Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 2

I’ve a final bit of housekeeping to do in relation to last weekend, which I need to do before I forget it altogether so here it is – the Week 2 results of the NFL prediction mini-league.

A bit like Down, my 2017 League campaign has got off to a miserable start. I did no better in my second round of predictions than I’d done in the first.

I was able to console myself that I’d had a few jars on me the night I sat down to do my prognostications for the first weekend’s action but I can’t even proffer that feeble excuse for my underwhelming performance in attempting to guess how last weekend’s matches would go. For gawdsakes, I even got our game wrong.

At the other end of the table, though, a lively battle for honours is already underway. Alan Prendergast has tightened his grip on top spot but there’s a good bit of movement in the places immediately below. Here’s the top twenty after two rounds of action.

14 thoughts on “Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 2

  1. My plan for success is using the old “rope a dope” tactic. I’m the dope though. Relegation beckons for me!

  2. My aim before the end of the league is to get into that screenshot. After a shocking week one, round 2 picked up and I’m closer 🙂

  3. Yet again, the superior forward line was the difference between winning and losing the final in today’s sigerson final. UCD were wasteful with 14 wides while the underdogs St. Mary’s only had 6.
    It’s an area that we have discussed so often on this site with regard to our lads but one we consistently under perform on the biggest days.

  4. Wrong options by UCD as though they were going to have all day in second half! Most of their bad wides were far out misjudged kicks from right hand side with the serious wind veering the shots off to the right….wide! Even our fella had one!
    Fair dues to a plucky Marys team ….great spirit and not a bit overawed by presence of co. stars on other side. Our S Coen at no. 6 was less effectual than I thought he might be!!
    Of course UCD should have levelled at end but what more can one say about the standard of these refs?? Lane …some flute player! It’s just a disgrace.

  5. Super stuff Westport.

    Thought the penalty decision was farcical that brought the meath team back on it.

    Some good performances by the Westport forwards, seemed to run out of steam in the final quarter but fair play to them.

    The best team won and they’ve done the county proud in Croke Park. Great work being done in Westport GAA and hopefully it spurs on other clubs in Mayo.

    Onwards and upwards.

    Finally, hope Kevin Keane recovers soon.

  6. Westport are the pride of Mayo tonight ..such a tense last few minutes..Can’t imagine how the travelling supporters must have been feeling.Delighted for Lee Keegan in particular .He has experienced enough losses in Croker..

  7. Officialdom tries to rob an all-Ireland title coming to Mayo once again but Westport were having none of it. Goes to show if your good enough your old enough. I hope they are paraded at halftime next Saturday so that we can show our appreciation for their efforts.

  8. Brilliant in the end but that penalty had me seething. Delighted for Westport! And esp Keegan! And Mayo!

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