Quarter-final details confirmed

Mayo flag All-Ireland final 2013

The GAA has this afternoon confirmed the match scheduling details for the All-Ireland quarter-finals. We’re on at Croke Park on Sunday, 3rd August, with the added bonus that both the minors and the seniors will be in action at HQ that day. The only snag is that it’s a triple-header, with the minor quarter-final against Armagh throwing in at midday and the senior quarter-final involving our lads not getting underway until 4pm. This means that Kerry’s quarter-final is the undercard to our game, with a 2pm start. You can’t have it every way, I suppose.

Full details on the quarter-finals are here. In confirming these details, the GAA have also taken the welcome step of correcting the misinformation that RTร‰ have been putting out there, most recently on last night’s The Sunday Game, where it was again stated, incorrectly, that we’re definitely paired against Cork or Sligo and Kerry are bracketed with Galway or Tipp. The GAA’s announcement today makes it clear that if both (and it has to be both) Sligo and Tipp win then a draw will be held to decide the quarter-final pairings. The same goes for the other side of the draw as well. Dorks in Montrose, please note.

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  1. We can’t have it everyway but with 12 and 4 pm throw in times for us it is a very long day in Croker . It’s not as if we don’t know the place thank god . 2 wins would shorten the day considerably though . I for one have lost interest in watching other counties play so the middle game is of no interest to me. All I want is to watch mayo play and win .

  2. Thanks for clarifying that, WJ. It’s going to be a long day for sure, and I see folks over on certain social media sites raining down unprintable expletives on the GAA for the scheduling, but we do get top billing (if that means anything!), and Kerry have to travel to Semple the next day if they want to see their minors in action, so I’ll take that. No matter what you do, you’ll never please anyone.

    I’m lucky enough to live within a bus ride of Croker (this is where it gets easy for the Dublin folks) so I’ll be there at 12 to support the minors. T-13 days… cannot wait.

  3. Anne-Marie
    Breakfast at your place for all us mayo based mayo people . It will be an act of great generosity on your behalf .
    Don’t worry about dinner we will be fine !!! Regardless of top billing on the day the 2 mayo games should be on in succession . I suppose the GAA want a crowd in the place for the entire afternoon so by putting mayo on game 1 and game 3 the place won’t look empty .

  4. Yeah, it’s not ideal D. Not really joined-up thinking. Definitely pack the sambos!

    I can offer breakfast no bother, but you might not make it as far as Croker afterwards – it’s entirely at your own risk ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. We’ve had a terrific run in Croker on the August bank holiday. Here’s hoping it continues. Chatting to the work crowd today (all dubs), they are utterly convinced that they are nigh on unplayable. They don’t even focus on the starting fifteen anymore, it’s all about the five subs that would canter onto any team in living memory.

    They’re good, no doubt about it. But they’re erecting a serious pedestal for themselves.

  6. Good at least we know the craic now. I have to say it doesn’t really bother me being in that all day. I love being in croker. Never made it up when I was a kid so ill make up for it now. Plus a day away from herself won’t hurt any either. Can’t wait now.

  7. If it is to be Cork that we are playing on the August Bank-Holiday week-end, you could say that our journey under James Horan will be coming to the point where it has gone full circle. It was probably against Cork in the 2011 quarter-final that this journey began in earnest. Donegal were the best team in Ireland in 2012, Dublin in 2013, we still have the chance to be the best in 2014. The championship really gets going from here on. You’d really hope that we can stay as close to injury free as possible for the rest of the season. You’d also hope that we might get the rub of the green this year too. We really are due to get a bit of luck on the big days as it seems to always dessert us when we need it most. So far this year, we have had a few lucky breaks, Galway not getting a goal early in the second half against us and also Roscommon hit the woodwork, late in the game, against us too and the ball fell in Mayo hands. Hopefully that continues. If Donegal didn’t have Michael Murphy for the 2012 final or Dublin were without Bernard Brogan in the 2013 final, would they have won? We had to do without Andy Moran in 2012, when he was playing at his best. Cillian O’Connor, our most important player, was plagued by injuries last year. Its all to play for, from here on, we have as good a chance as most teams left and a better chance than a lot of them, of winning it. I’d have taken the position we are in now, at the start of the year, both our Minors and Seniors been involved at the business end of the championship again. Roll on the big games!

  8. 2 Things ,First looking forward to our games in croker 3rd August ,it will be a tough battle if Cork comes trough their game with Sligo , It will be interesting to see what way sets up the team for that battle , Also looking forward to see the Kerry game , It should show how good they really are or see their weakness in the open space or croke park .
    Second I cant believe how many people on this site are talking about us playing the dubs ,they seem to think Kerry or cork / sligo does not come into play . Its shows very little respect to Kerry /Cork /Sligo . so before we start shouting about the dubs lets worry about GAME 4 first ..

  9. Wonder will the be any upsets on the weekend can Sligo dump cork out Clare nearly did that to Kildare.

  10. The Dubs were mighty yesterday and the monday morning talk has them as invincible , they are now 4/9 to retain sam, never in all my years of keeping a close eye on the odds have i seen a team as short or even near as short at this time of year .

    They are on the other side of the draw for now , so it means little to us but i love the way they are being blown up as the greatest gaelic football machine of all time , Donegal , kerry cork and ourselves should all be delighted at this hype over dublin.

  11. I would expect to see Cork do just enough to beat Sligo, and then, put in an unmerciful performance against us to try and catch us on the hop.. Last year Kerry played out a drab game against Cavan leading everyone to believe they were past it.. yet they followed this up with a fantastic game against Dublin.. just loosing out to a McMenamin goal. Cork I know have not shown any of the consistency that Kerry have but if they click they can still be dangerous. Ahhh its great to be Croker bound once again ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Cork will beat Sligo and my god we better be on our game for them or we are gonzo lads and ladies.

    Amazing to see yet again the bandwagon fans in other social outlets giving out about minors at 12…bet half them don’t even know who we playing…Up Mayo!

  13. Certainly an early start for most Mayo people who want to see the minors but better that than the minor match on Sat or Monday in somewhere like Carrick on Shannon or Enniskillen. And the minors do get their game in Croker. And it’s nice to have Kerry as a curtain raiser

  14. Some unmerciful sh*te being talked on this forum about how we will tackle the dubs etc etc. We are only in the quarter finals people!! I know most posters are well-meaning but can we all try refrain from talking about how we might beat Dublin, until we actually get to the final! Kerry or cork people reading this would be licking their lips for a crack at us. Believe me both of those teams, especially Kerry, will fully expect to beat us if they meet us, and there would be a major backlash against eamon fitzmaurice if Kerry are knocked out by mayo. They view us in a similar vein as we do Roscommon and Sligo – nice decent people who love their football, but not real serious contenders. We need to take it one game at a time. Focus on cork v Sligo this weekend. Give the winners of that game the respect they deserve. Forget about Dublin unless we make it to September.

    As for the people complaining about the media coverage of Dublin’s 4 in a row in Leinster v our 4 in a row in Connaught – what do ye expect. If we were going for a 3rd AI title in 4 years then ye might have a point. Unfortunately we are looking for a first in 63 years so ye don’t. It’s up to us to fix that rotten fucking record and EARN some respect, not expect it when we haven’t earned it.

  15. Well put mac left boot.Let’s focus on the the cork / sligo game, who would be the best forwards to start our next game if James holds back Andy and Alan

  16. We need to keep our eye on the ball at the moment and concentrate on the next game. Remember Clare could have beaten Kerry and Kildare. Tipperary should have beaten Cork. We could have lost to Roscommon. Armagh have come from nowhere to be very competitive. 3 Division 1 teams are gone, including Tyrone, who Dublin only beat by 1 point to reach the League semi-finals. Anything can happen on any given day. There are now 12 teams left, each province has 3 representatives. Getting our own house in order is the most important thing at this time. You’d hope that the slate has been wiped clean after our Connacht campaign. To have most of our players fully fit, is a great position to be in. Its all to play for now.

  17. As long as the team and management are keeping their eye on the next game, I’m happy.

    Happy also to consider how we would take on Cork, Kerry, Dublin, Donegal or whoever we might – or might not – encounter over the next few weeks because as a supporter and football fan, it’s a natural thing to do.

    I doubt any real supporter here is taking anything for granted. But if you can’t look ahead in anticipation of what might lie ahead, what’s the point? Is that not what it’s all about?

  18. ^^^ Spot on Anne Marie

    It wasn’t long ago that we were liable to lose to anyone in a quarter-final or even qualifier. Now we’ve become one of the best teams in the country I think it’s great to be able speculate about how we can potentially tackle the big boys.

    If we lose to Cork/Sligo so be it, we clearly wouldn’t have been near good enough to tackle the Dubs anyway. But it won’t be as a result of a few fans talking about potential finals on an internet forum or in the pub/on the street etc. etc.

    Let the players do the “taking each game at a time” and we’ll be sound!

    Even still, I hardly think it’s too out of line to fully expect us beat Cork. In fact I’m more amazed at people here talking up Cork, they look an absolute shambles if I’m honest.

    I personally think we will and should beat them handy, if that’s taking things for granted so be it, I’ve no direct involvement with the team so I don’t see why I can’t be highly confident in my prediction!

    Bit of optimism lads we’ve the second best team in the country at least remember we are the team to beat in these matches until the final!

  19. Thanks WJ. Croke Park hear we come ..again. What a fabulous run we are enjoying with the current setup. Genuine Mayo supporters will be there at 11.30 and leave at the end of the program. How many years have I watched the quarter finals on TV and wished we had a team that were worthy of that great sporting occasion. In doing so we will be getting another great day out at HQ and value for money as well. I am expecting a big challenge from Cork/Sligo. Cork have some of the best footballers in Ireland. They have provincial and AI medals in their back pockets. They have players that could walk on to the current Mayo team. It took our lads 95 years to beat them in Championship football. Focus on the quarter final is my advice to everyone.

  20. It’s a sign of how much Mayo have progressed under Horan when fans on here are taking it for granted that we will be playing Dublin in the final and looking past Cork and Kerry, two teams against which we have only registered two championship victories in recent memory! All that being said, it’s understandable that we would be confident going into either match, I would fully expect us to beat Cork this year but less so against Kerry, although I think overall we have a better team, remember it was the Gooch that did the damage in 2011. I believe Dublin’s victory over them last year gave them no end of confidence going and hopefully an intense game a la the league semi-final in 2012 would do the same for us. No point getting ahead of ourselves at this stage however. I’m quite happy to be in Croker for all three matches, there will come a time when we wish we have that problem!

  21. There is a very fine line between confidence and over confidence. All we have to do is think back to this year’s League semi-final, a couple of months ago against Derry. This was a game that we all thought that we would win but we didn’t. Yet we do also have to have belief in our team, that on their day, they are as good as any team left in the championship race. Striking the right balance, is a very hard thing to do but we should be mindful of it as well, for the rest of the year ahead.

  22. I’d be in the wary camp on this one and would be reluctant to look beyond the quarter final. While Cork certainly look vulnerable at the moment, if we’re up against them, they will have absolutely nothing to lose and will largely be written off. As mentioned in an earlier post, you can bet they won’t fear playing Mayo and I’d expect them to come out like demons against us. With a dynamic like that at play, anything can happen.
    Like many posters here, I’m feeling good about where we’re at right now and I think there’s no harm basking in that a wee bit; and I certainly don’t believe that a small bit of warranted hype will derail us. However, I just feel with this one, there is no room for complacency and Cork owe us one at this stage in the C’ship. As McStay said recently, a whole new C’ship begins this time of year. How true, and it can grow into beast that no one saw coming! There are 3 or 4 teams left in it that will seriously test our metal on a given day. I think we will be ready for this when it comes, but until then lets keep taking it a step at a time and let that be our focus. At the moment, our team and entire set-up are doing pretty well enough themselves, so for now at least, perhaps we should let that be our main focus.

  23. I think that it is set up for whoever comes through our side of the draw, all the talk is of Dublin Donegal etc.

    While I agree that Cork have huge potential, they have something missing at the moment, and lack leadership and 100% effort based on what I have seen of them to date. I cannot see them in an AIF this year! even if they beat us (and Sligo!).
    I need to see Kerry again before passing judgement, they have very good forwards and think that they will comfortably take Galway / Tipp, but would be a good confidence booster if we could beat them, but they certainly will not come in with any inferiority complex….

    As has been said, it shows where we are that many of us can see us reaching a final, and this does not mean that we are disrespecting any of our potential opponents.

  24. …well…I’m planning me trip home in September, so they better get to the final ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Im also very wary of cork, alot can change in a few weeks, they have absolutely nothing to lose, but beAting them would give us a great boost goin in to face kerry. Just hope jh stays focused on cork which I presume he will.

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