Rapid round-up

Work is having to take precedence today – as it will for the rest of the month, by the looks of it – so this’ll have to be a quick one.

This week’s Mayo News includes the sort of stuff you know and love so well. Mike Finnerty’s match report from Sunday is there. There’s also the after-match quotes, with Johnno, quite correctly, pointing to that period just before half-time, when we shipped 1-1, as the turning point in the game. It’s easy to blame Clarkie for that daft kick-out at the end but he was only trying to retain possession for us and, had we gone in five or six points in front at the break, we’d more than likely have been safe enough with a minute to go.

Johnno also, somewhat curiously, claims that the final league fixture next Sunday against Tyrone will be a “monumental game”. Far be it from me to quibble with The Deputy’s line of reasoning but I doubt if it’ll be any such thing. Unless Kildare really go to town on Laois (which, of itself, is very doubtful – I think Laois could well win that one), then neither ourselves nor Tyrone are in danger of relegation, especially if we decide to play out a nice, even contest ourselves. It could, I think, turn out to be a monumentally uneventful match up in Omagh next Sunday.

Tomorrow evening’s U21 Connacht final shouldn’t fall into the uneventful category. We’re aiming for a provincial three-in-a-row but the Rossies, with all those 2006 All-Ireland winning minors in their ranks, will fancy their chances. The Rossies wobbled badly against Sligo in the semi-final but fought back well to claim a deserved place in tomorrow’s final and I think we’ll do well to come out of that one with a win. Here’s a piece on U21 captain Chris Barrett.

Finally, it does appear that Galway’s Joe Bergin could be out for a while with that nasty-looking injury he suffered in Sunday’s game. We saw him hobbling around on crutches outside McHale Park after the match and, understandably, he didn’t look too happy. The injury has now been confirmed as an Achilles one and so I doubt very much if he’ll feature in our expected rematch with Galway in the Connacht final.

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