Results archive now stretches to 121 years

This is a job I should have done a while back but, for a number of reasons, it remained stubbornly on the to-do list. With the New Year all but here, though, it’s one I can’t put off any longer.

Which means I’ve now, at last, shifted the 2022 results page into the blog’s results archive (here) where it becomes the 121st year of inter-county results that are included in the archive. Match and player details for 2022 have for some time been included in the database used for the archive’s search engine.

In preparation for the new year of inter-county action, the results page in the tab above has now been updated to 2023, which is where the year’s results will be logged as they happen. I’ve also changed the fixtures page to 2023 and have listed all of next year’s fixtures in it.

9 thoughts on “Results archive now stretches to 121 years

  1. Your results archive, Willie Joe, is a wonderful resource for any Mayo fan as is your blog. As a reference point to evoke memories of games and teams past it is a treasure trove of memories. And a lot of memories came flooding back to me when I heard of the death of Micheal O’Beirne of Rosturk, Mulranny who died in the past few days and whose funeral takes place in Mulranny on Tuesday next after 12 o’clock mass. Micheal was better known in Mulranny as Haulie and in Dublin and to a legion of Mayo players as Mick or Mickey. He was based in Dublin but never really left Mayo. He brought countless Dublin based Mayo players to matches and training over many years in the 1970’s and 80’s. Small in stature but with an enormous personality and capacity for fun and devilment he made an indelible impression on all who crossed his path. He shortened many a long journey (made even longer by deviations from the straight and narrow to take in various watering holes not necessarily along the way) with his stories, wind ups and lies. He was not without fault and vices but his virtues outweighed these ten fold. He was one of those special people who, when his name is mentioned , brings a smile to the listeners face. I have no doubt that there will be many who shared time with him who will shed a tear as I did on hearing the news. It is not a tragic death as he was in his late eighties and had packed more living into his time that ten men. But it is a sad and nostalgic day for all who like good company, tall tales, roguery and Mayo football. He was a scamp and he will be sorely missed.

  2. Thanks a million for this brilliant resource Willie Joe. Even this morning I spent a few minutes looking at results and team from the 90’s. Happy new year to you and to all who contribute on here. Unfortunately, I feel 2023 might be a year of thinner gruel on the football front as the new management team builds out their ideas. Let’s hope I’m wrong-it’s certainly happened before!

  3. Really great resource WJ; I make use of it constantly.

    Nice tribute there Jinkin Joe.

    Happy New Year to all on the blog.

  4. 33 other counties involved in Gaelic games would kill for this kind of archive. Brilliant resource. Well done on it. Happy new year to all readers of the blog.

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