Ray Dempsey’s backroom team is named

I’m a bit late to the party on this one, I know, but the news is still worthy of recording here all the same. The news in question being confirmation of Ray Dempsey’s proposed backroom team should he be appointed as the next Mayo manager.

Michael Gallagher had the details of the Knockmore man’s management team in today’s Mayo News (paper and digital variants) and so too did Colm Keys in this morning’s Irish Independent (here). That latter piece also contains a handy recap on the proposed backroom teams assembled by the other three candidates who are in the frame for the position.

Ray’s proposed team comprises Oisín McConville, former Kerry goalkeeper Declan O’Keeffe, Enda Gilvarry, Keith Higgins and James Burke. As well as that core team, Knockmore clubmate Kevin O’Neill and Terry Kennedy, who has done coaching work with Knockmore, could also be involved, as could Daniel Kilgallon, Athletics Ireland’s National Sprints Coordinator and head relay coach. Martin Barrett, a selector with James Horan in 2019, could have a role within the proposed set-up as well.

Now that all four candidates and their proposed core management teams have been confirmed, the way is finally clear to hold a poll on the next Mayo manager. I’ll put this up on the blog later on this evening.

23 thoughts on “Ray Dempsey’s backroom team is named

  1. That’s a serious set up being put forward by Ray Dempsey. He has probably played his cards right by keeping them close to his chest until now, unlike everyone else. If this was a general election the momentum would sweep across the line. But it’s not…

  2. The addition of Daniel Kilgannon on his ticket could be a game changer. Sprinting in Ireland has never been better since he took up the role as Athletic Ireland’s Sprint Co-ordinator. If he could have the same effect on the Mayo squad then we would be in a fantastic place. Kevin O’Neill is another serious operator.

  3. Kilgaons student has reached the European 100m final tonight!!
    That’s serious going. Race live shortly on rte news now, shortly.
    Dempseys avengers be hard turn down 🙂

  4. I think that the best management team that Dempsey put forward. It’s what needed to change the style and freshen up the training. It should give the older players a buzz to go for it again under Dempsey ticket .

  5. If Mayo under Dempsey play like Knockmore , then God Help the Mayo supporters they will be asleep by halftime in all the games.

  6. They might be very happy at fulltime though lifting the cup Culmore. No one in Knockmore is complaining.

  7. Agree west is best, that said I don’t know what’s wrong with way Knockmore play. Was great game v Ballina the weekend.
    But as you alluded to, the swashbuckling run from deep into a crowded defense with no defensive structure in place we’ve become accustomed to was exciting it didn’t realise the desired result. I’d take a 1 nil win at this stage.

    100m just over, serious performance by Oluande at just 20 years of age, national record in major championship final, well done young man and Kilgallon.

  8. My personal preference is Mc Stay because of Rochford, but Dempsey’s team is impressive

  9. Strange comment Culmore. I’d take a 2 point to 1 win in an All Ireland final right now if it was on offer. And I don’t believe Knockmore play boring football and I’m a neutral. 2-12 scored the last day wouldn’t suggest that. One thing Dempsey has been excellent with at Knockmore is keeping clean sheets. 1 goal conceded in the 2020 championship and 3 in the 2021 championship. No goals conceded in either semi final or final in 2020 or 2021. When was the last time Mayo kept a clean sheet in an AI final? And let’s not kid ourselves. The teams that are winning AIs these days put an emphasis on defending first. Just look at Kerry this year.

  10. Interesting to see Declan O’Keeffe on Dempsey’s line up. When Kevin Mc Stay was Roscommon manager, he had Declan on board as both a selector and goalkeeping coach. However, a disagreement between the two, over who should have been first choice goalkeeper, led to a parting of the ways with O’Keeffe leaving the set up. O’Keeffe lived in Clare at the time.

  11. I said yesterday that imo it’s a 2 horse race and dempsey was keeping his cards close to his chest he has put a impressive team together looking at every possible aspect of the game and from a sports science angle he has put great effort in showing the cb that he means business.
    Mcstays team would have more appeal if your looking at it from a pure football point of view but the game has changed and the need to embrace all aspects of sports science and great football brains were success is all about fine margins.
    Dempsey ahead in a 2 horse race .

  12. It’s a great situation to be in that so many credible teams and people have been put together to get the Mayo job.
    Things have levelled up on the intercounty scene and Mayo are not far away from the top prize,I think that’s highlighted by the interest.
    My own preference is probably the McStay ticket but Ray Dempsey has put a serious proposition together aswell,I wouldn’t be upset to see him get it now either.
    Exciting times for Mayo GAA.

  13. Some management team and not released in a big PR stunt either, seems to be a proper manager, Kilgannon a serious operator and a massive plus in my eyes, Zippy also. Mayo4sam23

  14. Backroom teams seem to be getting huge, Dempsey must have 5 or 6 excluding himself.
    It’s going to be a very difficult task to pick the next management team.
    I don’t ever recall in my lifetime such strong contenders for the Mayo management job. It tells me that it’s a Professional job now in a so called amateur game.

    Best of luck to all four in the race to become the next manager.

  15. Did Dempsey retire after the 96 replay or did John Maughan just drop him of the 97 panel?
    Maughan must have hated Knockmore he dropped Padraic Brogan , Peter Butler ,Kevin Staunton, and Kevin O’Neill from the 1995 Connacht final team against Galway .Knockmore were the best club in the County at this time 96 and 97 County Champions.

  16. I would not like to have to chose the final ticket dehere. But no doubt, McStay and Dempsey are the the front runners by some distance.
    Can’t make up my mind.
    Still don’t know who will be doing S&C and sports psychology. I would have thought that the tickets would have those inplace before the decision is made. Or are they separate XB appointments

  17. That Kilgannon chap is getting great publicity today. I hadnt previously heard of him but he is obviously a good athletics coach. Is it a case that he WILL be involved if Ray gets the job or he COULD be involved

  18. To win just once, he worked with Dempsey before and is a Ballina native. So he will be there…if Dempsey gets gig that is.

  19. I do like ray Dempsey’s record experience is key here ! And a two horse race well god help
    The interviewers it’s a tough call as god knows the county needs something to cheer about
    best of luck to all

  20. Can everyone please ease off on the trigger finger in the comments? Some disgraceful contributions this morning that I’ve deleted. I’ll have my own say on the poll in a bit but stuck doing something else right now.

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