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Once all the year-by-year results were collected, with team and scorer details included where available, and put online here on the blog, I thought that was that in relation to the results archive.

In terms of making the archive available for people to browse through, the job was done alright. But that meant its full potential remained untapped, as it wasn’t possible to search it on a systematic basis.

What I’m delighted to announce today is that the archive is now searchable. If you click on the tab above, you’ll arrive at a new landing page for the archive (here), where, as well as continuing to be able to browse historical results year-by-year (here), there’s now a new option to search the archive – that’s here.

The new search tool enables the archive database to be interrogated in a variety of ways. You can filter by opposition, year, competition, grade, venue and match outcome. But that’s not all because the tool also enables a search to be done for matches by reference to an individual player, which means that searches can be filtered to quite a forensic level of granularity.

Needless to say, I’m not responsible for this major upgrade to the archive. The man who is will be known to many of you as Ultair, who is a long-standing contributor to the debate here on the blog.

Ultair explained to me that the results archive dataset was tailor-made for a search function of this kind and when he showed me the demo version he was at pains to point out that this was no big deal in terms of database development.

I’ve no reason to doubt that’s the case but, in terms of the added functionality the search tool brings to the archive, it’s a very big deal indeed. Go on, give it a go yourself – you’re sure to be wowed by it.

The development of the results archive here on the blog has always been a collective exercise and I remain very grateful to those who pitched in – in the fine tradition of the Mayo Meitheal – to lighten the load and speed up the job.

Ultair is the latest member of the Meitheal and it’s because of his work that there’s now a searchable results archive available to all here on the blog. I know you’ll join me in thanking him for the work he’s done to bring this project to successful conclusion.

14 thoughts on “Results archive now searchable

  1. Amazing achievement but not sure about the ‘forensic level of granularity’. Sorry.
    Anyway am hoping to see the warriors back in May. In truth am happy with the TV. Not a great mixer but do so enjoy watching soon the telly. It was great to have a game nearly every week. Would definitely prefer to teav if I knew Mayo were to win in advance especially against certain teams. God bless the youth.

  2. The archive is class I have to say. A great credit to all who have put it together. Old results never seem to get old. The new format is a great and improved means to get lost for hours trawling through championships from down the decades. Well done again to all.

  3. For the past year with Covid, lockdowns etc. I’m finding the archive a God send in terms of passing the time. Trouble is when I get into it I find it devilishly hard to leave it.
    Now, between the pair of you, Willie Joe and Ultair, ye have made it even more enticing. Thank you.

  4. Ciaran 2, I’d say it will offer a forensic enough level of granularity for those looking to source some data – there are a number of filters there that will allow a sufficient level of datamining for the majority that would need to use it.
    Being able to filter and sort by Opposition, Team name, Grade, Competition, Player, Range of years, Result and venue should be more than enough. It will certainly cut down on the time spent trawling through what is already an excellent archive to get details needed. I don’t believe any other county has anything similar to this level of data as a resource, though I know the Kildare365 site has done something to record the historical results.

  5. Thank you FDBinashui for such a full reply. I did subsequently look up ‘granularity’online. The Dictionary must be obsolete? I need to go online before I can do almost anything.’ We’ all seem to have a thirst for truth etc.

    I am still astounded to be able to use a BOI Debit Card on the London Underground. The day I first descended an escalator in London is still in my memory. Had a suitcase. One can but marvel sometimes.

    Bye for now,

    Ciaran 2.

  6. Great work WJ and Ultair, plenty to whet the taste buds in advance of a return to action.
    Well done.

  7. Really great work here WJ/Ultair, just when we thought it could not get any better. That decade that was the 70’s is my favorite stop. We were the most inconsistent team in the world in the last few years of that decade. Over the years I had got some unbelievable stories of the carry on behind the scenes, one more unbelievable that the other. When I look back at that decade and what I know of the players and people of that time I have come to an understanding of the mediocrity with which the organization in Mayo had descended to. Contrast that with what was happening in Kerry and Dublin at the same time. They had raised the bar by the second part of that decade, and sought to get better and better with every outing. I don’t believe in the Tinker’s curse, even though I lived through that time. The real curse in Mayo is Mediocrity and the holy grail for us is that which exists and the other extremes

  8. Another milestone, another tremendous addition to the blog.
    Well done WJ and Ultair.

  9. Take a well deserved bow WJ and Ultair. The results archive is a tremendous resource and all the better now with the addition of the search facility.
    The blog that keeps on giving.

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