Reminder: name the team competition

This is just a quick reminder to anyone who still wants to enter the competition on naming the starting team (and subs as the tie-breaker) for the match against Leitrim. It’s also a chance for me to acknowledge that the idea for this competition was originally provided to me by Thomas Blewitt in London – I couldn’t, for the life of me, think who had done so when first announcing the competition the other week.

The closing date for entries is midnight this coming Monday (it needs to be this early as news about the starting team is sure to start leaking out early enough in the week) and the prize on offer is a copy of Breandán Ó hEithir’s marvellous book Over the Bar.

If you want to enter, email your guesstimate of the starting team and subs for the Leitrim game to The winner will be the one whose fifteen most closely matches the team that starts in McHale Park. In the event of a tie, the one involved in the tie-break who gets most of the names on the bench correct will be declared the winner. Failing that, I might just have to rip the book in two.

One thought on “Reminder: name the team competition

  1. I’ve just gone through the entries for the competition and it looks like we have a tie, with two entrants getting 14 out of 15 (nobody managed to get the full 15, which isn’t a surprise given the selection named). I’m holding off on making any formal declaration yet, however, in case there are changes to the starting line-up on the day – the competition is to name the team that starts not the one announced in advance.

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