Red, red wine

There’s a bit of a fog settled in around my head this morning after a tad too much red wine last night. It seemed like a good idea when I was knocking it back last night but my constitution isn’t what it once was. As a result, there’s a certain price to be paid this morning, the details of which I won’t bore you with.

It’s just as well there’s not that much to report. The Cork saga rumbles on (yawn): at this rate Kieran Mulvey will be getting all misty-eyed at the thought of returning to more straightforward disputes, like an indefinite wildcat train drivers’ one. The footsie between the GAA and the AFL in Dubai about the resumption of that horrendous, bastardised excuse for on-field thuggery appears to be nearing a predictable conclusion. We could, some day soon, see Premier League matches being played at Croker (well, I suppose if they insist on playing soccer there, they may as well put out a few players who know how to play the game with some degree of competency). Kerry’s Declan Quill has told Pat O’Shea to stick his number 25 shirt where the sun don’t shine.

Oh yes, there is some real news. Aidan Kilcoyne, along with Dublin’s Mark Vaughan, played a starring role in DIT’s Sigerson Cup victory over UCC yesterday, firing over six points, five of them from play. (That’ll please The Brother). It must surely be time for Johnno to give Killer another outing in the starting fifteen. Also in the Sigerson, NUIG – with Stephen Drake, Chris Barrett and Mark Ronaldson in their ranks – saw off Athlone IT, the latter notching three points.

That’s it. Time for another cup of tea and two Alka Seltzer, I think.

P.S. I see Fionan over on has picked up the point I mentioned the other day about Club Mayo Dublin fielding a team in the league in Mayo. It was The Brother who brought the matter up, Fionan, and I think he was just taking the piss. You could be right, though, about the implications for the already-overstretched A & E services!

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  1. In case you haven’t heard the draw and want to see who the home parish is paired against for the championship, I’ve posted the full draw and fixtures for the county championships on the site.

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