Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 1

With Round 1 of this year’s League campaign done and dusted, the numbers are also in on Week 1 of the NFL prediction mini-league. I dunno about the rest of you but, from my perspective, they don’t make for pretty reading.

The lads may not have performed at their optimum level out on the pitch on Saturday night but that was nothing when set against my form in the prediction stakes. I had a total mare of a weekend on that front and, sitting pretty at 77th in a mini-league comprising 104 contestants, my race would appear to be run after just the one week. Oh well, it’s only the League.

At the other end of the table, though, one can only doff one’s hat at friend of this joint, Anne-Marie Flynn, perched as she is in second spot after the first round of matches. Keep an eye on Mayo Magic, though, tucked in nicely in fifth spot. Balla’s finest is going for three-in-a-row in this competition and has made a good start again this time around.

Here’s the leaderboard after Week 1. Are you on it yourself or, like me, are you slumming it down in the lower reaches of the table?


7 thoughts on “Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 1

  1. I was afraid to look! I’m not too unhappy with 17th! Yipee!

    I backed the draw in the Galway game, because they love drawing! But bloody hell why didn’t I put money on it?!

  2. I went for a draw with Galway as well, to be fair that was my banker of the weekend, had draw written all over it. Sitting pretty in the leader board too, in the top 10, but I don’t think that will last for long.

  3. Yes! AnnMarie …watch out..there might be!! But congrats nonetheless …an extraordinary bit of forecasting! And anyways I’d say a few splinters wouldn’t be a bother to a good country woman like yerself!

  4. Like you WJ, I went straight for the “scroll down” button to try and locate myself. How in the name of Jesus did Carlow draw in Mullingar???
    As the lads said in the podcast, we’re only blowing out the dirty petrol!
    Congrats Anne-Marie, sitting pretty looking down on the rest of us.

  5. Willie Joe, do you not realise the consolation your result has provided the rest of us also rans?
    There I was thinking I really haven’t a clue, I should give up this prediction thing when I see your name a few spots below me. Now I’ve convinced myself, sure if it happened to Willie Joe himself, it could happen to anyone! Roll on next weeks predictions:)

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