Readying for the replay

It’s midweek once more, Sunday’s dramatic draw with the Rossies disappearing from sight in the rearview mirror while up ahead Monday’s replay against the same opposition draws ever closer. As it does, the next instalment in what is already in so many respects an incredible championship campaign for the county is set to be unveiled.

When Monday comes around, Roscommon’s players and management would like to see less booing of Andy Moran, as the official statement Roscommon GAA issued last night confirms – it’s here. Fair play to them for putting out this statement and let’s hope it’ll have the desired effect the next day.

Looking ahead to the rematch, Roscommon coach Liam McHale reckons the advantage now rests with the Connacht champions. Speaking with the Irish Examiner (here), he says that the Rossies’ age and greater freshness will now stand to them in the replay.

Not so says Billy Joe Padden in this week’s Mayo News – that piece is here. Billy Joe doesn’t deny that we’re a team that has passed its peak but he still believes that if we impose ourselves to greater effect in Monday’s replay we’ll get the result at the second time of asking.

The match will, by the way, be reffed by Anthony Nolan from Wicklow. He’s one of the new cohort of officials and  as far as I know, we’ve never had him take charge of a match involving us before he took charge of our League encounter with Cavan back in March.  As ever, all we ask from him is a fair shake in the many difficult calls he’ll be required to make the next day.

Match odds, anyone? While so many are happy to write us off, the bookies still have faith in us. Boyle Sports have us as 2/5 favourites to win the replay, with the handicap set at -3 (match odds here).

Let’s finish this brief round-up with a poll on that very question: who do think will do the business on Monday?

Will we win the replay?

  • Yes (83%, 752 Votes)
  • No (17%, 152 Votes)

Total Voters: 904

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123 thoughts on “Readying for the replay

  1. Nolan is a grand ref, did a reasonable job in the Leinster Final and didn’t succumb under the barrage of pressure from the Hill.

  2. Anyone hear of the predicted attendance or to hazard a guess for this one? Very curious. I for one shall be there. Cheers

  3. And if I recall correctly, Nolan did a fair enough job too. Cavan I think felt aggrieved about a disallowed goal, but I think he’d called the play back before they scored it.
    We were awful that day ourselves. Missing Aido, Jason and Seamie and it certainly showed.

  4. On reflection last Sunday suited Roscommon more than us as they had a 3 week break and the excitement of a derby quarter final. They were also underdogs so had the added motivation of ‘proving’ themselves. Any analysis of the Mayo performance must take into account the Cork game the week before – its not easy to raise your game so easily 7 days later especially when you’re favorites.

    Like a lot of people my issue with SR is his conservatism in team selection and subs – its the same subs all the time. Cannot understand why Kirby and Nally are not getting a run; he might as well cull them from the squad.

    Two players that I believe should be ‘rested’ are SOS and DOC. They’re good players but have simply not performed and the team can’t afford passengers now.

    Probably the single biggest issue now is midfield what with Parsons injured and SOS under par. Its difficult to see how we can go further without a properly functioning midfield irrespective of tactics.

    Having watched the game I’d make a few point as follows:

    AM actually played quite well and scored two points
    I thought CB struggled at CHB. he’s a good player but I think he lacks the mobility for a half back
    I think we lack a specialist CHB. Perhaps PD needs to be played there
    JD played quite well. The best description for him would be a ‘forager’ – he wins his fair share of dirty ball.
    The most concerning aspect of last Sunday was the fact that Roscommon dictated the first period of the second half (when we should have extended our lead). It couldn’t be tiredness because we had the better of the last 15 minutes.
    A bloody water bottle probably cost us a point when DV tripped over on the Cusack side – typical Mayo luck.

    The big question now is whether SR will shake things up……………….but I think we know the answer to that!

    One other point to ponder……………how would we have fared if Roscommon had all of their exiled players?

  5. I’d imagine there will be less of a crowd. Just got our season tickets, moved to 305 from 306 last day.

  6. @spotlight.
    The nett result is we have a bench with very little match play experience. Im sure some of them are wondering what is their function. I thought when SR discovered almost by accident that loftus could be a match winner that he might look to others on bench
    I would start evan regan on monday, i think he has been overlooked or introduced at most pressurising times

  7. Yeah that’s a harrowing throwback alright FDBinashui

    If I recall we completely downed tools in the second half after looking like it was all set up for us to pull away. It’s probably worth adding though that looking back to that game, ever since, we have had to be at full throttle (losing that day ensured we needed to go gung-ho in our last two league matches).

    A win against both Galway and Cavan and we could be looking at a much fresher, more rested side now preparing for a rattle at a potentially vulnerable Kerry. Small margins and all that

  8. Maybe 35,000 crowd?. Croker will look fairly empty and the atmosphere might not be great. Would it not be better to have gone to Pearse Stadium? Really this game is like a Connacht Final from pre 2001 with the winners advancing to play the Munster champions in the semi final. 30,000 in Pearse would be buzzing.

    Interesting that both managers wanted Croker. Not to mention the poor playing surface there currently. Two football games this Saturday. Two hurling games Sunday or possibly 3. Followed by ourselves on Monday. Could be in some state if it rains.

  9. No definitely not Pearce Stadium, my preference would be McHale Park, can’t see the Rossi agreeing to this.. But I would prefer Dr Hyde Park, its easily as big as Pearce Stadium and has a brand new playing surface…. Toss a coin would have been the fairest way…. The greed of the GAA is mind boggling, bringing once again the same loyal fan’s to the other side of Ireland… Another thing, the picth in Croker is not up it, not remotely, it will hardly have improved after all these extra match’s this weekend. It wasn’t up to standard last weekend either… What it is up to, is extracting as much money as possible from the same people, making money for the Corporate GAA and their Corporate friends…. It’s a long way from what was invisaged in Thurles in 1884!

  10. We might be playing Connaught team’s alot more it the future in Croaker when the Super eights arrive

  11. Good stuff there FDB and Federale on Nolan. Hadn’t kept touch on his games. Poor Jim Gavin must have been worried before the Leinster final about so inexperienced a ref taking charge, and good that the Dubs survived the ordeal.

    The trick is to focus on what he focuses on, and I hope Rochy and the lads play with an awareness of this Dublin are brilliant at that; we need to be too.

  12. I voted yes in the poll. These lads just don’t know when they are beaten. We won’t give Roscommon a 7 point headstart the next day either.

  13. On watching the game again, I think Boyler needed to come off. Had ran himself into ground in first half and had hardly touched the ball in 2nd half when taken off. It is the team set up that is the issue for me. Double sweeper against the Rossies meant we were camped in our own half for most of the 2nd half. We did not have anyone up front when we turned it over, which was frequent. We have to take the game to the Rossies next day as if they had their shooting boots on last Sunday, we were gone!

  14. What is the position with Barry Moran ? If he is on the panel he should be capable of playing a part at CF also Kiby, S O Shea needs a rest.Rochford should start players like Regan Loftus Nally and run at the Rossies and see how it goes.Diarmuid seems to be fatigued and I agree that P. Durkan could do a job at CHB
    Clarke should go long and play the game in their half.
    This game can be won but we must put the pressure on from the start and keep the foot on the throat to the end.

  15. Boyle looked wrecked alright when coming off sadly he doesn’t have 70 mins in him anymore. Mayos recent record in replays is poor or be it those games were against the top 2 in Kerry and Dublin. Am i right in saying Mayos last championship replay win was back in 2006 against Laois?

    Have mixed results in replays against the rossies. Won the replay 1989 and lost the replay in 1991.

  16. I think Colm Boyle has to come off for some maybe medical reason after 50 minutes. Mind you he packs a full game into those 50. He is the warrior soul of this team and he always needs to play if possible . No mamager in their right mind would take him off their team when they are struggling if they didn’t have to. So my best guess is there is a reason for this which we won’t be privy to and which further speculation on is futile .

    We simply have to trust in management . They are doing a very good job though they are raw and new. I think Rochford is the right guy for us. We , as a county , are so over the top in terms of passion about our football that having an analytical and dispassionate demeanor is helpful to the team . However , with the recent stresses on the team you can see even he is fraying at the edges a little. I don’t think that GPS data is over ruling his common sense . Far from it. I think Rochford is a real poker player and he has limited enough cards in comparison with some other teams. But he is playing his hand very well indeed. He did not kick Comer in the balls !

    It would be good for us to remember that we have a history of not putting teams away at the earliest time possible. It has been in the DNA of this team pre- Rochford. We are unlikely to start blowing away teams any time soon. All our losses or victories for years have been finely balanced. It speaks to an amazing consistency and also points to how there is no new mind blowing forward talent like a Geaney or McManaus coming through . We produce all star half backs in over abundance so our game plan runs through that line. For better or worse it has to. But I love our forwards – all of them.

    However , having been in Limerick I can honestly say that at no point did I think we would fail to win the game.
    You could feel it from the terraces . The vibe from the team and the fans was very clear. We will not panic and we will not lose . I spoke after that on this blog of seeing something I had not seen before in this team. At the time I called it collective ruthlessness but in hindsight that was a poor choice of words. Someone in the papers yesterday referred to it as “cussedness “and who could argue with that ? Their refusal to panic and refusal to lose is what’s sustaining this team (along with the incredible support ) They are collectively saying they will not be denied any longer , no matter how long or messy the journey. Someone last year said that Sisyphus had an easy number in comparison . Hard as a Mayo supporter to argue with that. In the US when advertising for ” iffy ” pharmaceuticals on TV there is a disclaimer about asking your doctor if the medication is right for you . My recommendation for those with shaky heart situations with the likely finely balanced games coming up is to ” ask your doctor if supporting Mayo is right for you ” ?

    Finally , Diarmuid O Connor is getting flak here from some and I’d ask that it stop. I watch all the games more than once and it is obvious he is subjugating his individual talent on behalf of the team . He is amazing – always . He is up there with Boyer in terms of tenacity and commitment. He plays a little further back to compensate for our midfield shortcomings . If he was played a little further forward he would get more scores just like he did at under 21 .There is a case to use him as an impact sub who can score . In my opinion that would not be getting the best out of him but if we want our best team on the field at the end then …

  17. id say we can beat the rossies the next day its great for them to be improving and next year could be a different story ,theres always a big game in these lads when we dont expect it lets hope we see it soon .I suggest a tractor tyre and some shooting practice for them and we could be a threat to the kingdom in a few weeks .

  18. Agree Swahili and think SOS in same position as DOC. Does a huge job for team and we miss him massively when not on pitch. Cannot understand the call to put on inexperienced players. They will get their chance when these heroes leave the pitch, but next Monday not the day for inexperienced players who have not proven themselves game after game like SOS and DOC

  19. If Andy Moran is deemed not to last the 75 minutes then why does he receive
    his passes close to the corner flags.No wonder he is tired.Is he not at his best in
    front of goal.

    Also, why was Lee Keegan switched to full back after scoring 1/3 when clearly
    management have full confidence in Ger Cafferky.

  20. WJ I think Ger Caff is a man marker,stops his opponent scoring, that’s the way he plays & he is very good at it. The problem now is we need to win breaking ball in the middle third of the pitch and stop Ross breaking through on goal, if Mayo tackle hard between their own 20 & 45 m lines, stop their runs, Mayo will win, If they take their chances & get the shooting boots on.

  21. Whilst Roscommon are indeed young and fresh, they are not conditioned like Mayo or have not the experience of the dogfights, it may well be there legs that start to tire a little the next day?

  22. It’s all to play for, finished ? Not in our DNA been on this quest for a long time and it continues next Monday Maigheabu

  23. It ain’t over till it’s over…we wouldn’t accept the players giving up which this team never will…we fans should have the same attitude…in fairness I don’t think the majority of Mayo fans have given up.

  24. Cusack stand ticket available 304 Row D free to a good home. Stick your email up here and I will forward it by email. Do this asap as I am out of contact from 11pm.
    Sadly cant make this game because of unavoidable family commitments. First miss in a very long time.
    Will be roaring for our lads at a distance.

  25. I have watched the game again and agree Justoutsideballagh that Boyler had to come off. While he had a great game going forward particularly in the first half, his man, Fintan Cregg was wreaking havoc and putting in a MOTM nominated performance. Boyler was definitely struggling by the time he was called ashore. Also agree wholeheartedly with everything Swahili said. We simply have to trust management. They know more than us. They are at training working closely with this group of players week in week out and live, eat and breathe Mayo football.
    I can’t make next Monday’s game due to work commitments. I have already had a job to manage the unplanned Saturday fixtures in our trip through the qualifiers and would respectfully request from the Mayo team that there are no more diversions from the original route to the 3rd Sunday in September. Yes we can!!

  26. Ger – that’s a ridiculous statement to come out with a few days before a big game. Let’s see how the game goes first.

    Liam – I’ve deleted your response as it’ll only inflame matters but I’d largely agree with the substance of what you’ve said.

  27. James Fleming
    Tickets sent. Enjoy the match and for christs sake don’t dare lose. I want another day out with this team in Croker.

  28. diehard when i arrive at Croke Park will i show them the email you sent me Thank you again,much appreciated

  29. Just to respond to a few earlier comments.
    1.Barry Moran is only just returning from injury.
    2.Mayo were a ruthless team under horan. They destroyed teams especially in Connacht
    3.The team has a lot of football played but they are mostly still quite young average

    I think we need to get the ball in and around the D. Too much ball is played to Andy in the corner. We need cillian to play close to goal.

  30. Fair enough WJ. Time and place for everything and this is most certainly not the time.

  31. Would go with the following team to start the next day.
    Go with Barry M at FF for 20 min. Then swap in Andy at that stage or HT.
    Play Keegan and Durcan as auxiliary midfielders in free roles to give the midfield some energy and let those 2 attack at will.







    B Moran


  32. I don’t think people are suggesting dropping experienced players for the sake of it but it is undeniable that some look physically tired. Possibly the extra days rest and not having to play extra time could help but we need to freshen things up. Diarmuid is still running a marathon in every game but the difference is when he does get the ball he just doesn’t have it in the legs to drive past lads as before. Remember that last year he was playing, senior, u21, college and club. Seamy looks tired too. It’s funny, the guys that don’t look tired are the likes of Boyle and Andy but maybe they are told to empty the tank because they are coming off early. I wouldn’t change the whole team but I think changes are required. I think mayo play better in croker with Donnie Vaughan on the field. I’d play him.

  33. I don’t think that Stephen Rochford can be praised, following his decisions in Limerick and Croke Park last Sunday…. His unnecessary cull of too many players, too early, led to extra time in Limerick no doubt that led to Tom Ps hamstring…. Gets an A for starting, Jason Doherty in Limerick and for the role he gave Lee Keegan last Sunday…. BUT how did he leave Ger Cafferkey on until the second period of extra time in Limerick,?? How did he leave SOS on last Sunday as long as he did??.. Please don’t come back with this argument, Séamus is a warrior, Caff is only back from a serious injury.. You are only as good as you are on a given day, simple as that.. No ifs buts or excuses… Mayo has a big panel, it’s a no brainer, certain player’s who are not been given a chance, cannot be as bad as some players, who for whatever reason are not now at their best ….(on current evidence, doing it in the past doesn’t count,)… I mentioned two player’s, I have great respect and time for both of them, but in their early day’s on the Mayo team, they took the places of older player’s because they were better, that’s the way it has to be.. It’s not fair to those that are currently performing, or those who are sitting in the subs bench… Last Sunday Caff was better than in Limerick, but that’s not good enough, Séamus O Shea tried his heart out and ran himself into the ground, but that’s not good enough either…… He got his hands on very little ball,…. Without Tom Parsons, Mayo were being over ran at times around the middle, and that’s with Lee Keegan in midfield, we needed someone with serious athletic ability…. Donal Vaughan was in the subs bench… I believe that the extra time in Limerick took its toll on Aiden OShea, where he was fantastic, but he was far from fantastic overall last Sunday,. Séamus was withdrawn before extra time in Limerick, but I still don’t think he had recovered sufficiently from the match, it’s hardly any wonder that he didn’t excell .. I would say the same thing about any player…, Cillian’s on last Sundays form, and most other match day’s, apart from the Limerick game, where he was fantastic. But he would not be kept on the pitch if it were Kerry or Dublin he were playing for, on those other day’s when he was poor … Is it any wonder that Alan Freeman has left the panel?… If our management can’t find within themselves to be ruthless and objective, how can they manage Mayo,? …And another thing, I hope that ‘starting well’ is spoken about in this week, at team meetings .. Giving every team we play a big advantage at the very start, it’s going to be fatal for us, unless we address this issue….. I have great hope, and I believe that Mayo will beat Roscommon on Monday, and I will be there, just as I was at all their match’s…. . But it’s getting very frustrating, the decisions being made on the sidelines, .. If Mayo do beat Roscommon?? , even though the Mountain we will have to climb, has gotten steeper, I certainly believe that this team can beat Kerry, on a given day .. But these things are only possible, if we get the very best out of ourselves…And that’s something, we haven’t been doing to date… Let’s change that for Monday.

  34. Mayo will never be finished. Don’t be listening to the likes of Joe Brolly. He’s pedalling an awful amount of shite on RTE. Only dying for us to fail. He has a habit of climbing up the arse of current All Ireland champions. He was all about Donegal after 2012. Now same with Dublin.

  35. Foreman was unbeatable and Ali was over the hill when Ali bet him. Knocked him out. Sheringham played top class football till he was almost 40. Ronaldo is 30 + now and going for player of the year again.
    This team isnt too long in the tooth.
    As regards tired they’ll have played 70 mins of football in 2 weeks. Give me a break. There is no question of been burned out.
    The answer is getting the most suitable players into their proper positions and giving the team liscence to go on a huntngl mission on Monday. If the best team is picked and the before match instructions are positive there will only be one winner. We will win if the management do their job.

  36. This is now actually a very fascinating game for the following reasons ….

    1- Rochford tactics v Mc Stay tactics

    2- Mayo`s supposed tiredness and older average age v Roscommon`s supposed freshness and much younger average age.

    3- Mayo`s experience v Roscommon`s inexperience

    4; Which team will improve most from the drawn game as there were 3 or 4 below par performances on both teams.

    5- Which team will learn most from the drawn game ?

    The early weather forecast for next Monday appears to be for a fine day with possibly a bit of heat….Anyone for extra time to sort this match out ?
    Btw, I read somewhere that a Croke Park official said that they are expecting a potential crowd of around 45,000 on Monday…Will be interesting to see how accurate that turns out to be.

  37. Clarke
    Harry barret Higgins
    Durcan Vaughan Boyle
    Keegan parsons
    McLoughlin Doherty
    Loftus Cillian Andy

    Higgins sweeper, loftus to drop back to half forward when McLoughlin goes back, Andy and Cillian to stay near the oppositions goal. No point in going through subs cos it depends what happens on the day but I’d like to see Kirby and aido in the ff line at some stage.

  38. Never thought I’d be a Rochford apologist but people need to pause and consider two facts, firstly this team has gone on longer than any side in modern times and to keep them together, fresh and winning is a monumental task and so far Rochford is succeeding. Secondly, management make mistakes, so do players like Keegan, Moran, O’Shea, Clark, Cillian etc it’s life, it’s sport. That is not to give him a carte blanche to do what he likes, let’s just see where the overall result brings us.

  39. Robin Banks, I would do something similar to what we did versus Dublin, when we played in the All Ireland final, with McLoughlin as sweeper… Mayo played without a specialist full back and it was by far the best defensive game have ever seen from Mayo… Donal Vaughan wore the No 3 jersey but he didn’t play full back… I would do a straight swap in Midfield, Donal for Séamus… This would not be a solution if we were to meet Kerry, with Donaghey… I certainly would be considering bringing on both Séamus and Ger in the second half, depending on circumstances…. If Mayo prevailed, Séamus would be (Fresher).. I am convinced that the games have taken a toll on SOS, he was out injured for all the league… Then Séamus O Shea, might well be the man to start on Donaghy in the semi, aka David Brady in 2006… But let’s wait and see what happens on Monday!

  40. A lot of annoyance about the ticket prices next Monday (stand tickets €30). Prices should have been reduced and travel costs must be added to this also. Extra time should have been played the last day also…..these replays are a money making racket.

    Disappointing to see Boland being squeezed out. When you add the fact that E Regan has not really made the breakthrough yet and Kirby and Nally are struggling for game time it means that ultimately only C Loftus is a real addition for the chip. Would worry you slightly for the future.

    I think there’s too much talk about the tiredness factor. Soccer and rugby players (amateur ones) play weekly for roughly 8 months. Why can’t finely tuned GAA players do the same?

    Something struck me the last day watching the game….what about Doherty at CHB? He’s a damn good tackler and mobile…….AM used to be a half back!

  41. A lot of the time the best team win replays. They are not sure about themselves yet either, we need to get some big hits in early on.

  42. I feel we can do it on Monday, we know what we’re up against now. It will be another sideline tactical battle, it would be great to see something new and inventive (Davy Fitzesque!!). By the way will the upper hogan or cusack be open or will it be restricted to the lower?

  43. Call me crazy, but I think this will be our year….we will scrape over the line against the Rossies and put in the performance of the season against Kerry.

    Meanwhile on the other side of the draw, pne of the Northern teams will take down the Dubs. At some point they are going to lose a close game and this may be the year.

    If we meet one of the Northern teams in the final, its anyones game

  44. I think we have plenty good enough half backs than to be changing them for a forward. Any one of 7 players is suitable for CHB.. Boyler, Keegan, Durcan, Keith, Coen, Donie and Barrett. My preference is Boyler so long as his man isn’t well over 6′ and Coen or Donie whenever Boyler comes off.
    I haven’t looked a 2nd time at the game to see if some people’s assessment of Diarmaid and J Doc’s work rate and foraging was better than Rossies. I certainly think Loftus and Kirby wouldn’t give us the equivalent workrate (though Kirby would likely score heavily). Nally might have the workrate and scoring and COS also works hard and can score. I think Boland is too small to start at this stage of the championship but would be OK with him coming on.

  45. On SOS, the best approach may be to give him 45 and tell him to put everything into that number of minutes. He’s better at winning dirty aerial ball than most other of our midfielders.
    I have no doubt the 100 min Cork game left some sluggishness in many players legs and despite that Mayo finished stronger than Ros. I believe the 1 week turn around is a significant disadvantage for 2 qualifier teams each year and Mayo’s defeat of Tyrone last year was the first 1 week gap QF victory in a while. This game Ros also only have 1 week (though they may go into replay with fairly good confidence).

  46. Monaghan’s form has dipped so can’t see them beating the Dubs. Armagh would be too green so the best chance of Dubs exit is if Tyrone win their game.

  47. Shuffly Deck, SOS did not play 100 minutes against Cork, more like 50+…Give someone else 45+ minutes at midfield and bring him on depending on circumstances…. To those who claim (wrongly in my opinion) that player’s can recover in a week, professional soccer player’s and professional rugby player’s do so, and so on…A number of thing’s, come to mind… No 1…Rugby player’s play match’s maybe after playing another match a week ago on occasions, but only against a team that has also played a match… 3 weeks in row for Mayo, SOS playing midfield 3 week’s in a row, having been out, due to injury all spring.. Hardly a level playing field playing against a younger fully fit Roscommon player who can run all day… No 2, gaelic-football is about half way, between soccer and rugby in terms of physicality and athletism, midfield is the most demanding physical and athletically, there is no way SOS can possibly be as close as possible to his best, especially considering his absence, due to injury in the Spring…. No 3, versus Roscommon, athletism will be a much better asset to Mayo to start the match with, rather than physicallity. And bring SOS on in the second half,!.. Personally, I wouldn’t take off Donie Vaughan, we will need someone who can run and run for 70+minutes, Donie can always do that, better than most!

  48. I too believe that Mayo will get by Roscommon this Monday, but a warning to lee Keegan and co, don’t get sent off or get a black if it means you’re not available for the next game. We would need a full deck to beat kerry. And as far as rochford and co go, I think we must trust their judgement, they know what they’re dealing with and have the players trust too it seems. Personally I would start dan Kirby in the ff line and let Andy finish the game out instead of starting. Regan should get a good run too, let him find his feet because he’s definitely good enough once he finds his range and gets comfortable enough to actually play the stuff he’s capable of playing. If sos is not up to play at midfield then stick coen or Barry Moran in there and maybe let seamie move into the defense ( less running in the fb line ) and his power may well be needed before long if we get over Roscommon, I would have him marking a certain client in the kerry ff line that has thrown some of our defenders out of his way much too easily. But we have to cross the ross bridge first. Easier said than done. One other thing I hope Mayo do the next day is to mark every ross defender so they have to fight for the ball rather than just collect a free pass from the keeper, then mayo funnel back a sweeper if they must, but don’t allow ross the freedom up to the 45 with an unmarked man.

  49. Management must play to Mayo’s strength rather than reaction to Mcstay tactics. We must retain a half back line going forward rather than backward for most of the game. There is no doubt that this Mayo team are more talented than Roscommon. If it is motivation the team needs then the slogan should be ‘ do it for Andy’

  50. Loftus was a centre forward underage for mayo and is for crossmolina. Hes played corner forward because of the, “sure hes too small to play half forward yet, play him in the corner” attitude. Hes playing out of position. We dont have a link between defense and full forward line in most attacks except for carrying the ball, wasting energy. Hes an intelligent player, every time he gets the ball his head is up looking to see whats on. Id love to see him get a chance to play a playmaker role and at least have a different option going forward. His pass against derry in extratime shows what hes capeable of. Aidan o shea is great when on form at 11, but isnt a playmaker. O shea can still play around the middle and do his thing, id just like to see loftus at 11. He might well not be ready or strong enough yet, but we need something else in our gameplan if we are to play kerry and worth a try

  51. @HSE
    Interesting article. I do think that Fergal Bolands and Evan Regan’s progressions as creative footballers are examples of coaching gone wrong. I’m, the dubs are highly coached structured unit that rely on physical fitness and set pieces of play from the training ground. Kerry still trust raw natural talent of their players to do the business. I wonder what would Kieran McDonald make of it all.
    It would make you feel like telling players to go out and give it a lash on Monday. But that will not happen.

  52. Your welcome WJ, it is a very interesting read alright. He was involved with the team under James Horan as well so he should have a better insight than most about where we need to improve.

    As he said you’d like to see us take a few more risks. If we can’t trust playing the likes of Conor Loftus or Evan Regan etc. against Roscommon from the start, then how could we expect them to make an impact against the likes of Kerry or Dublin etc.

  53. Haven’t posted since Sunday. … a few things to consider for Monday.
    Some players could do with being benched initially for this game.
    Caff, SoS, AM & at least one of the two Docs (the other will come on at ht)
    Play Vaughan, TP, CL and Nally as the four replacements.
    Again if Smyths goes mf/hf put Keegan on him.
    If he goes ff put Harry on him.
    Again if Ross go two up top play Higgins as spare defender. I thought get was excellent on Sunday.
    Barrett Harry Higgins
    Keegan Boyle Durkan
    Parsons Vaughan
    Nally AoS KMcLoughlin
    CLoftus CoC JDOC.

  54. Casual Observer – I agree re Loftus at CHF, the lad has the vision and skills to open us defences, unlikely to happen though, as he is more likely to be placed in the FFL for now. I would also like to see McLoughlin back at sweeper, as I felt once he got his head around the role last year, our defence was the best it has been. The issues though as I seen it was, and this is why I don’t think McL will
    play at sweeper;
    1) McLoughlin is probably the most guy that offers himself up around the middle of the pitch when we are breaking out of defence. Too often last year he found himself having to carry the ball out of the sweeper position, only to have to slow down or turn back inside, due to lack of an outlet up front, i.e. Someone like himself
    2) He is needed around the middle for breaking ball, one of the best readers of it in the game
    3) where does Keith play?

  55. Exactly Casual Observer, people were wondering why Colm Boyle was knackered, well when he’s expected to be running up and down the pitch constantly then of course he will be knackered. Lee Keegan even, was probably a bit tired in the second-half too after his first-half exploits. You’d prefer to see Kevin McLoughlin doing that running in the opposition’s half, as he did so well against Clare. Conor Loftus can do this as well. There were huge holes at times in the Roscommon defence so we need to expose that ruthlessly the next day.

  56. Hard to digest some of that article hse , I suppose at times us , as mayo supporters are puzzled or confused, so what chance has an outsider have , ?????,
    So much written and read here since last Sunday’s skin of our teeth draw , but one thing that never quivers is the heart them lads protray,
    They are some warriors , Christ they really do serve our crest to the highest level , it’s been a long summer , a rollercoaster, I have so much faith in this bunch, and I think as someone mentioned above we have to trust management that they know what they are at?Even if it entails endless head scratching ?
    We have to play our part , 16th man will be needed Monday , mention of future games is daft , there is one match that matters , that’s Monday against the rossies ,
    I firmly believe there is life is the aul dog yet ,
    Up mayo

  57. It has got so bad, the straitjacketed one dimensional football imposed on the team that the likes of Alan Brogan and now Dr Ed Coughlin , are calling it as it is. The disjoint between team and management is painful. Coughlin elequently says what many of us see for last two seasons. It’s the players that are doing the heavy lifting. They could do with the brakes taken off before Monday. The stakes are too high.

  58. I wouldn’t agree with the article from the examiner. I believe that one of our stronger points is our unpredictability. Can you imagine been an opposition manager trying to prepare to play mayo. How do yea predict what we are going to do? Jaysus, we don’t know ourselves what we’re goin to do. Can you imagine watching the videos of mayo games in preparation. Would be like watching a western followed by a comedy maybe a drama and we’ll throw in a horror as well and don’t forget the Sci fi. We must be a nightmare for any manager to prepare to play against. Having said that, some spells of football from mayo this year have been better than any other team has played. I think that if we have 2 dominant periods in Mondays game we’ll be fine. Would love to see us dominate the last 25 minutes of the game and maybe get off to a really good start as well. Main thing is not let the rossies dominate any.period of the match. Would also like to see kmc running directly at goal. Saw him doing it against Clare I think it was and wondered was I looking at a different player. Thought he was brilliant that day.

  59. Steady on there, John! Where your evidence of this supposed painful disjoint between team and management? You’d want to be coming out with some hard information to back up that claim, making it as you’ve done just a few days out from a hugely important match for the county.

    I wouldn’t be accepting the word of Alan Brogan, who said after Sunday that the Mayo supporters’ heads were dropping at the end of the game (the same supporters roaring themselves hoarse right up to the final whistle) and the same man who gleefully took part in the Lee Keegan character assassination ahead of last year’s final replay. Ed Coughlan was a member of James Horan’s backroom team so his comments needs to be viewed in this light too.

    Many of us, myself included, have questioned what the sideline is up to this year but, equally, we need to accept (as I do without question) that Stephen Rochford and his selectors are best placed to judge what to do and when to do it in relation to team selection and everything else. It’s easy to shout from the sidelines saying that we need “the brakes taken off”. What exactly does that mean? And who’d be to blame if whatever it does mean is implemented and we end up losing the next day? I suppose if that happened that’d be management’s fault as well.

  60. if SR or TM or Peter Burke read these posts , Please please please look back on all the games we have played in Croker with Donie playing a starting role. he has been instrumental in our success, The big place suits him and never more is he needed around the middle section then this Monday . His link play plus his power and athleticism is what is needed so bad . if Donie played all his games at HQ he would be regarded as blue chip but his stock price crumbles in Mchale park and other outposts . Horan knew this but his successors never quite grasped it

  61. I sometimes question what Stephen Rochford is at especially when he makes the substitutions he makes sometimes they baffle me but he has kept us in Division 1 and we are still in the championship. I think we need to hit the ground running on Monday we can’t afford slow starts anymore. Also why not trust nally and Kirby and Coen to start freshen up the team and finish the game with fresh subs

  62. An article about nothing really, it might be this, it might be that. It’s just an opinion piece and I not even sure what the opinion was.

  63. Regan, despite his potential and our hopes for him, has done nothing to warrant any involvement on Monday. By selecting him you are HOPING for a performance as opposed to expecting one. A quarter final replay is not the place for such sentiment. In my opinion he is well behind Boland, Loftus and Kirby in the selection process. All 3 players have, at different times in the league (and when Rochford has trusted them) produced good effective performances and taken their scores along the way.
    Boland was very good early in the league, took a few scores but more importantly, has great awareness of space on the pitch and is probably our best foot passer in the squad. These 2 attributes could be crucial in the final 25 mins of a game when defenses are tiring and space is opening up inside their 45m line.
    Loftus has positively effected the game every time he has played. His first thought always is to score and if he gets half a chance he goes for goal, rightly so.
    Kirby has proven he can win ball, score from distance and kick accurately long foot passes. His ability must be harnessed on Monday at some point.
    For me, I would start Loftus for Moran and play Cillian in the Andy Moran role, ie a ball winning FF, constanly inside the 21, who plays it out quick. I’d have Loftus playing close to goal also and off Cillian. Cillian has the strength to win his ball as he showed in Cork and as long as he and Loftus are close to goal it will work. By parking Cillian in there you are saving his legs also.
    With 25 to go I’d bring Moran and Boland in. Boland to exploit space and also to target Moran with low direct foot passes. Moran would go inside for Cillian with Cilian dropping out a little but playing off Andy, like in Cork. These roles would not be physically demanding on Moran or Cillian and they are well able to produce the goods.
    The deciding factor as to whether we win or lose is whether Parsons is fit to start. It all hinges on him. If he starts I would play Keegan again in a free roving midfield role bit have Vaughan man marking Enda Smith. Having Tom in there will free up AOS to operate between 11 amd 14 and give us huge options. Roscommon will be expecting Keegan to pick him up but I’d release Keegan to add energy and legs in our half forward line with Parsons and Vaughan in midfield. I’d play Durcan at half forward but have him in the half back line covering for Lee. Roscommon will not contain Lee.
    I’d hold SOS and DOC for the final 20 also as their legs are shot at the minute.
    If Parsons plays we win. If he doesn’t we won’t.

  64. At the end of the day you’d just like to see us produce a bit more flair, like we did in the Clare game in the second-half and against Derry in extra-time. Both times we just had forwards in forward positions rather than having defenders up front. Against Derry, Conor Loftus and Jason Doc banged in goals. Against Clare it was Kevin Mc, Diarmuid O’Connor and Conor Loftus pulling the strings with Cillan O’Connor closer to goals.

    We are lucky to be still in it. If the Derry player had kicked the free that he missed, over the bar, like Donie Smiths one, we’d be looking ahead to the FBD games now. If you look at any sport, its a bit of extra flair that wins the big prizes. Lee Keegan produced it for us the last day but we need other players doing it for us as well next Monday.

  65. Fully agree NiallMc 1983. Strange article. He says mayo are unpredictable and maybe unstructured and then he says teams shouldn’t be too structured that they should be allowed to play outside of a structure to their own abilities. Think his article is like how he likes teams to sometimes play, unstructured.

  66. I didnt know Alan Brogan had a seat in the Mayo dressing room to make any judgement on the relationship within the squad. His opinions are just that, opinions not based on fact. The truth is he nor anyone else hadnt a clue about the dynamics within the panel so people should stop reading and commenting on this rubbish.

    Regarding Boyle, while I hate to see him come off this is obviously a pre arranged strategy where Boyle goes flat out for 50mins and when the tank is empty he is replaced. Other teams including dublin use this to good effect. This could work well for Mayo but only if the cover coming on can do a good defensive job, our subs are either good enough or not, if not then we have no chance anyway.

    Getting the best out of Cillian is vital going forward. If we play a sweeper and a two man ff line then im afraid Andy shouldnt start. Cillian is flat out tracking back and covering along the ff line beacuse Andy cant do this. Cillian needs more mobile players around him which will allow him to operate closer to goal and concentrate on finding space and being offensive, not tracking back being defensive which ultimately leaves him out of position and knackered in the last 10mins

  67. Interesting stuff all right from Ed Coughlin, for whom I have the height of respect. However, he does reference Chris Barrett from 2013, and Keith Higgins from 2014 as examples of straitjacket breaking, so he’s pointing a finger at the Horan (and his own) era as well as the current management.

    He also says that it took a while for the penny to drop for the Dubs when Gilroy and Mickey Whelan came in and changed the way they played. Rochy and co may have difficulty in getting a strong single-minded bunch, who chucked out the previous management, to change their approach – adopting a kick-passing game for example.. Furthermore, the management are pretty good at setting up differently when they want to do different things – being defensive against Tyrone for example; last Sundays game against Roscommon used the defensive strategy as well.

    But every strategy has consequences. If you become more defensive, you will score less. One of the major criticisms of the Horan era was the lack of a defensive strategy, because you had half backs as one of the primary attacking platforms. The current management have sought to address this, and it has had to be learned and it took a while.

    Roscommon players, mostly young and eager, will probably do anything McStay tells them. Ours are likely to be much less compliant.

    This team should not be mentally tired. Aren’t they always quoting that mantra: ‘we want to be playing football in August; that’s what it’s all about’? Well, now you are lads.

  68. Summer camp is over lads. The championship begins on Monday. We are 3 wins away from hoisting Sam. Forget about all the this point. In a little over 4 days we will I believe be 2 wins from lifting Sam. We haven’t played close to our potential yet for 70 minutes and we have a squad that really should have won the big one last year. After Monday we will be up against a team that needed alot of help from the referee to get the better of us the last time we played in the championship. Plenty of incentive there for the team. The journey is shorter now to the finish line, mind you it is steeper as well. We’ll need improvement in the way we’re playing but we know it’s there. It’s great to be heading in to these games having the experience that we have. There could be exciting times in the weeks ahead for us if we can get all the ducks in a row.

  69. I think Ed Coughlan’s piece makes great sense. That’s probably because my football knowledge is so basic compared to the rest of Ye.

  70. My take on the last 2 years is we seem to mirror the teams we are playing,scraping by some teams we should be beating with a bit to spare.
    Tyrone and Dublin twice last year we up our game but tipp and Westmeath we were pretty average. All games this year we could have made it a lot easier on ourselves, but something deep down tells me if we get over Monday(which I think we will)then we will see the real Mayo this year.
    This team are looking for those extra percentages from last year and think they’ll find them in the last few games.

  71. The Ed Coughlan piece seems fine, I think it’s good analysis. Mayo have more problems to solve than the other top 4. Andy is a great man to target but his preferred replacement is a creative CHF who can score goals but won’t win much dirty ball if playing in corner. His other preferred replacement is a 6’3″ creative score taker and passer who isn’t greatly mobile, the likely ball into him is high. And with a Mayo sweeper Andy struggles with long sprints chasing free backs.
    If Tom Parsons is fit then we can risk not starting SOS in midfield who probably needs a rest or using him as FB which requires less energy though more concentration.
    Kevin Mc is our best player in 3 or 4 roles, ball mopping half forward who helps midfield, sweeper and ball winning corner forward who seldom makes mistakes. His role needs to remain adaptable to our set up on any given day. Keith is our other best sweeper though we now see what Lee can do when freed up. Jason and Diarmaid offer high work rate but we have creative players on the bench. Caff is doing OK but not totally dominating what is the most difficult position on the pitch and should we win we need a plan for Donaghy. And we have an abundance of half backs some of whom can be used as forwards meaning having to drop a forward. On top of that we haven’t for a long time known AOS best role and it would seem being adaptable is the best approach. The top teams usually seem to manage him OK as FF though I’m not sure either Ros or Kerry could contain him as FF.
    If management can squeeze the max out of the talents we have, we have some great stars to shine.
    Fair point by Coughlan on giving new players game time but most of the core are still the best available. That’s our reality. Paying less heed to Brogan.

  72. I agree with the previous poster, we seem to raise or lower our game based on the opposition. Last year for example based on the performances up to that date, logically you would have thought there wasnt a chance we’d live with Dublin.
    If we took on the Kilmovee Shamrocks U-12s they’d be in with a chance right until the end, and yet IF we beat Roscommon we will all be giving ourselves a right good chance against Kerry.

  73. Yes 14allnall41 and then the big teams can’t plan for us but we can for them.

    Anyway let’s keep the faith and stay behind them. Last thing Mayo need is that their own supporters are beginning to think it’s the end of the line or only a matter of time. Most of the pundits are bandying this about all year because it suits them to get into our heads and weaken us. I think the supporters have started to let it into their heads. This is not good for our lads. Banish it. We are still here. We are in Croke Park. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Because if we as supporters weaken in our belief that will be felt by the players esp in Mayo where majority of the team live and work.

    Most consistent team and not Ancient like everyone would have us believe. Colm Boyle turned 31 last Sunday and he is one of 3 or 4 over 30. Hardly ready to be buried yet. My Dublin friend was asking me their ages yesterday and she was shocked that everyone is saying they are old. So please strengthen our belief and resolve. Don’t listen to the opposition. Dublin and Kerry don’t.

    As far as I’m concerned we are at least number 2 in the country until someone manages to knock us out and take our place. We won’t be easily pushed aside. And I would nearly bet my life on it that we will be where we want to be soon!

    I can’t do tactical stuff as I never played so only see a bigger overall picture so I’ll do rallying stuff.

  74. The question is why hasn’t Regan developed into the great players we expected when he first exploded on the scene. There is no questioning his talent. Likewise Bolands game has become predictable. I do hope Loftus is a rebel heart and continues to do it his way. It’s a question of changing a system to harness his skills and not adjusting his game to suit a system

  75. As for whether the team is past its best or not I’m not sure. I think Andy might be a few % off twelve months ago and Higgins maybe not as tight (but is given more freedom anyway) and Boyle has a few less minutes but all have huge parts to play. Our panel is bigger but we’re thinner on replacements in the backs, especially FB line. The main plus there is the return of Barrett. Donie keeps Boyler’s standard most times he’s introduced and sometimes adds another dimension but Coen seems better as a starter not coming on. And none of our forward replacements have gotten enough game time to know if they will shine on a big day. Two players form just a bit below par SOS and Diarmaid and I would attribute both to fatigue (in Diarmaid’s case a lot of games at a young age and the hits in Intercounty are hard and in Seamie’s still playing small bit of catch up from spring and is one of the players having to commute from Dublin). Diarmaid still bursts a gut tracking all day long but not as potent as last 2 years (especially 2015) on front foot. If we win Monday the 2 week gap will help. We have a much bigger deck than the Rossies but they have youth and enthusiasm. They way to beat them is running through them and then a tougher ref will dish them out some black cards.

  76. Too many Stopped clocks among our fan base as well as the media, they’ll surely be right at some point as long as they keep repeating themselves. Too many folks saying that what management and players are doing is wrong without offering any alternatives or solutions that hold water.
    People have been stating this team was finished since 2014, yet here we are, still playing Football in August and will most likely be 1 of only 5 teams still in the Championship. come Sunday evening.

    At this stage if you were to take on board a mixture of suggestions we’d have Keegan as centre forward along with Higgins as a wing forward, Hennelly in the half forwards, Seamie in the backs along with Vaughan in for Caff, alongside a multitude of Richie Feeneys that seem to be the best players “to never get a run out”. Boyle to be kept on 100% of the time, even if he’s dead. Drop both O’Connors. Might bring back Ciaran McD for good measure, while we’re at it maybe tempt Liam McHale away from the Roscommon sideline to run out for us in midfield for the second half of the game on Monday, but only if the original Willie Joe Padden, complete with bloodstained head-bandages is unavailable.

    For those of you that think you know more about football than the Management and their selectors, I’d willingly stake the remainder of my mortgage and probably one of the kids (it’d be a hard choice as I haven’t picked a favourite) on the fact that you really, really, don’t know more than them, and in all likelihood, never will. If you did, I would have expected you to have put your name forward for the role on the 2 occasions in the last 3 years that it has been up for grabs.

    Have faith in your team for god’s sake, and team includes the management. They brought us closer to the holy grail last year under similar circumstances and they deserve our support, rather than the constant negativity which seems to prevail continually, and usually from the same folk.

    Up Mayo.

  77. SoS is vital to us and does a lot of the heavy lifting–we continuously implode when he goes off. When he goes off AoS should replace him. manager knows best–this forum had huge expectations of Regan.

  78. Sinead 37,… ..I’m sure knowledge of the game is up there with the best of us, and superior to most ……. Mayo have diced with death 4 times in this year’s championship, with team’s supposedly inferior to us….. Derry, Cork and Roscommon, We have succomed to what would be the equivalent of championship death in year’s gone by, ie. the defeat to Galway….That was the first time this year that we diced with death, only fate was not as kind to us as on the other occasions….. We are so far as I can see, the most self destructive,(combination of individual errors, lack of self discipline and management faux paz) team ever to play the game….. We are the most resilient team to ever play the game,… But we are still there,…. Resilience probably our trump card, we even showed plenty of resilience in the defeat to Galway,.. But we are so LUCKY to be still there,….. The management need’s to be courageous, and intelligent in it’s selections, the same selection and set up, ie, preplanned withdrawal of certain player’s Kevin McStay will have a plan for exactly that seneraio, same sideline decision at the same time…. This, replay does not have to be a replay of the exact same same selection and same decisions at the same time as last Sunday, if we are anything close to that, It can only lead to certain defeat by Roscommon,….. I am sure of that! … It is time to be radical, and if that means, not starting a big name or two, so be it….. The good news is that, a few things done differently and one very good performance, then we are only this one game away from where we expected to be, all be with 8 day’s less to plan for Kerry….. Over to you Mr Rochford!

  79. vaughan and parsons have to start on monday. i would start loftus and possibly coen as well.

    none of those have had the game time of the others in recent weeks so and we will need the fresh legs.

    up to now i thought the qualifiers would do us no harm. a chance to get some miles in the legs of aos, caff and others.

    we looked tired last sunday. i still think we will get by the rossies and then we will have 10 days to put our feet up until the semi.

    time to be positive. we are still in it. as dessie dolan said “they haven’t gone away you know”

    one look down our panel and there are some serious operators in there.

  80. What Alan Brogan has to say about Mayo is of no importance and we should take no heed of it. You can add his name to the list of names in that category which is now about a 12 foot long list.

  81. Someone above said we should concentrate on our own game and not to get too concerned about what Kevin McStay or Ros get up to. Agree 100%.
    I think we should go flat out for the first 15mins to burn them off – break their spirit and resolve by going 7 or 8 up. I couldn’t see them recovering from that like we did the last day.
    I would play JDoc and DOC way out wide on each wing to give us a kicking option from the defence. You can then choose a kicking game or a running game whichever seems appropriate.
    In order to bring a mental level of intensity and pressure to the contest I would get Boyle, Barrett and Higgins to keep the afterburners lit and run at them until they were utterly knackered. Parsons if fit in midfield with SOS until he seizes up. Start Loftus and bring on Andy at half time. We have decent replacements.

  82. Agree with the article. This team has been playing with the shackles on for two years.
    We need to be positive and push on and not retreat(once again) into out half which we did last Sunday
    and invite teams onto us. We are Mayo for Christ Sake and are better than all counties (maybe bar one).
    Why are the team not allowed play like a top team ???
    Age and fatigue is not the problem. Tactics are. e.g. COC playing in the corner back position in games. Crazy stuff.

  83. Under Horan the narrative was we were too predictable…. under Rochford we r unpredictable…. too open at the back under Horan too conservative under Rochford. These guys have to write articles to make a living. Unfortunately we r going to have to listen to all this sh1t until we land Sam. As for being finished Mayo are never finished. We will get there dont know when but we will some day.

  84. Heh heh heh FDB. You said if we think we know more than the management we should have applied for the job.the last 2 times it came up. Our opposition management on Monday next applied for the job and didn’t even get a phonecall back from the county board so don’t think we should apply. All vacancies filled sign up. Heh heh heh. County board seemed as eager to looK at management options as management are to look at player options.

  85. “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat”.

    Let’s all do ourselves a favour and ignore circling vultures, they’ve been there since 2013 and they’ll always be there.

  86. Hopefully we will have the courage and iniatiative to name our panel for Monday and lay out our stall first. Oh forgot, we never name subs and as Ed Coughlan says we name ,’dummy teams.
    If players are not fit for the 70 mins, then rest them and start the bench players. We are still a decent team and if the bench can supplement the regulars, then give them their heads.
    The bottom line it will be the bench that will win the all Ireland for whatever county.

  87. As regards coghlan article Interesting but inflexible and straight jacket does not equal the roller coaster we have been on FBDinashui brilliant Might throw in Paddy Prendergast and Padraig Carney too as they know how to get over the finishing line

  88. We generally start poorly, make the same substitution, take off Andy, is that straight jacket, but we have an unwillingness to throw in the towel, that’s what keeps us going.
    I see Roscommon got there first naming team, no injuries, no tiredness, now the staring fifteen can mentally prepare themselves for the game.
    Just wondering when do our players actually know the starting fifteen and would it account for our slow start in games

  89. Mad to suggest playing players who have not delivered.No evidence Regan or Nally have anuthing to offer.Yes evidence for Donie.
    The biggest mistake would be to take off Andy.I agree with a lot of what Pebblesmeller says but I want both Andy and Parsons on.Where will scores come from if Andy not on.Himself and Cillian only real.guaranteed forwards though others chip in.
    Let us not throw out baby with the bathwater please.

  90. I’ve just dispatched a.carrier pigeon to Mayo gaa hq with my selections attached to his right leg. It’s fairly windy outside so I hope the poor crathur doesn’t get blown off course or he might end up at the rossies gaa hq and that would.give.them an inside line. Like I said to. he pigeon, onwards and upwards. Oh!!! just heard a thud and I can see some feathers floating over the neighbours lawn. Poor Petie the pigeon. I might try sending the team selection by smoke signals, but then again it is kind of windy outside.

  91. huey,
    regan gives the impression that hes about to take the step and really produce, i would start him and give it til half time. If he could just slow it for the last second before the shot and be more sure of it I think he might score a few points on monday and get Mayo over the line. It just looks like hes snatching at it and putting himself off a degree or 2 and undermining his efforts. He, has plenty of company in that department, how many did Mayo hit wide because of rushed efforts when they had plenty of time the last day? Slow it down and the scores will come a bit easier.

  92. Would someone do me out a summary of all the stuff since I was here before ….. jeeeez it’s just incredible what genius we have in the ranks. It would make you feel that a certain small number of these here fans should put themselves forward for the big job when next it arises…..of course that application will be preceded by some major canvassing.
    And FDB I laud your very imaginative selections except I was greatly disappointed that you didn’t include the mighty Mick Ruane of Castlebar who often created much havoc around the square in his time just as Kirby might do if he got the odd chance!

  93. Comparing gaelic players to soccer players is not comparing like with like soccer players don’t take the big hits that the gaa lad does they dont get up in the morning for a day job they have the best of recovery facilities at their disposal imagine Ronaldo getting the hit that Peter Harte got from Tom Cuniffe a few years ago he wouldn’t be back yet playing. This panel of players has and will continue to give us the best of times enjoyed by Mayo supporters since 50/51 writing them off is a little premature their was people on this blog offering Jason Doherty’s jersey up for grabs earlier this year he has more than proved his worth since.This panel have made all the sacrifices and put in all the hard miles that we can only dream about and are not going to go down without one he’ll of a battle roll on Monday until we meet our neighbours and take them down to size.

  94. Heh heh heh Revellino, I think McStay did get a call back from the CB which was largely a “we don’t like your proposal” and in effect “we’re going with the Chairman’s brother and his buddy”. McStay was also just about to be appointed as manager when Pat and Noel got their marching orders so he was unlikely to be asked to apply that time either.

    And with respect Revellino, regarding management not willing to look at players, that’s another fallacy that seems to have become truth from continued repetition.

    Only a handful of the under 21’s from last year have not had a chance with the senior team this year or last, and quite a few have been on the panel or on the extended panel.

    From last years U21’s:

    3 played against Roscommon last week (Coen, DO’C, Loftus)
    A 4th was on the bench (Boland)
    A 5th is on the panel (O’Donoghue)
    A 6th was on the panel last year (Hall)
    A 7th was dropped from the panel in March (Irwin)
    8 through to 11 are on the development panel (Ruane, Cunniffe, Carr, Reape)
    Others that I know played in the FBD league are Fionan Duffy and David Kenny

    Of the ones i have named above, only Reape did not start in the under 21 Final.

    Of the ones that took part in the under 21 final that I’ve not mentioned above:
    Mattie Flanagan (Keeper), Sharoize Akram, James Kelly, James Carr, Barry Duffy all played under 21 this year, Only Morgan Lyons has not featured in either Squad at some point.

    How many other players would you like Rochford to try out?.

  95. Your well up on all the players that have been tried out FDB and you make a fair argument. I would have thought though that the performances that Connor Loftus put in would have seen him getting a bigger role. He did.very well against Derry (probably kept us in the champinship) and I thought he did well on his other introductions. I like how he looks for the right option and he’s not afraid at having a go at goal and scored a few tasty points. Against Roscommon the last day I think our forwards scored 4 points from play in 70 plus minutes. Connor was brought on with maybe 10 minutes remaining in the game. say he should have got a longer spell on the pitch ?? Maybe the management felt he’s not suited to that type of game but I thought he would have given us a good scoring option when it wasn’t happening for us.

  96. hard to know if Loftus would have done any better than Andy if he’d started ahead of him. He did’t score for the 20 minutes he was on and I didn’t see anything that would favour him starting ahead of another player from that cameo. In my view he’s not a half forward, he needs to be corner or full forward. At the moment there are 2 nailed on starters on that line, Cillian and Andy. We do appear to be sacrificing the other on that line to play further back. He’s a great option to have on the bench and good to have as a fresh player to be running against tired defenders, just not sure he’s ready to start games just yet. As far as recall he started vs Cavan in the League but did not score – was subbed for Regan during the game. He’s coming on and I do think he’s going to be an excellent forward at senior level. My view is a player has to be quite exceptional to nail down a regular starting spot straight out of or just after under 21. Only a few have done that in recent years Diarmuid, Paddy Durcan the most recent 2 that I can think of. Coen is another that has a bright future, he’s competing with some serious heavy hitters for a starting spot though.

  97. Well it seems by midweek we all have returned to sanity ,I still. Believe we will beat Ros they only scored seven points in àn hour,surely we will do better on Monday, for those who think that our under twenty ones are the answer look at Donegal who had a great run in the league with young players ,it did not work in the championship, it is a different level, as also is club football, I would love to see fifteen better players but unfortunately it is not feasible, I believe we have the best management setup in the country, I also believe that we are very close to getting over the line,but we will have to rely on the players who have been sweating blood over the lafst few years,along with C Loftus,P Durcan,S coen, and perhaps E Regan, don’t see any one else putting their hands up,.thank you again Willie Joe for allowing us to let off steam,and most importantly keeping us informed on our obsession with Mayo football

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