Provincial Championship draws on tomorrow

The contours of next year’s inter-county season will take further shape tomorrow, as the provincial Championship draws are set to take place then. Unlike the pre-Covid era, it’ll be a low-key event broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1’s Saturday Sport show where the draws will take place just after 3pm.

With the defeat of the reform proposals for inter-county competition structures at the recent Special Congress, there’s sure to be an air of Paradise Lost (or Rebuffed) tomorrow afternoon when the same old, stale provincial fixtures are rolled out once again. With fresh restructuring plans to be tabled for consideration at some point next year, though, tomorrow’s provincial draws may well be the last ones in their current form.

We go into the hat once again as provincial champions and, as ever, we’ll be aiming for Nestor Cup success next year as the most direct way into the All-Ireland series. What kind of Connacht campaign awaits us in 2022 will be revealed when the draw takes place tomorrow afternoon.

16 thoughts on “Provincial Championship draws on tomorrow

  1. @Jrb, as long as it’s not in Croke Park on All Ireland final day when they’ll kick us back to Alabama with tails between our legs and have a good laugh about the “Mayo’s”.

  2. @Jrb.. no need for that.. The word often preceding ‘Dandy’ is often ‘Fine’ as in Fine and Dandy… I don’t think it does anything to enhance Mayo’s chances in a game of football, or our reputation by denigrating our neighbors and rivals.. Without rivals there would be no football.. If Galway were playing a non Connacht team in any competition I would probably support them, If they are playing another Connacht team I usually support the underdog…His name escapes me but I admire yer man from Roscommon the Barber, passionate Roscommon football fan, and like ourselves in Mayo, never had the opportunity to see someone in the Primrose and Blue lifting Sam in Croke Park either .But I heard him speak on Radio and TV a number of times..He definitely loves his native county, and he said that he hated ever to hear any Roscommon fan ever denegrate the opposition… You know those lines that now make the border lines designating one County from another, are not an Irish or Gaelic construct at all, but rather lines drawn by the invaders, to carve up the land of Ireland, take it from the Gaels of Ireland, and give it to various titled Conquesadors loyal to an English Crown,. and also to divide us as a people, the more divided, the easier to conquer . Hence the phrase ‘Divide and Conquer’… Now having said all that, I definitely hate to see Galway beat Mayo,

  3. No it is a home draw. Connacht Council dictated a neutral venue last Summer.

    Are we going to London? Would have been due last year but is our turn skipped?

  4. Ah stop,Viper enough is enough.
    Plenty of doom and gloom around without coming on here readings more.
    I think you made your point a while back.

  5. @viper
    Are you continuing on with this into 2022?
    I’d imagine most posters would prefer if you’d give it a rest.

  6. If Galway changed manager they would be a team to fear. The full back line of a few years ago in the stand with the Dalys last year. Kerins was an ideal man for any of our corner forwards. Walsh has not helped himself giving out after the CF, every back will target him now.

  7. That draw should concentrate the minds of our players and management. At least we won’t meet in the league.

  8. The other way of looking at that draw is if we win, we are probably through to a quarter, so… Big incentive.

  9. I imagine both teams will have to take the league seriously given they are meeting each other so early in championship. The Rossies will be happy. They can almost start planning for a Connacht final already.

  10. Can anyone answer my Question, if Galway beat Mayo in our first game are we out of the Championship.

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