motto was enough is enough….
    I normally travel up morning of the game but as im going up Saturday i think i might join ye for a couple in Bowes
    I see the forcast is dry weather for next weekend too great il take that….

  19. Cluxton is the dangerman for me, push up on the kickouts and we have a big chance. Sit back and allow Cluxton comfortable targets to hit and we’re bet.

  20. Anyone who is worried about Sunday Indo should get a life I gave up on that moaning Dublin day years ago

  21. I’d agree that Kilkenny is dublins danger man. Him and Fenton make Dublin tick. I’d put keegan on him. He had a habit of dropping deep so it would allow keegan into their half.

    I’d also like to have seen Jason doc take more 45’s during the year. Cillian has been struggling with them for a while now and Jason nailed that one in the Kerry game. A sample size of 1 tells nothing though. Can any burrishoole lads here let us know how he gets on at club level?

  22. Are you organising a bit of grub willie joe

    we could chip in on the night, cocktail sausages and a few wingings would be nice

  23. Game day is here. I’m totally calm after weeks of nerves. Let’s go do this. Great night had in Bowe’s. Thanks for the cocktail sausages Willie Joe! 😉

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