Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 6

Time for the usual wrap-up post on the weekend that’s gone by, in the form of the updated leaderboard for the NFL prediction mini-league. You’ll have noticed, I’m sure, that the heading says this is the Week 6 update, which it is, but, if you’re wondering what happened to the Week 5 one, that never materialised at all as it only involved those two re-fixed matches from the weekend before last.

So, Week 6 it is and the new leaderboard is below. The top two are the same after last weekend’s action but previous leader Alan Prendergast is back in the hunt in third after a great performance in the latest round of predictions. With only two full rounds of matches left to play, the overall winner is now likely to be one of this leading trio.

The young lad isn’t best chuffed as he’s fallen out of the top ten in the new leaderboard but I’ve made some modest progress, as I’m now in the sixties somewhere. What about yourself: are you up or down this week?

2 thoughts on “Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 6

  1. WJ The solution to your problems is to make your list a bit longer, and smiley faces all around Having a horrifying time with Div 2 this year. They are all over the shop. Without a significant Div 1 team presence like Tyrone, Donegal they are all drowning in a mediocre sea pool. Cork did not provide the competitive standards they had been used to. Some teams are there so long they have become used to the yoyo fringe performances that is Div 2.

  2. Well slipping down from joint 3rd a few weeks back to 12th just ahead of yer young lad. I’m still optimistic but predicting Mayo victory in every game has cost me. Down in 2nd division very unpredictable.
    I’m still optimistic but maybe if I predict Mayo losses they’ll win.

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