Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 8

With all the regulation matches in the four Divisions in this League campaign played and all the promotion and relegation issues settled, it’s just the four Divisional finals that are left to be contested. That means that most of the predicting has been done too, with just those four deciders left to think about before this year’s prediction mini-league is completed.

Long-time leader Conor McGinty strengthened his hold on top spot following another strong showing at the weekend. He now leads second-placed Shane Tuohy by 53 points and, by my reckoning, that makes him close to uncatchable at this stage.

Trust me, I know a thing or two about this. A few years back, I held a slender lead – around 20 points I think it was – going into the final weekend. Not just in the mini-league, in fact I’d run away with that, but in the overall bloody competition. All I needed to do was get two out of the four Divisional finals right and I’d have been the overall winner.

I screwed it up, though, getting only one result – the Dubs’ win – right and my three incorrect predictions in the other finals meant I got overhauled at the death. I’m not trying to spook you, Conor, just maybe letting the world know what it’s like to be in your position.

Actually, now that I think about it, you’re in a much better place than I was. I reckon you’ll only need to get one out of the four results right to win the mini-league competition. On the face of it, that shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Mercifully, my troubles in this year’s competition will soon be at an end. I’m up to 57th in the table now, but still well short of making it onto the leaderboard, an outcome that’s now beyond a possibility for me. What about yourself: where are you likely to end up when the music stops next weekend?

10 thoughts on “Prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 8

  1. Willie Joe, I never bothered with the mini league or other such as, having retired from work a few years ago, I was only too glad to leave deadlines behind me. But I have been taking an interest, particularly in Big Dog, who I think is your gossun. He was doing well but seems to have slipped off the leaderboard. Where does he stand now?

  2. Not too bad 10th but won’t be doing it again as had to spend a fair bit of time reading who was starting or missing for various Counties and analysing results to get to that position. Nice to try it out though.

  3. The young lad has slipped down the list alright, AndyD, and he isn’t too happy with how the campaign has gone for him either! He had a bad return from last weekend and is now in 36th place overall.

  4. Thanks for the Memories Goouch Cooper. An increadably brilliant Geslic Football player with vsion intelligence guile speed craftinesss. …The greatest of our generation if not all generations…

  5. Toss up between Gooch and Canavan for the greatest. Few others way up there too like Joyce and Fallon for Galway, Maurice Fitz Moynahan, the late Dermott Earley and our own Ciaran Mc was great to watch too but in the modern era definitely between those 2.

  6. The two greatest attributes Gooch had were brains and balance. Everything else followed from those. Brains to know where to be and when, when to pass, when to shoot, when to carry, when to make the run, when to double back. Balance to leave even the tightest of markers on their arse, balance to help him shield the ball, turn on a tuppence and take the heaviest of shoulders and hits.
    The man broke our hearts but what a player.

  7. Shuffly Deck, its going back a while but I would add the great Matt Connor of Offaly to that list. An outstanding footballer who kicked equally with both feet and who could take frees off the ground with both feet. Sadly his football career was cut short by a traffic accident.

  8. Galways Michael Donnelan would be up there in my book but cooper in class of his own. Maybe Buckley can persuade him to summer in Mayo

  9. Looks like I won’t be catching Conor at this stage, going to have to go for broke this weekend and predict some wild ones. All those last minute points and goals last week killed me!

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