Reminder: Bowe’s III tomorrow night

Just a quick one to remind all and sundry that a pre-match gathering (which has nothing to do with The Gathering but should constitute a gathering nonetheless) of Mayo GAA-centric souls – the third in this particular series – is set to take place tomorrow night in Bowe’s pub, Fleet Street, with throw-in at around nine or a bit after. So, if you fancy engaging in some loose talk about our chances against the Dubs the following afternoon, then this could be the place to do it.

8 thoughts on “Reminder: Bowe’s III tomorrow night

  1. Hopefully there will be a “fourth” in this particular series before the end of the month as once again I am forced to pass up this opportunity to meet you “in the flesh” WJ, – – – I will be bringing up a gang of young bucks and will have to wait until Sunday morning before we set out. Also going up the following Sunday as the better half is a herrin-choker and she needs a shoulder to cry on when the Cats get serious this time. Maybe it’s possible I might be attending C.Park on three Sundays in Sept – – – didn’t foresee that possibility a few months ago. Going up and looking forward to a good game and a fine day – – some reservations about the scoring thrust of the forward line selected but confident that the Monsignor will bring the right men off the bench if things are not going our way. Will you tell Bowes to keep another round of sandwiches for the fourth Sunday in September – – – – Up the Green and Red.

  2. So how will we recognise you W.J.? This will be my first trip to Bowes on the eve of battle, will you be wearing a feathered cap?

  3. Can’t make it unfortunately, club commitments continue in the rebel county, but I will definitely be there for the finak

  4. If I can escape from the golf club in time I’ll sure try and get there. Have been following your comments all year and without doubt Willie Joe, you’re the heart and soul of the County…. Come on Mayo !!!

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