Prediction mini-league 2016 – the final result

Allianz Predicition League 2016

With the League over for another year so too ends this year’s prediction mini-league, the eighth one that’s been run here on the site. This year’s competition was once again brought to you with plenty of help and technical know-how by Allianz and

This time round a record 118 contestants took part in the mini-league and when on-field hostilities ceased in this year’s League campaign late yesterday afternoon, it was Mayo Magic from the Balla club who emerged top of the pile in the prediction stakes. This victory is all the more impressive when you consider that the same contestant triumphed in last year’s NFL prediction mini-league as well, which means it’s the first time this particular title has ever been successfully defended.  Three-in-a-row next year, then?

Congrats/commiserations to all who took part and thanks to everyone for making it the fun event it proved to be. Here’s the final leaderboard in this year’s competition:

NFL Mini-League final result

8 thoughts on “Prediction mini-league 2016 – the final result

  1. It was just a seasonal thing, Nally Stand – bobble hats appeared to be the couture statement at matches this spring so I thought this trend deserved some recognition. Mayo Mick kindly shared some photos he had taken of various examples and the results are there to see. A new summer theme will now be needed, though.

  2. Well done Willie Joe. Great little competition!
    Happy with the win too!
    Now if only I can translate the league form into championship form…..

  3. Great to see Eastern Gaels on the leaderboard. Here’s hoping its the start of more success for the club in 2016

  4. Congratulations to Mayo magic. My final week gamble proved to be not great. Nul points.

  5. Well done Mayo magic.You certainly know your stuff.Can you tell us definitively if this is Mayo’s year? Would be good to know if we should invest the few bob there.

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