Qualifier draw on in the morning

Right, we’ve had our two weeks of getting used to the prospect of once more hitting the high roads and byroads in this year’s championship (the pic above, by the way, was snapped this morning when I was stopped up at the Sally Gap on what was a cracking morning for a spin in the mountains). Tomorrow we find out who our first opponents will be in the qualifiers, with the draw taking place after the 8.30am news on RTÉ Radio 1’s Morning Ireland show.

We’re one of sixteen teams in the pot for tomorrow morning’s draw, which is an open one with no restrictions, meaning we could pull any of the other fifteen counties that are in it.

Here’s the full list of our possible opponents in Round 1 (with thanks to @edmcgreal for sorting them into their respective NFL Divisions, which in each case means the Division they started out in this year):

  • Kildare (Div 1)
  • Tyrone (Div 1)
  • Cavan (Div 2)
  • Meath (Div 2)
  • Louth (Div 2)
  • Armagh (Div 3)
  • Derry (Div 3)
  • Offaly (Div 3)
  • Westmeath (Div 3)
  • Wexford (Div 3)
  • Antrim (Div 4)
  • Limerick (Div 4)
  • London (Div 4)
  • Waterford (Div 4)
  • Wicklow (Div 4)

Obviously, Tyrone are the county we really want to avoid in tomorrow’s draw and, one assumes, the feeling is mutual. The same goes for Cavan – who operated out of Division Two this spring but won promotion back to the top tier at their first attempt – and, personally, I also reckon we’d be as well off avoiding tricky Ulster opposition like Armagh and Derry, not least given that if we pull them we’re automatically away.

The joke that is Leinster provides plenty of possible opponents, including shock losers Kildare and Meath who fell to Carlow and Longford respectively today. I wouldn’t fear either of those but I still think the easiest possible draw is what we should be hoping for, as that’s the one that would enable us to get motoring best on Saturday week.

Who we do get paired with is, of course, in the lap of the Gods. But, in the short space of time between now and the morning, it’s worth taking a check on who our favoured Round 1 opponents might be.

Okay, then, which county would you like to see us paired with in tomorrow’s draw?

Who would you like to see us paired with in Round 1:

  • Tyrone (16%, 77 Votes)
  • London (14%, 67 Votes)
  • Waterford (13%, 61 Votes)
  • Wicklow (12%, 59 Votes)
  • Offaly (11%, 53 Votes)
  • Limerick (9%, 45 Votes)
  • Louth (7%, 32 Votes)
  • Meath (5%, 24 Votes)
  • Westmeath (3%, 16 Votes)
  • Antrim (3%, 12 Votes)
  • Wexford (3%, 12 Votes)
  • Kildare (2%, 8 Votes)
  • Cavan (1%, 4 Votes)
  • Derry (1%, 4 Votes)
  • Armagh (1%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 477

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49 thoughts on “Qualifier draw on in the morning

  1. It would be Limerick for me. Not the worst journey for the team in terms of distance. Gaelic Grounds could very well be a ‘neutral venue’ for one of the Super 8 clashes down the road should we be fortunate enough to make it that far…..so it would be no harm at all to get a game in there against beatable Div 4 opposition.

  2. Tyrone currently second in the poll, what in the name of jaysus is wrong with people…

  3. Limerick for me as well purely for convenience
    Defo not Tyrone or Cavan
    We don’t need anymore feckin “tests”!!!
    They can come in July and August

  4. The easiest draw of all please. no way Tyrone – the carnage in Castlebar a few months ago is too fresh for me.

  5. Offaly are in a bit of disarray at the moment so might provide a reasonable opener for us.

  6. Can we not get Leitrim? Is that because they went out in the Connacht semi-final? They would’ve been the handiest of the lot!

  7. I wouldn’t agree with that culmore. Anything from Offaly down haven’t a prayer against us. We might be missing Tom Parsons but haven’t regressed to those levels in such a few short months!

  8. Home draw against Louth for me and let’s get start winning again in castlebar

  9. The question culmore is who would we like to be compared against, not who could beat us

  10. Are people seriously looking for Tyrone or Wicklow, the former for obvious reasons and the latter because it would be in Aughrim. Pure hell for any visiting team , unless the ref is Cormack, in which case they might put the bollox in the boot.
    No way for me , give me the easiest possible draw and get back on the horse.

  11. Culmore, you don’t really believe what you just said. What utter nonsense

  12. For convenience and best draw at home – home v Louth

    I’d love a home game v Meath

    Away games, for convenience, Limerick.

    Best draw – Offaly

    For a good oul weekend, Waterford

  13. Has to be Meath in Navan, we still owe them one even if it goes back a while!

  14. Some of the Division 3/4 home grounds will only have a capacity of 5000 or 6000. 3500 or more season tickets in mayo, there won’t be many tickets going on general sale in Mayo in that case.

  15. This is dangerous territory for all, Carlow beat Kildare,,, now there is a result for anti football. The GAA simply have to step up to the plate and deal with a team who train how to negatively crowd the defense and cynically nullify the opposition by smothering the natural skills of the sport. There were loud cheers in Carlow or wherever tonight no doubt but without having seen it I know it stank the stands out, a victory for what, negativity and cynicism. We are going to see more and more of these teams who have neglected to develop the natural skills of our game being taken over by some northern football expert or a copycat version to take out teams who are made up of youngsters who were encouraged to practice and develop a skill set.

    They will jump a division or maybe two if they have a few guys who invested in their actual skill in their reign but when their reputation is is at its highest value they will move on to the next team of underachievers and infect them with the same currency. Stop them actually playing football and you can frustrate, pinch and foul them out of victory. Not a good direction.

    Some have said here that Kildare were the poorest team in division one this year and the results don’t lie but I think they were most unfortunate in at least two of their games not to come away with a win which would have kept them up. Dangerous days ahead !!

  16. I’m hoping for London but only because I’m over there anyway the weekend of the game!

    Out of interest if we do draw London I’m guessing not many will travel. Wonder what happens with season ticket. Will all non travellers need to use that game as their “holiday” game or do they automatically omit it from season ticket due to location

  17. I went with Meath. Love to see us beat them and get back for all those years ago.
    Did not like your comment Gilmore. Our guys do not deserve that.
    Hope it’s not London. Passport not in date.

  18. I went with Antrim too! Love a trip up there. Whoever we draw I’m fairly confident. All the rest would hate to get us in the morning.

  19. Don’t know why so many people are voting for Tyrone. I’d like an away tie against one of the division 4 teams obviously but we could do with getting the MacHale Park monkey off our backs, so maybe Louth/Meath at home?

  20. London would be a nice weekend for the fans but it would be a disaster for the team. There is already a jammed schedule to get to super 8’s and they don’t need to be messing around with flights abroad.

  21. I think Wicklow would be alright. Hopefully management would be able to give some of our mostly untried forwards a start if we don’t get one of the big boys. If we do draw one of the better teams don’t know if management will have the courage to start 3 or 4 of these lads.

  22. Wicklow wexfotd Waterford. Put put a lot of panel players. Then in round 2 leitrim…round 3 carlow laois round 4 westmeath…!

  23. Yeah London would ease us back in, and give us extra time to get our injured players up to speed, if we get Antrim or any of the following Waterford,Wexford,Wicklow,Westmeath, Limerick, Offaly, or Armagh.thats nearly two thirds of the pot, surely a (W) from that lot is a strong possibility?

  24. Just awake. Dreamt we were.drawn away to Tyrone. At least I was dreaming.
    Anything other than Tyrone now is a bonus for me after that dream.

  25. Revellino, that’s not a dream that’s a nightmare ! I’ll bet you dreamt there was no duty free in Knock and surely either Nell McCafferty or Alice Glenn were wearing the number three for Mickeys apostles. Time to give it up

  26. Revellino.If the god’s shine on us a at all this beautiful morning,we will be ok. Now breakfast in bed in for the good lady, as Judge Rochford wants u on free taking duties for the next game, and u’ll need to break the news gently to her. Lol.1 hour and counting.Division 4 please.

  27. Christ, radio 1 would wreck your head, half 8 they said, im off hiding with my fone at work, theyl soon get suspicious.

  28. Mayo Vs Limerick it is then. Not too bad at all.
    Gaelic Grounds will be the venue.

  29. Mayo v Limerick. Thats what i wanted! Back to the Gaelic Grounds. Loads space to accommodate all the Mayo fans!! A good first game. My nerves waiting for that draw! (Am going to be late for work. I am too invested in this Mayo project!!)

  30. While I had the passport ready to book the flight, Im good with that one.

  31. Dublin are 1/100 to beat Longford and we are 1/50 to beat Limerick. So it’s not as cut and dry as people think.

  32. Carlow are coached by Steven Poacher from Co Down. who is a more defensive coach than Pat Tally Galways coach. That’s hard to take in but it true.

  33. How about another trip to the Banner County in the next round ,it would be good to meet Clare after the Limerick game ,then we can bring in the fringe players for any of them two games,

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