Prediction mini-league – the final result

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The League is over for this year and so too is the annual prediction mini-league, which was hosted once again this year by Allianz with under-the-counter plumbing by  We have a winner too and that winner is Mayo Magic from the Balla club, who held off Johncon (Annaghdown, Galway) and Michael Murphy from Eastern Gaels to win out.

A whopping 87 of you took part in the competition this year (making it more like a midi- or a maxi-league). Congrats and commiserations to all, depending on how you got on. My own performance was a bit hit-and-miss, I have to admit – I started well enough but then lost my way as the competition progressed and finished 12th in the final table. There’s always next year, I guess.

Here’s the top ten in the final standings:

NFL Mini-League Final table

16 thoughts on “Prediction mini-league – the final result

  1. Fantastic news. First bit of silverware for the new year. (I used the pseudonym ‘Mayo Magic’ as I didn’t think people would understand the thinking behind Connelly’s Brigade). When is the prize giving, Willie Joe? I’ll get the suit pressed. Presumably there’s an exorbitant cash prize to go with it?

  2. Well done, Connelly’s Brigade – I think we should do it like the US Masters so, as last year’s mini-league winner, I should be helping you into the green jacket at this point. Sadly, though, I’m afraid it was only the glory of victory that was on offer for this one!

  3. Well done to you both.

    You surely know your football.Now do ye know a way that Mayo can finally take home Sam.I will sponsor the prize for that meself!

  4. Well done connellys brigade, its a hard competition to win, i feel like i just preserved my div 1 status by coming 20th haha. Do ye know if theirs a championship equivalent? Couldnt find one last year but it would be great if their is.

  5. There is, Juan, but it’s not run by Allianz, as they only sponsor the League. It’s run by and I’ll put up a post on the mini-league for it in due course.

  6. O sullivan, I saw him v Claremorris a few weeks ago and he was motoring very well. He doesn’t seem to be on the panel from what I’m reading.

  7. I think he’s not on it because he missed a lot with the injury. He was a very aggressive fella on the field at times, in a good way, he burst through a crowd of good defenders and scored or hit the post. Hopefully he keeps at it and we see him out for the county again in 2016.
    Fingers crossed tipp do the business today, just to see a new face at the table.

  8. Dang it anyway. I was hoping tipp would win, here’s hoping manny does the business later.

  9. Happy Mayo day to you Willie Joe & all on this site,there was a fantastic show from the TF in Castlebar to celebrate the day even the Niagra falls went green & red for the day.
    Keep the flags flying high the GAA season would be a sad place with out us.

    up Mayo

  10. Hi All,
    Just a quick message to wish Mayo all the best in the Championship in 2015, I am sure we will meet at some stage although Eoin O Gara is a huge loss to us Dubs. I also have admired Roscommon this year at underage and senior with a great win in Div 2 and Galway are fairly tidy so all looks good in the West. Roll on the Championship and loads of great days for us all ahead, cheers.

    Kind Regards,
    Martin the Dub

  11. Lot of people giving out about the tactics tyrone where at at the u 21 matchyesterday I thought tyrone where to clinical too at the end did any of ye see the match by the way

  12. I was at it. Tyrone won. The margins were so fine that small details like cynical tactics probably added up to make the difference.

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