Quick midweek round-up

I meant to do this yesterday but never got around to it and I’m heading out the door shortly so won’t do it properly now but not to worry.

It’s just to provide a quick update on a few things in this week’s Mayo News. The first is an update (here) on injuries following the final round of group matches in the club championship last weekend. The short version of this is that, thankfully, almost everyone appears to be okay.

David Clarke’s absence from Ballina’s match was apparently precautionary and Diarmuid O’Connor’s wrist injury also kept him sidelined but it sounds as if both could be okay for the final. Michael Conroy’s long-running achilles problem is still at him, though, and he’s probably a doubt for Hyde Park. Aside from this trio, it looks like we’ll be picking from a full deck.

The paper also has a summary of where things stand on the club championships now that the music has stopped until our inter-county season is over and confirmation that the draw for the quarter-finals and the relegation play-offs in both the senior and intermediate championships won’t take place until after the Connacht final.

Back to inter-county, this time at minor level, where the paper has an interview with minor manager Enda Gilvarry, who is gearing up for a do-or-die Connacht MFC clash with Galway this coming Saturday evening at MacHale Park (throw-in 6.30pm). It’s the third year in succession where our minors have been pitted against Galway in a knockout situation and there’ll be plenty more on this one, of course, between now and then.

See, told you it was only a quick one. Gotta dash.

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  1. It’s going to be a tight one on Saturday . Hopefully we will prevail I know nothing about the team because it hasn’t been made, but a shame we don’t have a luisburgh representative yet again . But we did have an all Ireland winner in both 50 and 51 witch is more than some clubs can say . Anyway wishing the minor team The very best of luck. Maigh Eo Abu come on the yew.

  2. It really is a big one this weekend for our minors, lose and they are gone for the year. Win and anything is possible! I see that the Donegal and Dublin minors were beaten last weekend so Kerry are now the favourites to win the All-Ireland title at this level.

  3. Really looking forward to Saturday, I hope we can get a result. A huge win last year down in Tuam started a very respectable defense of both our Connacht and AI titles. Hopefully we can have another rattle at it this year.

  4. You think it’s a big game for Mayo but what about Galway!!! Haven’t made it out of Connacht (where 2 out of 3 teams do each year) since 2011! Now there’s pressure

    As for kerry being favourites- minor is so unpredictable. The odds on Kildare and Derry were embarrassing for such young players, where anything can happen

  5. 3 players from last year Barry Duffy Balla Dylan Cannon Breaffy and S Akram Ballaghadereen

  6. Minor games always v special…an ingredient of the football year that swirles round in the brain and brings you back to so many famous occasions.
    In these quietish enough times I ve been thinking about a team to get us our fifth Connaught title and maybe land us the big one later on . I’m sure I’ll be excused any degree of dotage that might be in evidence!
    Team Mayo :

    1. E Rooney
    2 J Carey
    3 K Cahill
    4 K Higgins
    5 W Loftus
    6 J Nallen
    7 C Boyle
    8 W J Padden
    9 P Brogan
    10 K Mc Donald
    11 A OShea
    12 J Corcoran
    13 J McGrath
    14 W Mc Gee
    15 K O Connor .

    Subs: J OMahoney . P Holmes . N Connelly . J Horan. L O Neill.

  7. Inbetweener, now you are losing it. Even of they were all at their best in terms of youth and fitness over half these players picked would not make the current panel. PS LONeil played for Galway, his son played for Mayo shame he missed so much on the county scene. At he’s best he’d make it. On the minor scene A few months ago Mayo played a challenge V Donegal, many taught that Donegal were the best minor team they has seen A few months is a long time in young lives and can make a huge difference, so there you go you never know with minor’s. Home advantage is a big plus!

  8. Really looking forward to Saturday’s game. Amazing how accustomed we have gotten to the back door system – it almost feels like an injustice to be kicked out after one game if we lose. I really, really hope we win – I have a feeling we could go places this year at minor level.

    On another note, our junior footballers will be playing Kilkenny (!) in the All-Ireland Junior Semi-final on Saturday 25th July. Time and venue still to be decided but you’d imagine there’s a good chance of a final on the horizon for us which would be great.

  9. Some years ago Connacht introduced a round robin for Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon to improve their standards with the top two going into semifinals with Galway and Mayo. It came to an end after a couple of years when, I’m told, Galway wanted in too.
    I’m also told from Leitrim connections that their selections are usually haywire with players being played out of positions almost continuously.

  10. The fact that there’s a backdoor in two of the four provinces and not in the others is crazy. Kildare were beaten in the championship by wee Louth back in April and and are now in the final in Leinster. A few years ago, Kerry, Cork and Tipperary were all on the same side of the draw in Munster, 2012 I think. Kerry lost to Tipperary in the first round and then went into the backdoor through to the final on the other side of the draw where they again lost to Tipperary in the final, but still ended up in the All Ireland semi-final. Losing two games and still making the last four in the country, where as here you lose one and you could be gone.

  11. No Kenny Mort on that team, no John Morley , no Ray Prendergast. Brogan never reached his potential McGrath better than McStay? And who is the J O Mahony as first sub? Not Johnno I hope. He never really made it at senior county level, one season was it v Sligo 75 where we lost

  12. Have we given any consideration to the fallout of a Galway/Roscommon minor final…yes another 5,000 tickets to aliens!!!!!!

  13. inbetweener,

    There’s a lot of wishful thinking and a lot of forgetfulness in that “team” you selected. Padraig Brogan, despite all his huge potential never established himself as a regular over any length of time with Mayo. Both Joe McGrath and Willie Loftus had far too short careers to justify inclusion. In my opinion a player would need to have been at the top of the rankings for most of ten years to justify inclusion in such a team when you consider who has been left out. None of the subs listed bar possibly James Horan and Kevin O’Neill merit inclusion.in my opinion. Players like John Morley, David Heaney, TJ Kilgallen, Kevin McStay, Dermot Flanagan, to name a few, all merit inclusion before them

  14. Inbetweerer was probably having an impish reflectful moment with a small dash of fantastical engagement. Sure lookit, isn’t it that time of year with the turf shaping up on the bog and the bit of hay secure in the shed!
    T’was a good move though to include all managers in the subs. Couldn’t rem the rest…J OShea, B McDonald,T Lyons, The Northern Pair,..and all before them. Who were they at all? And all before they became such central figures!
    And of course, whether that Tubber player is a K or a C, I’ll have them both…one in each corner!!! Could become known as the one and only and true ” Terrible Twins”

    C’Mon Mayo !!!!

  15. Kevin O’Neill was gifted- one of the most underrated footballers I can remember.

    No mention of Alan Dillon who has 3 all stars if I’m correct? And never won an AI making it a better achievement

    It’s impossible compare between generations though. Not to be a spoil-sport but it’s always a pretty pointless exercise!

  16. I don’t hold with the impossibility of comparison between generations. Those lads were the best of their era. Were they born today they would reap the benefits of all the improvements made and they would still be the top stars.

    Saying lads had it easier in earlier times is unfair to them. They bet what was there to beat and they were the creme de la creme.

  17. Jeez could have sworn he got one in 04. Ironically that was the year he actually played to his potential in the final

    Couldn’t have been arsed googling :p

    While I’m sure they’re nice for players to get and they do like to be recognised, I’m not a huge fan of them in general myself I admit.

    McLoughlin missing out in 2012 pretty much ended my interest in them as any sort of meaningful reflection of the year’s performance I’m afraid

    But that’s for another day :p

  18. Different level of opposition, different level of team mates, different training methods, different commitment levels, different culture in general.

    You’re looking at eras where having a fag coming out of the tunnel and playing hungover wasn’t unusual, compared to one where lads might not touch a drop of alcohol for weeks before a big match

    I’m sorry but in my view anyway it is as close to impossible as you can get to compare different eras. The game has changed a shedload in the last decade, never mind in 60 odd years

    If you time-warped this team back to 51 they’d win every match by plus 30 points at least 😀

    Even as recently as the 80s you had quite a number of technically lacking players in top county teams and tactics were very often non-existant compared to now. Physically players from even a decade ago would barely hold a candle to most teams now

    No-one is saying anyone had it easier. Just the game has evolved hugely. Relatively speaking it was as tough to win an All Ireland in the 60s than now for example, but that’s because the opposition had the same level of ‘disadvantages’ or ‘advantages’ in each case. This Mayo team might look useless comparing to our 2025 5 in a row All Ireland winning side 😉

  19. Citog, To be honest if Galway beat us and the Rossies get in on the other half of the draw, I can’t see them bringing 5000 supporters between them. No where near it to be honest. While the clubs will of course get tickets, there be the usual stuff on sale from super valu’s all around the place and the GAA website, so i would not stress about tickets yet.

    Save that for the the potential ( long way off admittedly) semi against the Dubs, that will be the first real ticket scramble of the year.

  20. If u want to consider value of all stars. Diarmad conolly only has one…explain that to anyone who knows anything about football

  21. The Mayo teams that won AIs were most importantly winners, they produced on the day that mattered without the psychologists. These AIs were won in decades when other teams in Connaught also won a few, not and era of playing London, New York or very poor Galway and Ros teams. Also the thirties and fifties were probably two of the bleakest decades of the last century.

    In Kerry its the AIs you have won regardless of the era that matters, the rest is all but leather and prunella.

  22. Anybody know when the minor team is being announced? I presume the same rules apply as with Senior, i.e the 26 players have to be decided by Thurs night? And what time is the game at? No mention of it in the Indo yesterday and I could get nothing on Minor on the Cionnacht GAA website this morning – but none of that is unusual for Connacht. The U21 C Hurling fixtures were included in the Indo yesterday but not Connacht Minor Football!!!

  23. Inbetweener Not sure what Mayo team you have been watching all of this time. Half a dozen would be really pushing it IMO. You never know what you have with a Minor team. Last year that Galway team were very highly fancied we all know where that went. Turn out
    and support them if you can.

  24. AndyD, the game is on Saturday evening at 6.30 in Castlebar and the team is due to be announced tomorrow morning.

  25. Have just been reading a piece in the Mayo News [23rd June] by Sean Rice re the mystery of the 1910 Connacht Final where he says it was won by Mayo, quoting MayoGAAblog.
    I have a copy of the centenary history of Connacht GAA published in 2002. It gives the 2010 Connacht final to Galway who it says beat Roscommon 1 = 3 to 1 = 2. There is no detail re date or venue of the final. Johnny Mulvey was editor of the section dealing with the period up to 1920. So maybe we are chasing a first ever Mayo 5 in a row. Fingers crossed it does not go the way of Kerry’s and Kilkenny’s 5 in a row.

  26. I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure, AndyD, but the bit of research on the issue I’ve done supports the argument that we did win Connacht in 1910 and so completed our first and so far only provincial five-in-a-row that year. From my digging into the issue, I think the evidence points to that 1-3 to 1-2 win for Galway over Roscommon being the 1911 final and not the 1910 one. I also reckon that the official records (i.e. the ones printed in match programmes) are possibly wrong for both 1902 (listed as us but should be Galway) and 1903 (also listed as us but should be Roscommon). For what it’s worth, I explained my reasoning for all this in a piece here on this site after the 2013 Connacht final, which you’ll find here.

  27. Ciaran I think it was jimmy nallen and Ciaran Mac who picked up all stars in 04. Dillon and the mort got them in 06. Seems like a long time ago now!

  28. Berry maybe we should decamp to munster until galway and ros improve. Personally I think we have had quite a good team these last few years and going for 5 in a row is no mean achievement. 2 of those wins were by very narrow margins in Conn. Finals and Ros ran us to a point last year, We beat the reigning Ai champs in 2011 2012 2013 and were beaten by the eventual AI champs in 2012, 2013 and 2014. So no Sam for us but a damn good team nonetheless based on the above stats. By the way I m not happy to be just 2nd best but I do think that this team does deserve credit and if counties should only be judged on whether a season has been successful based on winning Sam then there are 30 failures plus NY and London every year.

  29. The Mayo Minor team has been named:

    1.) Patrick O Malley – Westport
    2.) Donovan Cosgrove – Kiltimagh
    3.) Tommie Keane – Mayo Gaels
    4.) John Maughan – Castlebar Mitchells
    5.) Paul Lambert – Westport
    6.) Rhyne Collins – Castlebar Mitchells
    7.) Dylan Cannon – Breaffy
    8.) Barry Duffy – Balla (Capt.)
    9.) David Hanley – Burrishoole
    10.) Shairoize Akram – Ballaghderreen
    11.) James Lyons – Aghamore
    12.) Ross Egan – Aghamore
    13.) Liam Byrne – Moy Davits
    14.) James Carr – Ardagh
    15.) Gerry Canavan – Mayo Gaels

    16.) Paul Walsh – Breaffy
    17.) Cormac Reape – Knockmore
    18.) Jonathon Burke – Swinford
    19.) Darren Quinn – Garrymore
    20.) Jack Irwin – Ballina Stephenites
    21.) Oisin McLaughlin – Westport
    22.) Colm Moran – Westport
    23.) Kevin Quinn – Ballinrobe
    24.) Patrick Lenehan – Charlestown

    Manager – Enda Gilvarry

  30. Strong minor team lets hope they do it. Some great new talent this year. Cosgrove maughan Lyons & egan will b interesting to watch. Seen egan last year in county final strong player

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