Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 4

Allianz Predicition League 2016

We’ve passed the half-way mark in this year’s NFL prediction mini-league and the real contenders at the top of the pile are starting to emerge. I’m not among them, I’m afraid – I tanked badly last weekend and so my stay on the leaderboard was only a short one, as I tumbled down to 25th spot. What about yourself?

FacetheBall Week 4

8 thoughts on “Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 4

  1. There is an interesting article in independent showing what counties spent in 2015 on running there county teams. Mayo are no 16 on the list considering we got to a semi final replay we seemed to spend less on our team than teams that got knocked out earlier in the year.

  2. If you look at the first 3, they are all dual counties with teams at the sharp end (usually) of both championships. The best comparison for us would be probably the Rossies give the geographical closeness and that we compete in the same province. Given that we went much further than them it really begs the question wtf? They spend over 100 grand more than us and exited earlish in the qualifiers. Sure they went to London but that cant have cost that much. Were John Evans mileage expenses that much?
    I suppose the more pertinent question is what is the right amount? Our players, from the outside don’t seem to want for much, it doesn’t necessarily follow that a county that spends more than us is doing the right thing. Results should probably judge that. If the players aren’t being hampered in their preparation by cost I’d be saying well done to the county board, you seem to be able to produce a top 4 competitive team by spending relatively modest amounts. that’s to be applauded I think.

  3. Liam McHale on with Wooley last night or when ever. He sure bares his soul! The great wonder is how Ros have been doing so well with a restricted panel of young fellas! Mc Hale is entitled to wax whatever way he wants to given their results so far.Fair dues!Is there a false dawn arising or are we in trouble for Longford and later on or what?
    Anyway,that’s down the line and after the Kingdom have come to battleground number five.A win now could turn out to be pretty important for future events but a loss would be no disaster.A right good battling performance we can expect from both sides. Looks like a dry ball and what a treat hopefully is in store!

  4. It’s not about the money, money, money We don’t need your money, money, money, we just wanna make Mayo dance, forget about the price tag, ain’t about the Ch-Ch-Ching Ch-Ching, ain’t about the Bl-Bling Bl-Bling, wanna make Sam dance, forget about the price tag

  5. Day after Drawn Semi Final last year Dublin went to aquatic centre and to oxegen chambers to boost recovery while mayo players were back at work. This was a huge benefit to Dublin in the replay. A few euro spent here might have got us into an All Ireland Final.

    Does anybody know if Mayo Team are going away training this year.

  6. Baconfactoryend: You could sing that if you had an air to it…….A darlin song,a darlin song…ahh a darrrlin song!!

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