Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 3

The clock’s already ticking remorselessly down to throw-in against the Dubs at HQ on Saturday night but, ahead of this, let’s get a final piece of baggage packed away from last weekend. This comes in the form of the updated prediction mini-league leaderboard, which sees a fair bit of movement compared to last time out.

The latest table boasts a new name at the head of the field, with Conor McGinty having joined Alan Prendergast in joint top spot. There’s a fair bit of movement in and out of the top 20 but watch out for the young lad, who’s made it to the leaderboard for the first time in this campaign at no.13 and who is now beginning to talk about a possible championship/league prediction mini-league double.

If he’s channelling his inner Dub-ness (despite his strong allegiance to our cause), then I’m the house equivalent of the Rossies, with every round of action landing further misfortune on my head. What about yourself: are you up or down this week?

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