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Just in case you haven’t had your fill of match reports from Saturday yet and need something to keep you amused over your lunchtime sandwich and crisps, here’s the full list that I’ve got at this stage.

RTE have both written stuff as well as audio and video (a bit like myself really), the Irish Times have quotes from Johnno and FOD, Club Mayo Dublin have some nice pics taken from the new stand side of the ground and there are fairly bog standard pieces in the Sunday Indo (no sign of the report in today’s Indo online yet), Sunday Tribine (this one’s by Liam Horan), Hogan Stand and Setanta.  That latter one might, I fear, become a collector’s item given that organisation’s current travails.   That’s the lot for now, from what I can see. Bon appetit!

By the way (just in case everyone’s not aware of this) one of the nerdier services I provide on this site is that of linking to every match report I come across for games.  All those links above are set out underneath the result (and team details) in the 2009 Results panel and these details will, at the appropriate time, find their resting place within the Results Archive.  I’ve now got links going back to 1997 for match reports and I’ve got multiple links to the match reports in the national and local papers for more recent games.  As a result, there’s no reason for any head-scratching about what happened and when as you should be able to source the information you need here, either in terms of the team details provided directly here on the site or else via the appropriate match report from one of the papers.

2 thoughts on “Read all about it

  1. great work surrounding the game wj… what an effort to come down and go back up in the same day,i hope on the last day of sept your the other side of the sam when trev is lifting it

  2. Thanks, 1951 – the trip was easy enough, given that it was all in daylight and the weather was pleasant. Now, those daytrips for league matches in February are another matter entirely …

    I’d be well back in the queue to be the other side of Trev lifting Sam, I think. Just being there with the camera rolling while it happens would be more than enough for me.

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