Previews, birthdays and the Blog Awards

It’s fairly straightforward going through the previews for tomorrow’s NFL clash with Kerry down in Tralee (throw-in 2.30 pm), as everyone is expecting them to win.  By everyone, I mean RTÉ and the Irish Times but I’m sure the Indo and the others are all swimming with the tide on this one as well.  So is Paddy Power, who remains solidly – to the tune of 2/5 – behind the the home team. At least you lot are a bit more positive about our hopes, with a resounding 68% of you taking the view that we’ll do the business in Austin Stack Park tomorrow.

One article in the papers that is worth a read is this thoughtful, knowledgeable piece on us in today’s Examiner by Kerry’s own Dara Ó Cinnéide. I know I’m wont to give the Kerrymen a hard time now and again, but they sure do know their football.  Dara was a classy enough footballer in his day and he’s a nice writer too: I particularly like the bullfighting and Hemingway references he uses here. He’s a good lad, is Dara.

Another good lad is my own little mucker, who is set to reach the advanced age of five tomorrow and who, when he gets up to greet the day in the morning, will discover that, amongst other things, he’s the proud owner of a Dublin replica kit.  I tried, I truly did but the blue horde got to him first.  He does shout for us now and again, though, and did travel to Roscommon with me on Paddy’s Day to get behind our U21s, where he cried more than a few bitter tears after Donie Shine lamped over that late, late winning point.  No more than his oul’ fella, he’s not that fond of losing.

Because of the domestic festivities that’ll be going on around here tomorrow, I’ll probably be a bit more detached from events than usual.  As a result, you can expect fewer tweets than normal during the match and, most likely, a more succinct match report than normal later on tomorrow evening.

Finally, I’m happy to announce that once again I’ve reached the final shake-up in the sports and recreation category of the Irish Blog Awards.  The knitting and drinking blogs have all fallen by the wayside at this stage and, as well as this humble creation, the shortlist comprises two soccer blogs, a cycling one and a general sports one.  The awards ceremony takes place in Galway next Saturday night and, given that I’ll be heading west for the Monaghan game that weekend anyway, I think I might even manage to make it to the bash in the Radisson on the 27th.  Just in case, like.

8 thoughts on “Previews, birthdays and the Blog Awards

  1. Fair play to you wj, well deserved.. im also a reader of one of your competition which is also very good.. Both excellent blogs and i know thats his full time job. I think we should all throw in a fiver to give something back..
    All your missing is a podcast..

  2. Thanks JJ – I’m a fairly regular reader of that one too and his turn of phrase can be completely hilarious at times. He won it two years ago and I guess will be short odds to repeat the trick again this year.

    I’ve thought a bit about doing podcasts but the time, effort and technical know-how required has always seemed a bit excessive (I do have to work too, after all!). One option, which the Mayo News lads have now started doing, might be to use Audioboo to do some mini-podcasts. I’m not sure audio is my thing – I um and ah more than Des Cahill on a bad day on the post-match audio pieces I do – but I suppose it’s the next obvious development.

  3. Best of luck with that, if you win it will be well deserved.

    For what its worth I find your audio pieces very helpful and informative, for instance it was the quickest and easiest source of information after the under 21 game on Wednesday. Maybe yourself and PJ could do audio previews and analysis ahead of the odd game now and again, it might be easier to do an audio bit if there’s two of you talking back and over to each other?

  4. O Cinneide thinks we are afraid to hope, afraid to dream and trust this team. Jesus we have spent a long time hoping and dreaming. lets trust Johno and the lads. Keep knocking on the door until it opens.

  5. Good to see you in the final. Dont worry about the ref too much, its the f****ng side line or umpires that might rob you! Anyway thanks for putting up Dara’s piece. Brilliant bit. In doing what he did , he might have given us an insight into how Kerry approached playing us on the really big days. Returning to a fixed point in the bullring certainly ring’s a a lot of bells in my mind about a certain team when they feel the heat.

  6. Thanks for the kind wishes, lads. That’s helpful feedback on the audio stuff, Declan, and I have to admit I never thought about roping in anyone else on the post-match pieces. I’m not sure what PJ or The Brother will think about it but sure there’s no harm in asking them, I guess. The more I think about it, I might even be able to use Audioboo for other kind of mini-podcasts too but only if the sound quality resulting from sticking a mobile up to the laptop is okay. One for the lab, I think!

  7. Sorry Declan I`m much too emotional to be let near a microfone especially after losing it would be no fun listening to a grown man cry!

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