Prediction mini-league: it hasn’t gone away, you know

I’ve been a bit remiss not to provide any mini-league updates since the championship got underway so it’s time to put that right.  There’s little point in doing a week-by-week update on how this mini-league is going as, unlike the one for the NFL, there’s only a few matches every weekend and so there aren’t the same kind of dramatic shifts in terms of who is where in the table from one week to the next.  Still, it’s time to show who is where at the minute and this is where everyone is:


It’s interesting to compare this table with the final one for the NFL mini-league.  In this respect, a few points pop out: (1) four out of the current top five this time didn’t take part in the NFL one, (2) those who did well in the league one – including the winner last time out, SixPointsUp – aren’t doing so well in this one, (3) poor old Fourgoal is still in the basement looking up at everyone and (4) I’m doing so well (for now at least) that I’m on the verge (but only on the verge, mind) of boasting about my superlative performance.

There’s a long, long way to go, of course, and with only a few points separating a good number of competitors (only 40 points separate first from tenth and there’s less than 20 between tenth and twentieth) there’s plenty of time for a few dramatic changes in fortune, both of a positive and negative nature, before the final whistle blows on All-Ireland day.  Which, in my case, could mean that I’ll end up using a slightly shorter words starting with S to describe how I’m faring.  In other words, as was the case with the last one, it ain’t over till it’s over.

9 thoughts on “Prediction mini-league: it hasn’t gone away, you know

  1. just wondering what the code is to enter the mini league. i tried entering it a few weeks ago but for some reason i was unsuccesful.thanks

  2. Hi Maigheo – the code for the mini-league is 0jAJtZRlG1p6. I’m not sure if you can join it at this stage and if you manage to do so, you’ll probably be starting with a fair bit of a handicap compared to the rest of us but, sure, give it a lash and see what happens.

  3. thanks w.j. had trouble figuring out the letters in the code but i was able to join the mini league

  4. That’s great – we all have a bit of a head start on you but it’s still early days so hopefully you’ll have time to make up the ground!

  5. Hi Willie Joe, I managed to get on to the Face The Ball site but must have made a hames of linking up with your league, in other words I am playing premiership forecasting when I would rather be with your lot in the Champions league! On Face the Ball I am behind your good self.

  6. Hi OTR – you might still be able to join, seeing as Maigheo has managed to gain after-hours entry, and because you’ve done the predictions every week, they should get carried into the mini-league.

    What you need to do is log into FaceTheBall, click on the 2009 Football Championship panel and, once in there, click on the “Join Mini League” link on the left-hand side. That’ll prompt you to enter a code, which is 0jAJtZRlG1p6 (just copy and paste this from here). That should work (I think).

  7. Apologies for the omission, Rayo: I should of course (but was blinded by my own brilliance in making it to sixth) have mentioned that someone using as his doppelganger the name of every Mayo person’s favourite Galway man is leading the way. Hopefully this will be the main success for Galway’s footballers this year!

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