Preliminary quarter-final draw on tomorrow morning

One of the main consequences of today’s defeat to Cork is that we’re in the hat for tomorrow’s preliminary quarter-final draw. This will be held on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland show tomorrow morning after the 8.30am news bulletin.

The draw will pit the four second-placed finishers from the group stage against the four, including us, who finished third. The former cohort comprises Cork, Donegal, Galway and Kildare while in the latter it’s ourselves, Monaghan, Roscommon and Tyrone.

Repeat pairings from the group stages will be avoided where possible. This means we won’t get to enjoy the pleasure of Cork’s company again next weekend and so we’re set to be paired away against one of Donegal, Galway or Kildare in tomorrow morning’s draw.

Once the draw is made, fixture details are likely to be confirmed at some point later tomorrow. I understand that, depending on which of them it is that we draw, we could be playing either on Saturday or Sunday next weekend. This should all be confirmed tomorrow.

25 thoughts on “Preliminary quarter-final draw on tomorrow morning

  1. The GAA would love it to be Galway to get a crowd.
    The attendances at matches are very poor.
    Count us lucky that 3 get out of the group which is nonsensical anyway. On seedings at the moment we are between 9th and 12th best team in the country.

  2. I’d fancy Mayo to beat either of Donegal or Kildare away from home, even after today’s capitulation. As mentioned, the GAA would absolutely love Galway v Mayo in Salthill – they’d get 20k at that game.

    Why in the name of God was the draw not made tonight on the Sunday Game? Teams could could have another 12 hours to plan for it.

  3. Any chance it could be Tuam Stadium if its Galway, hate Pearce stadium, there wont be a big crowd if it is.A capacity crowd in Tuam would bring some atmosphere.They used always play there in the 80s and 90s

  4. Very interesting on the bookies betting for the 4 teams to make the quarter finals.

    I bet Mayo will get Kildare or possibly Donegal.
    Galway v Monaghan
    Cork v Roscommon
    Tyrone v Kildare

  5. It will be Galway and I’m glad. Might as well get it over and done with. We are in a very fragile place now and I don’t believe mentally we will be up for it.

  6. Hope it’s Galway. We need to be written off by everyone and have criticism ringing in our ears all week.
    Then we could play with freedom and abandon and cause them problems.

  7. Can’t shake the feeling that it’s going to be Donegal in Ballybofey.

    Donegal vs Mayo
    Kildare vs Monaghan
    Cork vs Tyrone
    Galway vs Roscommon

  8. Kildare in Nowlen park anyone? When was the last time we played there? Late 80’s I think, player from our club came on as a sub that day!

  9. @joet
    It’s definitely Armagh,Cora had to explain this to an over excited Marty on air earlier.

  10. Joet. Yes that threw me too. They obviously didn’t top the group. Anyone wishing to get galway must have been watching a different mayo to me today. They would kill us the way management have us set up. Big changes needed. We are a too team when not restricted by stupid systems

  11. Michael Maye We played a league game in Nowlan Park in about 1997 I think. Not positive which year it was but think we had been in All Ireland around that time. Remember arriving at pitch and there was a decent crowd watching a club hurling game. Most didn’t stay for the football

  12. Right now I think we would struggle to beat Kildare Donegal or Galway. Someone mentioned we are in a fragile place right now. I think this team has never recovered from losing the ’21 final. I think when this campaign ends we should freshen up the management team change a few selectors 4 guys from north Mayo 2 from Ballina and 2 from Crossmolina isnt ideal maybe bring in a selector from outside the county

  13. The only positive is we will be away from home. Donegal aside maybe I believe we have a far better chance of winning away from Castlebar.
    This will be test of Mcstays bottle. The deficiency is there for all to see. Our problems have come from teams running through us and it has happened week in week out.
    I would stiffen up the half back line and put a bit of pace in there. Either Diarmuid or Paddy at 6 with Eoghan Mc and Enda either side. Play a sweeper if you have to. Decisive action is whats needed.
    Recognise the problem and deal with it.
    I really dont ever wish to play the man. I recognise the sacrifices these fellas make but the Loftus experiment hasn’t worked. Both Defensively and attacking wise yesterday he was poor.
    The worse thing the management can do this week is nothing. They need to get their heads together and come up with something.

  14. Maybe there is just something not right in the Camp at the moment, if so it better be sorted out this week.

  15. Galway have plenty of their own issues it seems.
    Sean Kelly looking a huge doubt for them which would be fatal, comer and Dylan mchugh likely out too, and they have a real issue with the wretched form of shane walsh who seems to have his head up his ass since the ai final.

    They are vulnerable next week

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