Press briefing pickings

Our opponents in this year’s All-Ireland final won’t be known until Saturday week and the decider itself doesn’t take place for a further fortnight after that but today Mayo GAA held their press briefing ahead of the big game.

James Horan and Stephen Coen did the talking at the event. In a video posted by OTB Sports, James Horan spoke about how Saturday’s semi-final against Dublin turned in his team’s favour, paying tribute to the S&C work the lads have done, which told to effect in extra-time. There’s also a reference to Gurkhas in the jungle.

Stephen also reflected back on Saturday’s win over Dublin, as well as what this year has been like within the group compared to other years. He also spoke about how his role has changed within the squad from when he first came onto the senior panel.

There are a few pieces online from the event – Irish Times, Irish Independent, Connaught Telegraph. The main talking points from these reports are Eoghan McLaughlin’s appearance at training on Tuesday night and how Oisin Mullin is shaping up, both of which, in different ways, are encouraging.

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  1. Top man Horan. Always a great positive attitude. Never any drama within the camp with him. I remember over the years McDanger, O Neill and DB at times werent involved with different managers.

    Dont fight the jungle!

  2. What a great culture. Stephen just like Padraig on the weekend are so humble, look not what your county can do for you…

  3. Great that the press night is done.

    3 weeks and 2 days to focus on one more match. 35+3 and 35+6. That’s it.

    Defend like your life depends on it, attack with flair and precision.

    Win. The. Game.

  4. I now have ‘Don’t Fight the Jungle’ on a loop in my head to the tune of ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’.

    It’s going to be a long three weeks.

  5. Thanks WJ
    We should all enjoy the run on to this final.There is no great pressure I feel as regardless we will be back again next year…..
    Happy Times!!

  6. Have to say its an unusual feeling this week. Deep satisfaction by beating the Dubs at last. Not by a last minute goal but by sheer will and guts. That last period of extra time was for me a coaching textbook of how to see out the time. And mostly led by the young guns. I have zero fear or worry about the final. This team are I feel unstoppable when they get going. A bit like Donegal in 2012. If we get a bit of luck again then we are in with a great chance,
    Its great to sit back now and watch Kerry/Tyrone unfold. They cant concentrate on us now either so advantage Mayo.
    Great time to be a Mayo fan. Mayo Abu

  7. I had a song in my head all last week that i get coming up to big games by John Spillane called “Johnny dont go to ballincollig” it contains the lyrics Johnny dont go to ballincollig where you always get disapoinnted! probably about a buck that was rising out and didnt get the shift and ended up in supermacs with his curry chips disapointed at the end of the night. anyway dont fight the jungle is good advice, and what a class act of a manager we have in james Horan thank God.

  8. In a separate but related matter I see the McHale Park surface is being redone, drained etc. Is it being made bigger too does anyone know?

  9. Listening to stephen it seems that defending is all about concentration and communication. Switching markers and all that. The plan gies out the window and games take on a life of there own. Coen is tough and a sticky defender.

  10. @Joet1480, I saw a couple of diggers two days ago at the Albany end, looked like they were demolishing a few rows of seats, but couldn’t be 100% sure

  11. Great interviews… two solid men, feet on the ground and doing their best.
    Don’t fight the jungle… and we’ve only got one plan…. I love positive soubdbites. No doubt they’re focused and our job is to enjoy the lead up to AIF 2021. Incredible really.
    I’m happy to go to war with our squad. Long live the spirit of Mayo.
    Maigheo abú

  12. Yes Mayo Dunphy, I noticed some ‘heavy plant’ too but the question is will it be ready for the homecoming……..

  13. I would really love to see a massive Mayo flag being rolled down Hill 16 while the national anthem is being played on All-Ireland final day with the words “There’s Only One Plan” written on it. Quote of the year from the number one contender for player of the year !

  14. That’ll be worth a purchase anyway – first Mayo footballer autobiog i can think of since C Mort?

    Can’t see it being too controversial exactly, but will be interesting to read his account of a career which spanned 6 (?) different managerial reigns, his thoughts on being left out of the starting team for some key games, the awful 2012 injury, having his best season at 33 years of age, what went wrong in finals and so on.

  15. Agreed Ciarán. I think Andy will also perhaps have some interesting insights on the sacrifices that modern footballers make to play inter-county, given that he changed careers a few years back to prepare better. He’s also a great role model and leader in the community, Sharoize Akram said Andy’s influence was key to getting him to take up gaelic football.

    It’s hefty enough in terms of price mind you at €23, but I guess this is the price we pay to support local businesses rather than the Amazons of this world.

    I wonder if the ghost writer Sheridan is the same fellow that was writing in the Examiner earlier this week?

  16. As regards Whelan, I refuse to pay for the Irish Independent given their line on Mayo football and indeed many other issues over the years, so therefore I only saw the first couple of paragraphs of his article. If he’s saying that John Small shouldn’t be subjected to anonymous online abuse and threats, then I agree. Facebook and Twitter in particular are toxic cesspits.

    However, this should not preclude critical discussion of the tackle, Small’s disciplinary record, the referee’s reaction or some of the media commentary around it, provided that it doesn’t stray into ad hominem.

    And I have a feeling that there are Dublin pundits who are out there trying to shape the narrative around Small’s Ballymun club allegiance to distract from legitimate criticism of the above (that said, almost all of the foul play incidents in the game involved or were perpetrated by players from that club, coincidence or not).

  17. I hope they demolish a few rows from the McHale road sideline. The seats there as so narrow its impossible to even sit into them, especially the ones near the front. Get rid please.

  18. I’d love to hear thoughts on two things.

    1. Technically speaking , if Conor Lane didn’t think that John Small fouled Eoghan, well you can clearly see Eoghan handling the ball on the ground after the foul. Eoghan fouled the ball. Should play not have been stopped for a foul on the ball in that case and a free given to Dublin ? If the referee gave advantage to Dublin would he not have to blow the whistle for a free first ?

    2. I’d like to know if anyone else thinks that the Mick Fitzsimmons push on the back of Ryan O Donoghue when he was straight on goal was a penalty (like I do )or a free or nothing ? Also was it a black card?

    I think I might be in the minority on these but I’d appreciate others thoughts. If I’m wrong I’d just like to understand why ?

  19. Looking forward to Andys book – some career. Also had club success so plenty to tell. He retired a year earlier so had a head start on getitng it done. In saying that most of this years retirees avoid publicity so couldnt see them doing a book.

    Wonder will he spill any beans. Very few stories have got out from the camp over the last 10 years but wonder will anyone sell out. There was some controversy over the years but hope none of the players try cash in on it

  20. Food4thought – if the ref saw Eoghan foul the ball he could have signalled advantage. This is a hand signal, he wouldn’t have blown the whistle, which he’d only have done if stopping play.

    On the other incident, it would have been the softest penalty ever conceded by Dublin if given, which was never going to happen. Strictly speaking a push in the back is a foul but I’m not sure it’s all that clearcut. What is clearcut, though, is that a push in the back is never in any circumstances a black card.

  21. Has Whelan forgot the media campaign he started against Lee Keegan a few years ago? It would be nice for a Mayo voice to reply to that comment . As oisin McConville said that’s a load of bollxxxks and now rolling out the mental health tagline to deflect .

  22. I know the pitch is being lengthened by 5m,badly needed in fairness,it would be great if they could widen it aswell but that doesn’t seem to have been feasible.
    What I’m wondering is are they actually taking out a few rows at the Albany end? Nobody seems to know this,I can’t see how they’re going to do it otherwise.

  23. Enjoyable interviews. Stephen is undoubtedly a future captain. Having already proved his leadership qualities at minor and under 21. He is to me now an automatic starter.

  24. Willie Joe, i think a push in the back is a black card if it’s deemed a cynical foul which denies a goalscoring opportunity inside the 20m or the D.
    Also a penalty.

    I’m not saying this applied to the Ryan chance or half chance.

  25. FW – was on a Zoom meeting a few months ago when Michael Diskin (project manager) gave update. They are taking out some rows Albany end. Think he said it was 5 rows but cant remember for sure!

  26. Ah lads, there’s no way the Fitzsimons’ leaning in on O’Donoghue was a penalty or a black card. I’d be critical of Lane but there’s no chance you’ll ever get that one, you may as well make it a non-contact sport in that case.

    But Small’s punch on Donoghue and McCarthy’s elbow on DOC, that’s a different matter.

  27. If Mayo do play Kerry in the All Ireland final. Will both counties be in their away jerseys? When they do play each other it usually happens.

  28. Pretty sure it would be the away jersey Alan. I like that actually. Something physical about having black in a team’s colours.
    The red n black looked physical. So does the current black with magenta.

  29. Thanks JP. Now I wonder would that be the first time ever where both finalists wear their away jersey and would it be the first time Mayo played an all Ireland final in their away jersey? I’m pretty sure it would be Mayo’s first ever all Ireland final appearance not wearing green and red since 1951 when the jersey was white with bits of green and red.

  30. Lots of talk in Dublin media about Jack McCaffrey & Paul Mannion loss to their team and that’s true but remember we were / are missing Oisin Mullin & Cilian, think our loss is bigger.

  31. We wore the away strip against Kerry in 04 and 06. It was predominantly red with green trim as opposed to the other way around. Away jerseys these days have nothing to do with the county colours though!

  32. Remember when many of us wanted them to wear away black jersey in 2017!!! God I loved that lucky ferocious jersey. Hopefully if it’s Kerry the sight of the black again will give them the heebies.

  33. Wide Ball, we wore our usual colours in the 2006 final. It was hard going in the sun seeing the difference at times!

  34. It Means Nothing to Me-yes Colin Sheridan is the writer of the excellent article in ‘de paper’.
    He is a brother of former Mayo footballer,Maurice.

  35. Any chance of the county board sorting out season ticket holders like cork county board did for hurling final?

  36. Assuming it is Kerry we meet in the final (?), I as a supporter, am always glad to see them in an alternative strip and not hide behind the aura of the “green and gold”. Then they become any ole team, but that might only be me as a looking-for-any-edge supporter.

    Their alternative “goldish” jersey didnt help us though the last time we played them in Killarney in the Super-8s (2018). That was a pretty tough day at the office and they killed us with kick-passes and O’Brien’s pace.
    Has to be one of our starting points when we look at plans for the final.

  37. Ah yes, David Hickey, Pillar and now Whelan. Great stuff lads. Keep it coming.

    Ye were robbed by awful refereeing and Mayo dark arts antics. Particularly that Cillian O Connor even though he wasn’t even playing.

    Or something like that anyway.

    An excellent example to us all of how to accept defeat with grace and dignity.

  38. I think kerry have moved on from the gold Jersey as thier alternative strip. I think they now have a blue jersey – almost identical to the blue jersey we had ourselves recently as our alternative jersey.

  39. Watch Lane after Ryan protests about the punch from Small. Lane dismissively gestures Ryan to get up. He’s clearly got a set on Ryan. First a disallowed legitimate goal, then no protection from a punch. Lane really did lose the plot on Saturday. Shocking stuff.

  40. At this stage now I hope ST holders don’t get tickets. My head is burst listening to club members saying they should get them instead

  41. Why thecpossibimity of away colours when the main jerseys of all 3 counties left are distinctive ?

  42. Joet, I’ve watched the game back everyday since the weekend. There’s a version on YouTube with the Midwest commentary overdubbed. Highly recommended!

  43. Jaysus lads the poor us attitude win or lose is so tiresome. You have an All Ireland to win, stop looking in the rear view mirror. The 3 most mentioned people on this site since Saturday: John Small, Conor Lane and Kevin Mc Stay. The All Ireland is the 11th September not August 14th August.

  44. I’ve been saying this since about 2004, But is there anyway Mayo could wear a white jersey for the final ?
    In ’51 we wore a white Jersey .

  45. No Extradition @Mayohusband
    Well said….. More need to focus on Mayo perspective and strategy….
    Start and begin game without trailing….
    Resolve Full Forward issue with O Shea, long ball doesn’t work to him CV considering advantage O Shea has…. Should play mark position Full Forward where distribution should be in front(eg Lee’s pass given Aidens position, O Shea more useful with 4 direct marks), and Ryan and Tommy funneling around him….
    Mayo played significantly better when Horan took him off…
    Another issue would be the midfield issue… Would have Flynn there given his lack of playing time… Strong physical attributes…. Loftus ain’t simply a midfielder….
    So less of the punditry critics agendas because you need pundits whether you like them or not….

  46. Joet and NiallMc I have to agree. Ive watched the game again and I’d say I’ll watch it many times over the years please God.

    No other sporting moment comes close for me in my lifetime. Of course we’ll have to buckle up again for 3 weeks time.

    I was thinking, hasn’t James Horan a great face on him for chiseling.
    I was thinking we could chisel his head on to Nephin.
    We could get the chiselers to practise up in the Dublin mountains so that they get it right on Nephin.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely for any Dub out walking in the mountains, for their blood pressure, and to have a 2,500 foot sculpture of the bauld James staring down at them.

    Dublin gets all the money they want for redevelopment projects.
    I might talk to Michael Ring and the Healy Rae’s. I’d say they’d be fully behind it.

  47. I was wondering real-time why Lane smiled and patted Ryano on the head just before he converts to make it 12 to 10.

    65:45 : Shortly after Comerford over carries, Lane drops his pen. Ryano spots it and picks it up, gives it back to him. Lane smiles and pats him on the head. Ryano converts.

  48. @Paddyjoejohntom so you have an agenda Everytime someone mentions season ticket as I assume you do not have one but are hopeful of a ticket for final? Do you not think season ticket holders deserve as much priority as others (clubs , sponsors, ) ? Our money is a valuable resource every other year

  49. Ah Jazus! Could we leave the Dublin game behind us at this stage? Particularly, could we forget about Lane, Small and all others associated with that match? If the Dubs had won do you think they would be still talking about us?

  50. Revellino, I’d agree with you there. If we do it, I had thought the “keys to Mayo”. But our own Mount Rushmore would be better!

  51. Pat201 ,as it happens I do have one. But don’t like the idea of having to grovelling to the county board for a ticket. Some people are making us out as a privileged group who are “entitled ” to a ticket.
    I’ve gotten an earful from club members who havnt got tickets for finals over the years and who definitely won’t get one this time round.
    I’m just saying a feel a bit of a fraud when I’ve got one in previous years and they havnt.

  52. @diehard: There’s three weeks to go before the final and we won’t even know who we’re playing until Sunday week. I think that alone curtails a lot of discussion about the final for the moment.

    @Mayohusband: I get that this may seem tiresome but there is also a lack of top-level GAA activity to discuss at the moment, unless you’re in to hurling, which many people in Co.Mayo are not. I do also think that some people online are giving the Dubs loads because of the Internet-based crap that we’ve had to put up with from the likes of Hill 16 Army and whatnot for nearly a decade. It’s wrong of course but also human nature to a degree.

    @Paddyjoejohntom: Yeah, the ticket situation is a shambles, even by comparison with any other All-Ireland ticket scramble. I don’t see why they can’t open up Croke Park entirely or almost entirely, given that we’ve had the Euros and all sorts of other mass sporting events all over Europe this summer with very little transmission as a result. All subject to people being vaccinated or proven Covid negative, of course.

  53. @Pat201 When there is a bit of a shimozzle between two players on a field the referee stands back and let’s them at in the hope that they tire themselves out dragging at their jerseys and the like. The ref is always on the look out for the next player that comes into the fray to rile things up and make the situation worse. And it is this third player that often gets booked or a ticking off more than the two boys trying to ate the jerseys off each other. Many of us on here would like to jump into the fray like Mayo in 96 and throw a few skelps but out of a respect for Willie Joe, his house rules and everything he does to keep this amazing blog on the road we keep stum. Often it’s better just say nothing and kick the cat at home instead.

  54. I think as a county allowing ourself one week to bask in last Saturdays monumental win is fair enough. However I tend to agree with some above posters now, we’re a week on and we need to forget about Lane, Mc stay, the smalls and ballymun thugs etc.
    They’re not in the final, we are, and by god do we want to win this one.

    Last Saturday was probably our greatest win since 1951 but I think anyone whose viewed it back will recognise that if we replicate that performance in the final, we will lose. We are 3 weeks out from the final and barring a miracle it’ll be our old nemesis Kerry.

    Remember 97 and the beatings of 04 & 06. Remember 2014 and all of the injustices of that fixture – keegan wrongly sent off day 1, having to go to Limerick to play them in the replay, Cormac Reilly being Kerry’s star player and being robbed blind. Remember that sucker punch like feeling in the pit of your stomach. Now remember 2017 and defeating them comprehensively after a replay in the semi final. Remember the league final in 2019. Remember walking tall after those wins. I want to beat these in the final, more than anything. I wanted us to beat Dublin too but it’s done it’s in the past, nothing can change the past. We can change the future, time to start looking forward, our players will now have recovered from last Saturday and have moved on to looking forward. As a county we need to do the same, we will be underdogs but we can win this one, I believe that firmly. Let’s not get complacent, beating dublin was not our main goal, winning Sam was and is.

  55. In my opinion the big thing about beating the Dubs is the confidence it will give our lads preparing for the final. They will also know that if we fall behind we can come back – we’ve done it twice in a big way. Confidence on the big day allows players fulfill their true potential. It is the ‘swagger’ we often associated with Kerry and Dublin. I think the new lads will benefit from this in a big way. But it will also strengthen the more experienced lads as well. A lot of their bad memories of finals will have been erased as they haven’t to face Dublin again – it’s a new experience.
    Personally I’d prefer to meet Kerry. Now there’s confidence for ya!!!

  56. @toe to hand. That poor cat must have been black & blue Saturday night.. Don’t answer a knock at the door . Lol

  57. @toe to hand totally agree but it was myself that posted About season tickets in a previous chat and each time it’s brought up @Paddyjoejohntom makes a big deal of it and last comment then was he was leaving blog for few day as he did not want to hear about season ticket talk . Saying I hope no season ticket holders get a ticket is some statement to make on a supporters blog.

    The confirmation that he has a ticket sorted already makes sense. As a season ticket holder who does not live in mayo but attends the games I will have a bigger fight on my hands to get a ticket. That is a fight I’m entitled to talk about as well as other posters and should not be cut short as someone is already sorted .

  58. I haven’t posted since last Saturday night as I was struggling to get the words to do justice to the game’s events. What a performance and what a team to be lucky enough to support. Without Cillian and Oisin, and with Aidan not really in the game, it was left to a mix of the new, some panel stalwarts (such as both Coens) and especially Robbie to get us over the line in the end. To have Dublin as a beaten docket for the entire second half of extra time was a superb achievement, as much mentally as physically.

    As an emigrant enjoying my first time back in Mayo in over eighteen months last weekend, it was very very special. The joy, excitement and pep in the pep of everyone you’d meet since has been something to see. Thanks a million lads. You earned every bit of it.

    In my view though, it’s time to leave last Saturday behind and focus on the final. Having the two extra weeks is a big benefit; in terms of being able to move on from the emotion of last weekend, recover from any injuries and plan for either of the two teams we will face. With the strength and conditioning of our panel and the resilience we’ve shown all year and beyond, we’ve plenty to prepare for but nothing to fear. Up Mayo.

  59. 🙂 🙂 Very good @ 2 hops, just as well its a virtual cat or it would be in rag order altogether.

  60. Before moving on, (its time after 1 week!)… the night cap can be:
    If anyone wants to listen to Midwest commentary one last time, I think today is the last opportunity on their app. They overwrite stuff on there after one week.
    Go to “listen back” on their app.

    Personally I like local radio / audio on its own, esp if you have already seen the game in person or tv.

  61. Uphill battle for Sligo minors in the second half.

    1-11 to 1-04 at the half. Meath have been deadly accurate.

  62. The problem with the MAyo season tickets is that there are too many of them! If it could be restricted to Cairde ticket holders I say they would do it (remember a few years ago if you renewed Cairde ticket you could buy a second All Ireland ticket) but that would cause a massive outcry from the non-Cairde season ticket holders.

    With reduced tickets this year tough decisions have to be made. And if I was Mayo COunty Board I would be allocating through the clubs. Ultimately they collect alot of money through clubs and they dont want to p*ss them off. Yes they will p*ss off some season ticket holders (county board get €70 per season ticket holder) and I say majority of season ticket holders (definetly majority of Cairde members) are also club members so the County Board know they will get sorted through their clubs. The county board need to keep the clubs happy because as well as the money they pay, they also develop our future players. Hard enough to get Bord na Nog coaches so amazing what a ticket can do to keep them on board for a few more years.

    I know in my clubthere are a lot of season ticket holders and majority will get a ticket. The only difference is they will not have a ticket for their partner/brother/sister/child etc. I am a Cairde member and hopeful that I will get a club ticket

  63. Paddyjoejohntom, there are people who are members of clubs who throw 50 or 80 euro to their club every year for basic membership but never attend a club game or mayo league / connacht championship game or help out in any way with club activities. They make that payment thinking it entitles them to an all ireland ticket as “club members”. In my case i pay 200 euro for a chairde mayo club plus ticket and 300 euro gold membership in my club every year, but now i stand the same chance of getting a ticket as those “basic members” (two of whom i know received pods of tickets for the semi final when the large majority of us active members received no tickets). I have no problem with all tickets going to clubs if there was a consistent procedure that all clubs followed in order to accomodate their active members first. Unfortunately for this all ireland there are many people who are both season ticket holders and club members who wont get a ticket. Season ticket holders in mayo contribute over 600k at the beginning of every year (before paying for the championship games) which in my view is a very significant windfall for the gaa / county board and should be recognised. We also have the issue of top tables in some clubs “sorting” tickets for buddies/family members who are not members, further eating in to the club allocation!

  64. Good points by both ‘on the one road’ and “its too hot’

    There may have been some chance if capacity was increased to near full in the government’s new Covid plan to be announced at end of Aug, but that slightly ajar door has been slammed shut now.

    Confirmed yesterday there will be no increase in the 40,000 capacity for the football final, in spite of no recorded Covid cases from games to date.

    “GAA stadium and commercial director Peter McKenna revealed in today’s Irish Examiner, “there has not been a single case of a transmission” from the 160,000 supporters who have attended games in Croke Park so far this summer.

    However, the restricted capacity for the game between Mayo and Kerry or Tyrone on September 11 won’t be eased”

  65. Now keep your knickers on whilst i ask a general question here .

    Why do these mighty club men not want to go to lesser games than the all ireland final?

  66. Exactly Sean, hence the fairness of a season ticket holder being rewarded for their time and money invested in supporting our great county team, ahead of the ordinary 50/80 euro inactive club member!!! And before anyone jumps down my throat with the “there’s no season tickets in 2021”, do you honestly believe we wouldn’t have renewed if given the chance?

  67. Sean Burke – a lot of them do go to lesser games. Ya I am going to hear you say but why less attendance at this game/that game etc. There are exceptions everywhere and I agree that some club people only turn up for finals etc but they are in minority.

    I also know of Cairde Maigheo holders who only ever go to a final (and the odd semi final) so your question could be repharsed “why do these mighty season ticket holders not want to go to lesser games than the all ireland final?”. We all know people who get multiple tickets scanned at turnstiles so minimum attendance would be met. I have done it myself. Not having a go at you but just trying to highlight that there are some people who only come out of the woodwork for finals and they are both club members and season ticket holders

  68. Thats it surely , ive met people at away league games and i was glad to do so as they gave me one of many season tickets thaey had to be scanned , a common feature of st holders is to get others to scan their ticket for them . cairde i dont think you even have to have the % attendance .

    Not going to change anything it is what it is i suppose , my point is , mick pat ruddy from ballycroy or lahardane who cuts the grass and sells lotto tickets is very deserving of ticket but im just trying to understand the character of some of these people who could not be arsed to go to a league game or an early championship match and there are a lot of these type as is evident in the numbers who turned up for leitrim game only this year after been locked out for over a year .

  69. Fuck it just dawned on me that the jubilee team to be honoured at the final is the Meath team of 1996!!

  70. Re Tickets.. the All Ireland final will now be played in September, the Government, some of whom appears to be able to break the Covid regulations they make themselves with impunity.. But the Government is due to revise what’s going to happen re Opening Up at the end of August, so it is entirely possible that a crowd of greater than 40K be allowed for the football final. As it is at the moment, 40K are allowed for the All Ireland hurling final tommorow, but it’s back down to 24K allowed for the Kerry/Tyrone semifinal the following week, you couldn’t make it up, but the Cabinet makes it up .. So we will hear more from the Government in the coming weeks, re attendance at sporting occasions and outdoor concert’s and so on… There may be an outside chance of a full house in Croke Park for the All Ireland final, in such a seneario, ex season ticket holders should definitely be given the chance to buy a ticket for the All Ireland final, maybe even with reduced capicity as well, with the renewal of the season ticket for the 2022 season.. When, Hopefully, Hopefully, Hopefully everyone will be able to attend every occasion!

  71. A good discussion ongoing which is really what I wanted to see as mentioning of that topic was frowned upon . I think we all know that at reduced capacity it will mean some people will not get opportunity to attend. On a normal year Mayo gaa has a responsibility to ensure tickets available to clubs , sponsors and season tickets. This year only one group is froze out which is a disappointment, even a raffle of tickets between season ticket holders would give the feeling we are at least valued.

  72. Are you thinking what I’m thinking Our time has Come regarding the Jubilee team to be honoured? I would never condone booing the feck out of any team especially on this blog actually it might be just as well I can’t get a ticket to the final I might do a Mayo Mick

  73. Some of restrictions are absolutely bananas and are a contradiction . How we can be reverting back to 24k next is just plain stupid .

    Full houses all over the uk , there is no evidence to support having outdoor events partly attended . It’s just fucking bonkers .

  74. Haha Glorydays however I feel no applause/silence would be better than booing – Meath are no longer relevant to us, we’ve been consistently competitive whereas they’ve been consistently whipping boys in Leinster alone. They don’t even matter to us now

  75. On the one road, you are correct, iv seen plenty of people trying to get cards scanned at all league games in particular. The difference between the season ticket holder who doesnt go to games and the club man that turns up on all ireland day is that the club man spends nothing other than basic 50-80 membership and a final ticket. The season ticket holder has to fork out 200 at the start of the year whether they go to the league games or not, and then has to pay for all championship games after the first two whether they attend or not (first one is included in your ticket and you have 1 opt out also). The season ticket holder who doesnt attend the games before the final is basically a smale scale sponsor, while the lazy club man who turns up for all irelands only isint really much use to any of us in the GAA. To be honest after spending 500 euro at the beginning of every year for season ticket / club membership for the last decade, il be reviewing my investment for next year as its quite significant when all the years are added up. Might have to pick one over the other i suppose!!!

  76. Sean Burke.Tickets already sold for this semi. The pods have been decided for the match being played on the 15th August. Where would you put the new pods?

  77. pure nonsense onemoreyear , pods me arse , i hugged more strangers at last weeks game than i did in my entire life . this country is hellbent on these completely nonsensical restrictions.

    how can anyone justify restricting capacity when we are at 84% fully vaccinated , sure youre never going to be much higher . its a shambles , there were over ten thousand people crammed into a concert in west belfast last week , shoulder to shoulder singing at the top of their voices. i repeat again the football grounds in the UK are full for two weeks now . They are no further on than us . omg its so frustrating

  78. Any last minute ticket for Hurling final, I have a Limerick woman looking to go

  79. @sean burke not that I’m complaining but seemed like a lot more than 24k at that match last week . Wondering how that happened and even heard there was plenty tickets outside.

  80. @our time has come: Maybe we can all head off to the jacks/for food for the duration of the interval?

  81. This argument that seems to be brewing between season ticket v club member is the biggest load of nonsense I’ve read in a long time. There’s no either or as alot of seasons ticket holders are also club members. There seems to be this idea floating about that season ticket holders are more ‘loyal’ than other, also a complete load of nonsense, (I am a season ticket holder in case people ask). There is really no saving for having a season ticket and if there wasn’t the offer of a final ticket attached then there would be very few sold, I know I wouldn’t bother because its a pain in the arse sometimes getting scanned then arguing with GAA etc when it doesn’t work. With reduced numbers some people are going to miss out, its tough but thats the way it is. There is no perfect way for distributing tickets but going through the clubs is the best way, its the clubs that pay huge levies and keep the MayoGAA show on the road at great difficulty. People need to stop this whole load of rubbish about who deserves a ti ket more, we are all Mayo fans whether you go to 1 of all of the games.

  82. Sean Burke. How many positive covid cases were confirmed in NI yesterday. The highest ever daily total, concerts with 10k are not helping. Hospitals are in crisis and non covid patients are bearing the brunt of non treatment / referrals.

  83. A little dismissive to the loyal county supporter there mayomad , i find that quite upsetting if im honest , a life times dedication up and down the country for a lot of us. i understand its through the clubs, final tickets are distributed and thats fine , with half capacity most of us not involved with a club in mayo will lose out this time but jesus i dont think there is a need for the abrupt tone for something thats close to the aul heartstrings for a lot of us .

  84. I agree with Sean Burke. As he said we have travelled with this team many years and do not want to miss out at final step if it’s to be . As I said I totally agree with clubs getting tickets but to not even take into account the season ticket holders is hard. As many have said their is a lot of good people in clubs doing hard work that deserve the ticket but outside that core group it’s a free for all and connections matter in most clubs. We often point out sunshine politician supporters who show up at final but under the thought process of who has done most for county/gaa they have as good a shout as anyone. That may not be a good example but I think my point comes across.

  85. Sean Burke, never said people were not loyal, of course there are thousands of loyal supporters, yourself included. Just making a point that having a season ticket doesn’t automatically make a person any more loyal than another supporter without one.

  86. OurTimehasCome, just saw your comment referencing that the jubilee team being honoured at the final is the Meath team of 1996 ; that’s the perfect motivation to expose our players to before the ball is thrown in. God help the opposition!!!

  87. Anyone know if brendan harrison played for aughamore this evening…he didn’t against charlestown, you would think the more game time he gets the better.

  88. Sean………I have a friend, double vaxed, who has caught the C19 D-Variant and she’s not in good shape but dreading to think how it would have hit her if she wasnt vaccinated…….Castlebarred’s points above are very apt……..I wouldn’t be hugging too many strangers at games myself and tbh I think letting 40,000 in to Croker tomorrow is madness……

  89. Blondie 11 – I dont know if he played but I am guessing there is squad weekend/training and would be surprised if anyone was released to play with clubs. I presume there will be another A vs B game this week or next weekend so that will bring him on.

    Anyone have any idea how many tickets the competing counties got for the hurling. I know our club got a hurling ticket (used to get 2) so tickets are going around the country. I had expected this wouldnt happen but if it is and then you add in sponsors etc the club allocation looks like it is going to be smaller than i would have expected. I was a club officer for four all irelands (plus a replay). To be honest it was an absolute pain to be dealing with tickets but looks like this year is going to be even worse. Most years I was so fed up I would consider not going myself but always copped on at the end!! The only bright side is they dont have to pick where people sit this year. Submit email addresses and thats it. It was bad enough telling people they didnt get a ticket but then you had a*seholes who got a ticket complaining about it been a bad ticket! What I would think is a bad ticket someone else thought is a great ticket. You could give someone a Hogan ticket that is bordering on Davan Stand at the very back of the top row and they would be delighted and consider that better than any Cusack ticket!

    Sean Burke – raffle wouldnt work. To make it look like it is meaningful probably would have to allocate 300 / 400 ticket to it and that looks like it is going to be a sizeable percentage of the county ticket allocation. Its going to be a tough few weeks for county board officers. They are going to get criticized no matter what they do and most of it is out of their control as they are going to have a small supply of tickets.

    Up for the Match – I dont know what Mayos allocation was in previous years but one of the big things was that neutral tickets made there way to competing counties. that’s not going to happen to the same extent this year.

    I’m fairly sure I will get a ticket but most of the gang I go to games will not, Its going to be a different weekend in that regard this year. I think we need to accept that and start looking at alternatives. Ballina had the big screen for the semi final. Heard no reports on it but assuming it went well I think other towns/villages should start looking at ways of watching outdoors with crowds that are within Covid limits and try and make the most of the occasion even if not in Croke Park

  90. Some interesting stuff.
    Team has a 2 week routine but guessing the extra sessions will help and more time to analyse both games. Not a mad fan of the Kerry manager, plenty of yerra stuff coming from him, James is a much easier listen. Tyrone lads a bit deadpan so no great media excitement if they win.
    Heard they couldn’t stop Eogan Mac coming to training the following Wednesday and they put him on a stationary bike and he amazed people with he could do on that bike. Urban legend or not it’s a good story.
    Stephen Coen is a great guy, he mightn’t be as naturally talented as some others on the team but reads the game really well.

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