Provisional dates for next year’s League fixtures published


There, didn’t I say it? As soon as the GAA circulates provisional dates for the following year’s League fixtures they escape out into the public domain in short order. The source from which the leak emerged this year may have been a little unusual – the Irish Sun, full details here – but the fact that it happened represents no more than business as usual.

To be honest, as has already been noted in the comments, there’s nothing overly imaginative in how the 2018 League schedule has been set up. Home and away matches from last year have been flipped with fixtures against the two Division One newbies – Galway and Kildare – slotting into the places where this year the matches against Roscommon and Cavan took place.

So for us this means we start our 2018 NFL Division One campaign away to Monaghan (Sunday, 28th January), then we’re home against Kerry (Saturday, February 3rd), away to Galway (Sunday, 11th February), home against Dublin (Saturday, 24th February), away to Kildare (4th March), home against Tyrone (Saturday, 17th March) and away to Donegal (Sunday, 25th March).

This time around it’s three home matches (against the three other All-Ireland semi-finalists, all three matches to be played as Saturday night fixtures under the lights at MacHale Park) and four away ones. Two of those are against Ulster opponents (Monaghan and Donegal – both of whom, no doubt, we can expect plenty of he-man spring bullshit from before they tail off completely for the summer) and the other two against promoted Galway and Kildare.

With both the FBD and the NFL fixtures now published, a significant chunk of next year’s football calendar has been laid out for us. It’s definitely time, then, for Stephen Rochford and his backroom team to confirm where they stand for 2018. After all, not alone are we now ready to go again we know where we’re headed next spring as well.

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  1. This could prove a very difficult league for us. Four very tough games to start and earlier than usual. Mayo will probably have a holiday in early January as usual and will lack fitness. Wouldn’t fear anyone later in the year, but having to be ready so early, will we. Don’t see much chance to try many new lads either.

  2. Well either we try new lads or will be second best again ..Dublin bench much stronger than ours …not saying its OK to be relegated but the league is where new lads get tested and must play regularly .

  3. Think its crazy having teams back on the road at the end of January but looking forward to Saturday nights under lights in Mc Hale pk all the same…They worked out really well for supporters this year I feel..Interesting times ahead..

  4. We could be on the road every weekend till the end of March on that schdule as 17/18 Feb is the only free weekend for an FBD final. Interesting times ahead.

  5. I think we have to give the young lads a chance and try to bring on new guys and give them game time. If we get relegated so what if the end result is we have devoloped a few new lads who we can spring from the bench in the championship later on in the year.

  6. Regina
    You say it’s crazy having teams back out in January. Out of interest when do you propose putting teams out.

    I think the fixture schedule is a nightmare. While you try to combine club and county you can’t make anyone happy

  7. League is the place to be trying the new players or existing lads who haven’t gotten enough of a crack in the championship. Too late risking most fellas in summer when they haven’t enough previous intercounty experience. The other benefit is reduce injury risk to players needed come summer. FBD is really only for the new or rarely tried panelists bar a few old guard for small bit of steadiness to be competitive.

  8. Lads I’d like to see are Akram, Gallagher, Reape, Douglas if his club form is high again deserves another chance (as unlucky with injury timing around previous county runs), Hall, Ruane. Boland though proven at FBD and early league standard could again be given game time. The young midfielders from Charlestown, Louisberg and Westport and trying to find an orthodox big strong full back who is also very fast and sticky. Also hoping some of the above are in S&C as soon as management back meeting once their clubs are out of the championship. Someone like Conor OS could be given a try at full back. Nally again but work out his best position (I think midfield or half forwards because his first few yards mightn’t make him a half back). Has Kirby something to offer. Is he too slow for corner forward? If so could we try him again FF as he has accuracy and 6’5″.

  9. See some Dubs fans are saying sledging of Philly Mc Mahon was by a certain Mayo player before start of 2013 final. You would not expect any less from them! Unfounded innuendo again from All Ireland winning fans.

  10. Think we should try win 3 to 4 games and bring in new players

    At this stage if there’s no announcement I think the management team will stay on

  11. Great to see the fixtures all laid out in front of us for nearly the next six months! A bitta tweeking here and there with the folks at work and I should be able to get to most of those, Yippee!!!
    And Phillip McMahon on the late late telling us how the sledging strengthened him? It could well have. But after been bitten by Fr. Phillip, shouldn’t that make Paul Kerrigan the strongest man on earth?

  12. Tough league campaign starting so early as well. We cant have it both ways. We either try out new players, give the older lads a break and risk relegation OR flog the older lads again with a really early start against opponents that will be all out to take us down. Id go for the first option, but theres no point on us going all cranky and panicky if we lose the first few games, demanding managers head and reinstatement of older players. We ve enjoyed life in Div 1 for many years and have enjoyed our frequent runs to AI Finals. That will be nothing to our enjoyment if we can claim Sam, so I would risk a poor spring and try to develop a few new lads and rest a few older lads to give us a shout at a glorious autumn..

  13. Western roo..It feels like players are getting less and less time to recharge after a long season..Thats my issue with it..Players like Paddy Durcan,Diarmuid and Cillian are still involved in club games and its now the middle of October..

  14. I feel like I’m getting over the all Ireland final, and then I have to listen to Philly McMahon on the late late. Fair enough, he does a lot for drug awareness in Dublin. But it’s just ironic hearing him play the victim about sledging. He’s one of the worst offenders in the game! He’s just such a hypocrite. We all heard about how he was sledging the Gooch during the week on Off the Ball. “That’s the way I play, ” etc
    Then those losers on Hill 16 Army pop up on my Facebook feed, posting videos of that bitter idiot from the bookies talking shite about Mayo. The guy Barry who runs that page has to be just about the worst type of Dublin fan around. Has spent the entire 3 weeks since the all Ireland goading Mayo. He had the neck to post the week before the all Ireland on his page about how he wanted a respectful build up, etc etc between Dublin and Mayo fans, but he’s about as genuine as fake tits. Now he’s begging people to let him know who the Mayo bookies idiot is, so he can bring him on his podcast (the fact that he even has a podcast is laughable)! Just to ridicule Mayo fans even more.
    A sore, bitter winner has to be the worst type of person you can meet and he’s a prime example.
    The abuse that the likes of cillian and Lee in particular get from those Dublin pages is disgusting, and from cowards who would never dare say it to their faces. Those Dublin Facebook fan pages are the perfect example of Willie Joes theory that Facebook and twitter have made the world a worse place. Our own Mayo GAA banter page is not far behind them at times too by the way.

  15. I rarely watch the late late show more of a graham norton person but the last time I seen it Philly McMahon was on telling the exact same story.
    People wonder is Gooch giving all the proceeds of his testimonial to charity. I wonder is Philly giving all the proceeds of his book to charity seems it seems to be a good bit about his brother.

  16. MacMahon he seems like a decent fella off the field. He wouldn’t be my favourite on it but we have our dark arts players too so no point getting outraged.

  17. Poor McMahon. Making a fool of himself in front of tv cameras, Jim Gavin or someone should tell him to just play his football, enjoy all the medals and trophies and shut up. He’s coming across as a sore winner.

  18. The secret is to not care about this stuff or bother posting about ir.
    It’s a club championship day that’s our focus today.

  19. I was thinking the same , he told exactly the same story the last time he was on the late late

    It was actually nearly identical , I actually couldn’t believe he was on about sledging , he is the master of it

    I’m based in Dublin myself , a lad from home asked me to go to the semis tonight

    I actually couldn’t , don’t want anything to do with dubs gaa , the way that hill 16 army and a lot of there fans I couldn’t

    Not been bitter , just a matter of principle , a lot of these guys are not gaa people

    There’s a huge rivelry there now between both counties

  20. I’ve not seen any mention of that justoutsideballagh. Saw the stars name mentioned numerous times and not by just dubs either. Id be more inclined to believe that than amy of our players or is that just me looking through rose tinted glasses. Horrible thing to say to be fair.

  21. Willie Joe can we get delete all “I heard a rumour” “seen such n such a name with a rumour”.

  22. Every one should just block the dublin gaa Facebook pages. That way they won’t show up on your news feed.

  23. Always remember pressure is for tyres and rumours is the name of a Fleetwood Mac album never worry about either. Worry is useless. Live by that maximum and you’ll be happy out apart from the odd All Ireland final
    Loss but even that is only temporary and we to again in 12 weeks

  24. I think it’s rich McMahon talking about sledging. Pot Kettle Black. Also the Indo has hit rock bottom today, and has started to dig, by using the adjective “Classy” in the same headline as McMahon.

  25. The annual campaign to beatify Philly the Gouger is on again. The last time he wheeled out this story was when Kieran Donaghy tried to break Philly’s finger using his eye. It’s a subtle and sleeveen move on his behalf. You just drop the old “I was sledged about my brother” line and then leave it at that. You leave enough ambiguity for the Dutch Gold fuelled “supporters” online to attach the allegation to whatever particular Mayo player is the current target of their ire, in this instance Cillian.
    Those savage culchies coming up from the bog with their underhand tactics against our Corinthian warriors.

  26. Spare me from st philly. I swear it never ending. All these Medals and the Dubs still not happy. If we had just one All Ireland, we would be overjoyed. Still though no danger a Ref will issue a card at mcmahon in 2018.

  27. Hi folks,
    Hope the healing is at an advanced stage for most of the Mayo supporters despite undoubted bad taste that lingers after such losses. Two years ago I stayed in a hotel that is in Castlebar but for the life of me I can’t remember it’s name, it is closet to a shopping centre and it is a modern building, I’d appreciate if someone could suggest the name to me, thanks.

  28. The Harlequin, I’d say Gamechanger10. Might have been Days Inn a few years back and God knows before that. It’s been doing the rounds, NAMA shtyle!!

  29. how long before we know what’s going on with the management of the senior team? I’m hoping the long wait means it’s positive and a foregone conclusion.

  30. looking forward to next year already i know its bit early. are the media and rte hyping up the dubs are am i bit unfair sorry foe any offence caused

  31. You do a great job on it alright Willie Joe. Ah it was more all this mention o Cillian n Donaghy with this whole McMahon thing. But it’ll settle I suppose.
    Moy Davitts v Kiltimagh in the intermediate final. Derby match, tight one to call.

  32. Any standouts today at intermediate games? How did Reape go? Must be a couple of kiltimagh players close to an FBD league run out too?? Ciaran Charlton was an excellent minor about cillian o Connors age, worth a look?

  33. Attended Ballina for intermediate semi finals today.Kiltimagh ran out comfortable winners over Louisburgh in a dull affair.Cillian Finn on the Kiltimagh team impressed me tho made numerous bursts from half back and chipped in with 2 points.Looks a top footballer.
    Other game wasnt a whole lot better either Moy Davitts running out victors in the end.Brian Reape was quieter than usual.Expecting a big show from him in the final next week tho if hes to push his way on to the Mayo team for the upcoming season. Brian Heneghan played well for Moy davitts.

  34. Larry Duff, would you ever delete those Facebook pages or other that bother you so much. Any of that crap that’s been spouted out from those fuckers is best ignored.

  35. David Lydon, Cillian Finn, Kevin Mulderrig and Ciaran Charlton should get a call up for fbd from Kiltimagh. Should be a great game next week. Both teams know each other really well. Eoghan Lavan has looked a level above also in the short outings he’s had since missing a year out through injury.
    Moy Davitts no.9 looks like a really nice player even though James Mulderrig gets the mentions

  36. Kiltimagh will be warm favourites for next week based on what I saw today. They seem strong right through the team. Stand out players for me were Cillian Finn – pacy left footed half back, well able to kick a point and Sean Walsh – tall midfielder, gave an exhibition of high fielding, seems mobile too.

    Moy Davitts were very wasteful up front with some very poor shot selection. Brian Reape wasn’t as influential as he can be, but it’s still clear the potential he has. He won almost every ball played into him out in front and has the pace to take on and beat his marker. Just needs to work on his decision making.

  37. Can somebody please tell me when the Senior Club Final is on? Next Sunday 22nd – or 29th? I see from comments above that the Inter final is on 22nd so would presume that the Senior is rhe sme day in a double bill.

  38. I saw the second video this morning showing that guy from the bookies now in a pub giving out about Cillian I think it’s an absolute disgrace that someone would speak like this against an Ameteur sportsman that has given blood sweat and tears for the cause. Whoever this guy is he should be ashamed of himself and banned from MacHale and Croke Park

  39. We could well lose all 3 of them home games if we dont improve our performances in Mchale Park. Though playing Kerry early in the league is a good thing.

    Away wins against Galway and Kildare could be crucial in staying up.

    As for St Philly. As they say “what goes around, comes around”.

    Except for gouging and red cards.

  40. It’s going to be a long 2 1/2 months of listening to waffle about bookies offices shenanigans and lads from dublin pretending that they’re victims. Roll on the fbd, all is forgiven.

  41. can i ask why do the dubs dislike cillian its so childish its very unfair to give out a player who gives so much to the cause

  42. Well done Breaffy on securing league title today after tight game with knockmore, nice for them after difficult year off the field.
    Albeit with game more played than knockmore and Castlebar who had their game deemed null and void and was not allowed be played.
    Of county players Aidan was probably best IMO worked very hard and showed really well was singled for some tough and unwarranted treatment as usual but also lucky not see red for retaliating thump and couple dives.
    Of fringe players Irwin was very well marshalled by young Parks but out muscled Park for one fine point which saw Park leave injured after awkward fall. Missed couple frees also and lack of speed a worry.
    Ruane only came in as sub and didn’t stand out as such but given length on and fact he’s been out can’t expect much today.
    Hall came on early after Breaffy corner back was left dizzy by Naughton who had an exceptional game particularly in first half. Hall also got little change there so couple more defenders were tried on him with largely similar results classy young player.
    Hall did come bit more in to it when moved further out.
    So bar the established players Hall, Naughton, Park, Ruane maybe options in time IMO.

  43. Cait. Do you really have to ask? It’s not only Dubs. You have so many likeable players who seem to enjoy the battle and play with abandon and are class off the pitch in interviews as well. Don’t know Cillian at all never heard him interviewed. But on the pitch he comes across sour and a bit of a moan . always in refs ear and he as a player who gives it and as one of the dark arts expert’s certainly can’t take it…as much a st Cillian as we have st Philly ..but I don’t remember Philly having temper tantrum like a six year old . Cillian is probably a lovely fella as most inter county players are but its his messing on the pitch rubs other fans wrong way. But listen yous give out about plenty of ours including Jim Gavin. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Jim away from Gaa and a gent he is but he’ll never be seen outside of Dublin that way..

  44. Outta the blue,you said all you needed to say in one line-“Dont know Cillian at all”.

  45. Outta the Blue you dislike Cillian fair enough Ive no problem with that. Perhaps you’d like him more if he was “soft” like us Mayo supporters…. thats what you were saying bout us last time you showed up on here anyway. As a matter of interest are there any good Dublin GAA forums to hang out on?

  46. Jg no there is not. I’m not doing the dirty on Cillian answering a question. Yes I don’t know Cillian as I would say vast majority of you don’t known Philly but slag slate and give out about him. As I’ve said before I’m a gaa mad Dub, who goes on every gaa site and forum I can , this is one of the sanest but you have to realise when you’re a bit precious it can’t be all the big bad Dubs and not believe that you have players equally as cynical/ tough/ borderline ,by the way I unfollowed most of those fan pages a long time ago , would be better thing to do than read them and get all outraged. Life’s way too short., and yes compared to most other counties I do think you give your players a easy ride . Don’t think I ment it as soft but as soft on your players if you know what I mean. I can see you all have a great bond with this Mayo team but sometimes blind loyalty can well blind. This is the best team from Mayo ever. The only curse is its come at the same time as Dublin got its best manager ever along with a great group of players. Any other era Mayo would be three in a row. But stop blaming everyone else . Was it ronan OGara or one of the kerry media Mafia pointed out welcoming back losing teams like heroes creates losing culture, anyway I’ll stop posting as never ment to upst go find a dublin forum “God help me” see yous next year in the final again

  47. Who’s this Steven o Malley guy from balintubber?? Hit 2-5 from play today. That’s serious going even at this level. What age is he?

  48. Folks
    I cant understand why anyone is paying heed / caring about what Dublin think of us or our players.
    Lets be honest the Dublin fan base are dog rough and not blessed with intellectuals . Your man Barry from Hill 16 has every year they won the title tattooed on his chest……thats the type of muppet you are dealing with.

  49. Larry duff he was on Mayo minor panel last year. Very talented young lad. Can kick some unbelievable points. Defo one to watch.

  50. Cait, Its not Cilian who is hated by the Dubs but the bould Leeroy, because he is seen as the biggest threat to their domination. I have heard it said recently that he is more hated and probably admired than Graham Geraghty who played for Meath and they did not like him..

  51. thank God for Keegan and co, they’re the new enemy. The jackeens wouldn’t know what to do without an enemy. The big question is will they wave the green and red flag like they waved the Union Jack?

  52. Backdoorsam that Jimmy from Claremorris fella talking rubbish in that video will be a bit red faced today.They were hammered by the Tubber .Cillian the man he criticised took them apart in the first half they cudnt cope with him.He also said 2 claremorris players should be on the Mayo team not after todays performance.

  53. All – I think the time is well past for talking about Dublin players and their supporters. It’s over for this year and we’ll have plenty of hurdles to get over next year before we can start turning our focus back to them again.

  54. Paddy in Dublin no its Cillian. Lee Keagan doesn’t do the moaning just gets on with it. We’d have Lee in a heartbeat. .Dave really the auld Union jack one, are you 14 years of good luck

  55. Stephen OMalley has had some good form for Ballintubber for a while. There were a few games here n there where he was their top scorer.
    @Gizmo, I would know a few Knockmores they all tell me Peter Nuaghton is a gem. I’v seen him a few times and always been impressed.
    He was a very consistent scorer this year.

  56. Crazy that Shane Nally is not making the Mayo team – by far the best player on view today in the 1st game –
    wonderful left foot & real vison, Can really pick out a pass & kick some wonderful long range scores. When Garrymore needed a leader badly today after Castlebar goal he stood up & made the difference.
    This is from someone who grew up hating the sight of that Garrymore jersey !!!!

  57. I think Stephen O’Malley was minor last year which would make him 19 now. 2-5 is serious scoring at senior level even though Claremorris were poor. The forward play from Tubber in the first half was a joy to watch. Cillian, Diarmuid and Alan Dillon all played well. They should win the final next week with their opponents having to play a mid week replay.

    Castlebar were disappointing. Paddy Durcan had a very quiet game. Shane Nally got 2 monster points and Cathal Slattery finished his goal really well. I feel Garry’ have missed their chance today. Mitchels were on the ropes towards the end but Garry’ did not put them away.

  58. Outta the Blue I agree with most of what you say
    * this forum is the sanest one out there (I dont visit any others)
    *every top tier team has their fair share of hard/cynical/play on the edge players
    *My own opinion is that Mayo havent won the All Ireland in recent times because we havent been good enough – close but not able to get the crucial scores at vital times. So you see Im not blaming anyone. Im not dissing any Dublin players or supporters. Im not interested in any of that nonsense. Im simply supporting MY team. Ive done so since I was a child and brought to my first Mayo match by my father. Ive stood/sat in Croke Park for every heart breaking final loss. Ive cried my eyes out in the earlier years and Ive walked out numb, not able to cry in recent years. And I’ll continue to support my team till my dying day. Maybe now you can see why being labelled as soft irked me. Cos I personally havent a soft bone in my body and I’ll be back out again in January dreaming and believing.

  59. Two monster scores from Nally today. Incredible!

    Don’t think Paddy Durcans performance today can be described as quiet, thought he was a leader for us and really stood up. Eoghan Reilly was excellent in midfield today

    Garrymore were planted inside their 45 and not engaging us at all when we were 4 up. Instead of just hand passing the game to death we kept trying to go for the killer pass and get more scores. Totally unnecessary and we put ourselves under massive pressure. They scored 1-1 from silly turnovers and counter attacks.

    Good comeback and character from Garrymore. A good game and atmosphere. Looking forward to Wednesday!

  60. My sentiments exactly JG Have no time for feeling sorry for ourselves. Have super team whom I am proud to support but as of yet we have been unable to land the big one. Have no interest in the Dublin team though I do admit they are excellent. Dont particularly like a number of their players or their manager, but do certainly respect their achievements, As for their fans I have found most to be ok other than their keyboard warriors on social media, many of whom are beneath contempt, but in fairness I doubt if they are real GAA fans anyway, most likely sad and not very bright individuals who get their kicks through goading others on line. So my advice is ignore their forums and their bitterness. We have a team to be proud of so lets stick with them. Up Mayo.

  61. Despite the rivalry lads , just hope everybody in Mayo is safe today . Take care from real Dublin fans.

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