Reminder about the weekend’s action

It’s October, the nights are closing in rapidly and the weather has turned distinctly autumnal over the last few days, sweeping away any remaining vestiges of a summer that’s now behind us.

In the GAA world, it’s the season of club football and there’s plenty of action on that front over the weekend. Here’s a quick update to get you ready for what’s on.

The full list of matches on this weekend in the Senior, Intermediate and Junior Championships is here.

If you plan to attend a match you need to buy a ticket online in advance and you can do that here.

If – like me – you’re based outside the county or if you just fancy watching the action from the couch, then Mayo GAA TV is the ideal option. They’re streaming three matches this weekend – full details here.

To get you into the mood for the weekend’s games, it’s worth checking out our latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast. In it, Mike, Ed and Rob review all of the action in the SFC, IFC and JFC from last weekend and they preview this weekend’s games. You’ll find this episode on SoundCloud here or can you can listen or subscribe to the podcast on your platform of choice here.

164 thoughts on “Reminder about the weekend’s action

  1. Andy to be named as new Leitrim manager in the coming days, according to todays Indo.

  2. Best of luck to him ,hes a good man and a fantastic football brain but I personally think he should be with Mayo in some capacity . Perhaps hes trying to build a CV but what can ya build with leitrim with all due respect .I understand people will point to Johno but different era ,totally different landscape .

  3. He would be better off going to a senior club .. even outside the county…
    Best of luck to him , if confirmed

  4. Disappointing Andy isn’t staying within Mayo, and even more disappointing he’s going to a competing Connaught county.

  5. @Liberal role in the tie, I’d say Stephen Rochford’s name will be in the hat for the Galway job should the position become available any time soon, that’s when the proverbial could really hit the fan.

    How the County Board let Rochford go is beyond belief.

    This is what he said at the time :

    “It was apparent from what transpired at that meeting that the desired level of support for me as manager was not forthcoming from the Executive Committee. This disappoints me greatly.”

    I hope it’s not a decision they will live to regret.

  6. Liberal role, No offence. to Leitrim but you’d hardly see them to be competing with Mayo. They are in a bad place. His goal would probably be to bring them to a place where they could give Sligo or Roscommon a game. He won’t work miracles.

  7. Thanks for putting up those links WJ, for getting the online tickets and getting the livestream.

  8. Unbelievable from Dermot Butler. Mayo people aren’t half angry enough in fact. The CB’s priorities should be to uncover why we had such a poor performance in the final. Scum on social media are not representative of Mayo supporters, not by a long shot. Not surprising to hear this coming from Dermot, giving his handling of the ticket fiasco and his poor showing in the Midwest interview.

    At least Moffatt addresses the need for clarity, and how the CB can help the team and management going forward. This is what we need to hear. Get to the bottom of why there was a second half collapse, and find out how we can adequately prepare in future.

    For God’s sake stop deflecting from your own inadequacies by taking swipes at supporters. Swap places with Kerry and see how you stomach that. Or step down if you can’t take the heat. We need a winning mentality in Mayo, from the top down. We need to bloody well toughen up.

  9. Sean – where was the lack of a winning mentality against Dublin? Or Galway? Or, say Kerry in the league final of 2019? In all those games we were on the back foot going into the second half, and came good. Other examples could be provided.

  10. Interesting, the piece on the County Board meeting in the Independent.. But it’s really only a few quotes and very little in the way of clarity on a number of serious questions as yet unanswered. Im sure that the Mayo Secretary knows more about people ringing him up ‘begging’ for tickets, (the quote didn’t say whether or not any of the begging Mayo supporters got tickets from the Secretary) and then telling him about how good of supporters they are, I can well imagine that happening.. But doubt that everyone who did that took to social media to abuse, the Players, Managment or County Board.. If they begged for a ticket and got one, or didn’t get one from the County Board, does this preclude them from fair criticism of all aspects of the Mayo performance in the All Ireland final?.. I think not, if they are passionate Mayo fans, and want what everyone else wants for Mayo, they cannot really be expected to put their heads in the sand and ignore the evidence of their own eyes… Anyway I think using the word ‘begging’ for a ticket is a bit unfortunate.. There would be no Mayo GAA at all, except for the tens of thousands of Mayo fans going back well over a century who have paid into match’s, and there was no need to beg to be allowed to pay your way into the game, in the overwhelming majority of game’s.. The Mayo County Board were only too delighted to see as many paying customers as possible.. and of course, despite the unfortunate tendency of many to forget things that happened in the recent past, it’s very doubtful that many have forgotten the deals offered to Corporate Ireland for very good All Ireland tickets for HOW MUCH? (And no need to beg)

  11. It’s interesting that Moffats targets those on social media… my view abuse from well know individuals in mainstream media is far worse.That was not mentioned at all

  12. Note the confirmation in that piece that there have been no resignations to date from the backroom team. This is of particular relevance to those who were posting comments on here that (a) accepted these rumours as established fact and (b) were demanding answers about the ‘resignations’. Something to reflect on for those involved, I would suggest.

  13. @Willie Joe, very true what you say, however there is much to be still ‘Clarified’ as regards the Mayo management going into 2022,..

  14. Saw the Andy piece, but overall, when you look at the managerial firepower that is being gathered in other counties – and you can be damn sure they will not misfire under pressure – we have to change fundamentally including the management set-up or the cultural inertia will persist and blind loyalty betray honest mature effort again

  15. Sean – as far as I know the financial managers job was not filled as no one with the required expertise and qualifications applied for the job.
    It just shows how hard it is to fill some of the top jobs in the gaa – even when full time and paid.
    Imagine then the unpaid jobs at county board level where you put in hours of your time every week for no pay – only abuse. Like refereeing – who in their tight mind would do it.
    Of course people will say they don’t have to do it – but if they dont do this work some other people have to step up to the plate and volunteer. I have great respect for all these volunteers. Will the people who continually criticize put their own names forward and volunteer.

  16. Sean Burke – I’ve deleted that offensive, expletive-laden comment. As an alternative, why don’t you just pitch up at MacHale Park and bellow those sentiments in the general direction of the pitch? It might make you feel better to get it off your chest in that fashion.

    Alternatively, you could have another go at putting across the point you wanted to make in a more reasonable manner, which you clearly weren’t prepared to put the effort into doing on this occasion.

    PS It’s ‘should have’, not ‘should of’. I know you’ve been posting comments here using the latter construction for the best part of ten years but this time you’ve finally tipped my pedantic side over the edge.

  17. That may be so, Leantimes, but let’s just wait and see. Meanwhile, I’m drumming my fingers waiting for those who rushed to judgment on the back of baseless rumours to show the same alacrity to come on here and admit their mistake!

  18. Catcol, those wins weren’t finals. We’ve been winning big games for 30 years, because we have plenty talent. Look, there probably is a winning mentality there, but it’s the pressure of the big one that’s crippling. I’d just like to hear less giving out by the county board and more of a focus on what went wrong with the team. There are deficits there, deficits that I feel a true winning mentality would sort out but we’re failing to do so, ie not learning from past failures, with past calamities repeating themselves. Does that show a winning mentality? Surely not. That’s my view.

    Respected journalists in Mayo papers have recently indicated problems exist at county board level. I don’t know what those problems are as they’re not specifically stated but I trust that this has been said in good faith (I’m thinking of John Cuffe’s piece in the WP). Although I do wish we all knew what these issues/inadequacies are.

  19. If its not true, perhaps Moffatt will come out and refute such reporting.

  20. In the final we were out muscled in the middle third of the field. All S O’Shea hard work was really missing, also as always our half forward line contributed nothing, they used to fight and hassle for the loose ball and track back.

  21. I accept your points Liberal, but in the here and now, the job is to win the next game, stay in Division 1, and win every championship game. ‘Getting back’ to an AIF is not a given – how many other teams have been in an AIF recently? It’s so hard to get there, and will be even harder in 22 when the new structures come in.

    Say Caroline Currid came on board (and I like that ‘idea’ very much, or the idea of someone else to provide another voice), what exactly could she do? Provide ‘therapy’ or whatever, but it would have to be on an ongoing basis, the next game, and all that. Don’t forget we probably overachieved this year – most predicted we wouldn’t get out of Connacht.

    I think small tweaks will be beneficial, not some grand inquisitorial ‘investigation’ into our recurrent ‘failures’, which implies a divine right to an All Ireland. Yes, Kerry have this attitude, but they have something to back it up, and even they have languished for most of the past decade.

  22. Look guys its very simple, we the supporters are in it for the long overdue win, maybe the official side of CB may be in it to make as much money as possible, in fairness I’m sure there are big debts to pay for, Mchale Park etc.

  23. I can see why the County Board and James Horan might want to discuss how the team plans and team development are panning out, and maybe James’s future plans for both himself and his coaches etc. but I don’t see why Horan should have to, or be expected to give a detailed explanation on his decisions this year or on his thinking to us the supporters.

    Certainly his own assistants and the players that will be in and out of the panel would want to know certain specifics, but too much querying of the manager on decisions made, seems akin to quizzing a young child on why he was late home from school. It seems a bit childish to me.

    What is James Horan supposed to divulge about his plans for next year. Broadcast to every other County in the Country what way we intend to play. I don’t think so.

    Some people seem to have the opinion that they should be getting first hand feedback about every decision that was made throughout the year, and every plan that’s been put in place for the year to come.

    You either trust in what the manager is doing, or you don’t.
    The County Board put James in place and I don’t believe there is any reason why he should have to explain such things to the spectators as to why he made this substitution or why he made that substitution.

    Imagine if he had to give a detailed outline of who was going to be on the panel for the coming year for example, his hands would in a way be tied as to what he had said at the review. If he didn’t stick to it he would be torn apart from all quarters.

    Whether we like it or not, I would expect anything to come from the review to be very general and I believe that’s the way it should be too.

  24. Reading the piece by Mike Finnerty regarding the County Board meeting and trying to decipher some of the reported phraseology, I believe it’s possible that Liam Moffat could very well use this blog to get a measure of the general feedback and I hope he does, it’s just a gut feeling of course.

    I thought Dermot Butlers comments were interesting regarding the people who were ringing him up looking for tickets, clearly he knows them reasonably well if they have his phone number and he obviously was able to view their social media comments.

    “We all understand how much hope and expectation there was for the All-Ireland Final”, the use of the word expectation here by Liam Moffat also stands out.

    “We want to find solutions”, This is probably the most important line of all by Liam Moffat because it acknowledges, whether intentionally or not, that there are problems but more importantly that they want to solve them.

    I know there are people here who are getting bored of all the talk surrounding the final but it’s important to talk about and highlight any perceived issues, otherwise nothing will change or improve.

    It’s not all bad by any means, it’s a matter of adding the missing pieces to get the project over the line and I believe thats the way we all need to start looking at winning an All-Ireland, as a project that simply cannot be abandoned.

    It’s doable alright, but the work needs to begin right now and a strict template followed by everyone involved.

  25. Jimbo – that’s a ridiculous comment, which has gone where such comments go.

    All – I can see there’s now a distinct turn in the direction of ‘f**k the county board’ in the comments. Please note that I have the same lack of toleration for insulting comments aimed in that direction as I have for those aimed at players and management and will deal with comments of that kind accordingly.

    In addition, we’re getting into that period of the year where more is happening off-field than on and, with the Convention coming up too, Mayo GAA politics will be coming to the fore. That’s a poisonous environment at the best of times, all the more so in recent years, and I’ve already had my bellyful and more of dealing with bad actors who’ve pitched up here out of nowhere to push their divisive opinions in an overly aggressive manner. I just want to give fair warning that I’m got going to allow the blog to get dragged back into that kind of territory and my clear preference is for the debate that takes place here to remain focused on on-field matters.

  26. From the Irish indo

    County Board secretary Dermot Butler was scathing about some of the social media commentary about the Mayo squad in the wake of the final.

    “I find it absolutely disgusting that these very same people that were ringing me, begging me for tickets in the week leading up to the final, and telling me what great supporters they were, can turn on our county players like that.

    “It just baffles me,” he said.

    “As soon as the match was over, ‘McDonald and James Burke are gone’. ‘Horan has to go’. ‘Bring in Jim Gavin’. “Will we ever cop on to ourselves in this county?

    “Some of the comments that went up on social media were absolutely appalling.

    “These are amateur players that give up a lot of their family time to bring us on the crest of a wave for the last 10 or 12 years. And for some of them to be treated like that, I find it absolutely disgusting.”


    As far as I’m concerned those so called supporters should not allowed near All Ireland tickets in future.

  27. Willie Joe. apologies for that ridiculous comment , I got carried away after reading the report in the irish independent.

  28. The Charlestown Aghamore game was great entertainment. Aghamore went from 10 points down after 25 mins to 1 point up about 3 mins after half time.

    Garryowen loves to let play flow – he doesnt like showing cards!
    Aghamore are the first team out of the championship – have to pick themselves up now to beat Belmullet if they are to avoid relegation playoff – that will not be easy as Belmullet now have a great chance of quarter final

  29. Does it go by scoring diff if equal on points, ( no other way with it been a drawn game (charles v mullet) , fair chance belmullet and charlestown end up on same points , reason I ask .

  30. Yes if it is equal points between Belmullet / Charlestown then it is scoring difference.

  31. Crazy match! Some lob by I think Alan Freeman. Aughamore could have pushed on, unlucky not to get a late free for lazy high tackle just before Charlestown got the insurance point.

  32. @Mayomagic, … you give us the quotes from the Independent re the Mayo County Secretary…It begs more questions than there are obviously answers to for genuine Mayo supporters, as opposed to the So Called Mayo supporters.. Have you ever stood outside the Gresham Hotel on All Ireland final day and seen a Green and Red Clad GAA supporter with a sign begging for a ‘Ticket wanted for a So Called Mayo Supporter’ ?.. Never seen that in my life myself, maybe someone else might have sorted out the So Called Mayo Supporters, in the wrongly held belief that they were Genuine Mayo supporters…. I’m very worried us genuine Mayo supporters whom I preport to one of the vast majority of 10s of thousands of us, need to be on our gaurd, we don’t want to get labeled So Called Supporter’s..Why would anyone expect any answers to awkward and obvious questions?..It’s not as if the vast majority of us paid I heard the figure of €1090 for a very good All Ireland ticket, Crazy Stuff and those who did don’t seem to ask any awkward questions, it’s easy to see just why they might be taught of as the right type of supporter..The overwhelming majority of Supporter’s never said or wrote anything of the sort, about bringing in Jim Gavin to manage Mayo… But someone, or maybe more than one must have done just that.. More Crazy Stuff..Now for my own personal opinion, I don’t believe that Jim Gavin has even the slightest intention of Managing Mayo or anyone else for that matter, not even remotely close to the amount of intention Jack O Conor had of managing Kildare in 2022.. but Glenn Ryan has every intention to manage Kildare, with a backroom team of John Doyle, Dermot Early and Antony Rainbow according to RTE, will be ratified at a County Board meeting tonight, so the Lily-white supporters, both the so called ones and genuine one’s should have clarity very shortly.. Getting back to Jim Gavin is in my opinion is completely out of the question as a future Mayo manager,.. But Jim Gavin is where the bar is as regards GAA Managers I would suggest..Mayo is very different to Dublin, and can’t be managed the same as Dublin, but certain things and standards can be learned from Jim Gavin management of Dublin.. Just a few years ago Galway played Derry in a backdoor championship game in Salthill, no Covid restrictions back then but the crowd that turned up for the clash, was very like the Covid restricted fixtures of earlier this year, Only 300 souls turned up, and you can be absolutely certain that none of them were so called Supporter’s, all 100% genuine, what would the Galway County Board give to have the same type of support that Mayo has enjoyed for so long?..In my opinion, the Mayo County Board should appreciate just how many loyal and phenomenal the Mayo supporters have been for such a long and patient time.. And in their multitude those thousands of loyal and faithful Mayo supporters deserve some answers to some awkward questions!

  33. Freezer started Sean, think he got 2 goals. Not sure who Harry was marking. He was quiet in first half but stormed into it in the second. He’s back!! Looked very good as usual going forward. Aughamore hadn’t many chances in first half but nailed the goals. Unreal finishes. Apart from this, Charlestown would have been out of sight.

    Towey was good in first half.
    Number 10. Matthew Lenehan also very good for Charlestown.

  34. Freeman got one goal I think. Fergal Boland got the 4th. Harrison looked much better this week, played more of an attacking role though.

    Matthew Lenehan was Charlestown’s best player I thought. Scored 2-1 in the first half and the point was a goal bound shot tipped over. Also got fouled another time when bearing down on goal.

  35. Charlestown number10 looked the best forward on view – strong on the ball and able to break the tackle.
    No other Charlestown forward looked close to county standard – nice on the ball but physically too light and not able to win ball in second half when intensity increased.
    Brendan Harrison had a very good second half driving the team forward. He played centre back for most of the game marking Jack Reilly – marked him very well over the hour.

  36. Thanks liberal role , thought that about harry last week just a glimpse of it mind , it was at the start of second half he bombed forward like a train . Positive stuff . But as was pointed out by jp he struggled a little to manage orme when he was on him, who in turn looked really sharp to be fair .

  37. I always liked Gareth O’Donnell for Charlestown. A real box-to-box type player, who seems to be staying more central now in his midfield position. He had a solid game as usual. A quintessential club player, in the best possible way. A real leader for Charlestown. I don’t know if he’s still captain or not.

  38. On the Mayo Supporter Topic. Just like to point out that for the Connaught Final there was a capacity of 18000 for the game in Croak Park. It did not sell out. The attendance was 60% Mayo and 40% Galway . Probably somewhere around 10000 Mayo supporters attended if even that.
    For the Final Mayo again had 60% of the tickets which means that there was approx 24000 Mayo supporters with tickets . There was a few genuine Mayo supporters who failed to secure a ticket but the vast majority of Mayo supporters who attended all League and Championship inter county games and Club Games got a ticket. I accept fans living outside of the county may have found it more difficult, but when we see the position the Lacken Club is in at the moment maybe it is time for all Mayo people living outside the County to try and return to live and work in Mayo. For some this will not be practical but for some with ” Working from Home” it may.

  39. We all need to calm down here and that’s coming from me that blasted Rochford a few weeks ago…we are on the brink of the holy grail I believe. A good competitive club championship will throw up a few players for mayo. Mac not gone thank god ?. . Please get Diskin back in couny colour s. Harrison to return to himself. We will rise again.

  40. With all due respect to Davitts we’ll learn alot more about Diskin in the next two matches

    Hel do very well to get much change out of btubber

    Good result for Charlestown and ultimately a disappointing campaign for aghamore (who I had down as a dark horse of sorts). Fairly important Game at the same time v belmullet, don’t want to enter a dodgy relegation group – which will be played off in wet and soggy pitches – on the back of 3 losses

  41. Bar Westport v Castlebar (where i fancy the former), every match in the senior looks pretty straightforward on paper.. surely in reality it won’t turn out that simple though?

    Its hard enough see where the upsets will come from however. Especially in group D I’d fancy Breaffy and Garrymore to run out comfortable winners. Maybe there’s a chance Knockmore might take their eye off the ball a bit in group B v Belmullet, but surely they’ll still have too much all round quality.

    You’d have to imagine there’ll be a big bounce back from ballina, while I expect Davitts to have a very tough evening of it

    It’s do or die for Balla but away to a wounded ballaghaddereen is a tough assignment, senior looking like a very big step up for them

    So Westport Castlebar game of the weekend, tempered by the fact Westport have a bit of an insurance policy in place if they lose – after their 8 point win last week.

  42. Last night’s game in Aghamore was a strange one. Charlestown by far the better team but nearly blew it by downing tools in 2nd half. They cut through Aghamore time and again and should have had at least two more goals. Aghamore on the other hand seemingly had no defensive structure and no attacking plan either. Only got back into it by Charlestown’s 2nd half lethargy and the likes of Brendan Harrison and David Kenny throwing caution to the wind and taking the fight to Charlestown. Charlestown have plenty of good footballers and scores like Towey and Mahon and could make quarter finals. Aghamore most likely in a relegation dogfight. Fair play to Mayogaa TV. A lifeline for those who can’t get to the games.

  43. The club championship is not going to reveal a player that will make a difference next year at County level.
    If we find players now we can maybe get the to that level by 2023/2024.
    The players that can win it next year are those within the panel that can develop 15% -20% over the next 6 months.That is possible for sure.
    In reality we simply missed clear cut chances to beat Tyrone.They made 3 goal chances and took 2 we made 5 and took none.
    If we got the first one it’s a different result…..we didn’t though.
    Next year we have a compleatly new challenge from day one.
    2021 is over

  44. WJ I’m one of those who took it as fact that we’d lost 2 of our backroom team. It was reported by a paper with a very dubious record and then other media quoted their report. It seems now that they did no digging themselves for clarification. I think it’s called lazy journalism.
    Anyway I believed what I saw on the day rather than what I read, heating looking argument on the sideline followed by mc retreating to the stand. This is an explanation for believing not an excuse. So apologies to all for posting about the story here as if it were fact.
    It seems clear now that I can’t believe what I read and need to not jump to conclusions with what I see. Maybe I’ll smell my way around from now on.

  45. Thanks Ahnow and the point you make about the paper in question is a fair one. What that paper printed was baseless but sadly it’s not the first time they’ve been happy to do this under a particular byline. That story, not to mention the content the Sunday Independent hosts from a well-known source, caused problems in the same way as the stuff on social media did and it should have been called out by Mayo GAA in the same way. Indeed, I think they missed the target in what they said this week. Much of what they seemed to be complaining about was criticism (of the performance of players and management) rather than abuse and, as has already been well ventilated here, there’s a world of difference between the two.

  46. In fairness the CB weren’t sure themselves when asked about the rumour at the time .

    “Midwest Radio reported the news yesterday evening and received a ‘no comment’ from the Mayo county board when they enquired about McDonald’s future role”

    So you could argue they had a chance to put it to bed straight away and avoid rumour mil and yesterday’s statement giving out about the rumour . ” no comment ” will always fuel speculation.

  47. I’ve been thinking about Mayo’s set-up in 2016. Wasn’t that the first year we played a sweeper, namely Kevin McLoughlin. I cannot recall if we dropped the tactic for ’17? My feeling is we did, that we played man-to-man in that final. It’s something for James to consider though.

    I certainly recall in ’16 that it took Kev a couple of matches to get used to it, and for the team to get used to it, but overall it can be regarded as a success. The ’16 final (both days) was the one final where you could say we definitely should have won. We rattled the Dubs. It’s a rotten irony that for one of the own-goals, though you could see the benefit of the extra body back, ie clogging up the space, the ball actually came off the sweeper and into the net. That was beyond bad luck though.

    Perhaps the only problem was we didn’t stick with a sweeper and improve on it even further. I think it would still suit Mayo as we’re a running team, and therefore should be an effective counter-attacking team. Perhaps this is how Mayo need to change, ie Our threat coming from turnovers, hard tackling and blocking up the space. But most of all, not conceding so many cheap goals.

    Think about it, we have countless players on the current team/squad who potentially could make the perfect sweeper. We easily cultivate this type of player in Mayo, so why not play to our strengths.

    The argument against it of course is that it would take away from our already shaky forward play, especially a malfunctioning half forward line. But I say, could our half forward line get any worse than this year? I doubt it. But one thing’s for certain, we need a tweak, or else we’ll continue to leak soft goals. It’s killing the team. It’s killing us as supporters! Bring back a permanent sweeper.

  48. Agree with 1989 above. Its fun to talk about players that should be brought in to the County Team in a ‘fantasy football. type of way but the chances of them actually making a big difference in 2022 is small.

    A lot of anxiety expressed here on the rumor that Mac was leaving the county setup as forward coach, but, what is the verdict on his work so far? Mac is not the architect of ‘Horanball’ and I am open minded on his performance myself but when I look at e.g. Ryan and Conor L I do see them making the same mistakes in games again and again and wonder why they are not addressed in coaching.

    Mac cant be a Magician but decision making and technique flaws can be worked on but its hard to say for sure that there has been improvement there. Blunt facts on conversion rate from play are poor. Is it the coaching or is it the overall system of play thats at fault or are we just over-estimating the forward talent we have?

  49. The reality is that Mayo GAA dont tend to comment on any story relating to the Senior team. None of us are privy to the inner workings and there may have been a fallout after the final which has been smoothed over since. I suppose thats a good reason not to confirm anything. Journalists have a job to do, and that is to try and pry out information when none is given. Westport GAA posted information on Eoghan McLaughlins injury which was subsequently removed but the national papers still ran with. MayoGAA never confirmed its veracity. The Connacht Telegraph like all newspapers surely have a system in place to check out stories before they go to print.

  50. It’s a fair question to ask Mike.
    Against Galway, Dublin, Tyrone (our 3 biggest matches) our number 10, 11, 12 failed to score. Ciaran Mc, as forwards coach, must take some responsibility for this. The CB need to put this to him and James, and hammer home that it’s not good enough.

  51. Yeah that’s true redcol but all I’m saying is when the CT reported the rumour then midwest reported the reported rumour, then they touched base with CB rep and asked had ciaran mac left the management team .

    No , Ciaran mac and james burke are still part of the management team would of been sufficient to stop rumour instead of the “no comment ” reply . The jist of what I’m trying to say is they did give a reply but it was unhelpful and probably added fuel to the speculation .

    Anyway all in the past now , I’m sure they are all looking forward not back at this stage .

  52. The Connaught Telegraph need to have a long, hard look in the mirror in relation to their editorial oversight, or complete absence of it. This wasn’t the only utter BS Mayo GAA story they put out in recent weeks – remember the one about Cillian too? – based on nothing more than rumour. They’ve also been lapping up the drip/drip stories from their man on the inside for years.

  53. @1989, I wouldn’t agree that the chances were exactly clear cut but regardless we still cannot say if we scored the first goal chance that the result would have been different.

    I think Mayo supporters in Croke Park need to start to learn how to try and lift the team when they need it as well rather than waiting for the team to lift them, send them positive energy rather than negative.

    Have a read of this from a few years ago if you get a chance and it might help to explain something regarding our poor decision making:

  54. Playing a sweeper should be a no brainer considering our half forward line add nothing to the score board.
    My late father always said you should double check the date on the CONNACHT TELEGRAPH to make sure they have it right.

  55. The problem with playing a full time sweeper is that the opposition then have a spare defender to double up on our best forwards. My view is that we have loads of quality defenders and they should be able to do a better job at preventing goals than the Tyrone game.

  56. Ryan o Donohoe and conroy came into the senior team in 2020 and had an immediate effect. In fact its unthinkable a mayo team without them now. So fantasy to think the likes of diskin could come in after previously had the experience and make a difference and plenty more. I think not

  57. After witnessing last night’s match, I feel Harrison will be back starting for Mayo next season. He probably has a small bit to go in terms of fitness but to my eyes he’s not too far off. The class is still there. He was moving well last night.

    Surely Eoin O’Donoghue needs to be brought in. An out-and-out full-back line defender. May be a fight between himself and Plunkett for a jersey.

    There’s some flexibility I feel as to where we could play Swanee. Could he be deployed at 6? I think he’ll make the starting 15 again next year. I truly hope he does. He’ll have learned a ton from this year. His positioning in the final can probably be put down to a poor match-up by James, something that was well flagged by some top analysts before the match, ie don’t put Swanee on McCurry. But look, no manager will ever get all the match-ups right. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to call that one, but that’s ultimately how James will be judged, on his ability to see these facets, and to adapt a horses-for-courses approach, even without drastically changing his fixed style. Stubbornness is hard to shift.

    Could Padraig be deployed in the half forwards? I’m not sure how he’d fare at intercounty in this line. Is he better facing the play, playing from the back. Or maybe he’d be the ideal sweeper? Some food for thought. There are certainly some options there to try.

  58. I agree Liberal but let’s put proper forwards in that position. Aos is a prime example . Not a natural forward..Harrison will be a big inclusion next year. And cillian. Leave defenders in defence. All of those fringe panelists should be thrown in for the league. Eoin o Donohoe yes

  59. Westport v castlebar is sold out this evening.
    How strict are they if a man showed up without a ticket?

  60. I had a look at some data comparing Mayo and Dublin over a run of 16 or 17 games from the beginning of 2020 to mid to late June 2021 to analyze where their scores from play were coming from:


    Def -14 %
    Mid – 8 %
    Half Forwards- 27 %
    Front Three- 51 %


    Def – 10 %
    Mid – 10 %
    Half Forwards – 34 %
    Front Three – 46 %

    Scores from play spread (Forwards Only)


    Half Forwards – 42 %
    Front Three – 58 %


    Half Forwards – 35 %
    Front Three – 65 %

    You could argue from looking at the data which covers a specific period (16 or 17 games) that our half forwards didn’t massively underperform in general and in any case our scoring defenders compensated for that but that it is our system of robbing Peter to pay Paul which is leaving us exposed at the back.

  61. I think that Eoin O Donohoe may have a problem with pace . I remember him playing in Castlebar against Dublin in the league in 2018 and he was left for dead several times.

  62. Started off poor entertainment , last 15 mins though it’s become a better watch . (Pitch has apparently been downsized to accommodate some burst drainage ,which hasn’t helped ). Paddy Durcan with a monster of a point . Hard to call ,its tight.

  63. I think the whole Ciaran McDonald story is totally muddled. Was it not The Sun newspaper which first published that story because this is what was written in The Connaught Telegraph: “A report in a national newspaper today claimed the former All-Star had departed the backroom team”, so is that statement not factually correct, it did appear in The Sun.

    This was also stated in The Connaught Telegraph “Mayo GAA is declining to comment on reports that Ciaran McDonald is leaving his position as a member the county’s senior football squad’s management team”.

    So it is clear the question was about “reports”, clearly referring to The Sun article.

    Anyway, these type of stories are always flying around, we had the same with Jason Sherlock and I don’t think the Dublin County Board lost any sleep over it, and neither should we, too many more important issues to take care of.

  64. Westport have edged it against Mitchels, 0-11 to 1-6. That’s them through to the play-offs. Ballaghaderreen beat Balla by 3-10 to 1-15 in the other Group 3 game so it’s a straight shootout between them and Mitchels in the final round.

    Belmullet pulled off a shock win over champions Knockmore in Group 2, winning that one by 2-4 to 1-4.

  65. I think aghamore are guaranteed in the relegation playoffs now?

    Didn’t see that belmullet result coming – there’s always a surprise or two in club football on any given weekend

    Westport will be delighted – motoring very well now after being placed in a tough group. The team to beat?

  66. Ciaran – I think if Aghamore beat Knockmore they avoid the playoff as beat knockmore on head to head. Great last round of games in that group as every team has something to play for.

    Westport are guaranteed top spot as even if they lose they will have the other two teams on head to head. Ballagh/Castlebar going to be a cracker. Wonder will any of the injured Ballagh lads be back for that game

  67. On the one road – Aghamore have already lost to Knockmore. If it’s head to head then they’re guaranteed to finish bottom of the group.

  68. The Sun isn’t even a newspaper let alone a national one…wouldn’t wipe..
    Jesus 1-4 is a shocking return for Knockmore.

  69. @Walterwhite, What you think of the Sun isn’t the point at all and actually their GAA coverage is far better than many.

    The point is we are not living in a dictatorship where asking a question in relation to a story which appeared in another newspaper is considered a no no.

    Just say, there’s no truth in it, end of story.

    There was irony in what Dermot Butler said, “Will we ever cop on to ourselves in this county”, not sure he twigged it though.

  70. @Viper..It is was my point and I believe an accurate one…Everyone’s comments do not have to fall in line with your own personal views you know.

  71. Aghamore definitely gone as they can’t get ahead of Knockmore due to the head to head. You’d fancy Belmullet to make the quarters now since Aghamore will have nothing to play for. Charlestown will need at least a draw against Knockmore, which won’t be easy, to qualify.

    Mitchels didn’t look great today, their game with Ballagh could go either way.

  72. @Walter white, what do you mean “it’s not a newspaper” though ? Just because you don’t read it doesn’t mean it’s not a newspaper. Is the Sunday Independent a newspaper or what do you consider a “newspaper” ?

    The Sun is a tabloid newspaper and as you see with the Sindo, being a “newspaper” means nothing. The Sun wouldn’t be a paper I would buy myself, well who still buys papers anyway, but I have to say their coverage of GAA is good.

    Newspapers are yesterdays news.

  73. @Walterwhite, I’m not arguing with you, just pointing out facts that’s all.

    Joe Brolly writes for what you would describe as a “newspaper”, now that’s what you call a rag and no Mayo shop should even stock it or no Mayo person should even read it, until Joe Brolly is fired.

    Supporting a newspaper which allows someone to insult their county and it’s people, bloody hell Dermot Butler was right after all when he said, “Will we ever cop on to ourselves in this county”.

  74. You are missing the point Viper..I am not distinguishing between broadsheets and tabloids just that particular rag…I suggest you look into the history of that rag and maybe then you might understand why some people would never read it…Indeed there are many shops which won’t den stock it.

  75. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to allow players and management to go away, clear the head, talk to their families, decide themselves if what there are doing is right for them and whether they want to continue doing what they are doing. Some media don’t give a shit about the above, again they are selling a story and trying to generate revenue. Its not even now about the media per see.. things have moved on in that false rumour has been sent out and the public are hell bent on an answer whatever the personal cost. McDonald, Horan et al probably didn’t know themselves what they planned to do never mind what each others plans were. Thankfully its sounds like they have got together and decides to give it another go. The County Board and anybody else would have looked really stupid if they came out and said there was no truth to the rumour and then for the team management to meet and decided not to proceed. Who would believe then that there wasn’t some truth to the rumour. People really need to learn how to manage what media is telling them. Saying all that I don’t understand what the CT are at. If you cry wolf enough of times then people won’t listen to you any more!

  76. @Walterwhite, If we looked at the “history” of everything in Ireland we wouldn’t be at too much.

    I’m talking about today, not history. The facts are regardless of what you may think of it for “historical” reasons it is not The Irish Sun which is giving someone a free rein to insult Mayo and it’s people, it’s The Sunday Independent, ok.

    And I believe the County Board missed a trick when they didn’t stick the boot into Brolly and the Sindo and never mind petty stuff about whether Ciaran McDonald is coming or going, that’s a nothing story compared to what Brolly has written.

    I’d never buy or read that rag of a Sunday Independent while they are paying Brolly. And if I owned a pub in Mayo I wouldn’t let him inside the door, it’s time people started defending their county.

    That’s just my way.

  77. Your not much not much of a man for listening Viper so I will leave it at that. I won’t be wasting any more energy discussing that rag.

  78. Can ye post up any club results as ye get them lads?

    Intermediate is of particular interest to me

    I am tied up on club duty in Dublin for weekend. Behind enemy lines lol

  79. @toe to hand, I’m not trying to defend The Connaught Telegraph here, but have you actually read what they wrote ?

    “A report in a national newspaper today claimed the former All-Star had departed the backroom team”

    Have I missed something here or can anyone point out where there are any untruths in the above ?

    Of course a local paper will pick up on that story, let’s say Ciaran McDonald had decided to walk away, don’t you think they’d look fools for not even covering the story ?

    When you answer “no comment” all that does is add fuel to the fire because you are not denying the story is true.

    Anyone who has ever had any proper dealings with the media know that the “No Comment” reply should always be avoided.

  80. @Walterwhite, the only rag in any Mayo persons eyes should be The Sunday Independent, if they have any ounce of steel in them at all.

  81. @Walterwhite, good, and no Mayo person worth their salt should either.

    Brolly should be treated like a pariah in Mayo, a persona non grata.

    All those who welcome him are no better than he is.

  82. I’m curious @Viper. Giving Ciaran McDonald the total respect he is due to make his own decision on his future regarding Mayo GAA what would you have had said if ‘No Comment’ dosnt meet proper media engagement standards!

  83. Supermac – just for you, here are today’s Intermediate results.

    Group 2: Mayo Gaels 1-12 Burrishoole 1-8.

    Group 3: Kiltimagh 0-14 Ardnaree 3-4 and Louisburgh 1-13 Kilmaine 1-10.

    The rest of the games are on tomorrow and I’ll post a full update of all the weekend’s SFC, IFC and JFC results here tomorrow night.

  84. Please let it be as regards newspapers
    What really matters to us is unearthing new talent for MAYO.
    The likes of young Matthew Leneghan from Charlestown is the type of player we sorely need. Like Eoin O Donaghoe, he knows what he wants and goes for it. Tough, brave and what a turn of speed!!! Watch him.
    Up Mayo.

  85. @toe to hand, It’s not about meeting any particular standards when answering but there were only four possibilities:

    (1) He had walked away and the CB knew it.
    (2) He had walked away but the CB didn’t know it.
    (3) He was planning to walk away and the CB Knew it.
    (4) He was planning to walk away and the CB didn’t know it.

    So it’s really (2) and (4) is what anyone should beware of as if (1) and (3) were true then you have to make sure your own PR machine controls it before any newspaper gets hold of it.

    I would answer a question like that in the following way:

    “At this moment in time no member of our management team have indicated to us that they wish to step down or are planning to, but if that status changes in the future, then it will be announced by us”.

    When you answer this way, then there really is no follow up question , you have taken control but when you say “No Comment” then the reporter has the control and can run a twisted headline.

    You see what I mean.

  86. No Your Sport.

    No paper !
    No truth

    No tickets !
    No raffles

    No backroom team !
    No comment

    No smoke !
    No fire

    No loyalty !
    No shit

    No shit !
    No paper

    No paper !
    No shit

    No plan !
    No Nestor

    No tactics !
    No Dubs

    No facts !
    No problem

    No McHale Park !
    No turf

    No turf !
    No fire

    No fire !
    No smoke

    No smoke !
    No shit

    No shit !
    No paper.

    No paper !
    No problem.

  87. It’s was difficult for anyone to stand out in the Westport v Cbar game due to crappy conditions.
    Lee keegan was clearly the best player on the park, just different class for the period I saw which was the second half only.
    I thought the Westport number 7 (Tunney?) was excellent too, as was Colm Moran in the forward line (who is a very classy baller but very small…).
    For Mitchell’s I thought Paddy Durcan was best, the two big county lads from Westport, mcdonagh and brickenden looked decent but a bit sluggish in the heavy conditions. I’m not sure bout how dynamic they will be at senior level, brickenden is a BIG unit. People hopeful about mcdonagh at midfield, im not so sure – he’s a bit one paced for me.
    Mark Moran wasn’t playing when I was there which was disappointing, did he get injured in first half or something?
    Johnny Maughan looked ok for Mitchell’s too, and Paul Walsh looked classy in flashes but too light for the hardy Westport backs.
    I didn’t have a programme and wasnt too sure but was Ben Doyle playing for Westport?

  88. @Viper.. here are a few follow up questions.
    When did you meet the management team? are they all of the same view that they would like to continue working with each other? Has James confirmed that he wants to continue with the same management team? Has James agreed to this statement…. and on and on with a thousand questions.
    If any part of your statement is not true you will be found out and you are just digging a murdering big hole for yourself. Don’t ever think you are in control with the media. The more you say the more trouble you get in. The only thing better than saying as little as possible in a situation like that is to say nothing at all. Believe me they will twist there story no matter what you say or don’t say. The only thing I have left to say on this is ‘there will no further comment from me on this matter” ?

  89. @toe to hand, No that’s not the way to deal with the media, a specific question was asked about a rumour and you have answered it clearly, the questions you mentioned are not follow up questions regarding a rumour, they are completely off topic so all you say is I have answered the question you came here to ask me and like everyone else you must wait for any press release. Goodbye.

    Can you give me one scenario where the following answer could catch you out later, I’ll tip my hat to you if you can.

    “At this moment in time no member of our management team have indicated to us that they wish to step down or are planning to, but if that status changes in the future, then it will be announced by us”.

  90. @ Viper.
    Why do you say there were there only 4 possibilities.

    5) He hadn’t walked away and the County Board knew it.

  91. Think number 7 was Paul Lambert @Larry duff. Super player.

    Lee was holding his hamstring before the second water break, but even after was still flying. Hope he’s ok though. Didn’t look too serious. He was simply awesome again today. Nullified Duggie completely and ignited Westport to victory in second half with a wonder point. Legend. Dammit, why can’t we have a few more Leeroys. Looks in the shape of his life to me.

    Fionn didn’t have one of his better days alright. Time will tell whether or not he’s a midfielder.

    It was a poor enough game. Castlebar made so many errors attempting to go forward. No one really stood out for them. Westport were the better team for sure and will take beating. It’s between them and Breaffy.

    Colm Moran is a skillful player but had at least one bad wide and gave the ball away (a very poor pass). Not too sure about him.

  92. @Revellino, Because the question wasn’t whether he was staying, it was whether he was going, I know they sound the same but in reality they are completely different because no rumour would ever say “Rumour has it that Ciaran McDonald is staying”.

    So you’re answering about the specific rumour and therefore there are only four possibilities.

  93. @ Liberal Role. Re Paul Lambert, would he be someone that might eventually make his way into the County Panel. I’ve heard good things about him before.

  94. We must also remember that Lee has come back from one if not two hip surgeries and a series of concussions that threatened his future in the game. Some man. He’s the template that all his teammates should aspire to.

    If Castlebar are knocked out, I’ll be willing Westport to go all the way. Because of Lee.

  95. @Larry Duff – Mark Moran, Ben Doyle and Eoghan McLaughlin weren’t togged for Westport from what I could see. They have some depth of talent to still be able to win. McDonagh was decent at midfield I thought. He’s a great fielder and will run all day. Don’t think he’s big enough to play there for Mayo however. Keegan was good as ever. Niall McManamon stood out again this week – should be getting a call from JH I think.

    Paddy Durcan hit 2 lovely points off his left foot. Paddy Heneghan was the best castlebar forward. They were pretty toothless outside of that. Their goal kept the game close.

  96. You’re really not getting it @viper. You havnt met the management team, you havnt talked to the management team, you haven’t got permission from the management team to say what you are saying. Your statement is made up, it is a lie. You will be found out. It is the right of the management team to walk away and take time to make their decision on their future. The management team will not tell you or the County Board or anybody else for that matter what they plan to do. You are flying blind. All that has to happen is for someone on the management team or close to the management team to say they did not consent to a statement been released.. we have not indicated anything to anyone at this time. Hither too Mayo GAA is embroiled in another national controversy.and we have been down that road far to often. #saynothing

  97. @ Viper.

    KMc is a private individual and entitled to that privacy.
    Maybe the county board wanted to ask him if it was okay to answer any question in relation to his plans before making a comment themselves.
    If that was the case ” and believe me I don’t always fly the CB flag ”
    If that was the case then ” No comment ” would be the correct response, and the County board should get a clap on the back if this is what might have happened.

    You do realise that it is not okay to just come out and spew information out to the media unless agreement has been reached with the person, and it has been cleared to make any statement in public.

    No comment, might have been the absolute correct response to give on this occasion.

  98. Very possible Rev. He’s not a tall man but he’s strong and fast and has the right attitude. I think he’s bulked up a bit over the past few years. I’d like to see him get a chance.

    Not too sure about Brickenden. I think Hession and Eoghan McLoughlan and even Plunkett are a bit ahead of him in terms of readiness for county football at present. But I could be wrong. I haven’t seen enough of him.

  99. Thanks very much Liberal. I think he had a brother playing as well.
    The lad in the top bunk in my final year in Jarlaths 1984 was Charlie Lambert from Westport. He played on the winning Jarlaths Hogan cup team that year. I wonder are these Charlie’s boys that are playing now ?

  100. @toe to hand, excuse me ? Not getting it ?

    “At this moment in time no member of our management team have indicated to us that they wish to step down or are planning to, but if that status changes in the future, then it will be announced by us”.

    Where do I mention above that I have spoken to the management team ? Nowhere.

    How in gods name could you describe an answer like that as a lie ?

    How on earth is that a statement ?

    Have you actually read what I said, do you know the significance of “At this moment in time” and “indicated” mean in the sentence.

    I think you are totally misinterpreting it to be fair.

    You hit me with this “we have not indicated anything to anyone at this time”, cant you see thats exactly what I said
    “no member of our management team have indicated to us”, how can you describe stating something that never happened as a “lie”.

  101. Viper/Toe to hand – I think this particular role-playing exercise has run its course, certainly for tonight. Time to leave it there, I reckon.

  102. Yep, I think they’re Charlie’s lads Rev. Charlie is a good guy, he has done a lot for sport in the county down through the years.

  103. @Revellino, That’s why when you say the following:

    “At this moment in time no member of our management team have indicated to us that they wish to step down or are planning to, but if that status changes in the future, then it will be announced by us”.

    It doesn’t matter afterwards whether anyone stays or goes because you are covered by your answer, if you read it carefully it does not say whether someone wishes to stay or go, so lets say Ciaran McDonald has absolutely zero intention of leaving and he reads that, he says thats correct I haven’t indicated that so the wording is correct.

    If he reads it but he does intend to leave but hasn’t informed the County Board, then the wording is still correct.

    So there is absolutely no issue with that wording, it covers every eventuality and knocks the sting out of the rumour.

  104. Fair enough @Willie Joe, but I think you will understand that wording like that doesn’t undermine management, you are giving the press something but in reality you are telling them nothing.

  105. How is that any different to saying “no comment” @viper? The rumours still keep going until someone says McDonald is staying or going.

  106. @Wide Ball, Last word on it from me as to why I believe “No Comment” is not a good answer :

    “Uttering the term “no comment” to a reporter is the journalism equivalent of pleading the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. The phrase is pitiful for PR and a misstep in media relations. It conveys the wrong perception with journalists and the public alike”.

    I have no further comment to make on the subject. :-).

  107. @ Viper.

    Good morning.
    And there you have it in one.
    Nailed it on the head.
    Your last few words on your last comment to me was ” take the sting out of the rumour ”

    Key word. ” Rumour “.

    The County Board shouldn’t and don’t have to stand in front of you or anybody else and comment on rumours. They shouldn’t be expected to either.

    If a paper runs with a story then go back to the paper and ask them to clarify their story.
    The County board didn’t start this rumour and and I don’t see why it’s their responsibility to have to clean up the mess.

    The Inter County campaign is a good stretch away from us and we will all know in good time, our panel of players and our management team.

  108. All Ireland final , 70 mins , one game , decides who the champions are going to be. I was just thinking about it the last while and I’m not convinced that’s the way the main competition should be . We should consider the main competition to be run on a league basis ,whoever finishes top of the league wins the main competition .

  109. @revellino and @liberal
    Thanks for clarifying that Lambert was westports number 7 yesterday. I thought he was superb to be honest. He was a standout on the u20 side a few years ago too.
    Find it hard to believe he’s not in the top 40 players in Mayo. As a natural footballer, I’d have him well ahead of both brickenden and mcdonagh.
    Those two lads have size and physicality well ahead of lambert though and that’s who I suppose they are in the county panel.

  110. I’ve been reading all the threads over recent days. I have to say @viper seems to have all the answers to all the questions and problems.

  111. @Revellino, Sure, but just because something is a “rumour” doesn’t mean it’s not true. A few days after Tyrone beat Kerry I heard a rumour that Keane was going to be ousted and Jack O’Connor was going to leave Kildare and be appointed the next Kerry manager. Turns out the “rumour” was true.

    We hear rumours all the time which turn out to be true and others that don’t.

    Like the “rumour” that Andy Moran will be the next Leitrim manager, if that happens then the “rumour” was true.

    So not all rumours are true and not all rumours are lies, so if something is a lie then it’s better to quash it right away.

    It’s important to know how to handle the media as well though.

  112. Purchased 2 bonniconlon ve Swinford tickets
    In error,
    Does anyone want them?
    If send email here I’ll send.

  113. @Sean Burke. That would indeed be a more accurate way of establishing the best team in the Country. The All Ireland final is so ingrained in our heritage and culture that that will never happen and despite all our heartache nor wouldI I like to see it happen.

  114. Louisbourg exile – agree with you regarding the viper. I cannot understand how he is not managing the Mayo team. If he was – we would have won the 10 in a row all Irelands this year and be bored of winning at this stage.

  115. @Louisburgh exile, I probably can contribute to solving some of the problems in getting over the line yes, absolutely.

    And as Liam Moffat said, “We want to find solutions”.

    Well the solutions are there so there is no excuse when you don’t avail of them.

    I believe we have the players in Mayo who are capable of winning an All-Ireland in 2022 but they are not going to win it without an adequate support network.

    At this stage Mayos goal should always be about winning All-Irelands.

  116. @ Viper. The only rumours I will be listening to is the Fleetwood Mac album. Outstanding.

    Strange you should mention Peter Keane and the Andy Moran examples. I could be wrong, but I don’t remember either the Kerry County board or the Leitrim County board been held at gunpoint regarding if these rumours were true or not.

    Do you know anything about this Lambert lad from Westport or whether he has the potential to go on and make the Senior County squad ?

  117. @Southmayo Exile, Those are the sort of sarcastic comments go a long way in explaining the “cushy” losing mentality which exists.

    The problems Mayo have are nothing compared to what a real challenge is.

    It’s all about how you organize and whether you have the ability to be able to identify what’s missing.

    I often wonder is there any real desire by some in Mayo to win an All-Ireland at all.

  118. @Viper. How in the name of God do you think those comments have anything to do with Mayo losing? Indeed your response to the comments is exactly the reason why said comments exist in the first place.

  119. Okay, okay – I’m going to have to ask that everyone backs off from having a pop at each other. The rule for commenting here is clear – play the ball, not the person, so argue the points and please refrain from having a go at the person who makes the point.

  120. That was a great win for Belmullet over Knockmore yesterday.
    Having watched Knockmore win the final last year and I must say they were impressive in that final, and with a fair few of their players up around the county standard I was wondering why did the county champions only end up putting 5 scores up on the board.
    Anyone at the game ? Was it influenced by weather or were Belmullet good value for their win ?

  121. After winning game 1 teams are generally that bit more vulnerable in their 2nd game (so much goes into the first match and they have the “insurance policy” of the final group game,)

    You’d imagine Knockmore will get back on the horse, but there’ll be nothing soft against Charlestown at the same time.

  122. You know I’d actually worry a bit for aghamore in a relegation battle (played potentially in mucky and wet conditions)

    Teams like Davitts, the Neale and Balla would – with all due respect – have been entering the season with the main aim of retaining their senior status and anything else is a bonus. Aghamore would have been fully aiming for quarter finals – now they find themselves all of a sudden in a dogfight against teams mentally prepared for this stage

    The only advantage is there are two chances, and they should dig out a win somewhere to stay up. But it’s certainly not where they would have expected to end up – especially only two games in, and losing momentum can be very hard to turn around in a quickfire campaign

  123. Great result for belmullet – I wasn’t able to watch, but does anyone know if it was on mayo gaa TV/ available for replay?

  124. The Neale taking some trimming altogether

    That said they have 3 matches left to stay up, only need to sneak one

  125. @Walter white, because if anyone has to start resorting to sarcastic comments against someone who is trying to help get Mayo over the line then they clearly do not have the same desire as me to win.

    Who do some people think they are that they have a divine right to be sarcastic to someone who is trying to give Mayo a better chance of winning an All-Ireland, we have failed on 13 occasions ffs!

    Are they angry that they don’t have any ideas themselves or what is the reason, do they not realize that some of us are fed up to the teeth of losing and want to improve our chances or is there a stubbornness because of a fear that other people may be more intelligent than themselves ?

    I had purposely avoided mentioning something and need to choose my words carefully because I know a lot of people read this blog, so how shall I put it without going into any specifics. All I can say here is that I have been working on something relating to game management for several months now which has the potential to be a game changer, put it this way it will help significantly, of that there is no doubt, so contrary to what people may think of me, I do know what I’m talking about.

    So do I want to help Mayo with this, absolutely. Once things are clearer in a few weeks and I know whether James Horan is going to see out his last year then I have every intention of speaking to James Horan personally and if he is interested in something that will help him then we will go ahead and if he is not then I already have another county lined up but it will be a travesty to have to do that.

    I want Mayo to win the All-Ireland in 2022 and I want James Horan to get that over the line so while it’s true to say be careful of what you wish for, people should also be careful of what they don’t wish for, in other words when someone is offering to help and their intentions are good don’t try and give them smart answers, we are not in a position to be giving people smart answers with our record in finals.

  126. Viper . Any clues what you are talking about, you came out earlier that you knew a man that could do the job, and how to get him, any clues, why would you go to another county , if you want mayo to win a All Ireland, are you contradicting yourself here. Lets have the magic formula. slan

  127. Anything & everything that can help us across the line should be welcomed, I hope you’re plan works out @ vjper. Not being sarcastic here but you remind me of “The Stig”. We will have to get you unmasked.

  128. @Sick as a parrot, What I said is it would be a travesty to have to go to another county if the offer was turned down by Mayo but if that happens then I would be going to another county, possibly Offaly as I know the ambitious project which is going on there and the fact that John Maughan is involved would draw me there plus Michael Duignan is very approachable and driven.

    I would be very wary of a team like Offaly in the next 5 to 7 years but lets see, it’s a small dual county but they are rapidly getting their act together because the project is well guided.

    Unfortunately, I cant go into what it is exactly because it would be jumped on right away by others and I don’t want that to happen.

    What I said about the manager was that IF James Horan decided to walk away that there is one candidate I believe is perfect for the job but again I wouldn’t name him for a couple of reasons, he’s not the type who would want his name bandied about and I’d be worried someone else would nab him, he’s not looking for a management job at the moment either.

    All I can say is it’s not Jim McGuinness and it’s not someone who managed Mayo in the past.

    Sorry if I sound so evasive.

  129. @Sean Burke, you wont be saying that when an unfancied Offaly side beat Mayo in the All-Ireland final of 2027 ! :-).

    I better not say that or it will surely happen !

    And you’ll say we should have listened to that bo**ix of a Viper. :-).

    It’s funny when I was reading what you said earlier about the 70 min game as opposed to a league to win an All-Ireland I had often thought the same because the the All-Ireland is essentially a cup competition decided by the cup final, mind you the league is as well, you can top the league but yet not win the league, mad stuff.

    Even if the All-Ireland was league based you would still likely end up with a high pressure end of season game though so we could equally blow that.

    I often meet people who will tell me Mayo have overachieved, that’s total nonsense in my opinion, I look at that as achieving what you can achieve in the right circumstances.

    All people need to ask themselves is have we ever walked away from a final when we can honestly say that we did not contribute to our own downfall.

    That means we are under achieving and not over achieving as some would like to believe as a form of solace.

    Mayo have huge potential but we are not making the most of it.

  130. Can we stop this buinéach and concentrate on the thread heading please-any reports from any of todays games?

  131. How unreal was padraig O’hora today, literally covered every blades of grass on the pitch while keeping diskin quiet and chipping in with a point.

  132. Don’t know if any of ye are watching ‘Laochra Gael’ on TG4?. The Kevin Cassidy, saga starring Kevin Cassidy Jim McGuiness, the Declan Bouge book, Kevin’s club mates, Eamon and Neil McGee who backed their manager .. All fantastic footballer’s, the only manager of that time period that possibly have gotten Donegal to win an All Ireland, some GAA jouranilists and some big Egos all heading for an inevitable collision.. Some lessons to be learned.. High Octane stuff, great program.

  133. @Leantimes, agree , it shows you what can be achieved with the right template, anything is possible.

    Didn’t like their football but he achieved his goal so credit that to be able to get a group of players to buy into it.

    He was 100% right regarding the book although he did leave the door open for Cassidy I believe.

  134. My guess Sean is that Jack decided he wanted the Kerry job. He couldn’t approach the Kerry CB directly for a number of reasons. One, Keane was technically still in it thus there wasn’t a vacancy, and two, Jack was still with Kildare. So the public grab was: cleverly expressing his interest publicly in that interview. That way, the Kerry CB knew he was interested. So, in effect the deal was done. The subsequent job interviews were only a formality.

  135. Pretty clear what he means there Sean.
    Nice to see kerry being hyped up again.
    Convinced they are like the arsenal of Gaelic football.
    If they never won an all ireland again it would be too soon

  136. Good man Larry duff , I hope you’re right but I’d have a gut feeling they will win multiple all irelands , they have the bucks to do it , been a terrible two years for them but they still have time to grab 3/4 Sam’s with Clifford and o se leading up top . In all my days watching Gaelic football I’ve never seen a gifted baller as good as clifford .

    Btw I still dont get what mcstays problem is , so what if jack o connor sent a few smoke signal and gathered a bit of public support in the process .

  137. I don’t believe in curses but I believe in karma and it’s clear to me that Kerry haven’t had much luck since Limerick 2014.

  138. They had a biteen of luck after limerick , they won the all Ireland a few weeks later .

  139. Sean o se was nowhere to be seen when Kerry needed him a few weeks ago. I know we are naturally self deprecating in Mayo but I’m convinced we have better footballers than Kerry overall, regardless of what happened against Tyrone. Yes Clifford is a class act.
    However I would take Tommy Conroy every day of the week over Sean o Se however. And probably ryan o donoghue too.

  140. I think Brian Heneghan scored 13 or 14 points for Moy Davitts in their defeat to Parke today. Don’t ever remember an individual score like that before.


    No shennagings at all says Tim .

    Again I’d have to disagree with posters above who hinted there was a bit of aul hush hush ,get him in carry on . Seems very transparent to me .
    The same man got kerry knocked out of the championship last year by arguably the poorest cork football team in a long time and no more than our own man had no plan for Tyrone, exceptionally obvious Tyrone tactic shutting down the scoring channels

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