Results archive now totals sixty-two years

The job couldn’t be put off any longer: I’ve now copied our full set of senior, U21 and minor results for 2010 from here and plonked them here which means that the results archive on the site has now become one that encompasses a span of sixty-two years.

If I have the required time, patience and energy over the coming quiet months, I might be able to add a few more years to the collection but, as I found when putting together the 1949 set, the going has become harder with each successive year that I tackle.  Come to think of it, 2010 was no picnic either!

9 thoughts on “Results archive now totals sixty-two years

  1. Congratulations Willie Joe. Brilliant work.

    You will need to include relegation from Division 1 and a loss to London and in the first round of the Qualifiers if the old codger from Waterville gets the gig from our County Board.

    Who would you have running the line for us?

  2. Thanks, Cynthia – it’s starting to look like the Anyone But Micko Committee might be able to disband shortly if the stories about his staying on with the Goat Suckers are correct.

    I said the other day that James Horan would be my choice of the five named so far but, regardless of who the new No.1 is, it’s absolutely crucial that he has the right team around him with the right mix of complementary skills to ensure that whatever team they send out next year is one that shows a very difference face to the world than this year’s version did.

  3. Dont count out the old surviver yet. He has got the Wicklow county board to put back any decision for 12 days. That means we might see some smoke inside 12 days in our own county. By the way, who on the county board nominated him. If its O Dwyer they want, why go through the charade with the other men.
    A friend of mine went for the Mayo job a few years ago. His last request before he left the meeting was to ask them to let him know yea or nay before he went away for a short break.A worthy from the board eventually rang his wife and broke the not so shocking news that he wasnt the chosen messiah. However she was happy to tell her hubby that the county board man finished the call with a “tell him he came close”. Professional to the end.

  4. P.S well done with the archive but we have come to expect that standard from you WJ. Pity it doesnt spread to the men who would plot our future or downfall!

  5. As you say Ontheroad a professional job by a professional well done WJ
    Is that what we are not getting from those in charge of Mayo football ? why should we… whats going to happen if ; we have no review as was spouted after Longford 10 ?? whats going to happen if we dont have a manager who is nominated and selected by delegates but is parachuted in at the whim of one of the suits ??
    Nothing ,Nada ..that’s what. Because we the ordinary club members are going to do nothing about it , maybe we don’t want the responsibility either way there is no accountability we know it and they know it . any one who is an active member of a club must see the lazy easy way out way we go about our business. Issues, Ideas are raised lots of rhetoric but very little follow through. County board delegates are selected at a nod and a wink to reward old soldiers who have held every other office in the club they are comfortable with the suits have been rubbing shoulders with them for years at county finals and so on Hardly going to rock the boat now when we need your man to come on board and raise much needed Denari for cash strapped Mayo.. Winning all Ireland’s ah that can wait sure another few years wont hurt.

  6. Looking back through the archive results, it always amazes me how we never won a provincial in the 70’s. It was before my time but i remember reading an article wrote by JOM who went on to blame the county board for a kneejerk reaction after a defeat to Leitrim, where they dropped some very promising footballers. It sort of amazes me because i have heard stories of how good Joe Corcoran, Richie Bell and a few more were, was it a case of Ross just having a better team or were the county board to blame?

  7. The 1970s were puzzling for Mayo. We won the league, appearing in 4 league finals. We won two minor titles plus an U21. Yet we were poor in the championship. A good team from the middle 1960s were at the end of their days in the 1970s, Joe Corcorans best years were behind him, he was class, but we had good footballers in Sean Kilbride, Tom Fitzgerald, JJ Cribben, Seamus O Dowd, JP Kean, John Gibbons along with Ritchie Bell, Mick Gannon and the redoubtable Willie McGee who was around 28 when he exited the scene if I am correct. We didnt lack forwards or defenders, we lacked leadership, whether that was managerial or county board who knows?
    Mayo with a young team lost a Connacht final replay to Sligo in 1975. Most of that team were then swissed. A year later Leitrim beat Mayo in the championship thus setting us back further. Roscommon were good from 1977 to 1980. I suppose they could be described as the lost years. Perhaps one or two of the contributers here who were on the inside track back then might shed a bit of light circa 1970-1975?

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