Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 7

We all need something to distract us at the minute and stop thinking about Cormac bloody Reilly but I’m afraid the best I can come up with right now is the latest update on how things are going in the NFL prediction mini-league. It’s exciting stuff, really it is – immerse yourself in it for a little while and you’ll forget we even have a match on this Sunday, still less who the ref is for it.

Long-time leader in the prediction stakes this year Conor McGinty is still out in front after last weekend’s action, with just one more full round of matches left to play (and another small round of Divisional finals after that – I won’t forget those in a hurry, for it was there a few years back that I blew my chance at winning the blasted thing outright). Two bolters have, though, emerged from the pack to challenge Conor, with Shane Tuohy moving up from fourth to second while Juan has made the jump from eighth to third.

Have they left it too late? Or have one or both of them timed their runs to perfection? And why can’t I predict my way out of a brown paper bag this year? Here’s the new leaderboard.


10 thoughts on “Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 7

  1. The ref thing is a load of bollix, irrelevant.. control the controllables. Victim mentality is for losers. The players won’t be bothered, they’ll just be trying to beat Donegal. Sane fans the same, support our team not stupid booing if ref.

  2. After a disastrous first week, I am finally in the window! Highly doubtful for a podium finish, I am now aiming for the top ten.

    As for Mr Reilly, I am done wasting my energy on him.

  3. I hear young Tommy Hanley passed away this morning after after a long battle with cancer. Desperately sad for the extended family and friends.

    A young man taken far too early. Deepest condolences to all who knew the young man.

  4. Willie joe. I’m surprised that you refer to next Sunday’s referee as cormac Bloody Reilly There was no need for the adjective. No doubt he cost us that game in limerick in2014 but I for one will not blame him if we are relegated next Sunday. Let’s forgive and forget. I think we will win on Sunday anyway. Up mayo

  5. I was joking, Michael. I expressed much the same sentiments as you’ve done in a comment I posted myself the other day. If we’re relegated on Sunday evening it’ll be because we’ll have lost four of the seven League matches we played this year and not because Cormac Reilly will have reffed our final match in the campaign. The funny thing about Sunday’s game is that Reilly could put in a Limerick 2.0 performance but if Roscommon beat Cavan it still won’t have a bearing on our Division One survival. The bottom line is we need to concentrate on the controllables and make sure we do what we can to get the win that guarantees our survival, regardless of how the other match goes.

  6. That’s grand willie joe. I see we are 11to2 to be relegated and 40to1 to win the league with paddy powers. 7to4wasgood enough for me last Sunday. I’ll hold on to my spare cash this weekend. Slan.

  7. Lads I do not have a problem with Cormac Reilly being the Ref. This guy let himself down first in Limerick and that is the saddest thing to endure for anybody. I am a Mayo supporter and I will be fully focused on Sunday on the job in hand. Come early, bring plenty of colour and shout as loud as you can for a group of footballers that have made this poor pilgrim as proud as I could have been returning from Tralee and Omagh over the last few weeks. We all owe them one and next Sunday is D-Day. If you feel anybody will be listening to you you might say a prayer for Cormac Reilly that does not make a fool of himself again.

  8. I as in MacHale Park for a NFL game reffed by Paddy McEneaney shortly after the 1996 Final. Paddy was on his first post final Mayo game and was as welcome as Cormac Reilly that day. As he took the field a little booing started which then broke into a laugh.
    I can’t remember who we were playing or the result that day but that memory stays with me. Hopefully it will be the same on Sunday. Yes, Cormac had a stinker in Limerick but he has had a long exile and I’m sure his memories of that day are not happy ones.

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