Replay at Ennis next Saturday

Our All-Ireland semi-final replay with the young Kerry aristocrats will take place at Cusack Park, Ennis, next Saturday with a 3.30pm throw-in (so says RTE).  I think that’s a good decision from our point of view as there’s likely to be a far smaller crowd from Kerry at it (the senior replay has been fixed for Croke Park the following day as part of a triple-header featuring the other minor and senior semi-finals).  The tighter and more down-at-heel surroundings at Cusack Park might suit our lads better and the fact that the young Kerry royals won’t get to strut their stuff in front of their own supporters at HQ has got to be a plus for us. (Remember that 2006 minor replay with Roscommon where the only ones there from Kerry were the lads on the pitch?)  Now, all we need is a half-decent ref and we’re motoring.

11 thoughts on “Replay at Ennis next Saturday

  1. a good break for us for sure. I would have taken that option over any other( well mchale park would have been acceptable)

  2. The only downside is that it won’t be on the box. With the kids returning to school on Monday, a trip to Clare will be difficult for me to squeeze in next weekend. Where are all those builders with helicopters when you need them?

  3. i was thinking that?? An AI semi final should get some air time. who showed the minor AI final replay on 06? was it tg4?
    Wasnt it great to see mayo footballers blocking down kerry kicks at the weekend. Its being a while since we have see this and I think kerry were as surprised as we were. Id say they expected we were just going to stand back and admire them like our seniors normally do!
    I think our free taker will need to increase his range before Sat or alternatively use someone else. By the way WJ, I wonder when we last scored a 50 at any level. My last recollection of us scoring one was against fermanagh a couple of years ago. Mort got one with a gale in C’bar that particular day. I remeber killer scoring a couple against ros in an FBD game in mahonys first home game in ballyhaunis too but I wouldnt count that as a competitive game 🙂

  4. TG4 might show it, I suppose, and I guess there’s a chance that it might be streamed live on as well.

    I think the Kerry princelings got a rude awakening yesterday and they didn’t seem to like it one bit that we were the team imposing our will on the game. Kevin McStay was spot on in his column last week in The Mayo News and the way they tore into Kerry it looked as if they were following his instructions.

    Last 50 scored by any Mayo team? That’s got to be the women, as it’s within Cora’s range!

  5. 🙂 that made me laugh alright WJ but if we are to get serious about winning AI’s we need to start taking our free taking seriously. teams know they can foul us anywhere outside the 35 yard mark without being punished. It gives opposing teams a licence to foul. Cant think of a team that won an All Ireland without one. Maurice Sheridan was our key man in 96,97. Some should be investing time in a couple of fellas, teaching them the art. It is definitely something that can be coached so why not??!!!

  6. A reliable free-taker is an absolute must, especially with the likes of Michael Meehan to be out-shot if we want to even win Connacht. I’m in the old fogey camp as regards free-taking – I can’t abide this crack of taking it out of the hands – and I think we have to be prepared to allocate one place in the team to someone who can nail every transgression within and including 50 yards of goal. We’ve had no-one since Maurice Sheridan who can do this. Mickey Mullins might be the answer: he certainly has the range alright but would need plenty of practice to improve his accuracy. It’s that or bring on Cora as a specialist kicker cum blood sub!

  7. yesterdays Mayo v Kerry match is on RTE website in full for those who missed it or would like to see it again (brought to my attention by the ClubMayo website so acknowledging that)

  8. I should, I suppose, watch it all again to see if that rant about those late frees was totally justified!

  9. So Mickey Moran has taken over at Leitrim with Morrison in tow. Interesting considering we supposedly dumped him cause him and Morrison had fallen out, guess they’ve made up. Or someone was bullshitting. You just know theres going to be the inevitable championship clash next summer.

  10. That’s right WC – meant to post on this news last night but work got in the way. The last time we played them was in 2006 up in Carrick when, that’s right, M&M were on the sideline for us. They were being talked about as a possibility for the Dubs but they’ve obviously taken something lower-key and closer to home. It would be an interesting clash with them next summer for sure but I’d have it in front of another date in May at Pearse Stadium!

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