Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 7

Allianz Predicition League 2016

It’s down to the business end of this year’s National Football League and the hunt for glory is also on in earnest in the prediction mini-league. It’s a two-way battle for top spot and ultimate glory now comes down to who does better in the final six play-off matches that are still to be played, starting with this coming weekend’s Division One semi-finals.

I got a good return from last Sunday’s matches and so a top ten finish looks in the bag for me at this stage, though that’s as much as I can hope for. What about yourself?

NFL Prediction leaderboard week 7

19 thoughts on “Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 7

  1. Willie Joe, what’s going on at all-at all. You have this League Prediction table posted now for two days and not a sausage from anyone – yellow cards all round I would suggest 🙂 Nice to see your name up there, you’re obviously fairly hot on calling results, must try and get into it next time.

  2. Will Galway beet mayo not if they have Willie Joe . God bless you Willie Joe you were some player hope mayo can land Sam 2016

  3. I see that Monaghan are Ulster U21 champions tonight after defeating Tyrone by 2 pts. Interesting times ahead….

  4. Yeah 45, I seen that there now:

    Monaghan 0-13 0-11 Tyrone, Athletic Grounds Result

    That means that we were Connacht Minor champions in 2013 and Monaghan were Ulster Minor champions in 2013 and that has been repeated at the U21 grade in 2016.

  5. A great win for Monaghan.
    I think Cork will beat Kerry in the u21.
    They are a bigger more physical side. Kerry had skillful minor teams yet a lot of those players didnt look as if they could mature into strong u21s where you need size and strength.

  6. The betting for the U21 All-Ireland title with Paddy Power is now as follows:

    Kerry 9/4
    Dublin 11/4
    Mayo 3/1
    Monaghan 9/2
    Cork 11/2

  7. Good man Trevor, keeping the good old Lahardane’s flag flying – a few more predictions going your way and you never know.

  8. Checked my spot on leaderboard…quite respectable for a novice.Got a bit bathered and bruised along the way but .hope to pull up the socks for the future and exercise a bit more caution!

  9. Bookies can review their odds as Cork have just beaten Kerry in the Munster U21 final….more interesting times ahead !!

  10. Yeah 45, Cork have won the Munster U21 title:

    Cork 3-9 Kerry 1-14

    So its as follows for the All-Ireland U21 semi-finals:

    Mayo v Dublin
    Monaghan v Cork

  11. HSE – if we can get over that Dublin team next Saturday you’d have to say we would be in a great position for the AI. No reason why we can’t pip the Dubs if the lads can get their intensity levels right from the get-go and work hard on their defensive structure.

  12. Yeah 45, it really is all to play for now!

    We should be wary also. I suppose we should remember the position that Castlebar Mitchels were in going into the All-Ireland club final. After beating Crossmaglen Rangers in a very tight finish, after coming back from been well behind early in that game, things looked very good for Castlebar. They were the bookies favourite.

    They were playing Ballyboden St Endas which on paper looked like an easier final than having to play St. Vincents but we all know how that panned out! So from a Mayo point of view we probably have a habit of getting ahead of ourselves, so its all about getting over the Dubs first.

  13. Was at the game in Sligo last Saturday. Mayo very lucky I felt. I read from Austin Garvin in the MN that there was a great crowd of Mayo supporters at this game, well I did;not see that either. Seriously outnumbered on the side lines and outclassed for the most part on the pitch. Certainly one of the best Roscommon underage teams I have watched. They must be kicking have walked away empty handed. For me what stuck out was our inability to play the ball forward in a timely manner. We must take 4 or 5 steps a hop and a solo in a part of the field where we are not going to hurt anyone, or be hurt by anyone. This was in sharp contrast to the Rossies who appeared to move the ball more quickly and with purpose. The other main thing that stuck out was the gap that has opened up between DOC and the rest of his team mates since 2013. The gulf is immense. Boland looks good though and that Plunket guy might be half decent in time Fair play to Mike Solan and his team, their part in this was impressive at least from the sideline view. As for Dublin, well I do not know what they are like, but no doubt they will have pace to burn and will move the ball more quickly in to the danger area than we will.

  14. True pj, mayo were poxed lucky to get that win but sometimes you have to make your own luck. Maybe a game like that will show the manager and players where they can expect trouble from against Dublin ? And I would also think that pace would be something Dublin are bound to have. A start for Dublin like Roscommon were given and there will be no comeback, the dubs have players to just throw at it with speed to burn. We have got to be watertight at the back all game long to have a chance.

  15. Agree with that Dave, spot on. It was a nice feeling to come away on the right side for a change. We will need a big improvement the next day.

  16. Is there any sign of Prendergast or is he injured. Must be a great loss around the middle at 6′ 6″? Coen most suits no 6 but still playing his part in middle v well.Akram is a flyer fut tackling is nil .Brian Reape and Lotfus may be more influential next day and Irwin’s kicking will be vital. Good to see him getting in these game…talented player.
    Otherwise they can do well with some early settling and no banking on the big comeback.
    Looking forward to it big time .

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