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Okay, back to reality (and the rain) and, for me, a whole afternoon of work blah-de-blah to sit through (with some prep to do beforehand) so I’d better get this sorted pronto.

First, the broadcasters: RTÉ (with their usual handy links to their post-match audio clips) and the BBC (with their usual unashamed Nordie bias).

Next, the ever rapid and reliable Colm Gannon in the Mayo Advertiser, who had his report up before the nine o’clock news last night.  Also in the local camp, here’s Mike Finnerty’s take on the game in the Mayo News.

Nationals? Sure, why not:  here’s the Indo and the Times.  Nothing in the Examiner, of course, as the match had no Munster involvement.  Hang on – wasn’t that picky ref from Clare?

Others?  Hogan Stand.  Gaelic Rising.

Nothing from TIALTNGO but I was speaking with him at the weekend and passed on your good wishes so he says he hopes to put pen to paper again soon once work starts to calm down for him .

That’s the lot, I think.  Now, unfortunately comes the work bit of the day.

18 thoughts on “Read all about it

  1. No problem, North Mayo. I always get a laugh when I reach the Gaelic Rising report, which always seems to be linked to the same picture of the Waterford lad looking a bit dazed after what appears to have been a too-close encounter with a bit of timber!

  2. Have RTE wiped the w/e highlights I cant get it having tried all roads including your link WJ any hints?

  3. i saw had link to game on RTE Player. The link worked fine and maybe it was me but the RTE Player didn’t play the match as it usually does. After a bit of trial and error I got it by clicking “Watch” in Real Player and then had to hit ‘launch in stand alone player’ – a bit cumbersome but it worked (even if the colour was a bit with Mayo playing in green and purple !!!). maybe I need a new pc.!!

  4. was watching sunday sport last night and i think it was tony davis, called mc hale park a bog of a pitch, nearly put the remote through the telly.

  5. Jasus !! we have good reason to be paranoid on top of the comments about boggy ground you had Marty from his lofty position on the scaffold sniggering at Mayo backs showing Mayo forwards how to score
    Reasons to be paranoid or reasons to really show the bast****

  6. It was a bog of a pitch when Tony Davis played there back in 1576 or whebever it was – maybe he need to replace his old black and white telly!
    As regards backs showing forwards how to score – Marty wouldnt score in a w****house!

  7. MArty has being using the same cliches for the last 20 years. Hes a muppet in every sense of the word. He is typical of RTE. And dont get me started on ger canning. Anyway the pitch is in a dreadful state…was talking to someone who was on it after the dublin and he couldnt believe how bad/boggy it was. The pitch was always fine there. Maybe the drainage has been effected by the construction of the new stand???
    Anyway fingers crossed that all is ok with Keiths scan today. Mahony refers to the fact that we have a good few about to return in the Indo today but are any of them backs? Not that im aware of unless Tom Cunniffe went to Lourdes…

  8. Marty and his amazing eyebrows is more of a joke figure for me, I never take him seriously.
    You’re right Ted, it’s as though nearly everything he says is taken from some ancient script.
    The RTE coverage is poor at best. Tony Davis is actually one of the few I have much time for.

    Anyway, can someone here clear the situation with the league final up?
    Now I know the RTE website is very rarely accurate, so is this just another example of their incompetence??

    I thought Cork were definitely through to the final? And the only way Dublin could go through is if they beat Tyrone and we lose to Cork?
    RTE mention points difference, but I thought that could only count if 3 teams finish on level points, which can’t happen with ourselves, Dublin and Cork.

  9. Hi Ted. According to Mayo News, Tom Cunniffe is back in training with the squad. That has to be good news

  10. Thanks Grainne!! Fantastic news!!! I know hes only one player but it could give make a huge difference at the back!

  11. RTE’s league coverage is a complete joke. It’s utterly half-hearted and they give the impression that’s they’re only doing it out of sufferance.

    That report on their website was obviously written by someone who thinks points difference will decide matters. As the GAA have confirmed, though, it’ll be the head-to-head record first which means that (a) Cork are already in the final and (b) if the Dubs win in Omagh, we’ll need at least a draw down in Cork to take the other spot.

  12. Thanks for clearing that up WJ.
    I went on the Indo’s website and they confirmed what we all thought.
    And to think RTE are our national broadcaster…

  13. I try not to be overly sensitive but once again what I felt was unwarranted fairly harsh criticism from the RTE “experts” regarding Mayo. Kerry blew a big lead and a commanding position to lose by conceeding a goal the U-12s would be berated for conceeding. nothing said. Dublin were 6 points up and then 6 points down to Galway in the blink of an eye yet Mayo are the ones getting all the criticism.
    Yes, they made very heavy work or it and were poor, but thats called winning ugly and when Kerry or Tyrone do it the boys are all purring like cats. GAA punditry in this country is so poor its fecken annoying.
    And dont get me started on Marty, his own Kilmurray werent the best at the scoring up in Croker receently so he should keep his frog song mouth shut.

  14. bwpadden you might as well get used to Mayo being judged on a different level to anybody else. The difference is that we have on occasion’s flattered to deceive and as in 2004 after a great win v Tyrone we laboured from then on. Similarily in 2006 v Dublin a classic followed by a nightmare. People have felt cheated by us on occasions as we lurch between brilliance and mediocrity. Its a pain and I have pulled my hair out but part of the blame is our own. Nobody could take Mart “Fieldman” Morrisey seriously nor should they. Tony Davis is one of Mayo’s biggest cheerleaders. So let it flow, noise has to escape somewhere, wait until Dumb and Dumber come back later in the summer and we will see the nudge and wink barely suppressed distaste of Mayo from the Sunday Game “experts”.

  15. Let’s win Sam and that will quieten the “experts”. I agree that it’s very frustrating when they don’t give credit, but sod them, they are not important in the grand scheme and have no say in who wins, its the lads on the pitch who decide so let’s concentrate on supporting them to the hilt and keeping her lit til September 2010!!

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