Replay tickets sold out

Do ye not know they sell tickets in Super Valu as well?

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The GAA confirmed a short while ago that the public sale of tickets for Saturday evening’s All-Ireland semi-final replay is now finished, with all tickets available via this route – either in-store or online – sold out. Arrangements for ticket sales via the counties, both through clubs and for season ticket holders, have yet to be announced but are likely to be confirmed soon.

Get behind the lads ahead of the replay: go to the Mayo GAA website (here) and click β€˜Play Now’ to contribute to the cause via the Mayo GAA Players Training and Welfare Fund Lotto.

16 thoughts on “Replay tickets sold out

  1. Thank God I have a season ticket and a team that never gives up and has given us five fantastic years of going to games up and down the country and to London and New York

  2. More good news, Eddie Kinsella has been confirmed as the referee for the replay…. note the hint of sarcasm .

  3. That means that they are keeping Padraig Hughes for the final, no matter who gets through.

  4. Spot on Backdoor Sam. So proud of the team’s wonderful effort and never-say-die attitude yesterday.

  5. Reilly for the final surely, who on else could honesty do a Mayo/Kerry final?

    Was Kinsella the one that sent off Leroy last year v Kerry? Or was that Coldrick- horrendous memory

    Wouldn’t surprise me if a refereeing decision swung it either way, given it’s such a close match up

  6. Too right Ciaran , Reilly has been kept on the bench all year for the showcase Dubs Kerry final. Sadly Dublin Joe couldn’t deliver it yesterday , Kinsella next up to give the fans what they want.

  7. Yeah they couldn’t risk an injury to him Roger, seeing him cover so much ground in Limerick last year and being right in the thick of the action is only going to increase the chances of a hamstring pull!

    Aidan in full will score about 7 goals and win 50 frees, this policy reilly has of not actually being allowed touch the full forward should play right into our hands πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  8. We need to do what Kerry have been famous of late of just making usually three simple changes. For me those three simple changes would be:
    1. Play better ball to Aidan and support him with an outlet
    2. Get Barry Moran (likely starting), Freeman and Andy in earlier
    3. Counter attack with more directness down the centre through kickpasses or very strong running. Work the ball to within 60-50 yards and kick it the 40-30 yards to Aidan. None of these skyscraper passes that hang in the air allowing defenders cut across.
    I don’t have enough insight or data about what should or shouldn’t do on kickouts.
    I pointed out earlier in the year the target man play was suffering from a lack of practice. It should be better than it is with full time access to the players since January. Skyscraper passes in late August the blame for me does not lie with players but the priorities in training. It should be automatic at this stage. Our guys looked hesitant when within 60 yards of goal. How is this not automatic, it’s a relatively straightforward 40 yard pass. Aidan has a huge gathering zone with his speed and height. You dont need to be pin point. We have lads turning back from the pass.

  9. BTW not questioning the players on that issue, their application is Olympic in terms of training. Just saying that it’s not exactly the most complex thing in Gaelic football to coach and management have had the players since January. First season Donaghy moved to full forward Kerry had it operating. Pop the ball in ahead of him a runner comes on the loop or on a straight burst.

  10. Wow, like all Mayo supporters today, my head is still spinning. The Midwest radio Audio link you put up, WJ, is magic surely!! I urge everyone to listen.
    Am I glad I took the day off work – slept 11 hours straight after that absolute rollercoaster of emotions. It was mentally and physically shattering. What a wonderfully wacky football team we have!! They’re not going to make it easy for us, that is for sure. It took amazing guts to come back the way they did. I thought it was game over.
    However, it remains very concerning to me that our poor shooting for points when under pressure came back to haunt us. In fairness, those in the media who slate us for this have a valid point. In this regard, we are definitely second to Dubs and Kerry, and this is why our forwards will continue to be doubted. It reminded me of the second half in the AIF ’13 when our passing and shooting from the half forward line was abysmal. Performing for 10 minutes in a semi final just aint gonna cut it. Dublin will be focusing on this fact too.
    I feel that’s why we need to focus on what we are best at – running at Dubs like we did for the last 10 or so minutes. We are capable of beating them. I would play Freezer the next day alongside Cillian and Aido and nearly go man for man all over pitch. We may leak a couple of goals but we will undoubtedly do damage against them offensively and Aido will not be held the next day like he was yesterday. He needs to be supported though, and needs to offload!! We still have options to play very good forward unit if we play it smart.
    For me, Paddy Durcan was our most consistent player from start to finish yesterday. What an occasion for him to come into. His running is unreal and he reads the game well, defying his inexperience and years. I thought others could have returned the ball to him on a couple of occasions yesterday when he was in space and positioned well to make further ground, but we took wrong options. Seamie O’Shea will play much better the next day.
    From start to finish, Dubs were sickeningly cynical, fouling and slowing Mayo play at every opportunity. They have been lauded for the past few years as the purveyors of pure free flowing, ultra-skilful football, so it puzzles me why they resort to this. They are obviously not backing themselves enough to win it merely this way.
    One man I have to give special mention to is BOYLER!! If it wasn’t for his bravery once again in deservingly winning that penalty, I fear we wouldn’t have drew level. It very much reminded me of the way he drove at the Kerry defence in the League semi in 2011, a game that really marked the beginning of this team’s wonderful run to date. I noted Boyler’s importance to us last year also – he was pivotal at certain periods in the Quarter and drawn semi in ’14. He is the ultimate hero in this team in my view and should get more credit.
    It was very promising too that the team didn’t panic in those last 7-8 minutes and didn’t pump the ball in and try to force goals. They kept chipping away at the points. That fight reminded a little of the league game in Derry in Spring, although I’m well aware the too occasions and contexts involved are poles apart and incomparable really. Key is though, we kept calm. Previous Mayo teams of the past would have given up. Simple.
    There was never any doubt Cillian would miss the peno…the man has nerves of steel and was terrific all day.

    Can’t wait for Saturday….well done to all the support and colour….keep it going folks….there is more to come.
    Come on Mayo!!!!!!

  11. The online tickets are sold out the genuine fans are sold out any amount of tickets for the replay on done deal from €80 upwards. While the genuine fan that was on the road all day yesterday slept last night the touts were busy buying online to try and making a killing on the genuine fans .Time for the GAA to change their systems of selling the tickets.

  12. I would be confidentt hat more tickets will become available online by Thursday once the clubs have been looked after. The clqubs got shocking tickets for the last match and GAA could not allow that to happen again

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