Recently on the podcast – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E25

In this episode of the Mayo Football Podcast, Rob Murphy and I review and chat about extracts from some of the content our club members on Patreon have got access to over the last few weeks.  

From Colm Boyle we hear reaction to the news that Corofin’s Joe Canney has joined Kevin McStay’s management team. The split season, and issues relating to it, was covered in two different pods and from them we hear points made by Stephen Drake, Billy Joe Padden, Colm Keys and Ciaran O’Hara.  

Two GAA books were published in recent weeks and we had two podcast shows to coincide with these. Ciaran Murphy of Second Captains discusses the split season from the perspective of the club player when he came on the pod to chat his book “This is the Life” while Declan Varley talks about what inspired him to write “Mayo – A Biography in Nine Lives”.  

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9 thoughts on “Recently on the podcast – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E25

  1. Hi , great comment on the pod….picking up on Billy Joe’s point about speeding up the current game and more turnovers ….I was at the Freshers UCD /DCU game last week in Belfield…ended up 1-17 to 1-11 in poor conditions ….with the new rules being implemented for the first time for this competition ….KO’s beyond the 45m line and all restarts , line balls etc had to be kicked forward…..made for a very different game ….in particular the restarts going forward led to a faster kick passing game …more direct ball into the forward line …50/50 balls led to multiple turnovers and great contests from the KOs in the middle of the pitch , very enjoyable to watch …there was little lateral passing ( as restarts could not go backwards or to the keepers)…there’s is certainly something to look closer at with the rule changes …also very straight forward for referees to implement …

  2. Brings back fielding skill in midfield which is far more exciting than player A passing to unmarked player B who is 20 m away.
    Will there be more of these games?

  3. What Mayo need is a few rogues around the field that can also play a bit.
    We are too nice.
    Look at how Dublin played against Kerry, McCarthy played on the line if not over it most of the game and they neutralised Clifford.
    The BS we talk about our footballers is all wrong, we lack a few Hard Men.

  4. That’s it JR. Our team of the last decade had several hard men. You have to have a bit of a nasty edge (we can all think of lads we have played with that you’d much rather have on your team than against you – and not from a football skill perspective). Lads who put a bit of fear into opposition.

    On the team at the moment – Cillian stands out. Tough as nails and can dish it out. Sometimes it spills over but his disciplinary record for Mayo has been excellent. ROD has a bit of this too.

    Still lots to see from the relatively newer players. Hession, McBrien, Carney, Callinan, – have they got that edge? I’ve not seen it yet. Flynn looks the part physically and with the tat’s – he seems to have a bit of it.

  5. I agree JR, but the thing is players like McCarthy, Fitzsimmons, etc. will get away with more than 99% of other players simply because of their reputation. Most referees are afraid to send Dublin players off, especially in Croke Park.

  6. Best of luck to Kevin McLoughlin in his new role with sligo gaa.
    Hopefully he will learn lots and come back to Mayo gaa in a coaching role in the future.
    I’m a small bit surprised he committing to it just after retirement . Perhaps his club days are over especially with family life to factor in .

  7. My Ball, I’d say he’ll have plenty more games for Knockmore. Split season does benefit this kind of role. Especially for teachers 🙂

  8. Football, a hard sport to see what ingredient to become sucessfull. ATHLETIC ability, be possible the one thing I look for in a player. Been a baller, so important, but that been coached out of players, S&C, and a nasty edge when need. Think of Lee Keegan, had all of above,

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