Resolute Rossies land Nestor in style

Photo: @RoscommonGAA/Sportsfile

At half-time in today’s Connacht final at Pearse Stadium, the outcome looked pretty settled. Galway has seized control in the second quarter to lead by five at the break. All they seemingly had to do now was to toss out the shawl and see the game out. It didn’t quite work out like that.

Fair play to Roscommon. After a fairly wretched first half they utterly dominated this contest on the resumption, outscoring Galway – who managed just a single point from play in the entire second half – by 1-8 to 0-2 to complete a nine-point turnaround and win the Nestor Cup by four points.

It’s the Rossies’ second Connacht title in three years and a very sweet one at that. When the provincial draw paired us as likely semi-final opponents we viewed such a possible meeting as a relatively straightforward way of making the final. I’d say Galway saw them in much the same light ahead of today’s final. We both have the same wounds to lick now.

The Rossies’ win over us means we’ve still got three rounds of the qualifiers to navigate before we can start dreaming of the Super 8s, while Galway now have a tricky Round 4 tie to get through before they’re in a position to do the same. Roscommon, however, are tonight the first county into this year’s All-Ireland Series and are, no doubt, already licking their chomps about the three high profile Super 8 ties ahead of them. Style on them.

I wasn’t at Pearse Stadium myself today – the peripatetic sampling of this year’s Championship that the young buck and I have been doing this summer took us down to Semple Stadium this afternoon to catch the disappointingly drab hurling clash between Tipp and Limerick – so I didn’t see the Juniors go under narrowly to Galway in the day’s curtain-raiser at Salthill.

By the sounds of it, Galway always had the edge in this contest. They got the game’s only goal early on and that score gave them a lead they’d never relinquish. Four up at the break, the home team stretched that lead to seven points early in the second half and they looked on their way then to an easy victory.

But it was anything but easy for them from there to the finish. Galway added just one more point to their tally while the Mayo lads tacked on seven points at the other end. The comeback came up just short, however, with Galway holding out to win by just a single point, on a scoreline of 1-7 to 0-9. Hard luck to our lads, in what was a case of so near but yet so far for them today.

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  1. Fair play to Roscommon and a great win indeed. Shows what you can do when you believe in yourself as a team and have manager on the line who knows how and when to use subs. They were mighty impressive and this win will do their self belief no harm at all. Straight into super 8 whilst we stand looking at the shark infested waters wondering if it’s worth the effort. Hard to get at it again but I hope we discover enthusiasm and fire and self belief for ourselves now.
    This ‘ so near and yet so far’ experience is not easy to take. But spare a thought for Galway and their hurling and football exploits this weekend…apart from beating Mayo in minor and junior… it’s been a dour weekend for them. Sadly I’ve an idea how they feel. Feck it… congrats Ros…onward and for you… give it a good rattle now!!

  2. Galway have won 15 on the spin against mayo
    in all grades. That’s horrendous.

    Well done to the Rossies. Great to see a county celebrate so passionately. Fully deserved

  3. Kevin Walsh’s Galway still stuck with defensive game plan and no courage to expand their style and offense. Mind you without Comer, Galway looked very toothless today once Shane Walsh wasn’t a danger. Fair play to Ros, they’ve a few forwards this summer who are producing crucial scores.
    Hoping Mayos forwards could find some form in the coming weeks.

  4. Great display by Roscommon, they were very physical against Galway in the second half, displayed great courage and took their opportunities very well & closed out the game really well. Super 8s will suit them this time, fair play to Roscommon

  5. Well done Roscommon , and well deserved too. You really go for it, no standing on ceremony. I wish you a long and fruitful journey. Keep the fire in your bellies and you’ll surprise a few more people..
    I wish our lads could rediscover your passion and power.
    We might meet again and that would be revealing.
    You might even do us all a favour and take out the Dubs at a critical juncture.
    Stranger things have happened.
    Up the West..

  6. Mayo were lucky to be in still in the game at ht, and looked to be totally out of the game when losing 1-6 to 0-2 almost midway through the second half. However they somehow out of nowhere put a run of 4 points together, and then after galway scored a free 3 more on the spin very late in the game to eventually lose by a point. It was probably a game they could have snatched at the death rather than one they deserved to win.
    The senior game was far more entertaining than I expected and certainly ros brought a real edge to the proceedings. Apart from the last few minutes of the first half when they conceded 5 points in a row they were the superior team and fully deserved their win. Someone was full of praise for the officials, well they did OK but let most of the off the ball go on, and by god there was plenty of off the ball stuff from both sides including, tripping, pulling, checking, goading and even punching. I debated long and hard about going today but despite the weather and the juniors narrow loss and mayo not involved in the big one it was an entertaining days football.

  7. Can’t say I am the biggest fan of either of those two teams today but I will say Fair play to Roscommon. Winning 2 of the last 3 is some achievement. In fairness they are always dogged and determined and their supporters are very passionate and back their team despite some horrendous set backs down and through the years . I can’t say the same about Galway or their fans. I thought they were desperate in the second half. This has been a bad weekend for Galway GAA and I certainly would have no intention of gloating at their misfortune. That’s a staggering statistic that Galway have beaten us 15 times on the spin at all age groups. Sometimes Galway beating Mayo seems to be their ultimate aim and then they often perform poorly against other counties. We seriously need to get our act together because they seem much better than us at underage at the moment and as Tuamstar said earlier they have lots of serious talent coming through.

  8. Are people serious about well done Roscommon? I watched that game today & I felt sick. It was awful. Where the hell does that leave us. Just think about it . The rossies are in the super 8’s & we’re fucking off up & down the country. After nearly 55 years of shooting ourselves in the foot (from my perspective) I’m in a bad place.

  9. Hi,
    Delighted for Roscommon. It means so much to them. Now i would rather not meet any if they had beaten Mayo. ‘We are a pain in the head too when we win’. Of course not everyone and especially the players who always seem courteous.
    I find the result encouraging from a Mayo perspective and i am sure both teams will be well analysed by James Horan and Co. I remember the day the Rossies arrived in Croke Park for the replay. They were so optimistic and coudln’t get the ball past Centrefield.

    They did play well this year in Div 1 for 50 or 60 mins. Roscommon are a tenacious team and obviously upset whatever Galway’s plan was without Comer. We did better than Galway apart from the all the wides. Another day we could have scored goals. Nothing is certain but i am even more hopeful for next Saturday.

  10. Well done Roscommon. I had no doubt that they were going to win yesterday after the way they got stuck into us in the semi. Most of their players are in their mid twenties and have that prefect balance of power and speed along with a forward line that can take big scores. From our perspective it was frustrating to watch yesterday as Galway won’t be as poor again and will be seriously boyed by Comers return. No team will want to be drawn against them in the qualifiers. When you see the way Roscommon played in their 3 championship games to date it begs the question why can’t our team play with that intensity, passion and game smarts…maybe it’s the tired legs and minds after all the excruciating AI final losses.

  11. I have got this wrong .We miss 15 chances against the Rossies on top of that was a very bad day at the office and could still have drawn level with a reasonable easy free only to go down by a point . The Rossies are 5 points down at half time against Galway yesterday only to get themselves back into it .Galway only scored 2 points in second half and still were in the came and could have got the goal at the death . Along with that over weekend we hear Ruane is injured .Fucks sake it’s a sickner .It doesn’t make sense to me .

  12. There is a lad at work from Roscommon and I’ll tell him how ye showed great character to come back into game and how I’m delighted for them but in reality I am in my hole delighted for them .

  13. To me, it looks as though Roscommon are not getting enough credit for their own part In their victories over Mayo and Galway.
    Many people focussed in on Mayo’s inadequacies after that defeat..Yes, we kicked 17 wides, but many of those wides were kicked under pressure, forced upon us by ferocious Roscommon tackling etc.
    In other words, it was all about Mayo losing that game, rather Roscommon winning it

    There now seems to be a similar thread developing after yesterday, with much of the focus on Galway’s second half meltdown, rather than focussing on Roscommon’s part in it.
    The Rossies wanted it more than Galway in the second half and did what it took to win that much. Galway don’t have their heart and yesterday proved it.

    Outside of Dublin and Kerry, this Roscommon team could be a match for anyone else.. The only problem for them is midfield..Yesterday’s win was achieved without any input from Ultan Harney, Fintan Cregg, John Mc Manus or Donie Smith……and next year, it’s very possible they will be boosted by the return of Niall Mc Inerney, Cathal Compton and Ciaran Murtagh.
    Let’s not forget either, that they have an impressive management and backroom team in place, who came late to the job in late November.

  14. Mayomaningalway….I doubt whether the views of anyone in Mayo will matter to the Rossies this morning.

  15. You’re right skininclare. I had to watch the kildare game in a roscommon pub last year due to a wedding. The abuse we got after the game was vile. We’re too nice in Mayo.

  16. Roscommon are top dog in Connaught and I would say you would have to reel in the years to find last title where they beat Mayo & Galway. Without Comer there is no target man and Walsh tactics are very poor id say he is close to gone now. With Mayos inability to score simple chances and Galways inability to develop their attacks beyond lateral passing the Rossies toughened up under Cunningham have stolen in and took charge. As someone pointed out above where this leaves Mayo and Galway is anyones guess. The Down game will show if Mayo can remedy the attacking problems while Walsh has three weeks now to pray for Comer to be fit.

  17. There is still a certain arrogance among some Mayo GAA people that needs to change. Pitch too small, too wet, the big teams like us are looking to peak in August etc. We have lost 4 out of our last 6 championship games. We have been beaten by Galway teams 15 out of 15. In many of these defeats out style of football was diabolical – slow buildup, soloing the ball, handpass across the field, no sign of a forward plan to create scores. Very low return of scores from play. To fix a problem – you have accept you have a problem first. I hope the people who are running Mayo GAA accept we have a problem.

  18. “Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies.”
    Gore Vidal, 1973

  19. It was 2001, Chesneychet. That was the last year Roscommon beat us before this year and they beat Galway in the Connacht semi-final beforehand, though, of course, Galway had the last laugh that year.

  20. Yes. Roscommon sure have their bragging rights now.

    In fairness they have played better football in this championship than the rest of connacht combined.

    They must have a good chance of reaching an AI semi final if they can bring yesterday’s 2nd half performance through to the Super 8’s.

    We on the otherhand, I feel we did great player development in the league but are we in a place now that we have no idea what our best line up is ? I certainly don’t know. I hope the managment does.

    The only positive thing about the qualifiers is that we know exactly what we need to do. If that doesn’t focus the minds then nothing will.

    It’s going to be a long week. I can feel it in my bones.

    A win against Down with some good football now required. We’ll brighten up if we get that.

  21. Anyway back to our own crew , any injury updates , have we a clean bill of health bar Tom parsons and m ruane ? Is Clarke fit , mcdonagh, James Carr , Cillian ?

  22. I’d say Sean you’ll be waiting until Saturday to know who’s fit and you’ll be waiting until almost throw in to know the subs.

    That’s really the only way of knowing for sure who’s ready and who’s not.

  23. Don’t worry about it Sean. Ros 4 sam. Im sure they will bring it down to kilmovee for the mayo fans to see it.

  24. I don’t know if this counts as gossip but ah ref is tweeting that rumors aren’t true.

  25. Let me get this straight – now we’re getting comments being posted about tweets being tweeted commenting on the veracity of rumours being spread. Sweet Lord, grant me patience.

  26. Well done to Roscommon. Some very direct and error free forward play in their last two games is a lesson that should not be ignored for others. Fiercely fit too. Like ourselves they need a bit of luck now. Assuming Dublin win Leinster, it appears Ross would have to play the Dubs in Croker in neutral venue game, correct?

  27. It’s just the latest example, Albanyend, of somebody attempting to bend the rules to make reference to a rumour, which they know can’t be referenced head-on. The Twitter account you reference deals in this currency all the time and appears to glorify in being the font of all kinds of stories like this. I’ve made it clear countless times that this type of nonsense isn’t welcome here and while this has, in the main, meant that rumours aren’t posted here – as people know full well by now what’ll happen to them if they do – the clear trend of late is to make oblique references to rumours instead. None of this kind of commentary is welcome in my book and, yes, posting the type of comment you did is spreading gossip.

  28. That’s correct, Richardmgd. As Connacht champions, Roscommon will now have home advantage over a Round 4 qualifier team in Phase 1, as will Dublin against the other qualifier team in that group. Then Ros and Dublin will meet in Croke Park for the Phase 2 it’s-a-Croke-Park-game-not-another-home-game-for-Dublin-game, with their Round 3 match away to the other qualifier.

  29. God be with the days when the only news about the Mayo panel was in Ivan Neil’s article in the Western on a Tuesday and you wouldn’t hear another word until you seen the team line out on a Sunday. Nowadays we know what car players are driving we know too much about them really. Rumours need to be taken with a pinch of salt

  30. Back to the injury sustained by Mattie –

    I broke my collar bone when I was in my early twenties.
    I was going down to pick up a ball and was wide open – my marker duly obliged and buried me. Played on for a while but then realized I couldn’t get my arm above my head to compete for a high ball.

    I remember having my arm in a sling for three weeks but I dispensed with the sling and brace after that. I was back training after just over a month.

    Now it totally depends on the break, and the ligament damage, but Mattie might not be out for too long.

  31. 2001 Willie Joe. Didnt Mayo also win the league that year? Jaysus I better head in and back Galway to win the AI at 22/1 at the minute. Would be a bizarre set of coincidences but I would want way more than 22/1. Mayo are 14/1 thats the biggest they will be all year if they get the house in order.

  32. Those clavicle (collar bone) fractures take between 4 and 8 weeks to heal, depending on the severity of the fracture. If it’s a more complicated break and needs surgery, obviously healing takes longer. At best Mattie won’t be allowed contact sports until late July/early August, and may not play until at least 2 months from now. It’s tough on the lad, but here’s hoping for a smooth and quick recovery for him.

  33. Ah with Fleetwood Mac in Dublin last week it was always goin to be a big week for rumours.

  34. Ah lads less of these rumours…you can go your own way… with these sweet little lies….ha ha…
    Waiting is cruel ain’t it…

  35. Lads everything will be sound once you never break the chain. Spot on willie joe he who must not be named should be ignored

  36. ha ha brilliant – great songs.

    I broke my collar bone in training two weeks before the county u21 final in Galway back in the day (22 years ago!)…I was also doing the leaving cert that year so it wasnt ideal!! We lost the final to corofin…what’s new. The LC went better! But if memory serves me right, it took a good two months to clear up.

    Depending on Matt’s injury and on the basis that surgery usually speeds up the process together with the rehab he will receive, I would say he will be back running freely with full use/rotation of arm in 4/5 weeks, doing some light contact drills in 6/8 weeks and available to play in 8/10 weeks. If we reached a semi final…IF…he could feature. At the very very best the final group game in the 8’s ….IF we get there!!!

    Mattie has been unlucky with injury. I’m pretty sure I recall seeing him on crutches in Ennis when we played Clare in the qualifiers in 2017..

  37. Will Roscommon be able to play round 1 of Super 8s in the hyde. If yesterdays final went to a replay it could not be played there.

  38. It”s not often I say congrats to the Rossies but I have to say it after yesterday. They seem to have got a totally different hard edge to them this year. I loved the quip from the Roscommon Herald about Kevin Walsh throwing away the old blanket and coming up with an 18 tog brand new duck down duvet which was causing the Rossie lads to overheat. There’s only one solution to an overly hot duvet, toss it off altogether. As they did. Congrats again.

  39. Just a thought, You can play any game in any old cabbage patch since “Newbridge or Nowhere”.

  40. Not true , there is small print this year to tackle any repeat of newbridge or nowhere .

  41. Galway haven’t a clue how to defend, the blanket backfired big time against the Dubs in last years semi final, only Comer held his own in that game.
    Mayo / Horan, need to fill the space from the 70 yard line to the fullback line, too much space for fast and strong forwards to exploit, all Dubs, Ros Cox, Monaghans MacManus, Donegals Brennan and Murphy, Kerrys Sean Ó Shea and Clifford.
    Big calls for Horan starting with Down on Saturday.
    Do Higgins and Harrison have the power to keep their man out, Harrison very good two and three years ago but haven’t really seen him at his best in 2018 or so far in 2019.
    Ros simple tactic of working the ball to the left wing will catch up with them in the Super 8’s, their fitness levels and work rate are massive.
    As I already mentioned on this blog in the early rounds of the league, Horan 100 % prefers Hennelly over Clarke, look at what the Galway goalie did yesterday, on a wet day with a heavy and slippery ball, he made a right balls of a few kickouts, stupid by management as Galway have brilliant fielders in the middle of the pitch.
    Will Horan listen and take advise from those he is working with, this can be ones downfall, ego and think that one is 100 % correct at all times.
    Can Horan read a game from the line?

    I expect a massive improvement on Saturday next, the players know what’s needed, no more safety nets from here on.

  42. AndyD – they would not have been allowed play Connacht final replay there. Just wondered would they be allowed play the super 8s game there 2 weeks later. Maybe proposed work has been carried out.

  43. Out of interest what team would people like to see on Saturday? Hope Horan makes changes after the Rossies game. I’d like to see
    Clarke ; Coen, Barrett, Higgins; McCormack, Keegan, Vaughan (if fit); AOS, DOC; Treacy, Doherty, Boland; COC, Coen, Mcloughlin.
    McDonagh, SOS, Carr all see decent game time hopefully.

  44. Yea know yer Fleetwood Mac lads and Backdoor Sam threw in a bit of meatloaf.

    It’s a very sombre kind of an evening here in Galway.

  45. The way Roscommon fans celebrated at full time you would have thought they hadn’t won anything for decades even though it’s their second title in 3 years. This may indicate that they’re season is now fulfilled and that the super 8s is bonus territory – you could even see it in their fitness levels yesterday that they may have peaked. Mayo (and especially Galway) on the other hand have been pacing themselves this year for the super 8s and beyond and paid for it. Their lack of sharpness in front of goal for both teams is a giveaway there. I just think the Rossies might run out of gas later on as an average of 14 scores in each of their games won’t cut it later on as it wouldn’t should they meet the same opposition later on

  46. WJ Will there be a podcast this week before the game on Saturday night. Can not wait to get back on the road to cheer for our heroes.

  47. Can we knock this rochford for galway nonense on head… kevin walsh does leave this year Nd seeningly the annaghdown manager mike geogehan is taking over the galway seniot team

  48. Just a Thought……Hyde Park will stage Roscommon’s Home game in the Super 8.

    Liamontherunsimce51……I don’t believe the Rossies have peaked at all fitness wise.
    They are planning to leave their mark on the Super 8’s.

  49. Observer2 – so it’s not fit to host Connacht final but is fit to host super 8 game?

  50. @Observer2 I think your getting a little carried away with this Roscommon team. I’m not taking away from their win but unless they can find a few midfielders in the next 3 months they’ll be caught out and could well ship a few big defeats in the Super 8’s. I’d be confident of beating them 9 times out of 10. Amazing the amount of people here who spend all their time worrying about the inner workings of Roscommon and Galway instead of focusing on our own campaign.

  51. You might be right observer2 but what happened to them in 2017 against us in the QF and again last year in the super 8s suggests otherwise. Bar Conor Cox that squad is pretty much the same one knocking about from the last few years. I can’t see them going up another notch or 2 from yesterday’s second half in the super 8s. They absolutely busted a gut in that 2nd half and still Galway could have nicked it from them on the end without having done a tap for 40 minutes. If we bear to luck back at the Mayo game we would have easily beaten them but for a few wayward shots an absolute mare from Robbie Hennelly. All I’m saying is I wouldn’t bet my shirt on them!

  52. WJ.

    Will you be doing a run in piece on Downs recent performance sometime during the week ?

  53. Great win yesterday for us and the best of luck to Mayo on Saturday, Hope ye win convincingly ,
    Superb following,

  54. Looking forward to Newry, big test ahead for Horan and his back room team. Whatever about maybe deploying a sweeper I hope to Christ he’s given the lads some shooting practice. While Roscommon did put pressure on some of our shot attempts the last day we managed to kick 20 wides against New York with zero pressure on the kicker.
    Hope the radar has improved ahead of Saturday evening.

  55. Liam, I agree fully with you about the Ros midfield. They can’t go much further unless they improve in that area big time.

  56. Goodman WJ. I hadn’t read that article. Great background on Down.

    From reading your piece they don’t sound like world beaters but then again it doesn’t look like they will roll over either.

    It will take a good performance from our lads to put them away.

    Watching the 2nd half of yesterday’s connacht final, their seemed to be an air that Anthony Cunningham knew what he was doing when the subs came on.
    On the otherhand, the Kevin Walshe substitutions, well it didn’t seem like there was any confidence when he was making those changes.

    I’m putting all the responsibility for Saturday on James Horan. If the team are well prepped with a good game plan and the correct substitutions made at the right time we will win. I have no doubt.

    If the game plan is off, or poor substitutions, or if the hunger isn’t there, well it could be tough going.

    I’m sure the lads will be hungry for a win.

    It’s hitting home especially this year, watching different teams and matches, how crucial a role the manager plays in a teams fortunes.

    Best of luck to James on Saturday. I’ll be hoping he gets everything spot on.

  57. Roscommon winning Connacht, Cavan making the provincial decider also the two teams relegated from division one.

    It all points to one thing only, a Dublin procession. The teams hyped to stop Dublin winning five in a row; Mayo, Tyrone, Galway can’t make a provincial final or win one as in Galway’s case.
    It has to be accepted that the Mayo team of the last few years ain’t as good as it was, who would have thought leaving Hyde Park in 2015 after hammering Sligo that it would be at least five years before we would reach another Connacht final.

    We have struggled in the qualifiers the last few years the only team we have comfortably beat is Limerick. Every other fixture in the qualifiers has been a circus.

    As for Saturday who knows, what Mayo team is going to show up, one thing for sure is there will be no miracle performances. This idea that all problems up front regarding shooting will be fixed, doubt it it’s being our downfall through the years an ability to kill games off at key stages. Hence, all the finals and recent qualifiers games that we were lucky win, just hanging on for the win.

    I have no hesitation in saying that Saturday will be no different and don’t be one bit surprised if we come away with our tails between our legs. Why because we are not the team we used to be!

  58. @Kickhams Man ….. Your unquestionably 100% right there….. The combined Force’s of the rest of Ireland would not be able to keep the ball kicked out to this Majistic, Unbeatable, Incredible Dublin Team…If I were a Dublin fan , I would plan my Summer holidays for somewhere exotic, …. and not be wasting my money or time, for another Croke Park snooze fest, just another boring massacre as far as the Dubs are concerned….. Just be back in time, 1st September to see which of the Cúiltee Counties is thrown to the Dublin Lions…. It’s acedemic really, but you just never know when that question might come up in a Pub Quiz some time in the future, when Dublin is actually the only place left in Ireland with people actually living in it!

  59. Johno- that’s the second dumb-ass comment you posted (and I’ve deleted) inside the last 24 hours. If you’ve nothing sensible to contribute here then perhaps you need to try silence for a while.

  60. I’m no fan of the Rossies, in fact whatever is the opposite of being a fan of the rossies is what I am, but I think the commentary on their victory has been unfair both here and especially in the media. BJ and Mike Quirke last night on Newstalk were essentially trying to explain the victory away.
    They beat us fair and square in Castlebar, and then beat Galway by 4 point in the final in Pearce Stadium.
    They need to get more credit for that and people stop saying it was because everyone else was shite.
    Remember how annoyed we get when we claim a victory and that happens, well lets not be hypocrites about it and give credit where it is due.

  61. The Rossies definitely deserve to be given due credit for their success, East Cork Exile. Whatever about what’s been said about them in the media, I don’t think there’s any question but that they’ve been given full credit for their Connacht title win by those commenting here. I know people are saying we might yet end up going further but that’s all just blather. The simple fact is that they’ve got the Nestor Cup and they’re in the Super 8s while we’ve a tough Round 2 qualifier facing us, with plenty to do before we can even start to think about joining them in the All-Ireland Series.

  62. I do think the Rossie’s are bit of a One trick pony. If any of ye noticed their warm up in cbar, Cox was doing constant drills of hugging the left touchline, kicking a cross field pass, gathering the return, and booming it over the bar…worked a treat for them, and in fairness to Cox, he displayed serious skill in executing it. But its very easy to counter act that, and I feel come Super 8’s, the rossies will be scrutinised to death by opposing teams, and will end up with 3 defeats.

    Galway really did throw it away, whether it was a lack of leadership or their just not as good as they think, I dont know. Sean Andy exposed as a mediocre defender, Kerin likewise. If we somehow made it to the super 8’s, tbh id be licking my lips at the thoughts of playing Roscommon in the Hyde.

  63. I agree to a point but sure now they have to go and be judged on their super 8 performances, two out of three Nestor’s is great but now you will be judged on how well you do at the next championship stage . I mean we have had many a memorable semi final victory over the last thirty years but nobody is going to clap our backs for that . It’s the one thing that irks me about the Galway and Roscommon rise of late , it’s like they can take the piss out of our effort for falling short in a few finals but they can’t even put up a show against Dublin thus far but nobody dare mock them for it . Fook that now at this stage , big boys rules , go out and show us what yer made of or face criticism for being shite .

  64. Well put Sean Burke. Their does seems to be a licence to take serious piss out of us, after 1 win in 18 years. The bookies obviously dont fear them in the AI series, Ros are 28/1 to win Sam, with Galway at 18/1, we are at 14/1. Now, I dont think for a second we’ll be winning Sam, Its 5 in a row at a canter, with maybe a nervous performance in the final. They have a few more weeks to revel in being connacht champions, but I hand on heart see the Rossies being dumped out in supers, 3 defeats (not as big a margins as last year) but defeats all the same. Galway are different though, and if they get Comer back in time, could well make semis again. We need to pray to God, Allah or whoever is up there, for the handiest draws possible, if we are to make supers. Could easily be all over Saturday evening.

  65. I do not agree that this Roscommon team may have peaked for the Connacht final or that they are a one trick pony. They are just warming up and growing in confidence. They will have the first round of the qualifiers in Hyde Park and then play Dublin in Croke Park, the so-called neutral venue! (I think). It may all come down to their last match away to the other qualifier. Maybe a visit to Castlebar or Pearse Stadium. Is this possible? Can they play Mayo or Galway again after the qualifiers? I was really impressed again with the Rossies last Sunday. Cunningham did not panic at half time and did not bring on any substitutes at that time. He reacted and adjusted the game plan slightly. He went longer with the kick outs and crowed mid-field leaving more space for the forwards inside. He used 21 players against Mayo. However two substitutes he used in the second half (Compton & McKeon) did not see any game time against Mayo. That means he trusts all the panel to do a specific job as the match evolves while also creating huge competition for places. If they make it to the semi-final, Dublin will be in the other semi-final so who knows. It will be very interesting to see if Cunningham will change the strategy again for the wide open spaces of Croke Park. Mayo should be well able for Down at the weekend and that will get the band-wagon going again. I would not rule out Galway yet. They had a scoring success rate of over 90% in the first half (10 out of 11). If they can sort out what went wrong in the second half, and with Comer back they can still do some damage, if they really want it! However they need to show it!

  66. I’ve thought about this game on Saturday now and it’s fairly simple if we put in a 100% effort and bring intensity , none of this lethargic bullshhit , I can’t see why we won’t beat them . Ruane is a big loss for further down the road more so though if we happen to progress . I thought Vaughan played decent in league games he played , he’s still strong as horse and good man to run at the opposition , type of player that could make hay in a game like this . I still think I’d go with Diarmuid in the middle bringing mcdonagh into hf line though . Cillian will be such a massive boost but I have heard so many different stories on his fitness level , I don’t know what to believe.

    Starting to look forward now

  67. It’s only 3 days now until Saturday dawns on us and I would like all to get into a positive mood for this match. I believe we will be all fired up for this match and I do believe we will win out by 5 or 6 points in the end. I would go with Diarmuid in centerfiled to replace Matthew Ruane and would put Kevin McLoughlin at cemtreforward, putting Carr in the corner. Let’s stop any negative talk from now on. Mayo to win and win well. Go on Mayo!!

  68. It’s laughable to see some people here predicting 3 defeats for Roscommon in the Super 8’s.
    Weren’t there some of you here in May saying that ye fancied Leitrim’s chances of defeating Roscommon !!!!

    MayoDunphy, you then go on to say that Mayo need the easiest draws possible to reach the Super 8’s. So, what does that say about your opinion of the Mayo team ?

  69. Give some credit where it’s due…. Roscommon fully deserved Connacht Champions…We haven’t reached a Connacht Final since 2015…A Connacht Final is well worth winning in it’s own right…..As for the Super Eight’s. .. Who knows, I fully expect the Rossies to be 100% better than last year in the Super Eight’s, they will need to be…. But at least they are there and can plan for them… which is not something that you can say about either Galway or Mayo…. wouldn’t it be great if we all make the Super Eight’s. .. It might just work out for us,if we can get up and running…. hopefully a few players to come back..

  70. Be great if there was a quote option on here so we know who’s responding to who . Have we not established credit was given to Roscommon for their Connacht triumph , what more do ye want ! For us to go out and buy a fookin Roscommon Jersey , will ye get off the stage and put a drop of poison into the coffee ye hateful .

  71. At this particular point in time Roscommon are the kings of connacht. Deservedly so too. They have improved again under Anthony Cunningham and I think this year they will do themselves justice in the super 8’s. You have to give credit where it’s due.
    Neither ourselves nor Galway deserved to beat Roscommon. There was no ref to blame and no excuses. The blame was our own and they beat us with a gutsy performance.
    We now.have to build up our own credit.
    I believe we are going to get a very good performance from our lads Saturday. No hiding place left. It’s die dog or shite the liscence.

  72. I certainly don’t understand why some comments
    are anti Roscommon, All gaa fans who I have
    ever spoken too would love to see Mayo lift Sam
    I always follow Mayo unless your playing Roscommon, Hoping ye are in the super 8 ,

  73. Contradicting yourself MayoDunphy, from licking your lips at the thoughts of playing Roscommon in the Hyde in the super 8s to praying to God for the handiest draws possible to reach the super 8s.

  74. And Roscommons reward for winning the Connacht final is to be only team in the super 8’s to play two away games as they play the Dublin in the “neutral” venue of croke Park. I suppose at least they’ll be there. I have no idea if we’ll make the super 8’s. We haven’t played consistently well since 2015. I think if we made it to croke Park we could go on a run but can’t see anyone getting within 6 points of Dublin if I’m honest. I am looking forward to next Saturday, I find generally the crowd that travels gives more vociferous support.

  75. @revellino true enough .

    @leantimes and @observer2 is there anymore we can say to credit ros, two days after they’ve lifted Nestor , all I’m saying is I think we’ve payed them plenty of credit now. No sense in going into overdrive now until they bring Sam into strokestown next September .

  76. And the great gaa President John Horan nodded in agreement as I explained.


    Case A. Dublin play in Croke Park in the Super 8’s, this is their home game”

    Case B. Dublin play in Croke Park in the Super 8’s, this is their neutral game”.

    Can yea see the big difference there lads and ladies.

    1 is Case A and the other is Case B.

  77. Observer 2, u love picking apart my posts on anything anti roscommon, its boring and predictable at this stage, just come out and admit your a Rossie 😉 its not a crime or anything.

    To address your points- Off course we (Mayo now) need the handiest draw possible, Fermanagh, Derry, Cork and Kildare are the examples. We constantly struggle in qualifiers, I feel a Monaghan or Tyrone would be a bridge too far, given the consecutive games to be played. However, we have proven that if we navigate the qualifiers and reach the AI series, we tend to be a different team and progress to semi’s and finals.

    Why I think Roscommon will lose 3 super 8 games, they were relegated from the league shipping heavy defeats to Cavan, Galway and Kerry along the way. Every pundit including Roscommon ones, wrote them off before championship….perfect seeds for an ambush. Couple that with our over celebration of league win and NY party, and the perfect storm was brewing for the ross. Our inability to convert the simplest of frees on the day contributed to the shock Roscommon win. But in fairness ross took their chance on the day. My point is, they are not under the radar anymore, especially after Galway win, rival teams will spend endless hours watching the “tape” and will figure them out handily enough imo. Stop cox and murtagh and you stop roscommon. Midfield is a major weak point. Also, Its not outlandish to predict they’ll lose all 3 games, as they did so last year, their record would prove that they dont cope well with 2 or 3 games in quick succession.

  78. Mayomagic, when your going taking a pop at a post, don’t edit the point to suit your own. What I actually said was “If we somehow make it to the super 8’s, tbh id be licking my lips at the thoughts of playing Roscommon in the hyde” note the words “if we somehow”, thanks.

  79. MayoDunphy, I have stated here multiple times where I’m from, but I’ll do it one more time, especially for you.

    I’m Castlebar, born and bred, living in Roscommon for the past 15 years, married to a Roscommon woman, with two Roscommon supporting sons.

  80. Last year was bit different for Roscommon.

    1) preparation for the championship was in a low quality Div 2
    2) lost the Connacht final at home to Galway
    3) got into the last eight by beating a Div 3 team
    4) Round 1 game in their super 8s was the week after the round 4 game played in really warm weather
    5) were never going to recover after the trimming they got off Tyrone in round 1

    This year under new management and a lot of new starters

    1) preparation for the championship in Div 1 against the best teams and were competitive in most of those games
    2) the win in Machale was a big monkey off their back
    3) beat Galway in Salthill
    4) will have 4 weeks to prepare for the super 8s
    5) round 1 game will be in Hyde Park and win that and will be one win likely away from reaching the last 4

  81. Yes, one has to admire the Rossies. No matter how many hammerings they have got over the years, they bounce back as if nothing had happened. Relative to its population they are very well supported which like Mayo has to be of huge benefit to the team. They have 23 Connacht titles which would have been likely won by Galway and Mayo otherwise. Sligo and Leitrim have managed 5 between them. They had only three starters this year against Mayo who played in last years Connacht final which shows the talent available to them. I have often thought that if Mayo had some of their forward players they would have a title secured by now.

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