Prepare for V3.0

Okay, I’ve been promising this for quite a while but today’s the day it’s going to happen: the overdue site re-design that I’ve been talking about for some time is now complete and is ready to be unveiled.

Version 2.0 (i.e. the current one – here’s V1.0 if you’ve forgotten what the original looked like) will bite the dust shortly to be replaced by a shiny new V3.0, which will boast a whole new look and feel as well as a general freshening-up.

The site may be down for a short while as the necessary under-the-bonnet activity takes place but normal service will then resume, albeit changed, changed utterly. Change is good – trust me on this. See you on the other side, hombres.

11 thoughts on “Prepare for V3.0

  1. Good luck wj, hope everything runs smooth. Running 3.2.2 twenty ten for my own site, and find it very easy to use!

  2. The future…now! Well done WJ and best of luck with MK 3 . Looking forward to winter , hopefully the weather will improve then!

  3. New site looks well WJ. Best of luck with it and long may the interesting debates of Mayo GAA affairs continue.

  4. Wj if ya don’t mind some feedback, I preferred it when the recent comments was on top of the sidebar. Just a matter switching the widgets around, drop the calender below the recent posts, it will push everything on the sidebar above to the top.

    Good luck tomorrow, hope the weather improves!

  5. All feedback welcome and appreciated, Mick (and everyone else too). I need to do some switching round of the widgets and putting the comments back to the top is part of that.

  6. We use 10.10.20. on the site here – – and it has come on great. The paintwork looks very good Willie Joe – a credit to you. It is like leaving the “local” and then going into one of these “gastro-pubs – – – but we will “embrace the change” – – – onwards and upwards!

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