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There’s a fair bit in the papers today about the match.  Here’s the Indo’s take and here’s their after-match quotes, the best of which was Johnno saying that the Sligo challenge turned to be “a smaller fence that we thought”.  He also states the obvious by describing the upcoming Connacht final as “a real battle”.  Too right, Deputy.  Here’s Keith Duggan’s match report in the Times, which covers much of the same ground as the Indo, only using, as you’d expect, a slightly more silken prose style.  If it’s the real earthy stuff you’re after, though, the post-match discussion on is the place for you.

No more than the reffing yesterday, I though the coverage given to the match on The Sunday Game last night was predictably poor and arse lazy.  Once again, they devoted the lion’s share of the time on the programme to the matches they had already shown live and they couldn’t be bothered to provide any kind of reasonable precis of the action from McHale Park.  Neither of Austie’s points – both of which were total gems – got an airing, nor did Clarkie’s stop from McNamara early on (though they did show the second one, which occurred long after we’d the game well sewn up).  The usual shite performance from RTE, in other words.  The only consolation is that we’ve now booked our provincial final spot with very little fanfare, while Galway have got plenty of attention (and live coverage) for their two outings.  And that’s before Johnno has even started playing down our chances of winning it …

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  1. Update: as the Club Mayo Dublin site points out (and thanks for the plug, lads), the full match is now available on the RTE website. Go on, you don’t really feel like going any proper work this morning, do you? It is, of course, only available within the 32 counties.

  2. Agree about RTE’s coverage, or lack thereof. Maybe it’ll let us slip under the radar – me thinks though that it has more to do with TV3 having the rights for the Connacht final.
    No real contest yesterday – the boys performed as best they could given the lack of atmosphere and the absence of any physicality from the Sligo boys.
    Work still to be fone in the forward division – Andy Moran is a worry, and Kilcoyne is really putting on the pressure. Would like to have seen Dillon get game time, but as noted before, maybe John O’ does know best! Not yet in a position to comment on Conroy, hope he enjoyed the time and space yesterday, next time round will be different.

  3. Hi WJ … made the trip down myself yesterday and was not all that pleased ….!!!
    A few points …. we got 14 scores in total …. not a hectic day in front of the posts and as pat fallon said i would have rathered to see us scroe 2-16 than 3-11 if that makes any sense ?
    Gardner had a poor game yesterday by his high standards and will struggle to hold his place I think …. I must admit too that I was a bit disappointed with Austie`s overall performance 2 great pints aside !! he was a bit all over the place in open play (passing , tackling awareness etc ) …. saying that though I did think there were times yesterday when Mayo as a team were slightly sloppy and not precise enough … Now i know its first match etc ….
    Andy Moran was another who was a good bit below par …. but I like you see him holding onto his position !!!
    Finally and in an interesting finale so as to speak … I see Ciaran Mc Donald was in the western this week …. quote unquote ” I am currently talking to John O Mahoney …. and I have always and will always love to play for Mayo ” … never one for reading too much into things … I did get the vibe that its only a matter of time …. Here`s hoping for a selection headache come connacht final !
    Regards as always !

  4. It was hard to draw too many conclusions about yesterday given that Sligo were so bad but I’d be veering towards a conclusion that the glass is half-full rather than half empty. Sure, we’ve lots of improvement to do but the fact that it’s Galway in the Connacht final in Castlebar (full this time, not like yesterday where the size of the crowd was hugely disappointing – how come traffic was so bad when there were so few punters there?) will mean we’ll be well up for it.

  5. attitude is key. If we are willing to get stuck in we will certainly put it up them Picking the right team is obviously important but unfortunately doesnt always happen under current management. Funnily enough i came away from the sligo game more worried about the ff line than the backs. I really hope Andy and Austy come good.both had stinkers. the last thing we need is 2 of our most effective performers in the league to go into a slump. in fairness to Mini he is very consistent.

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