Quick note on the County Convention

It’s a bit remiss of me, I know, not to have made reference before now to Monday night’s annual County Convention, which this year took place down in Geesala. I’m pleading work, of the pre-Christmas rush variety, that has kept me away from here of late and I’ve only a few minutes now for this quick update.

The main news on the night was that Tourmakeady’s Kevin O’Toole saw off the challenge of Bonniconlon’s Vincent Neary to become the new County Board Secretary, in succession to Sean Feeney. Vincent’s consolation prize was to be elected Vice-Secretary.

The other election of note was that of Central Council delegate where the incumbent, Gerry Henry, held on to his post despite the efforts of Sean Feeney to unseat him.

The full list of officers elected for 2012 at the Convention is here.

11 thoughts on “Quick note on the County Convention

  1. Martin Breheny has Kildare rated higher than us this year. This is a team that has been operating in Division 2 for four years and who has failed to beat any team of note outside Leinster since McGeeney took over.

    Now to add insult to injury todays Sunday Independent run a full page article about the debt that Kildare has accrued. I think it hovers around 200k. We have a Greek style monster hanging over us and the national papers ignore us like we have the plague. Up Mayo!

  2. How long more can JP Lambe stay on as treasurer for?? He seems to be there for the last 10 years at least.

  3. ah listen Kildare are all hype. As OTR says they have beaten nothing of significance. We on the other hand have beaten the corks and tyrones at the peak of their powers and maintained division 1 status consistantly. Kildares record would not hold up to ours under any kind of close scrutiny. But im quite happy to see them being written up. I would love to meet a team like Kildare in an all ireland final for a change. it would make for a refreshing change and an even better result!

  4. Any of ye got the €200 season ticket last year? What did ye make of it all? I got it online yesterday. I hope there’s no hassle now.

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