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statue-of-libertyNeedless to say, we’re raging, rip-roaring favourites to come away from Gaelic Park with a win tomorrow – so much so that our odds with Paddy Power are far meaner than those of gloomy George Lee to win the Dublin South by-election.  There’s no point linking into all the previews: none of them have much to say, to be honest, and, of course, they all say we’ll win with more than a bit to spare.  As do the respondents to the poll on this site: 93% of you think we’ll win by at least enough to avoid red faces at Shannon on the way home.  The one thing in the papers that’s worth a look is this excellent piece about Mayo, New York and emigration in today’s Times by Keith Duggan (who will one day surely have to get Honorary Mayoman status conferred on him).

Just to clarify coverage of tomorrow’s match: throw-in is at 8 pm our time and full live commentary from Gaelic Park will be broadcast on Midwest, starting from 7.30 pm.  I’ll be Twittering during the game and so too will Club Mayo’s man on the spot so you should have no trouble keeping abreast of the action as it unfolds tomorrow evening.  So, Aertel, stuff that up your lazy and poorly organised posterior!   I’ll also, of course, be doing audio and print match reports after the final whistle has sounded Stateside, the former right after the match ends, the latter should be up around midnight or so.

That’s about it about tomorrow’s action.  The girls were centre stage today and their Division 1 NFL final against Cork at Kiltoom was televised live on TG4 but, not for the first time, the girls were no match for the Rebelettes who ran out winners by 12 points.  As I’ve noted before, Cork are to ladies football what their neighbours are to the male variety:  I really do hope they don’t start breeding with each other.

Finally, it’s last chance saloon for anyone who hasn’t yet registered for the championship mini-league.  The shutters come down at midnight (because you have to have your predictions for tomorrow’s match in the Bronx done by then).  If anyone wants to join mini-league between now and midnight, the quickest way to do so is to log into your account, join (if you haven’t already done so) or enter the 2009 Football Championship competition, then click the “Join Mini-League” tab on the left-hand panel and enter the mini-league ID which is 0jAJtZRlG1p6.  Why I didn’t tell everyone to do this a few weeks back is beyond me – it’s obviously not just Aertel that hasn’t got its shit together.

Till tomorrow, y’all.

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  1. thanks for updates WJ. I was a bit red faced for the first 10 mins and must admit to having some stomach churning thoughts. Thankfully i was over reacting. It sounds like it was far from flawless so maybe a couple of lessons learned which is no bad thing. Job done and we’re up and running

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