Qualifier draw on Monday morning

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This short lull between the conclusion of our latest failed provincial campaign and the start of what we hope will be a more productive backdoor run has felt like an eternity.

With the Round 1 matches set to be played this weekend, however, and the Round 2 draw taking place next Monday, with those matches down for decision the weekend after next, this hiatus is, mercifully, coming to and end. It’s not a moment too soon – there’s only so much of this cranky, talking-in-a-vacuum stuff a sane person can put up with.

There are eight pairings in Round 1, which means that us benighted Round 2 qualifier entrants will be drawn against one of these on Monday morning. Here are these pairings:

  • Offaly v London
  • Leitrim v Wicklow
  • Wexford v Derry
  • Louth v Antrim
  • Monaghan v Fermanagh
  • Down v Tipperary
  • Westmeath v Waterford
  • Carlow v Longford

There are often shock results in the qualifiers but, on form, from the above slate of games, Round 1 should produce the following winners: Offaly, Leitrim, Derry, Louth, Monaghan, Down, Westmeath and Longford. If so, it’s one of them we’ll be paired with on Monday morning.

Monaghan – or, indeed, Fermanagh, should that one provide a surprise result – are obviously the team we want to avoid, and vice versa. Away ties to any Ulster opposition are never easy and so a trip to Celtic Park to face Derry or Páirc Esler to tackle Down wouldn’t be overly appetising either.

Offaly – who gave Meath a right rattle in Leinster and are, according my Faithful County informants, playing with more zip than they have in years – would be an intriguing pick. Not least given the John Maughan connection.

Lookit, we’ll take whoever the fates decide it’s to be. Lord knows, we’re well versed in this qualifier nonsense by now to know we could be sent off in any direction in Monday morning’s draw.

The final list of Round 1 winners should be known by early evening on Sunday. If time permits, I might stick up a poll here on the site then to see who you’d like us to pull in the draw and who you’d prefer us to avoid. The draw itself is on RTÉ Radio One on Monday morning, as part of the Morning Ireland sports bulletin after the 8.30am news headlines.

20 thoughts on “Qualifier draw on Monday morning

  1. Three quarters of those won’t be a problem. I’ve a feeling we’ll draw Monaghan.
    I know only 2 options for home draw but we won a few home games in McHale in this league (think only Galway beat us there). It wasn’t the pith against Ros it was game management. Being abroad for it I only managed to see it a week later and the quality was quite good.
    The only times we looked really bad at home were previous years in league when playing extreme blanket e.g Tyrone. League also time for experiment so wouldn’t read much into it. Other years we were late back training. Connaught games were tight and sending off 2018 and ambushed 2016 (under cooked that day) vs Galway were contributory factors. 2016 bad (quality) game, 2018 good one.
    I’d be more critical of more negative supporters being there at home games. If things go wrong it can be sensed in the atmosphere. I think that’s a greater factor than anything to do with the size of the pitch. I certainly felt it in 2018 v Galway. Fans need to be told support your team positively or don’t come. No groaning, no picking on certain players.
    Away games it’s the most die hard passionate supporters and often outnumbering the opposition.

  2. Wouldn’t it be interesting to meet Derry after the recent sindo article. Just a thought.
    Fermanagh would also be a worry with their defensive structure and our recent difficulty with same especially our wayward shooting in our last two matches. It could mean a frustrating one.
    At this stage we just dont know what Mayo will turn up. It’s part of the drama and excitement but equally part of the infuriation. Would we want it any other way? Damn right we would! Its time for consistency, James’ mantra, or otherwise it may indeed be a period of rebuilding. We just dont or wont know until throw in. It’s as vague as that but we’ll be there in numbers as ever.

  3. Stuffy Deck The the glass is always half full. Take another look at this. If the tables were turned on yourself. Let’s say the Mayo team could pick their supporters would you make the team.

  4. @PJ, McManus and Shuffly Deck…Yeah… Look at it, yet another way. … Who’s Supporter’s would any other team in Ireland like to have supporting them?….. The huge, loyal, colourful and enthusiastic, Mayo support base brings some tangible benefits to the Team, County Board and Media prospect’s for many who have been associated with the Mayo Team… From, certain car’s our Brand ambassador”s are driving around in, (and good luck to them,) to the Cash injection of the huge fundraising effort in New York….. Plenty of paid administrator’s in the GAA have been partailly dependent on the huge income generated by the Mayo Support for this last decade….. I did read a few post’s here on this Blog, going along the lines, that the atmosphere wasn’t great in Castlebar for the Roscommon Match, or at least that was the way it seemed to those watching on TV …. Well I think it’s Self Evident, the atmosphere is always better at the Match rather than TV, ask any Roscommon supporter who was there, I think that the atmosphere in Castlebar was far better from their point of view, compared to those who watched it on a TV in County Roscommon!

  5. Jesus lads, this putting ourselves on the back as fans is getting fair cringey.
    Leave that nonsense to the Ireland fans at Euro 2016

  6. …it is possible to attend games and support your team without braying, chanting and roaring like a lunatic.
    Im too busy fretting and chewing my nails to make a peep most of the time

  7. Thanks Willie Joe. BTW you are taking to the Ulster scene like a duck to water. Giving out the pay in Clones bedad!

    Don’t really mind which of those, except, and it’s a big exception: Fermanagh in Brewster Park. According to OTB their latest trick – against Donegal – was kicking footballs onto the pitch from an adjoining field when Donegal were taking frees. They really have all the dark arts. OK so have Monaghan but they are full frontal and you kinda know what to expect.

  8. June 7, 2019 at 4:03 pm
    “…it is possible to attend games and support your team without braying, chanting and roaring like a lunatic.
    Im too busy fretting and chewing my nails to make a peep most of the time”

    The game would die . Atmosphere is everything

  9. Atmosphere is everything of course… love the noise, Personally…. but pulses can be racing without shouting… I’m a mixture of both the vocal, and the barly able to speak with nerves… depends on what’s happening on the Pitch….If you are at the Match, you can feel the nervous anticipation, even during the minutes silence often held just before the National Anthem ..On the TV it’s seems like a lull. .At the Match it’s the polar opposite, and you can certainly feel it… No team can possibly come close to the ‘Atmosphere’ consistently created at Mayo Match’s… But I think that the Rossies will come close in the Connacht Final…

  10. @wj I might even venture to that one in breffni myself. I always try get to a few of the bigger games as a neutral. Much less stressful too. Always good to check in to see how the other contenders are faring too

    That game should be an absolute belter too.
    Very hard to call but I actually think donegal will shade it by virtue of the fact they have more talent in attack. For all the talk of tyrones new found attacking ability im not convinced, their attack is built around the trio of harte – donnelly – mcshane, 2 converted midfielders and a wingback.

    Meanwhile donegal have a ff line of mcbrearty/Murphy/brennan which is the best ff line in the country outside of kerry.

    I’m calling donegal because truthfully if mayo were to run into one of these teams in an AI semi final I would be more confident of beating Tyrone than donegal

  11. I’m looking forward to it Supermac and I’d agree it’s a hard one to call. Also looking forward to seeing Breffni Park – that’s another ground knocked off the list.

    This is will be the third Ulster championship match this year that the young lad and I will have got to. Ulster venues are all within very easy reach from Dublin and there’s great value for money to be had – extra-time at Pairc Esler for the Armagh/Down game and extra-time again at Clones last Sunday! Plus, as you say, no stress at all watching the games. It’s to be recommended.

  12. I may be a bit browbeaten but I’m very anxious about the coming weeks. We are playing 5 weeks in a row (if we win all 3 qualifiers) which takes us 2 games into the Super 8s, 3 weeks in a row scuppered us last year. Granted, we have more depth now & we suffered injuries last year but be under no illusions it’ll test our reserves massively.
    I hope the hard S&C work is done now and that training is focused on our on-field weaknesses, particularly our poor shot selection & conversion rates.
    I’ll be on the road to where ever the draw takes us, I hope the lads have the mental, physical and skill sharpness for the weeks ahead.

  13. Bob Not sure about 5 weeks in a row. That should read 3 games in a row. Lets face it if we lose any of the first 3 we do not have to worry about the Super 8’s Concentrate on the first 3 one game at a time.. I love getting the crew into the car and heading off. Lets get as far as we can without even thinking about the last 8. Hoping for fine weather and good football and when its over it is done for another year.

  14. @willie Joe were you not in Breffni Park for the u21 final lose against Armagh in the pouring rain the following Saturday after our seniors got well bet by Kerry. Or were you not there in 2006 when Mayo beat Tyrone in the u21 semi final after extra time. Was a mighty day with sunshine bet a very good Tyrone team and we went onto win the All Ireland.

  15. I wasn’t there on either day, Turfmanmayo. Those were pre-blog times when our kids were very small so I didn’t get to many matches then.

  16. If Cian O Neill is right and Kildare beat Dubs tomorrow we could be facing Dublin before the Super 8s. That would be some craic!

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