Reminder about the weekend’s club Championship action

The Senior, Intermediate and Junior club Championships all get underway this coming weekend so I thought it might be worthwhile just to remind everyone about the arrangements for the matches that are taking place tomorrow and Sunday.

First, a list of all the matches that are on this weekend in the SFC, IFC and JFC is here.

Next, if you’re planning on attending any of these games you have to buy your match ticket online in advance. You can do that here.

If, instead, you’re opting to watch the action from home, Mayo GAA TV will be streaming the Knockmore/Aghamore match live tomorrow evening and they’re also showing Sunday’s clash between Westport and Ballaghaderreen.

Individual matches cost €7 to watch on Mayo GAA TV but many will obviously avail of the €60 season pass. Check out their website for further details – here.

Incidentally, if you’re a Cáirde Mhaigh Eo member and you bought a Laochra Mhaigh Eo tile during the launch period for that initiative back in March then a Mayo GAA TV season pass was included in that purchase and you should by now have received your season pass voucher. This offer didn’t, however, apply to those – including Cáirde members – who purchased a tile subsequent to that March launch offer.

Finally, TG4 are broadcasting the SFC Group 4 clash on Sunday between Breaffy and The Neale. That game throws in at Breaffy at 2pm.

37 thoughts on “Reminder about the weekend’s club Championship action

  1. Breaffy have appeared on national TV more than several counties have over the past few years.

    Something to be said for the cult of celebrity I guess….

    Its hardly a noteworthy fixture

  2. It’s a strange game for TG4 to pick. Probably the most one sided game in the senior championship this weekend.

  3. Looking forward to the Club championship beginning tomorrow. Breaffy vs The Neale on tg4 on Sunday at 2. I worry for the South Mayo side. We played them a few weeks back in the league and they persisted on working the ball out from their own 14. Unable to get by their own 45 before being turned over. Most scores came from being turned over from short kick outs. Our lads let them win them short turned them over. Long to the wings and try win as win as much as possible. Less chance in conceding and more chance of scoring. I watched Breaffy vs Westport last week. They are huge men. They seem well primed this year and have developed an excellent squad even out of all there county lads. I feel it could be a long day for The Neale.

  4. Just a few names to watch out for over the course of the championship who I believe have potential for Mayo Senior Panel.
    Jamie McNicholas Kiltimagh
    Conor Dunleavy Balla,Basil McLeod Louisburgh,Kieran King Knockmore,Conor O Donoghue Charlestown,Ruairi Keane Mayo Gaels and Aaron McDonnell Ballinrobe
    Nathan Moran Hollymount/Carramore
    James Jennings Mayo Gaels,Kuba Callaghan Ballaghderreen,Colm Moran Westport, Conor Diskin Claremorris and Michael McGarry Eastern Gaels.
    2 other fellas I was looking forward to seeing Cian Hanley and Dylan Prendergast both appear to be injured.Both in my view when they return from injury should be added to Mayo panel.Prendergast from Louisburgh is the type of forward we should be looking at.
    A few 18/19 year olds worth watching out for
    Dylan Thornton Ballina,Paddy Heneghan Castlebar,Charlie Bourke Knockmore and Cian McHale Moy Davitts.

  5. That’s a retrograde move from kerry, yes he has won all irelands but game has changed a lot since 06.

    The management ticket stephen stack has put together with donie Buckley etc had a far more modern look about it

  6. @wide ball
    That was my thought too, it’s the least noteworthy game in senior championship this weekend so seemed strange one to pick, knockmore are the reigning champs, maybe show them instead. Westport ballaghdereen pick of the bunch too

    The national obsession with breaffy and their high profile players seems to be only explanation for it

  7. Maith ar Kerry they are champions in waiting thats a very good move to appoint Jack O Connor as manager Dublin won’t be able to live with them in the semi final. Let’s hope we don’t make it as far as the final again until we have scoring half forwards such As Fergal Boland on the field that can actually score because In this years final two of our half forwards didn’t actually even kick one score between them in this years championship.

  8. Are you trying to be a cute hoor Glorydays? It’s a terrible appointment by Kerry, what has jack O’Connor done with Kildare for example? As mentioned by supermac the game has changed so much since he was a decent manager. I’d see him of the same ilk as mickey Harte. The coaching ticket of Stephen stack, Donal Buckley and Moynihan was the one they should have gone for. I’m delighted

  9. How do ye know that jack o connor is not tactically aware of the modern game . There is one thing I know about kerry people, they dont do stupid and thought will have gone in to this appointment .

  10. Sean Burke Because of how he managed Kildare in a Leinster final against a Dublin side on the decline – they were passive and cowardly

  11. Kildare are not kerry and certainly won’t be set up like them v Dublin . He might get a tune off them and if he does sam Maguire will be at the rose of tralee in 22 . (All Ireland final is rumored to be in july next year I hear)

  12. Sure the Dubs or Kerry may not win next year’s All Ireland, Tyrone could be close again.
    People saying no scores came from half forwards this year, true but those guys may have been playing too deep all year. There needs to be many Mayo team changes in 2022, a big rebuild job.
    One player never puts in any type of challenge to take the ball away from the opposition player.

  13. Half forward line was chopped and changed lots all year…was Diarmuid midfield mostly..even wing back v Dublin…?
    Bryan Walsh only introduced as second half substitute v Dublin
    I agree with the lack of scores but maybe they are asked to play too deep,plus it’s difficult to play in half forwards on Mayo team as our defenders carry the ball in on top of them

  14. You’re right Sean, Kildare are not Kerry but you can tell a lot about his mentality in how he set up the Kildare team, they went out to limit the defeat rather than trying to go and win the damn thing. Everyone knows what Kerry have, my own personal belief is that jack won’t add a lot tactically and I hope I’m right

  15. No bother and I agree with ya on kildares performance but I have a hunch jack o connor will see kerry over the line , they have failed miserably imo these last two campaigns to deliver on their potential. Peter keane wasnt a great manager again just my opinion and the one i have on football is very simplistic, if you have boys like sean o se and Clifford up top you will win an all Ireland. Again it’s only my very simplified way of looking at things but I believe you can train a team 1 to 9 if they have the s&c , the boys up top are the ones that win it for you , again it’s a very old fashioned and maybe harsh on defenders type of opinion but it’s what I truly believe , tis easier to train men to stop it than train men to do it . ( James carr can do it ,he’ll prove me correct someday I hope )

  16. I agree with you on James Carr and we definitely need to alter our tactics to get more out of our 1/2 forwards in particular. Diarmuid O’Connor would score a lot more in my opinion if we actually let him play as a forward rather than a workhorse.

    Yeah Kerry’s forwards are special no doubt but a great quote by Kevin Walsh springs to mind “offences sell tickets, defences win all Ireland’s”

  17. Jack O’Connor achieved all he was ever going to achieve with Kildare which was a leinster final and promotion back to Div 1.

    He wouldn’t be going back to Kerry if he believed if couldn’t win Sam and Jack throughout his management career has picked his jobs very wisely.

  18. Any reason tg4 aren’t showing ballaghaddereen and Westport? (which – with all due respect – will be far more of a contest than the game they’ve opted for..)

    Westport Ballagh isn’t far off straight knockout given Castlebar are also lurking in the group, so it’ll be real championship stuff. The loser will have to beat Castlebar and then most likely one of Ballina/B’tubber, Knockmore or Breaffy just to make semi

    Two star studded teams and real championship contenders

    Meanwhile, I think people are dismissing Kerry very easily.. they played very moderately in the semi yet if geaney goes himself for that ruled out square ball, and if Clifford is fully fit in injury time they likely go on and win that game. Longer format next year will only benefit them. They should have snuck the all Ireland two years ago

    There’s big improvement in them, whether Jack is the man remains to be seen, but – as Sean Burke outlines – any team with David Clifford and Sean O’Shea will always have a roaring chance, no matter whos in charge.

  19. I bet the wife’s wages Kerry will win at least one Sam under Jack O Connor. Football has changed and evolved since he won 2 handy all Ireland’s against us in 04 and 06 but at the end of the day it’s a game about moving the ball from defence to attack and outscoring the opposition and they have the fire power in Kerry to do it. If O’Connor had been Mayo manager between 11 and 17 I’d say we would have won at least one all Ireland.

  20. Jack O’Connor could have done a lot better with Kildare. Didn’t get promoted last year and they conceded 5 goals in the 2nd half against Meath to get knocked out of Leinster. They were quite fortunate to get promoted this year. Lost to Clare, but got a home playoff game vs Meath which they won narrowly. If it was a full league I don’t think they’d have gone up.

    Kerry are a different proposition of course with their tradition of competing at semi finals and finals.

  21. Jack O Connor has some talent to work with. Kerry won the All Ireland Minor title five years in a row 2014 to 2018. If Mayo had that sort of Talent we would be expecting an All Ireland Win

  22. Conor Diskin outstanding for claremorris today in a game that could have gone either way. He was literally the reason claremorris won, looked super dangerous every time he got on the ball. Very exciting game with a young davitts team posing far more problems than anyone anticipated.
    Looking forward to westport ballaghaderreen game tomorrow, hopefully it’ll be just as exciting.

    Any chance the cb might release a statement to let us know if new selectors are in place and are scouting championship games. Rather than a statement deflecting from the on pitch and on sideline issues. Social media abuse has been around almost since the Internet was invented. Our players are not the first to suffer and they won’t be the last. Its not a mayo gaa problem it’s a global problem. Me too, me hole. Mayo lives matters. It’s all white noise to idiots with keyboards. Where you have no law, you’ll have no law and order.
    So ask those nice lads that scan your ticket tomorrow, surely someone knows.

  23. @Ah now there’s a county board meeting on Thursday night. Lets see do the delegates get any answers – surely there will be more than “no comment”. Glad to see Anthony Heneghan”s column getting such a great response. It was the best analysis I have seen on the Final.

  24. @viper – have ciaran mac and james bourke resigned? If so, why? Were they not listened to on the sideline. Is there going to be a review of the manager’s performance? . Thats for starters! Im sure delegates will ask questions re the ticket allocation.

  25. Any other reports from around the county today?

    Knockmore were very impressive in the first half. Looked better than ever and blew aghamore away. Aidan Orme was very dangerous even though Brendan Harrison was marking him. Only thing I’d question is if he’s too reliant on his left foot? Connell Dempsey also looks like he’s worth a run with the Mayo seniors. Can do a bit of everything from high fielding to scoring. Even went full forward towards the end and scored a forward mark.

  26. Just catching up on comments as I was on the road a lot today.

    To answer your question, Wide Ball, I was in Clogher this evening for the Ballintubber/Ballina game. Michael Plunkett and Bryan Walsh led the charge for Tubber who blew Stephenites away in the second quarter. Ballina missing a fair few due to injuries, Frrank Irwin did well for them in midfield and Evan Regan was lively up front but this was a decisive win for Ballintubber.

    Viper/Dooniver Swifts – I’m with Viper on this exchange. While it’s okay to take issue with what someone else posts, it’s important when doing so to be scrupulously accurate about what it is you’re taking issue with, which didn’t happen in this instance. I’d agree with Viper too that that particular topic (not to mention the individual it concerns) has been sufficiently well ventilated at this stage.

    Mayolass – two weeks on, that resignation story has yet to be confirmed so maybe it’s best to await developments before asking why they did (if they did).

    PS: new podcast episode online now.

  27. Willie Joe, I think you may mean Viper/Dooniver swifts because myself and Swallow Swoops are just exchanging cordial opinions regarding football / players / tactics, etc.

  28. Willie Joe, sorry I’m not sure where I was out of line in some of what I wrote. Do you mean that I was speculating on where some supposed abusive comments were posted?
    Or do you mean that I was otherwise unfair in a comment I made?
    Sorry for annoying you with the question as I am sure you have plenty of other things to be doing rather than replying to me.

  29. I was obviously on the road too long today! Humble apologies, Swallow Swoops – it was, as Viper has already pointed out, Dooniver Swifts I should have referred to. The irony of my asking for scrupulous accuracy while making such a howler myself isn’t lost on me. Apologies again, I’ll amend my original comment now.

  30. Don’t worry at all, Willie Joe. You are normally completely sharp and on top of things.
    And swallows and swifts look very similar : )

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