Reports on last night’s win

Barry Moran catch v GMIT

Photo: Mayo Mick

This is a case of blink and you’ve missed them – this morning’s reports (such as they are) on our FBD win over GMIT last night are all very short and to the point. Mike Finnerty easily wins the student-related headline award in his report in the Mayo News (he’s put two of these in, just to be sure) while there are routine reports in the Irish Independent and the Irish Times. There’s also a report on the game on the Word in Sport website.

In that Irish Times report, there’s a quote from James Horan about the structure of the FBD and the need for the Connacht Council to review it. James doesn’t specify what he feels is wrong with the competition as it currently stands but he’s surely right when he says that it’s “no harm to review these things every now and again”.

While the FBD will only ever be a pre-season event, it would certainly make sense to look at the structure of the thing and to see if it could be improved. The obvious first port of call in this respect would be to focus on which teams are in which groups. We’ve been in the same group for the last three years with Roscommon, Leitrim and GMIT and prior to this we were lumped in for a number of years with the Rossies, IT Sligo and NUIG. Perhaps an annual reshuffle of the two groups would go some way towards freshening up the structure a bit?

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  1. The introduction of college teams 10 years hasn’t worked. The FBD needs to go back to the old format of Galway,Sligo,Roscommon,Leitrim,Mayo and all teams should be allowed to select their college players.

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